Rocksmith 2014 Rocksmith Encore - Celebrating Women & Rock - Live from Ubisoft Studio SF

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Join the celebration women of Ubisoft Studio SF as we dive into some of our favorite music!
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  • Luis Soto
    Luis Soto Month ago +1

    Anything rocksmith gets my support

  • Earl Grey Hot
    Earl Grey Hot 2 months ago +1

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand i'm out

  • Arixy.
    Arixy. 2 months ago +1

  • FTWItachiPlays
    FTWItachiPlays 2 months ago

    Returning to our core schedule of streaming 7 nights a week and uploading 7 days a week this Tuesday took a 2 week break due to illness still sick sadly but I did stream for 400+ days straight sadly the streak ended. Aiming strong for 10k subs currently at 3k :D

  • Deepz Hahshah
    Deepz Hahshah 2 months ago

    Hey can you release new assassin creed game for android

    • MrMundo3d
      MrMundo3d 2 months ago

      you mean after rebellion or before

  • Louiekill4u
    Louiekill4u 2 months ago

    good job ladies 👍 you all rocked out and I appreciate you all for this and everything you do!! Look forward to the next jam session.. p.s I think that the girl with a jean jacket is not only well spoken but a cutie 😘😘

    • Louiekill4u
      Louiekill4u 2 months ago

      @FrostMelee it wasn't ? Think she is a nut job

    • FrostMelee
      FrostMelee 2 months ago +1

      @Louiekill4u i have no clue what's shes adressing,i thought your comment was literally not political at all unless you edited it alot

    • Louiekill4u
      Louiekill4u 2 months ago

      @Rage Of Argentina it's totally cool I get it you're a man hater and think the world would be better off if it was only woman ... 👍 To each is own

  • TheLoneFry
    TheLoneFry 2 months ago +16

    When are we going to celebrate men?

    • Hi there
      Hi there 2 months ago

      C mon you know that men never were important in history

    • Jan Brady
      Jan Brady 2 months ago +2

      perropolinas Exactly. People don't know what hard times really look like.

    • perropolinas
      perropolinas 2 months ago +2

      Maybe we need another conflict like ww2, create hard times to create strong men again.

    • miromax811
      miromax811 2 months ago

      ​@Rage Of Argentina I think it's up to you

  • KingVic95
    KingVic95 2 months ago +7

    Make a new rocksmith.

  • Redhead Kenshin
    Redhead Kenshin 2 months ago +1

    I have a movie on this game live on my channel

  • Piscina Digital
    Piscina Digital 2 months ago +6

    new rocksmith when?

  • Crusader creator
    Crusader creator 2 months ago

    Goobersoft yu du music if you make games