Google Home Max Review: $400 Smart Speaker?

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
  • Google Home Max is a ridiculously powerful smart speaker for $400. Is it worth it?
    Google Home Max:
    Audio test song: Say Nada (Remix) by Shakka
    Video Gear I use:
    Intro Track: On and On Pt II by Hocus Pocus
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  • Callen Prine
    Callen Prine 13 hours ago

    400$ nahh too much
    399$ cheap

  • Chu
    Chu 6 days ago +1

    So a smart jbl boombox

  • Gonzalo Lagunes
    Gonzalo Lagunes 6 days ago

    Yeahhhh I will go for this

  • Craftty Angelo
    Craftty Angelo 10 days ago

    6:44 you activated Google assistant on the device I'm watching your video on. What??

  • noobi bot
    noobi bot 10 days ago

    Lol there was Mulan playing in the TV! Its a great movie!

  • Max
    Max 11 days ago

    😳 Cool!!

  • Luke Allen
    Luke Allen 14 days ago +2

    M: "Hey google change your voice."
    G: "This is an example of my other voice, would you like me to use this one?"
    M: "...."
    M: "No."

    The look on your face was priceless, like go back we messed up guys...

  • Hamm3r264416 Films
    Hamm3r264416 Films 19 days ago +1

    Damn I have the tiny one, really envious, and it kept going off every time you said hey google

  • iKingRPG
    iKingRPG 20 days ago

    The problem is it is becoming less worth it. Every soundbar and speaker system has bluetooth or something, which can connect to a home mini

  • Anatoly Ivanov
    Anatoly Ivanov 20 days ago

    Watermelon jokes? No?

  • Nature Detective Minecraft

    Every time a Google Chrome and it asked in this video my Google is crazy and start messing around with the chrome cast to my TV

  • Nature Detective Minecraft

    I’ll stick with my google home mini

  • anonymous_koala
    anonymous_koala Month ago

    Is there a mute mic button

  • Why do i get no likes ???

    Small: na na na na

    Medium: Na Na Na Na

    Big: NA NA NA NA!!!!!

  • John
    John Month ago +1

    $400 to be listened to 24/7

  • David Lee
    David Lee Month ago

    Your reviews are fantastic, thank you for being so concise and clear about what you do and don't like about these.

  • Jace Bennett
    Jace Bennett Month ago

    Dat face though 😏

  • Jonathan V
    Jonathan V Month ago +3

    3:50 I was wearing headphones and I thought that the sound was coming from my phone. I quickly paused the video and lowered the volume.... I was so confused.

  • Elon Musk _
    Elon Musk _ Month ago

    But can you do this??!
    For only 399$

  • Pewdiepie Pewds
    Pewdiepie Pewds Month ago


  • Etimagic 14
    Etimagic 14 Month ago

    If I’m a apple user is it better to buy the HomePod?

  • jaydogg339
    jaydogg339 Month ago +1

    This video is why the Chromecast audio was discontinued πŸ˜‚

    • SaltySoySauce
      SaltySoySauce Month ago

      +jaydogg339 There may be other alternatives, hopefully fiio makes a caster with more hi-res audio. Still sad Google ditched it though.

    • jaydogg339
      jaydogg339 Month ago

      +SaltySoySauce yeah, bought one from ebay before they become really hard to find lol

    • SaltySoySauce
      SaltySoySauce Month ago

      Real sad that happened :(

  • Rodney Superman
    Rodney Superman Month ago +1

    Marques:"Hey Google ,change your voice."
    Assistant: "Would you like this voice."
    Marques:"Ummm No!"

  • Denman Fite
    Denman Fite Month ago

    RIP headphone users 4:10

  • Tundra Flight
    Tundra Flight 2 months ago

    I already have minis in the bedrooms of my house, and the original google home in my kitchen. And I am looking for a smart speaker/speakers. So google speakers feel like a good choice. But maybe harman/Kardon speakers with google are better. What do you think?

  • Mark Zanetti
    Mark Zanetti 2 months ago

    great review

  • Liam Dunayevsky
    Liam Dunayevsky 2 months ago

    0:33 that's a meme right there

    LukaNoANIMATIONS 2 months ago +17

    Price 399$

    But can it do this!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Oguzhan Kaygisiz
    Oguzhan Kaygisiz 2 months ago

    Guys i just switched from apple eco system and looking for a new speaker/assistant.Should i buy this now or wait for max 2?

    • Silent Glitch
      Silent Glitch 2 months ago

      +Oguzhan Kaygisiz
      The Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 events were both held in October, So probably this October 2019.
      Again, there is no guarantee that they will release a speaker, might have to wait for leaks.
      If you can't wait, You can get the max, it's still an amazing speaker

    • Oguzhan Kaygisiz
      Oguzhan Kaygisiz 2 months ago

      Silent Glitch Do you know when is the usual date of the event?

    • Silent Glitch
      Silent Glitch 2 months ago +1

      Google might show the Pixel 4 soon. If they release a new speaker they will announce it with the phone

  • Jayden Chang
    Jayden Chang 2 months ago

    wow marques you set off my home mini

  • Pewdiepie Pewds
    Pewdiepie Pewds 2 months ago


  • GaganSinghMusic
    GaganSinghMusic 2 months ago +1

    Is the Google Home Max Wireless? As in can it be used as a wireless speaker?

    • TheDeafCreeper
      TheDeafCreeper Month ago

      It needs to be plugged into a wall, but that's it.

    HASAN AK 2 months ago


  • max_asdfghjkl
    max_asdfghjkl 2 months ago

    for this money i can get a boombox

  • Ron Djrocket
    Ron Djrocket 2 months ago

    Overpriced for what it is

  • mickavellian
    mickavellian 3 months ago

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  • Garrett Scott
    Garrett Scott 3 months ago +2

    When he said hey google he activated my google homeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Mau Choice
    Mau Choice 3 months ago

    Anyone else have their Google home fuck up from him saying hey Google?

  • α•Όs Studio
    α•Όs Studio 3 months ago +1

    Imagine a bass boosted song on Google home max full volume!


  • Skylar Canode
    Skylar Canode 3 months ago

    If I was in control of rewind..

  • Titanium Waffle
    Titanium Waffle 3 months ago

    I just modified my google home mini to add a 3.5mm headphone jack and plugged it into my 6,000 watt surround sound system it's insane but awesome

    • ati832
      ati832 2 months ago

      6000 watt lol hope you're not claiming RMS

  • Elizabeth Agnes
    Elizabeth Agnes 3 months ago

    499 in Canada.... :/

  • Drippy .
    Drippy . 3 months ago


  • Binod Dawadi
    Binod Dawadi 3 months ago

    paid review??

  • THDS
    THDS 3 months ago

    terrible speaker, boosted Boomie bass nothing under 80hz, the homepod sounds better

  • Benji Frater
    Benji Frater 3 months ago

    FUN THINGS TO DO TO ANNOY YOUR FRIENDS... When they are not in the room, grab their phone, load up the Google Home app and change under settings the default language to say, for example, ENGLISH (INDIA) rather hilarious. Not im not being racist, there are heaps of wonderful accents it can do. ENGLISH (AUSTRALIA) is rather hilarious too.

  • Vector rrr
    Vector rrr 3 months ago


  • Poly Gone
    Poly Gone 3 months ago

    Nice Review man! Do you think Amazon will come out with an equivalent to the Google Home Max?

    LUIOFFICIAL 3 months ago

    0:39 I might risk it all for this speaker

  • Robert_6- _
    Robert_6- _ 3 months ago +1

    For 440 bucks there is DISTORTION 🀣🀣 FOR 440 BUCKS IT BETTER CURE CANCER

  • Waka Maka
    Waka Maka 3 months ago

    huge hands or tiny watermelons ?

  • iko
    iko 3 months ago

    What to buy in 2019?

  • aff. ansr
    aff. ansr 3 months ago

    0:39 that looks like a pig face lmaoo

  • Jake Kadlec
    Jake Kadlec 3 months ago


  • Jonathan Rivera
    Jonathan Rivera 4 months ago

    Can you hook up multiple of these at the same time?

  • irritation_at_the_nightclub

    I embody satan

  • Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guar

    This or pewds chair?

  • riley allison
    riley allison 4 months ago

    Mark ass brownies

  • aron_or Sonic Punk
    aron_or Sonic Punk 4 months ago

    hey it cost 399 huhhh.maybe clickbait

  • Jaba the Chump
    Jaba the Chump 4 months ago

    I think I want one of these now. Hopefully I can find it on sale at $300.

  • Tim Vida
    Tim Vida 4 months ago +4

    Dude you are seriously handsome. Great review too.

  • sing with me
    sing with me 4 months ago

    I have Homepod

  • Rhondale Mendoza
    Rhondale Mendoza 4 months ago

    hey, i like your shirt lol

  • DarklingGolem50
    DarklingGolem50 4 months ago

    Google Home Mini = Google Home Donut
    Google Home = Google Home Air Freshener
    Google Home Max = Google Home Pillow

  • Daniel Howard
    Daniel Howard 4 months ago

    I freaked out at the google home max when the volume was at %100

  • TomaΕΎ Razinger
    TomaΕΎ Razinger 4 months ago

    399? But it can do this?

  • Sanjeev Soni
    Sanjeev Soni 4 months ago

    What song u played at 4:05

  • Anthua Izaba
    Anthua Izaba 4 months ago

    0:34 JUST 399!!!

  • Max Hahnenkamm
    Max Hahnenkamm 4 months ago

    The male sound is much better

  • Jesse Hooton
    Jesse Hooton 4 months ago

    I have the mini and I love it! I think this will make a nice edition to my repair shop though.

  • JJS
    JJS 4 months ago

    Sonos Play:3 has smart audio for either landscape or portrait orientation. If it's in landscape it plays in stereo. If it's in portrait mode, it plays mono. Odd you didn't say that πŸ€”

  • Archie Marshall
    Archie Marshall 4 months ago

    Marques: hey google
    Five different ones go of

  • Archie Marshall
    Archie Marshall 4 months ago

    3:19 omg I had my mini in the same room and it said the same thing!!

  • Gamerplays360
    Gamerplays360 4 months ago

    You guys wanna hear sicko mode or mo mamba?

  • rakhi mondal
    rakhi mondal 4 months ago

    I want the voice of Zack from jerryrigeverything

  • Jenz Ryn
    Jenz Ryn 4 months ago

    what song is that?

    ELITE MASTER23 4 months ago

    399! Hmmmmmmmm. πŸ€” MEME REVIEW πŸ‘ πŸ‘

  • david krasowski
    david krasowski 4 months ago

    great video...thanks

  • Eddie Reis
    Eddie Reis 4 months ago

    Bruh google is just bad ass.....that apple shit is sad

  • Sketch._.Book
    Sketch._.Book 4 months ago

    Bruh the mini is too loud for me

    LIL SPOON 4 months ago

    Mark ass brownly

  • Xyon Vlogs
    Xyon Vlogs 4 months ago +1

    3:20 thanks activated mine

  • Justin
    Justin 4 months ago +1

    Says he wants a USB C port on the Home Mini, gets it on the Home Max, and says he doesnt know what to use it for... come on man...

  • mike Kay
    mike Kay 4 months ago +1

    Thanks for that. Can it be used as a TV soundbar?
    Mike in Oz

  • Luka Machavariani
    Luka Machavariani 4 months ago

    I ordered 2 google home minis I am happy with it...

  • Eliot Montesino PetrΓ©n

    I love auto subtitles for when he says "MKBHD". In this video the su titles says kim PhD, in another one it was Kitty HD

  • Triplet Galaxy
    Triplet Galaxy 4 months ago

    Fast foward to CES

    *B&O BeoSound 1 and 2 have joined the chat*

  • MasterWolf555
    MasterWolf555 4 months ago

    Mark Ass Brownie

  • Beansoup231
    Beansoup231 4 months ago

    2:09 *huh,nice*

  • FΓ©lix Julien
    FΓ©lix Julien 4 months ago

    Who else here realized that Dr.Disrespect is dancing in the background at 3:29 ?

  • Kriss Chin
    Kriss Chin 4 months ago

    This is REALLY cool but I wouldn't pay more than $200 for it (guess I'll wait for the next black Friday).

  • Kriss Chin
    Kriss Chin 4 months ago

    Woe, BIG difference in sound!!!!

  • Johnny5
    Johnny5 4 months ago

    You convinced me! Thanks! Got a good deal on boxing day!

  • Mario Suarez
    Mario Suarez 4 months ago



    Ur vids are so well made

  • Ken Luzar
    Ken Luzar 4 months ago

    Very well done video, clear voice, good information, thank you for sharing and doing a great review!!!

  • Comment Section
    Comment Section 4 months ago

    As soon as I heard the Max playing around 4:00 I was amazed

  • muntaha b
    muntaha b 4 months ago

    black and white aren't colors. Marques

  • Graham Palmer
    Graham Palmer 5 months ago

    Yeah take a chainsaw to the Google stuff the way the Apple Haters have been doing to Apple’s technology. Rip it open and destroy it. I will take great pleasure in watching as you rip this android trash to shreds.

  • Dolan Vantablack
    Dolan Vantablack 5 months ago

    3:00-3:06 are these puns?