Veterans And Peace Activists Seek To Find Common Ground

  • Published on Dec 10, 2017
  • War veterans and peace activists came together to see if they could understand one another. Despite differences of opinion, we all have more in common than we think. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈
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Comments • 5 707

  • 12 12
    12 12 10 hours ago

    Most veterans are pro peace Ron Paul has the largest military support in 2012

  • TJ Razzano
    TJ Razzano 15 hours ago

    As long as human nature has room to commit evil, then war and violence will forever be around us. However even though war is destructive, war is constructive. It defines the line of who we consider friend or foe. As much as I am against violence on people, when violence is needed, use it. Don't sit around and take the beating. Fight back. Our military trains our great heroes everyday yes to fight, but for a cause of freedom. What makes the USA different from most of thr other nations is that there is a cause worth fighting for and coming home to. I'm not antiwar, I'm pro war when necessary.

  • Jorge Augusto Teixeira

    they look too skinny to be soldiers

  • WallyWest
    WallyWest 2 days ago

    I'm kinda intrigued and confused. "I would die for world peace" isn't that what the veterans were basically doing when they went to war? Granted they did go to war to win not for peace but wouldn't you think that somebody who is willing to risk their life to win a war would also risk their life so there wouldn't be anymore? I don't know maybe I'm just taking it the wrong way

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier Day ago

      No, veterans go to war for oil and American imperialism. It's not about peace at all. It's about power.

  • Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir

    “Sometimes to save a life, you have to take one”

  • T4 Archie
    T4 Archie 3 days ago +1

    Isn’t dying for world peace what soldiers do essentially

    • T4 Archie
      T4 Archie Day ago

      JamesHLanier whatnis the point then just because they’re adrenaline junkies?

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier Day ago

      No, not at all.

  • Luna Digioia
    Luna Digioia 3 days ago

    If this conversation happened in Europe it would have taken a totally different direction.... in us people sees soldiers, firemen and doctors like this kind of superheroes, when in Europe their just normal people who do normal jobs, more dangerous maybe, but normal. They are not put on the pedestal and worshipped as the saviours of the human kind...

  • Leng Jih Sue
    Leng Jih Sue 4 days ago +1

    My grandmother was and is a peace activist. My grandfather was in the military. I believe veterans and peace activists can coexist and even overlap.

  • cashcleaner
    cashcleaner 4 days ago +1

    Wow. The single guy answering the first question goes full-out in dehumanizing soldiers.

  • Chase Morgan
    Chase Morgan 4 days ago

    What kind of soldier says, “you’re welcome” when someone thanks them? I’ve never ever heard that before. I’m convinced he’s not a soldier.

  • Stefon430
    Stefon430 4 days ago +1

    every single veteran should have sat down on the brainwashing question. i enlisted and the entire purpose of basic training is to break you down to nothing so that they can rebuild you in their image. thats pretty close to brainwashing if ive ever heard it.

  • Urayoán
    Urayoán 4 days ago +4

    Peace is impossible.
    To obtain it, someone will always want to impose

  • kate_prosniper and jake_prosniper

    yeah they brain wash you cause its taking the civilian out of you.

  • Brodha Sattva
    Brodha Sattva 5 days ago +1

    Not all war is created equal.

    All depends what "we're fighting for". Too often they just slap that bumper sticker on any conflict. "Fighting for our freedom". No, youre murdering for oil.

  • Marquita Belgrove
    Marquita Belgrove 5 days ago

    Yea but an argument and war are not the same things & war is evil because it is the taking of lives & taking of life, especially purposefully so is evil.

  • James Devine
    James Devine 5 days ago +1

    a continuous peace is impossible because its in humans nature to fight amongst each other

    • Aleksandar Sokerov
      Aleksandar Sokerov 3 days ago

      I would go further to say its ingrained in all living things. Excluding symbionts and commensal, every living creature fights for resources at the cost of another creature's wellbeing.

  • Nitza
    Nitza 5 days ago +1

    I don’t believe that there will be world peace because not all people agree with each other we have different ways of living and some others won’t understand that and some People that disagree start something that could be dangerous and harmful to the people around you

  • Fernando O’Brien
    Fernando O’Brien 5 days ago

    How so?

  • Silas Kemp
    Silas Kemp 5 days ago

    I think this video is another great example of a video with like two annoying people and 4 understandable people

  • Twizzy Flizzy
    Twizzy Flizzy 6 days ago

    What you have to understand is
    'War is engineerd,and sure,war is rich men trying to protect their wealth at the expense of mens lives'

  • Hannah Online
    Hannah Online 6 days ago

    I have immense respect for soldiers and think they are such strong people. But I don’t think killing each other is the answer.

  • Nina Matt
    Nina Matt 6 days ago

    I support the vets, but the fact that they did not go when asked if they would die for world peace is amazingly dangerous. I want to serve and if it comes down to it, I would die for peace. I want to serve so that others won't have to and to protect others and my family/loved ones. My life for the sake of so many others? Yeah. I think it's incredibly important to be selfless as someone who swears to serve their country.

  • A.J London
    A.J London 6 days ago

    It is the general population that have given the War-Mongering Psychopaths (Leaders) their Destructive Killing Power. Think About It.

  • Bryce Alexander
    Bryce Alexander 6 days ago

    Good job guys

  • Saussinati Beats
    Saussinati Beats 7 days ago

    lol, dude equates war with a regular argument as if millions die because you argued about who at the last pizza slice. World peace will never be until it's game over.. the differences between people are stronger than the similarities and I find it very naive of the well-wishers to think how they impose their silly beliefs on others doesn't foment tremendous rage inside for the people whose beliefs are being trampled under esp by the leftist agendas.. war purges the ones who cause your suffering. 1person killing another because of disagreements is murder but when an army kills thousands of opposing forces then it is war.. it is really murder and it all starts with offence, then anger, then rage and out of that murder is the highest expression of this progression.

  • Danny Burke
    Danny Burke 7 days ago

    Wow for once I dont hate anyone in a video

  • Damian Pedrosa
    Damian Pedrosa 7 days ago +1

    That marine corp dude thinking that violence is the way

  • world record fastest growing channel

    the old guys and the blond beard guy(hipster looking guy) are my fav

  • Sad_ Rod_Official
    Sad_ Rod_Official 9 days ago

    As long as difference is alive war is alive as long as differences can harmonize, they can thrive. One will survive but the other must be used.

  • James Weaver
    James Weaver 9 days ago

    As Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto said in a speech, “If you think that’s inhumane, go fight terrorists”. Personally, war is an ugly thing. But, we have to often ask ourselves why we are fighting. We fight terrorism so that those who are oppressed can have a glimmer of hope to have a prosperous life. For example, lets look at west African countries (Nigeria, Niger etc). These countries are currently under oppression by militias that prevent medical staff from treating local populations, whether through nutrition or vaccination, or even disease control. Northern parts of Niger still suffer from diseases that most of the world has solved many years ago, yet because of these militias they can’t be treated...
    Just a thought.

  • rab
    rab 10 days ago +1

    If war didnt exist, peace wouldnt exist. Ying yang. Opposites need eachother to exist. Without sadness there wouldnt be hapiness

  • zell
    zell 10 days ago

    Dudes was in the air Force he never even shot his weapon outside of America I promise you that

    • Jack Hanson
      Jack Hanson 9 days ago

      zell Listen to him around the 8 minute mark, he’s on 7 deployments as of the date of filming. The reason I ask is because of the many special groups within the Air Force that do all sorts of dangerous work, setting up remote airfields or search and rescue operations for example.

    • zell
      zell 9 days ago

      @Jack Hanson I did 8 years in the Marine Corps

    • Jack Hanson
      Jack Hanson 9 days ago

      I don't recall it ever saying where in the Air Force he works? How can you be so sure?

  • David Castillo
    David Castillo 10 days ago

    The asain chick is hot

  • DanPointZero
    DanPointZero 10 days ago


  • TheBadgamer1000
    TheBadgamer1000 10 days ago

    Shouldn't all the veterans say, they would die for world peace? Isn't this part of the "sacrifice" you make, going to the army?

  • Fernando O’Brien
    Fernando O’Brien 11 days ago

    As great as world peace would be, it’s never gonna happen. As long as there’s good there’s evil and as long as there’s evil there will be our military do stop it.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 5 days ago

      @Fernando O’Brien Haha oh no. I thought you said the military was there to stop evil. They're the ones committing it, dude.

    • Fernando O’Brien
      Fernando O’Brien 6 days ago

      The U.S. military.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 6 days ago

      Who is "our military" in your statement?

  • Owen Bunny
    Owen Bunny 11 days ago

    after Vietnam and bill Clinton, whoever still want to go to war to fight for freedom has no brain. but if you dont want to get some , you have no passion

  • Ptguy0618
    Ptguy0618 11 days ago +2

    If it weren’t for war, the modern world literally wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t have the science and technology advances that have brought us to where we are.

  • Smeb
    Smeb 12 days ago

    We need to stop fighting endless wars for Israel!

  • Diadlo
    Diadlo 12 days ago +1

    I'll be honest, I wouldn't die for world peace, maybe if I had childrens in dangers of war I would but I don't.
    Why would I die for everyone else to live in peace if I don't get to live anymore?
    Better to live in an imperfect world than being dead in a perfect world.

    • ecxstasy
      ecxstasy 10 days ago

      Diadlo I like your last statement. I believe some people would die for world peace because they want others to be more happy than them themselves. Possibly the people are extremely altruistic and selfless.

  • Michelle R
    Michelle R 12 days ago

    They don’t turn human beings into targets. They turn human beings into self preservers, and that’s how they instinctually survive.

  • 2dayesterday
    2dayesterday 12 days ago +1

    1 question: "They" have a family and the people they're killing don't ?!
    There are definitely other ways to solve conflicts (if it's even yours to participate in the first place) than choosing which family should live and which should die :/
    Just saying.

    • Festive Cringe
      Festive Cringe 10 days ago

      2dayesterday yeah, the guys shooting at each other should just talk it out.

  • Crying Vanilla
    Crying Vanilla 12 days ago

    "World peace is possible"
    No, when you think of world piece you think of getting rid of wars, killing and genocide. But if we go deeper into it, even simple arguements and disagreements are also a form of war. Both parties dont agree sparking a war in the arguement. And arguements will always be around, so world peace is genuinely impossible as long as people and animals are on this planet.

  • Kids Vids
    Kids Vids 13 days ago

    My dad's in Afghanistan right now, and if there was no war anywhere, he wouldn't be in danger. But I'm proud of him because I know it's necessary in order for us to be free and safe.

  • Ludvig Rasmussen
    Ludvig Rasmussen 13 days ago +1

    As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable.

  • RighteousCaliKid420
    RighteousCaliKid420 13 days ago +8

    Prayers out to the soldier who’s going back for I believe he said his 8th tour hope you and everyone else make it back to your families & friends....To everyone else Bless you too

    • Owen Bunny
      Owen Bunny 11 days ago

      a bud went two tours in iraq, he died from a car accident on i90

  • Mira B
    Mira B 13 days ago +4

    I admire veterans/future veterans a lot, but war is *not* the answer

  • thinkingofagoodusername

    How can I get on this show lol

  • Anonymous5253
    Anonymous5253 14 days ago +1

    Couldn't you technically say that veterans and soldiers are technically peace activists since they're fighting to stop the violence. We try to intimidate possible enemies into not doing anything by bolstering our military presence in that area.

  • omari sifontes
    omari sifontes 14 days ago

    If you don't believe world peace is possible you're not a REAL peace activist.

    • The Rookie
      The Rookie 14 days ago

      No true. You're just realistic.

  • Matt Chilton
    Matt Chilton 14 days ago

    That peace activist is a stoner haha

  • Nick Talley
    Nick Talley 14 days ago +1

    What exactly does that guy do in the air force because it seems very combat oriented TACP, PJ?

  • Daniel 505
    Daniel 505 14 days ago

    Do soldiers even like wars?

  • Thomas Van Etten
    Thomas Van Etten 15 days ago

    I have a military background my great grandpas served my grandpa served in the marine Corps in the Vietnam war both of my great grandpas served in World War II my dad served in the army for 8 years and sometimes I think about joining the United States Army and serve in the best of the best rangers or green Berets

  • Akindele Bankole
    Akindele Bankole 15 days ago

    I'm surprised that the gentleman in white shirt would think it appropriate to use violence against some African culture.
    This reveals the innate biological and psychological problems, and aggression of our modern man since being out of the old world, against the more passive old world itself.
    The old human world is too passive for the new human world, and hence the old world become the target of the later acquired innate psychological aggression of the new human world.
    This is strange.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 15 days ago

    Wow. This is one of the most important videos I've found on YT.

  • Jimmy Han
    Jimmy Han 16 days ago

    World peace would not be possible if you are willing gonna have someone or even a group of people controlling the world that is the only way how that works.

  • PK Lo
    PK Lo 16 days ago

    Who's more wrong?
    The one who divides and conquers, and murders for pleasure?
    Or the one who protects everything at all cost?
    Unless the War is unjust and the higher ups are actually using us for the wrong things and are lying to us to murder certain people for no reason then we're wrong.
    If not than the Evil Conquer is the more wicked one.
    Truth is, Murder in general is wrong.
    It's an imperfection.
    But the reality is there are people killing our loved ones for no reason, and for what? Domination?
    Everyone has the ability to protect anyone, you telling me that you can actually coward away and watch people die in front of you?

  • Kenneth Behnken
    Kenneth Behnken 16 days ago +2

    World peace is impossible change my mind

    • Braydyn de Blois
      Braydyn de Blois 15 days ago

      Einstein said that with major powers, war is inevitable.

  • Darthwing Xodius
    Darthwing Xodius 17 days ago

    Why are they hunchbacks on that stool, nobody taught them to stand straight....

  • Hidoggo
    Hidoggo 17 days ago

    If only they didn’t cut convos when they got interesting

  • gnar gnar brah
    gnar gnar brah 17 days ago +1

    War is a crime

  • Cherub Xingyu
    Cherub Xingyu 18 days ago +2

    The idea of "if your culture or costume is different than mine and with the assumption that mine is better than yours, I am entitled to change it with violence" is horrifying.

  • Colton Connor
    Colton Connor 19 days ago

    The older guy is definitely a professor at some lefty university. And the dude on his left was his student.

  • Raven2k
    Raven2k 19 days ago

    "If everyone wants peace, but somewhere in Africa they think genital mutilation is ok... ."
    Is that a typical american View?
    Because yes, that sucks, but who are we to tell them how to live in their country?

  • Raymond
    Raymond 19 days ago +1

    Peace is forged in war

  • Eagle 367
    Eagle 367 19 days ago

    They should've asked whether they think Iraq and Afghanistan was a just war and people fighting there are actually serving their country or not.

  • tatum ergo
    tatum ergo 20 days ago

    The point of war is so peace can be secured, simple as that.

  • EBHS00
    EBHS00 21 day ago

    Damn I thought the old dude was a veteran

  • Eric Hollywood
    Eric Hollywood 21 day ago

    At the end of the day.. there are some sick fucks in the world in those boys in camo are always ready to Protect us there has to be a damn military there’s no such thing as “peace”

    DSEPSHUN RESKWUN 21 day ago

    Peace activist and American terroist

  • Zakary Mandley
    Zakary Mandley 21 day ago

    There are plenty of thriving ways to put food on table and maintain a home without resorting to signing up for a branch. I know this may sound cruel, but there are plenty of people who join the military because they believed no other option's were available at the time. Some people just want to go fight an enemy they've done nothing but read about.

  • Zakary Mandley
    Zakary Mandley 21 day ago

    But in many ways there is no such as thing as dying for world peace. That is essentially a fantasy setting where your life and your life alone decides the world's fate, and that has never made a decent number of long lasting impression's. Dying is wayy too easy thousand's if not million's of us do it every year. You can't just die and make world peace happen you would have to be a literal social savior or unanimously "good" icon to a multitude of different people to achieve it, and then die in a way that would only spur those people to carry on your particular way of good. Good is ever-present yes, but martyr's dont always cause it do so this is the ugly truth.

  • Josh Michael
    Josh Michael 21 day ago

    I hope in the future that humanity can learn from it's past mistakes, set our differences aside, try to understand each other so we can finally live in peace as one.
    2019: Peace? What's that? Throwing these big words at me lol

  • Caroline
    Caroline 22 days ago

    My grandma was a nurse at the start of the Vietnam war. Her father was a WWII vet as well as her short term husband (she married a MUCH older man aka as my grandpa). She is/was a hippie. My mom (her daughter) would say she’s a wannabe hippie. She agrees completely with the peace side.

  • Sarah Malcolm
    Sarah Malcolm 23 days ago +6

    i wanna know what concerts the dude with the beard has been too

    • PhoenixTV
      PhoenixTV 10 days ago

      Sarah Malcolm something tells me that Phish was a big one

  • Joey Hernandez
    Joey Hernandez 23 days ago

    I love these types of videos so much

  • 3.1145 asd
    3.1145 asd 23 days ago +2

    I want to serve in a branch later what should i choose?

    • 3.1145 asd
      3.1145 asd 21 day ago +1

      @trashcan the wonder dog thank you for the recommendation ill look into it ;)

    • trashcan the wonder dog
      trashcan the wonder dog 21 day ago +1

      @3.1145 asd I'd talk to a National Guard recruiter. ;)

    • 3.1145 asd
      3.1145 asd 21 day ago

      @trashcan the wonder dog well im trying to stay close to home

    • trashcan the wonder dog
      trashcan the wonder dog 21 day ago

      Really depends on what you want to do. Find an MOS (job) that you see yourself doing and go from there. Do you want to spend months on end out to sea? Would you rather serve your state in the Guard, or travel the world in an active dute job. I'm biased and would say join the Army, but it's very specific to what you want out of your service.

    • Kimberly Olson
      Kimberly Olson 21 day ago +1

      I’m not in the military yet, but I plan on enlisting hopefully soon. My best advice is to go talk to recruiters for each branch, ask them questions. Do research on the branches, look at their official websites.

  • Funxion
    Funxion 23 days ago

    In the question if they would give their lives it would be funny to bring some isis cosplayers and prank them

  • cant trust nobody
    cant trust nobody 23 days ago +2

    the military brainwashes soldiers? oh god🤦🏽‍♂️

  • DavidSixSixFive
    DavidSixSixFive 24 days ago +1

    Ari asked why this job? Why not? I've spent 16 years in the Army over two time periods and two warzones. Some people I've met, I've felt, 'Better me than you', because they just weren't cut out for military life or war.

  • Blake Heidrick
    Blake Heidrick 24 days ago

    World peace is impossible People will ALWAYS disagree on things and that will lead to conflict. It would be a great thing but it is impossible.

  • Frankie Moffatt
    Frankie Moffatt 24 days ago +36

    This is the only episode where I wasn’t pissed off at one or more people

    • Ryan Hincy
      Ryan Hincy 21 day ago

      Frankie Moffatt i was thinking the same thing😂

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear 25 days ago

    You can tell when the peace activists started to sway in there beliefs a little because they became a lot more understanding..

  • Jonas San Juan
    Jonas San Juan 25 days ago

    4:55-5:15. Why does that culture in africa need to accept your culture? Who are you to them? Do you really think that you’re that superior to them that they need to change their culture because it doesn’t fit yours? That is what start wars. Basically, americans trying to show the world their superiority.

  • Janeile Harrison
    Janeile Harrison 26 days ago +3

    Whos that Jubilee employee in the end? My goodness hes fooine😍

  • gta5 master
    gta5 master 26 days ago

    All I have to say is there will never be a world of peace since the caveman days we've been killing each other because those people always wanting to harm other people and control other people it's called greed and it is built in humans but it can be controlled by the person but most people don't want that this world will never be at peace and when it is it will be the end of time because that will mean the Lord above has came back

  • Thatfisherman Yt
    Thatfisherman Yt 27 days ago

    I agree with the one with the hat

  • H G
    H G 27 days ago

    This one actually has made me cry a little

  • Raghu Durina
    Raghu Durina 28 days ago

    all the veterns here cried when fives said i was just trying to do my duty true soldiers

  • Curt Hehn
    Curt Hehn 28 days ago

    How much for a crowdfund to be able to hold him down and shave his beard off?

  • Mercutio Escalus
    Mercutio Escalus 28 days ago

    War helps economies tho. And world peace is completely unrealistic and most likely unattainable

  • akmal abdullah
    akmal abdullah 29 days ago

    please do more intellectual video like this.

  • Grace Allen
    Grace Allen 29 days ago

    Is there a website where all the questions asked in these videos are posted?

  • Cullen Coy
    Cullen Coy 29 days ago

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

  • Jason Orefice
    Jason Orefice 29 days ago

    To this day this is still my favorite episode

  • Dewey
    Dewey Month ago

    It’s either you or him and that’s just what it is.

  • Dani Alexandria
    Dani Alexandria Month ago

    No one will EVER be able to convince me that "war is a necessary evil" its only "necessary" because we (collectively and a long time ago) made up a bunch of rules that we also can't seem to follow. We invented money, we invented boarders those are just facts. The system 100% breaks down when not everyone follows the rules and you get places like North Korea but even in out pursuit to "right those wrongs" we are doing so many wrongs ourselves. I think two very good examples to look at is the Christmas truce in WWI (I think) and the atomic bombs. In the first soldiers on both sides realized and understood that at the end of the day they were all humans "fighting for their countries" and were able to put their differences aside for even just one day and enjoy each others company. On the other, no matter what atrocities the Nazis were doing that doesn't justify indiscriminately dropping weapons of mass murder onto innocent men women and ESPECIALLY children killing, and or disfiguring them for life. but somehow we frame the US as the "good guys"

  • Colin 007
    Colin 007 Month ago

    There are people that go to war to fight and there are people that protest for peace. It is good do have both because you need one to question and challenge the reasons behind the wars and the other to defend and fight for freedom. If you have only one mentality you either are going to war more or getting walked over by a nation or organization that isn’t afraid to go to war.

  • Sureno Lord
    Sureno Lord Month ago

    Adam is a feminist.