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  • Nairobi Friday
    Nairobi Friday 3 hours ago


  • Bangtan Melon
    Bangtan Melon Day ago

    3:42 *”Crab..These Kids Are good”*
    😂 I cant un-hear that


    Maddie is not PERFECT

  • Madison Dekavallas
    Madison Dekavallas 2 days ago

    Ok pause at 4:16 there is literally 3 studios there and two of them are studio blue and ALDC!! 🤣🤣

  • My life in Sianas world


  • Angelica
    Angelica 3 days ago +2

    Omg I have never noticed that Holly was that tall😯😦😧😮😲

  • Hdj Hddjd
    Hdj Hddjd 4 days ago

    Mellisa clearly favoruitesm over mekenzie it’s horrible

  • delaneymarie
    delaneymarie 4 days ago

    I think it would have been better if Kenzie had been the lead. Not that Maddie didn't do good, but still

  • Kittycat Lover
    Kittycat Lover 5 days ago

    Aww, Kenzie’s face when Abby said she was the lead ☺️

  • Jusenia Barrera
    Jusenia Barrera 7 days ago

    I wont to puch you

  • Meira Narayan
    Meira Narayan 7 days ago +2

    Oh shut up Melissa... u dismiss kenzie and literally just pay attention to maddie! Can’t deny it! 🙁🙁🙁

  • Mynia Hopkinson
    Mynia Hopkinson 8 days ago

    you should let JoJo do it as well

  • Jen Roberts
    Jen Roberts 8 days ago +5

    Abby talks about Kenzie not having good facials but maddie looked blank onstage

  • Abby Bruhh
    Abby Bruhh 8 days ago

    When it showed makenzie I was expecting to see her little baby self and when it showed her I was like whippoa

  • Naomi King
    Naomi King 8 days ago

    The doll under the bed was wearing an ALDC t-shirt what a coincidence...Who else thinks they did that to create drama or insult them? Leave a like if you do.

  • multi vids
    multi vids 8 days ago

    well, looks like abby replacing kenzie with maddie was all for nothing

    • Miss Amanda's world
      Miss Amanda's world 4 days ago

      Costumes sizes prove Mackenzie was never going to actually be the lead

  • Queenofwheels
    Queenofwheels 8 days ago

    Now Kenzie is traveling all over the world

  • Queenofwheels
    Queenofwheels 8 days ago

    Kenzie's mom did not look help she was the lead.

  • Yesenia Santana
    Yesenia Santana 9 days ago +1

    Melisa is so lying she favors Maddie more than her life!! This is just wrong

  • Unmesha Chaulagain
    Unmesha Chaulagain 9 days ago

    Awww...kenzie is soo cute..❤❤

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 9 days ago +1

    Yeah Kenzie should have been in the lead see they didn't win

  • Trishelle S
    Trishelle S 9 days ago

    Ok here’s how I feel, during rehearsals McKenzie wasn’t doing anything with her face but I know that she would have done something amazing with the role. I feel like Maddie can go ONE WEEK without being the lead or having a special part!

  • Harry Potter 4 life
    Harry Potter 4 life 10 days ago

    Why doesn’t Melissa fight for kenzie

  • Emma Dragustine
    Emma Dragustine 10 days ago

    If Mackenzie was the lead they probably would have had 1

  • Eve Levy
    Eve Levy 10 days ago

    I agree with Jill. MDP *is* really good.

  • Kandace_The_Queen
    Kandace_The_Queen 10 days ago

    Welp I was hoping for be more chill but ok

  • The Nahfa Family 369
    The Nahfa Family 369 10 days ago

    Abby just couldn’t let Maddie stand there

  • Hannah Scott
    Hannah Scott 10 days ago

    400th comment!!! Yay!

  • Amazin Chikin
    Amazin Chikin 10 days ago +1

    Am I the only who thinks that Abby didn't do the wrong thing here? I mean she was pretty mean about it but there was no way Kenzie could've pulled off the lead as well as Maddie or Kalani. She didn't really show any emotion or connect with the audience. I guess she was so focused on the choreography and her technique. But then again, I still think Melissa's actions were disgusting and I kind of feel like this was staged and Maddie was going to play the lead all along. Like seriously, if the dance was meant for Kenzie, then how come the costume fit Maddie perfectly? And Abby was so calm about the whole time. Did the producers tell her to do that or...

  • rayaa bts
    rayaa bts 11 days ago

    You know you have to not be a teacher that I want to get out of the school get out of teaching and you only did it one time and then you let them drink waterWhere is there food and you don’t even let them do anything except for drinking water and stretching they don’t dance at all

  • Kenzie Everdeen_Carpenter

    I hate Melissa

  • Logan Snow
    Logan Snow 11 days ago

    Melissa is like: “Abby...MADDIE IS UR FAVORITEEEEEE AHHHH!”

  • Imagine_ Violet
    Imagine_ Violet 11 days ago

    Kenzie DESERVED to be the lead, maddie did not .
    Maddie always gets the lead and she's always the favourite
    And maddie her sister should've passed on the offer and let kenzie do it
    And if abby chose it for her than abby doubts kenzie to much it's obvious
    Kenzie is an amazing talented girl, and abby is just to blind to see that

  • lolo lala
    lolo lala 11 days ago

    The group number was so beautiful but they got second what to say 😢

  • Aari Dula
    Aari Dula 11 days ago

    Well if you wanted to be second and you used maddie you could have been first and used mack. Sorry I love mack or you could have used kalani or hello Chloe you could have got little chloe back

  • Luli alhijazi
    Luli alhijazi 11 days ago +3

    Honestly Gianna is just distracting mckenzie by saying comments

  • Ella Benyehuda
    Ella Benyehuda 12 days ago

    If they had gotten 2nd with Mackenzie as the lead she would’ve screamed at Mackenzie but with Maddie she does nothing

  • Skarlett Washington
    Skarlett Washington 12 days ago

    you all are soooooooooooooo amazing

  • zshluper
    zshluper 12 days ago +3

    Im freinds with the monsters inside of my bed, get along with the voices inside in my head😂

  • Cassandra Cortes
    Cassandra Cortes 13 days ago +9

    Did any one else notice that the doll in monster under my bed was warring a Abby lee Myles shirt

  • carylin Venegas
    carylin Venegas 13 days ago +1

    Always Maddie

  • Ashna Singh
    Ashna Singh 13 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the doll in the mdp dance was wearing and aldc shirt

  • Marina Nicholls
    Marina Nicholls 13 days ago

    did anyone notice that when the announcer said "2nd place goes to number 66 voices in my head" JoJo mouthed "Voices in my head" at the same time the announcer said it

  • Lidiya Tekle
    Lidiya Tekle 13 days ago

    voice in my head is a solo that maddie did

  • MJ Galindo
    MJ Galindo 13 days ago

    Kenzie looked like she wanted to cry ;(

  • Janaina Cardozo-Leigh
    Janaina Cardozo-Leigh 13 days ago

    You know what!I was mad when Kenzie’s mom was so surprised when she got the lead..

  • Cindy Stewart
    Cindy Stewart 13 days ago

    I think Abby is mean to all the girls

  • Jeimy Sosa
    Jeimy Sosa 13 days ago

    Ahí estaba jojo siwa

  • Catherine Dannaoui
    Catherine Dannaoui 13 days ago

    Second or not, it was a great routine👍🏻

  • Noelle Romero
    Noelle Romero 14 days ago

    Melissa for sure favorites maddie 100%

  • Yana Vekshina
    Yana Vekshina 14 days ago

    Mellisa has so much favoritism. Omg

  • Sara Nokaj
    Sara Nokaj 14 days ago

    Kenzie should have been the lead

  • Steven Taylor
    Steven Taylor 14 days ago

    "None of them over there" mackenzie is such a savage 😂

  • Imadambell
    Imadambell 14 days ago


  • Malaika Iqbal
    Malaika Iqbal 14 days ago

    Abbys right? Mackenzie needs to learn to use her face. And the moms, dont even get me started, theyre just jealous and always trying to start drama

  • Ella Kate
    Ella Kate 14 days ago +6

    “I love my daughters both the same” really Melissa? ya sure?

  • Alaa Osama
    Alaa Osama 14 days ago +1

    *POOR KENZIE* !!!

  • Lozzi A
    Lozzi A 14 days ago

    Kenzie should of been the lead. She would of looked phenomenal tbh, but maybe she just needs to give more facial expressions. Maddie was also really good like amazing.

  • Camryn and Rileigh
    Camryn and Rileigh 14 days ago +1

    I think they didn’t win bc they were expecting for Maddie to be lead and everything was predictable

  • Mónica Small
    Mónica Small 14 days ago

    They got second what would have happened if Kenzie was the lead

  • rori
    rori 14 days ago

    Im sick and tired of maddie always being on top.

  • Arayah King
    Arayah King 14 days ago

    It would of won if Kenzie was the lead in my opinion but I still love maddie tho

  • Uxnicorn Lati
    Uxnicorn Lati 15 days ago

    3:04 You sure Melissa?

  • Chasity Slocum
    Chasity Slocum 15 days ago

    Something tells me this was fake. The choreography for the lead is clearly for Maddie. It requires emotions and turns. If it was for Kenzie there would be acro in it and stuff she’s good at. I think this whole Kenzie suppose to be the lead is all for the show. I think Maddie was the lead all along and the producers wanted to create drama. It’s just a theory.

    • Chasity Slocum
      Chasity Slocum 4 days ago

      Miss Amanda's world Sure Kenzie can do turns, but Maddie’s are better. Sure in season 1-3 her landing were tough but her feet were better. Kenzie was never the best at turns. She is much better at hip hop, tap, and jazz. Also the moves themselves. There should be less turns and leaps(something Maddie is good at) and moves Kenzie are good at.

    • Miss Amanda's world
      Miss Amanda's world 4 days ago

      Mackenzie can turn actually her turns are typically landed cleaner then Maddie's. Just because Mackenzie's solos are acro doesn't mean she's incapable of other kinds of dance. Acro scores well in mini division. Where Mackenzie often was as even though she is 10 most competions cut off is January would she'd be competing 9. You never know what will score well in Jr division. You are right but merely based on costume size Mackenzie was never the lead.

  • Jessikaka
    Jessikaka 15 days ago +2

    If Kenzie is never given the chance to be the lead in this sort of number, then she will never learn

  • MarineSlimeSG
    MarineSlimeSG 15 days ago +3

    I personally think that maddies facials are kinda fake

  • Eric Mwangi
    Eric Mwangi 15 days ago


  • Curti Rebecca 14
    Curti Rebecca 14 15 days ago +17

    If you aren’t trying to hurt Mackenzie then don’t put Maddie the lead put Kalani or Kendall

  • esme goldsmith
    esme goldsmith 15 days ago

    The doll had a Abby lee teashirt for the monsters under my bed

  • Kiana R
    Kiana R 15 days ago +1

    I hate how Melissa NEVER cares about Mackenzie or how she feels. She's favouring Maddie and she knows it. Melissa lies when she says that she doesn't favour. Personally, I think they could have gotten first with Mackenzie as the lead.

  • Layla k k
    Layla k k 15 days ago +44

    I feel like kenzie lost most of her confidence on the show because let's be honest which child would want to leave out their childhood and have so many cameras in front of their face, like its cool and everything but leaving out ur childhood is just upsetting. She even got compared to her sister a lot and ik u can learn and improve but that can also mentally destroy u.
    I'm happy that kenzie has now regained that confidence and is doing things like dwts. Her music is also great which is a huge success for her. All the girls r doing amazing things and I wish the very best for them in the future. Abby is fighting cancer and has kinda recovered but hope she gets better. Srry if this was a long comment. Have a good day/night wherever u r❤️

    • R F
      R F 7 days ago

      Layla k k
      Yeah that doesn’t bother me. You made a lot of grammatical errors, but it was a good comment, and I agree with it!!

    • Layla k k
      Layla k k 7 days ago

      +R F I was talking like "ur" because that's a shorter version. Ik it's like" your", but when texting and stuff that's how I type . I just shorten the words. I'm srry(sorry) if u didn't like it or wasn't able to understand it but that's how I type. Anyway have a good day/night wherever u(you) r(are) ❤️

    • R F
      R F 7 days ago

      Layla k k
      You made a lot of spelling mistakes you should work on that before you post something publicly

  • Joud Faisal
    Joud Faisal 15 days ago

    How did “Monster in under my bed” win?! All they did was just stay in the bed and get a doll from underneath. No hate just can someone explain?

    • Steven Taylor
      Steven Taylor 14 days ago

      Joud Faisal this video edited out most of mdps number. Look at the full version of Mdps number it was really good.

  • Reagan Ogle
    Reagan Ogle 15 days ago

    Was that Zendaya on the judging panel???

  • Hannah Jeanne Kaira
    Hannah Jeanne Kaira 15 days ago

    Melissa it's obvious! You don't need to say anything.

  • Maddie Ziegler
    Maddie Ziegler 15 days ago

    Someone call the bow police, Jojo is wearing flowers and not a bow! 😱

  • Addyson Brosnan
    Addyson Brosnan 15 days ago

    Now Abby got voices in her head cause she lost

  • Sara Chaaraoui
    Sara Chaaraoui 15 days ago +14

    If there was a dance with Maddie, kalani, Sophia, Brynn, and Chloe, IT WOULD GET A PERFECT SCORE 💯

  • Rachael Thom
    Rachael Thom 15 days ago

    When Melissa said “by putting Maddie in I think we nailed it” I was like WOW 😮 not only is that showing favoritism to Maddie but it’s calling Kenzi a bad dancer (compared to Maddie)

  • Ajah Myers
    Ajah Myers 15 days ago

    Be nice to Jojo

  • Ajah Myers
    Ajah Myers 15 days ago

    Give Mackenzie a second chance

  • Diana Aburoumi
    Diana Aburoumi 15 days ago +2

    Anyone realizes how thin Abby got

  • Diana sitio
    Diana sitio 15 days ago

    all of you gus danceing good

  • Gacha_Allison San
    Gacha_Allison San 15 days ago


  • Promisse Calloway
    Promisse Calloway 15 days ago

    Hi jojo! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙dance moms!!!!!!! Jojo rules ! I am a fan!!!!! Happy new year! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Blue Ballet
    Blue Ballet 15 days ago

    It breaks my heart to see Abby put Maddie I’m instead of Mackenzie. That is disgusting... One of the most horrible things to do as a dancer (speaking as one) is to COMPARE yourself to OTHER DANCERS. It makes me sick to think about being compared to your own sister. Mackenzie was slapped in the face by her own mother and Abby. Her mom should be so much more supportive of her, and not just favor Maddie and only applaud one of her daughters. Abby basically was like: well you are not good enough and your sister is so much better than you. THAT IS NOT OK. Anyone agree???

  • Lauren Harding
    Lauren Harding 15 days ago

    I feel bad saying this, but Melissa “oh wow” was sooo fake

  • Cassandra Umelo
    Cassandra Umelo 16 days ago +2

    2:20 poor Mackenzie 😭😢

  • Ryleigh Jaedyn
    Ryleigh Jaedyn 16 days ago

    McKenzie improved for once

  • MyMypuppy1223 Plotts
    MyMypuppy1223 Plotts 16 days ago

    Why did Abby kiss menkenzie

  • Carla xox
    Carla xox 16 days ago

    By putting Maddie in as the lead it was the best thing to do Melissa is obviously picking favourites

  • Swinton Rangasammy
    Swinton Rangasammy 16 days ago +1

    Why couldn’t it be ALMDC

  • David Masuskapoe
    David Masuskapoe 16 days ago +1


  • Abigail Ngene
    Abigail Ngene 16 days ago

    The way that everyone favors Maddie is sickening I hate when people say that Abbys decisions are correct they would have won if Kenzie was the lead of the dance. Melissa does not even care about how Abby is doing this as long as Maddie has the spotlight Abby and Melissa are fine.

  • Anni E
    Anni E 16 days ago

    3:52 the 3rd girl looks like zendaya

  • Mariam El-Masri
    Mariam El-Masri 16 days ago +2

    Maddie should have told Abby to give Kenzie a second chance.
    That’s what a good sister would do😕
    I mean Maddie is a good sister but she needs to show it

  • Kyra McCusker
    Kyra McCusker 16 days ago

    Maddie has the face 👩
    Chloe has the grace 💃
    Paige is a beauty 💄
    Kenzie is a cutie 🥰
    Brooke is a song 🎤
    Nina is strong 💪
    Kendall has the sass 💋
    Abby has the a** 🍑

  • Peyton Curry-Varner
    Peyton Curry-Varner 16 days ago

    I love the videos but jojo is the best I mean you don't care about her so you need to act like a adult ok you need to make a good change ok 66 is the best your marketing a bad choose stop ok you told jojo you didn't care that you missed jojo solo so stop

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 16 days ago +1

    This dance recital just seemed bland like her old material it had no props the other group did they had a different concept and they were happy so maybe if she had let McKenzie lead with a smiling face instead of being sad Just maybe they would've won first place

  • Megan 4 life
    Megan 4 life 16 days ago

    So Mackenzie gets the lead and Abby gives it to maddie instead
    Melissa: “ Abby’s got to do what she got to do”
    If Abby would have given it to Chloe
    Melissa: “ that’s not fair, Mackenzie was given the lead!”