Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
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    Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
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Comments • 4 116

  • sjmimi 7
    sjmimi 7 2 hours ago

    I’m sorry...10 years old?

  • Renasha Davis
    Renasha Davis 5 hours ago

    This is the most funnest one I’ve watched 😂

  • The Poeletariat
    The Poeletariat Day ago

    "Have you ever stolen from me?"

  • Adetunde Babs’s
    Adetunde Babs’s 2 days ago

    Well that wasn’t awkward at all😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kimberly Guo
    Kimberly Guo 2 days ago

    feel like if i did this with my mom or dad id just cry the whole time

  • Kristie Bach
    Kristie Bach 3 days ago

    It’s like that huh LMAOOO

  • ryana
    ryana 3 days ago

    “i ain’t takin no fuckin shot fuck that”
    i *LOVE* her

  • Zercon
    Zercon 4 days ago

    The black mom and her son are mood

  • Queen Afshan
    Queen Afshan 4 days ago

    Black mom and daughter are looking like a same age sisters.

  • Natalie Porter
    Natalie Porter 4 days ago

    ThE RoOm wOuLd BE ShhhaKKinnn

  • Name
    Name 4 days ago

    Asking yes or no questions in this is stupid because if you drink you’re basically answering the question


    Jesus Christ that Black Old Lady made me pause this Isht and I laughed so hard my word😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 “fark that I love the 69”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nikia Handy
    Nikia Handy 5 days ago

    Define steal 😂😂😂

  • Paula Alvarez
    Paula Alvarez 5 days ago

    How do I sign up

  • Amy Schulz
    Amy Schulz 5 days ago +4

    i would never talk to my mum the way the black mum and son talked to each other

  • ComedyRole6
    ComedyRole6 5 days ago

    1:15 nice

  • Vanessa Bravo
    Vanessa Bravo 6 days ago

    5:03 and 5:13 funny asf 😭🤣🤣🤣

  • Harper
    Harper 6 days ago

    3:54 is a showdown lol

  • Dy1
    Dy1 6 days ago

    That dude and his mom 💀💀

  • p-rOcra.StiNa_tioN . A

    idk if im just being sensitive or judgmental--I apologize if I am, but the black dude was hella rude and so rude I guess, my heart hurt because his mom was so sweet.

  • Caroll
    Caroll 7 days ago

    Okayy sooo did anyone get confused about who the parents were and who the kids were? 😂

  • Kelp Hyglo
    Kelp Hyglo 7 days ago


  • John Mwaniki
    John Mwaniki 7 days ago

    If me and my mums happened to be in this show both of us would go home drunk cos there's no way am going to tell anything

  • JackVlogsAndGaming
    JackVlogsAndGaming 7 days ago

    “What the heck you do with flavours”, that’s a naive mother right there.

  • Luis Álvarez G.
    Luis Álvarez G. 7 days ago

    6:55 'we brought our own tequila, we brought our own lemons' that mom is a Virgo

  • Jessica Jasinski
    Jessica Jasinski 8 days ago

    Holy shit.... The mother and son is hilarious. I love his mom. I could party with her..

  • Dominic RedBorrelli
    Dominic RedBorrelli 8 days ago

    momma with the braids has me crying 😭😭😭

  • kenisha Scott
    kenisha Scott 8 days ago


  • Alek Johnson
    Alek Johnson 8 days ago


  • Faith Espino
    Faith Espino 8 days ago

    Mama shut the fuck up! 😂😂😂

  • Colorme Dark
    Colorme Dark 8 days ago

    Not enough Kleenex in the world..

  • Y 7654321
    Y 7654321 8 days ago

    10 years old wtf is that even posible

  • Nirnay Rath
    Nirnay Rath 9 days ago +2

    Derange and his mother r sooo cool. Love their dynamics.

  • Arbridge Caindoy
    Arbridge Caindoy 9 days ago

    6:35 that laugh tho. Hahahaha 😂 💀

  • whats up fuckers lmao

    5:12 if you turned the captions on they spelt teaona wrong 😂 they said “tiana” 💀💀 that’s how my friend spells it and we say it the same way

  • Cist Govne
    Cist Govne 9 days ago

    yeah i have sex wheenn i wazz threeez monthzz bruh
    shazamala muzala mubsla muksle be.
    just look how these black fat piece off shit lie.
    his hair cut is garbage as his statment

  • Tridentz_ Darkened
    Tridentz_ Darkened 9 days ago

    0:28 "oh shit 48 hrs of labor"

  • freddy94a
    freddy94a 11 days ago

    Feal free to forget that lmao 😂🤣😂

  • Rafaela Davis
    Rafaela Davis 12 days ago

    Durangeds mom is such a mood

  • Abenezer Biruk
    Abenezer Biruk 12 days ago

    Ohhhh 10 years old what the fuck
    I didn't discover I have the d at that age

  • trash
    trash 12 days ago

    "i though it was a earthquake in my room" i'm screaming

  • Robert Blake
    Robert Blake 12 days ago +1

    Lmaoo mistake gang rise up

  • Super R
    Super R 12 days ago


  • guacamole nibba penis
    guacamole nibba penis 13 days ago

    Is.. Is that Uzo Aduba?

  • yes yes
    yes yes 13 days ago

    lost mine at 5 because me and my cousin didn't know it was werid or bad at that age.

    • Rags
      Rags 12 days ago


  • Mouthy_panda _pug
    Mouthy_panda _pug 14 days ago


  • Kristin Cas
    Kristin Cas 14 days ago +1

    Anyone else cried at the end
    ...noo just me....there were dust in the air anyways so..ok

  • Avuyile Ngqangweni
    Avuyile Ngqangweni 14 days ago

    If was there with my father he would proudly declare "We don't drink" LOL!!!

  • Jasmine Icesten
    Jasmine Icesten 14 days ago +5

    the Connection with the black mom and son is just.. wow.

  • Sneaky Symbro
    Sneaky Symbro 14 days ago

    The close connections and love the parents and their children have with one another puts tears in my eyes🥺❤️its so beautiful 💐

  • TrippiNine σ_σ
    TrippiNine σ_σ 15 days ago


  • TrippiNine σ_σ
    TrippiNine σ_σ 15 days ago

    1:17 such a meme

  • Christopher Fortney
    Christopher Fortney 16 days ago

    Purple shirt mom is hot as hell! Call me, girl.

  • Zeyneb Alaayesh
    Zeyneb Alaayesh 17 days ago

    This is a really good insight on American homes.

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming 18 days ago

    5:49 it's like dat huh

  • Louis Styles
    Louis Styles 19 days ago

    How do you have sex at 10.

  • That M3talhead
    That M3talhead 20 days ago

    truth or drink might be my favorite thing on YT

  • KMNY Forgotten
    KMNY Forgotten 20 days ago

    *I thought it was a earthquake* 😂

  • ReflexBG
    ReflexBG 21 day ago

    10 Years old wtf.. how old was the girl, 8?

  • Aaron Decker
    Aaron Decker 21 day ago +2

    Did anyone else have trouble telling which was the mom and daughter between the two black women? 😂😂