3 Creepy True Horror Stories

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Story 1 : Kathryn Weinstein
    Story 3 : "BluHippo"
    Insta: realmrnightmare
    Twitter: mista_nightmare?l...
    If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
    Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.
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  • Mega heeping Pile of shit

    Bro with that 2nd story could u have lowered the music a bit I couldn’t even hear u in the beginning

  • Kayla Dawson
    Kayla Dawson 8 hours ago +1

    I love your video🧡🧡🧡

  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith 16 hours ago +1

    And btw Tom is a dick!

  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith 16 hours ago +1

    You know these people always have their phone in their hands. TAKE PICTURES AND CALL COPS!
    And yes, I'm one of the people who always have their phone handy.

  • Dr. Carmen Messerlian
    Dr. Carmen Messerlian 17 hours ago +1

    The music makes it creepyer

  • John Miles
    John Miles Day ago

    The music is too loud for the spoken parts...

  • Jacob Ballard
    Jacob Ballard Day ago

    Honestly just the fact that in story 2 that he had the common sense to know that Stephanie was a nonse is the smartest thing someone has done in one of these stories 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Scott Crabtree
    Scott Crabtree Day ago

    Eventually, might be too late.....

  • Abalony Salad
    Abalony Salad Day ago

    creepy so so creepy

  • Lord of Chickens

    These stories made me so unsettled, that the ad that played made me jump.

  • AbbyCanDoYT
    AbbyCanDoYT 2 days ago

    Ah my daily scary story time

  • Atharva Pallikulam
    Atharva Pallikulam 2 days ago

    How excellent are your oratory skills !!!

  • IccyFenic AppleTea592

    Is these story's super scary

  • IccyFenic AppleTea592

    Is these story's super scary

  • Joe Murphy
    Joe Murphy 4 days ago

    Everyone’s talking about gun control and I’m here listening to that first story and thinking about how goddamned happy I am to have a semi-auto AK-47 next to my bed. Doris says “hello” outside my window, it’s gonna be the last damn thing she ever says

  • Lily Jamerson
    Lily Jamerson 4 days ago +1

    You could say puppies dancing on rainbows and make it sound like a horror story lol 😂

  • Acid Llama
    Acid Llama 5 days ago +3

    Boys, I’m going In...
    no one:
    Me: Puts on full screen

  • Braxton Ewing
    Braxton Ewing 5 days ago

    That 1st one got me shook and in the 3rd one who tf goes to the basement at night

  • Seppo ja Ismo show
    Seppo ja Ismo show 6 days ago

    Wtf where's ppls balls this dude at story 3 specially it was a school? No it couldnt be possibly a school shooter? Who's probably sneaked in to the school early

  • Thomas Bowen
    Thomas Bowen 6 days ago


  • Ace
    Ace 6 days ago +3

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    White people: "so i went back to the school basement"

    • Ace
      Ace 3 days ago +1

      @Curtis Riceman dude im not even black im white as you yet i made a joke about caucasian people because it was funny regarding the video but you know whats funny? The thing that you didnt know if i was a latino,asian,caucasian or whatever yet you still decided do point your finger at black people, goes to show just how big of a mf racist you are you should srsly chill. And btw that was just a joke so dont take it so hard its not a d***. Peace 🖖

    • Curtis Riceman
      Curtis Riceman 3 days ago

      @Ace sounds like you did, or are you only allowed to make jokes about one race?

    • Ace
      Ace 3 days ago

      @Curtis Riceman did you seriously get offended wtf dude ahahah

    • Curtis Riceman
      Curtis Riceman 3 days ago +1

      No one:
      Absolutely no one:
      Black people: "What am I doing here? I don't have a job"

  • Chiquita Crawford
    Chiquita Crawford 6 days ago

    if you’re outside my fucking house banging on my shit, i’m fucking calling the police because i’m 5’5 and can’t do anything but scream

  • Devin Sword
    Devin Sword 7 days ago +2

    story #1: someone stood outside the door and said hello a bunch of times.

    story #2: dude goes for a stroll in a bad neighborhood and almost gets molested by an old man

    story #3: dude spooks easily

  • Ivan Renić
    Ivan Renić 7 days ago +1

    Maybe she wanted to say:
    Hello, my name is Connor. I'm the android sent by CyberLife.

  • deutsch? ?
    deutsch? ? 8 days ago +1

    girls are weak. men are strong

  • Siara Sutherland
    Siara Sutherland 9 days ago

    I am fhkin freeking out now 🙏🙏🙏🙀🙀

  • maarten van hove
    maarten van hove 9 days ago

    What if the guy in the first story just went outside and beat the fck out of the lady, it would make the lady a lot less scary.

  • Strumful
    Strumful 10 days ago

    well i want to sleep bcs in the morning i go to work so ill pass this for later :D

  • Dawn Sousa
    Dawn Sousa 10 days ago


  • Dawn Sousa
    Dawn Sousa 10 days ago

    These stories are EXACTLY why we US citizens need to exercise our right to own guns (know how to use them, break them down, load them in the dark) and own BIG UNFRIENDLY DOGS!

  • Jack Donlin
    Jack Donlin 10 days ago

    bruh i live in syracuse

  • karateka oss
    karateka oss 11 days ago

    Old woman doing that outside my house would be eating a sidekick instead of prunes. I don't play that creepy old lady shit . No Mercy.

  • Doon Harold
    Doon Harold 11 days ago +1

    My window: open me: fuck that shit I’m out

  • Gravy Valentine
    Gravy Valentine 11 days ago


  • Gravy Valentine
    Gravy Valentine 11 days ago

    Oooo hello Nickolas

  • niso aly
    niso aly 12 days ago

    Okay so before the second story starts,there was a hinge add.

  • Sassy Spider
    Sassy Spider 12 days ago +1

    Dang these are scary!!!!!!

  • Ailene Lovelly
    Ailene Lovelly 12 days ago

    Wow story 2 seriously makes you think about meeting someone off line

  • Will Pistolero
    Will Pistolero 12 days ago

    Good thing I always keep my jetpack on hand to jump out the window and dip.

  • Poke'bro Aiden Gaming
    Poke'bro Aiden Gaming 12 days ago

    sooooo my headphones are sorta kinda broken and they make this weird ass staticy sound and dead ass makes this 10x more scarier

  • Samuel Ayers
    Samuel Ayers 13 days ago

    Reading the comments always calms me down

  • brooklynn francosky
    brooklynn francosky 13 days ago +1

    How come in every scary movie no one ever grabs the gun or a knife? They just run out in terror hoping they wont die.

  • Nico Chirieleison
    Nico Chirieleison 13 days ago

    Holy shit this gave me the chills

  • Cam B
    Cam B 14 days ago

    Omg the highschool shown in story 3 is a highschool is my hometown!

  • Aaron Tousinau
    Aaron Tousinau 14 days ago +1

    That last one. .so someone creeping around the basement, then crawling through a air vent. .and didn't even warn anyone? Better hope that nothing happened after that man

    WEEBABOO CHAN 15 days ago +1

    How did i went from peppa pig to this

  • Erick Delgado-Alvarado

    That is so fucking scary

  • Tony Chamberland
    Tony Chamberland 15 days ago +1

    I've been a truck driver for 20 years and I definitely have my own horror story to share with you. If you wanna hear it Message me. And you can use it

  • Dreaming Dreams
    Dreaming Dreams 16 days ago +2

    Before I watch these videos-8-)

    After I watch these videos 8-0

  • Bad
    Bad 16 days ago

    Any story with people threatening "I AM CALLING THE POLICE" and never do are fake. That, or the people they are about are retarded.

  • michxx12
    michxx12 16 days ago

    I’m sorry but these people are straight up dumb as fuck lmao I would’ve called the cops in all 3 occasions and they all are just like “ehh” 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️ wtfff is wrong with y’all

  • jakub lives his life
    jakub lives his life 17 days ago

    why am i watching this right before going to sleep? i dont know...

  • zeneli 97
    zeneli 97 17 days ago +3

    Just imagine calling 911 and saying: I need help , an old women is saying "hello"

  • Caden Foster
    Caden Foster 17 days ago

    Anyone wanna fuck

  • A e s t h e t i c a l
    A e s t h e t i c a l 18 days ago

    ahhh nothing like eating ramen and watching mr. nightmare

  • Taenk Pinate
    Taenk Pinate 19 days ago

    When at day time ur like whatever scary stories aren’t even scary. At night ur like dam I feel like I’m going to die

  • a n g e l i c s i n s
    a n g e l i c s i n s 19 days ago

    *_H e l l o_*

  • Marvin M
    Marvin M 19 days ago +4

    These stories, although terrifying on their own, do lose some of the edge when you conceal carry. I dare that old creepy dude to try and strangle me with a few 9mm in his chest lol.

  • Caitlin’
    Caitlin’ 19 days ago

    I’m so glad I found your account

  • Theliving Fictionist
    Theliving Fictionist 19 days ago

    He should've told Tom. He literally just left a potentially harmful person to possibly attack any student that could've encountered them.