WALKING DEAD 9x12 Breakdown! Daryl's Secret Plan Explained!

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 12 Review & Analysis! Thanks to Philo for sponsoring today's episode. The first 50 NR fans to sign up here bit.ly/2VJnpXX will get their first month free. Start your free trial in seconds today!
    The Walking Dead reveals the society of the Whisperers and Alpha's violent leadership, including the introduction of Beta (Ryan Hurst). What does Daryl's "mistake" during his rescue operation tell us about his secret plan for the Whisperers? Could Alpha be lying about her backstory? Erik Voss breaks down all the details and Easter Eggs you missed in this Walking Dead episode, including the deeper meaning of the title "Guardians." How does the music composed for the Whisperers reveal hidden truths about their society and philosophy? How does the adaptation of the Whisperers on the series compare to the version in the Walking Dead comics?
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  • New Rockstars
    New Rockstars  6 months ago +149

    Hey folks, Erik here! I know many of you are waiting for my breakdown of the new Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer! I'm working hard on it now, and it will come out tomorrow! It takes time for me to dig into all the stuff that's easy to overlook, and come up with insane theories for how the series could end. I appreciate your patience!

    • Psycho Meerkat
      Psycho Meerkat 6 months ago

      Avengers Endgame (Stark & Peter) - When/If Tony comes back to Earth, I hope Aunt May is still alive. Seeing Tony and May comfort each other with Peter's death would be a great scene. (Is it right for me to Hope for this?)

    • kooky
      kooky 6 months ago

      Did u just assume my gender?

    • CaneCanCook
      CaneCanCook 6 months ago +1

      So today is here. When should I expect this? I like getting my popcorn ready and enjoy your videos like a movie. =)

    • Saints Fan54
      Saints Fan54 6 months ago

      i don't really need philo i got SKY-Q

    • Aegon MLBB
      Aegon MLBB 6 months ago


  • Milkman4279
    Milkman4279 11 days ago

    Oh, I thought the episode was called Guardians, because that's what the Whisperers call walkers.

  • Kaylynn Hammond
    Kaylynn Hammond Month ago

    The Whisperers are the best part of the comic...

  • Sabaidee Bee
    Sabaidee Bee 3 months ago

    The part where the decapitated bodies are handed off to the whisperers herding the horde, you can see the one saying "leave it here, we'll come to you" is wearing a poncho. Later when Daryl appears to save Henry, he's wearing that same poncho.

  • Alex Tapia
    Alex Tapia 5 months ago

    RIP Beth😭

  • Henry Chavez
    Henry Chavez 6 months ago +1

    Is it bizarre that the whisperers refer to the walkers as gaurdians?

  • Vonda Martin
    Vonda Martin 6 months ago

    Jesus and Tara had already said that Maggie went with Georgie.

  • Beaverius
    Beaverius 6 months ago

    I never realized it was Lydia's mask, let alone him leaving it there as a calling card.

  • Tom Himself
    Tom Himself 6 months ago

    04:41 u so soft eric ... alpha is a great mom

  • Five5ofEyes
    Five5ofEyes 6 months ago

    I feel like Henry being such a numbskull is the whole reason there's going to be a war between these grpups. It might have happened eventually but he definitely is fueling the fire. Poor Carol and Ezekiel for having such a peabrain kid.

  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb 6 months ago

    Infanticide has been a normal part of human societies until very recently.

    • Joe Mac
      Joe Mac 6 months ago

      "Until recently". Are you kidding? Democrats just took a unanimous vote on that shit. Open season on babies post birth.

  • Strawberry Gaming
    Strawberry Gaming 6 months ago

    4:30 merle and the governor aswell

  • Strats
    Strats 6 months ago +1

    I feel soooo bad for people who stopped watching after Rick Grimes..

  • Strats
    Strats 6 months ago

    Daryl is the best guardian!

  • Austin Padilla
    Austin Padilla 6 months ago


  • Robert Olofsson
    Robert Olofsson 6 months ago

    His mask has much darker hair than Lydias blond mask, i'm pretty sure atleast.

  • Robert Olofsson
    Robert Olofsson 6 months ago +2

    Sorry but Daryl didnt use Lydias mask, he took out a wisperer and stole his shit haha.

  • Sam Aimson
    Sam Aimson 6 months ago

    It was confirmed that Maggie & Hershel are with Georgie ages ago, I believe it was Siddiq who said it, or it might have been Jesus.

  • Squirrel's Survival
    Squirrel's Survival 6 months ago

    Definitely Daryl, he's just the best, he's loyal and even though he doesn't talk much he says what's needed and always protects the fam.

  • Lakvinder Singh
    Lakvinder Singh 6 months ago

    20 dollars, wtf

  • Paz Manian
    Paz Manian 6 months ago

    casey anthony reference? come on bruh

  • Alex Nelson
    Alex Nelson 6 months ago

    They pulled of no rick very well

  • Keplarwasp
    Keplarwasp 6 months ago +1

    So what was Daryls plan then?

    • Edo James
      Edo James 6 months ago

      Keplarwasp03 to keep Lydia’s mask in case he were to have to act like a whisperer

  • Ryan Melean
    Ryan Melean 6 months ago


  • Ryan Melean
    Ryan Melean 6 months ago +1

    I can't wait to see alpha die.

  • SKAF_PathFinder
    SKAF_PathFinder 6 months ago +1


  • ILikeWater
    ILikeWater 6 months ago +2

    Dog is the best guardian because he’s the goodest boy

  • InSaineTech
    InSaineTech 6 months ago +1

    Daryl is the best period

  • One Dark Martian
    One Dark Martian 6 months ago +9

    You're guessing that Maggie is with Georgie? But it was confirmed in the letters sent to Jesus that is where Maggie is. It's no secret.

  • Nicholas Davidson
    Nicholas Davidson 6 months ago +1


    • Moon
      Moon 6 months ago


  • I don't want a channel
    I don't want a channel 6 months ago

    Connections to the comics that I may have overlooked. The comics. Where Carl and Rick are still alive.

  • Boost Lee
    Boost Lee 6 months ago +3

    my favorite character is dog

    • M_A_S_K_E_D_ RAINBOW
      M_A_S_K_E_D_ RAINBOW Month ago

      Boost Lee dog deserves all the pets and love. Dog doesn’t deserve to die

  • PollyMamedePsi
    PollyMamedePsi 6 months ago +2

    Daryl and dog.

  • Osvaldo Rolon
    Osvaldo Rolon 6 months ago


  • Lee McFarland
    Lee McFarland 6 months ago +1


  • Lee McFarland
    Lee McFarland 6 months ago


  • Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi
    Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi 6 months ago

    Grow your braid back !

  • Ashen-Phoenix
    Ashen-Phoenix 6 months ago

    #3 on this list wasn't so much a "missed detail" as it was "screamingly obvious."

  • Max Montair
    Max Montair 6 months ago

    alph is a dorky fat boy who Negan smacks across the room

  • tony Zamora
    tony Zamora 6 months ago

    This has been an amazing season so far definately my favorite !!

  • Alicultivated
    Alicultivated 6 months ago

    4:21 That looks like a shove to me. Unsubscribed.

  • S
    S 6 months ago


  • Jorn
    Jorn 6 months ago

    2:33 Maggie and hershell? lmao

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 6 months ago

    The whispers are absolutely terrifying

  • Instinct_Surge
    Instinct_Surge 6 months ago +2

    Daryl is big dad

  • Right To Censor
    Right To Censor 6 months ago +1

    how come the whispers weren't ready for the walker attack at the end? like wtf they are suppose to blend into the dead to prevent this very thing from happening... also you look like Kevin Owens

  • Trilja666
    Trilja666 6 months ago +8

    Maybe Daryl dropped IT so Alpha would Think someone in the group did it

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 6 months ago

    enough with the ads at the start and the end

  • Ivis Ze'ev
    Ivis Ze'ev 6 months ago +1

    Where was the dog in the final scene ?? If something happens to it I’ll be very upset😢

  • Radiation Septic
    Radiation Septic 6 months ago

    What is in Erik’s shirt? A pen?

  • Ethan TSAI
    Ethan TSAI 6 months ago

    could you do a theory of where could rick be taken or taken by?

  • M T
    M T 6 months ago

    How is it that Lydia is able to walk without mask etc? Doesn't make sense

  • Matt Dina
    Matt Dina 6 months ago +2

    If you ask me the whispers need to speak up a bit so we can here what they say!!!

  • Mariel M
    Mariel M 6 months ago


  • YN Spanky
    YN Spanky 6 months ago +1

    Daryl because he is an “Outsider” remember the land is bigger than hilltop, kingdom and Alexandria combined. He can work his way in the woods and rely on the woods for a home, food, and transportation. Daryl has always been good on his own after what he said to Beth in S4. “I was always drifting with Merle” and what he said to Rick in S2 “I’m better on my own”. The bolt shooting master also proved his point in S4 when he was with that random group that soon met up with Rick, Carl, and Michonne. He proved it again by leading the group to a barn he found while he was thinking about stuff in S5. There are many more reasons why Daryl Dixon is a true Guardian.

  • Thilak kumar
    Thilak kumar 6 months ago +7

    Daryl didn't use Lydia's mask,he used that whisperer's mask who dragged the Dead whisperers's body (he killed him, maybe)

  • Mimi YuYu
    Mimi YuYu 6 months ago +3

    Not being able to understand the Whisperers and having to turn on the CC.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 6 months ago +1

    Judith smarter than Michonne 😂😅

  • T Figgins
    T Figgins 6 months ago

    When are we going to see a Stranger Things 3 video?

  • Melissa Sue
    Melissa Sue 6 months ago