Living UNDERWATER For 24 Hours Challenge!! (New House Tour)

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • Think you could live underwater for 24 hours overnight even at 3am for this challenge?!
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    Last vlog Stephen Sharer posted LAST to SINK WINS $10,000!! (DIY Inflatable Float Challenge) and in that challenge, Grace Sharer lost. SO today, the Sharer Family siblings are making an underwater bedroom tour for 24 hours in a pool! Shoutout to Lucas and Marcus and the Dobre Brothers for giving Steven and Grace Sharer the idea to do this epic pool challenge and to the Ace Family for moving into their new house which helkped decided what furniture to bring into the pool! They started going underwater with a table and chairs and then went into their vacation house to search for more mystery items such as a bed from the toy room and threw that into the pool. The bed didnt sink too well so Stephen and Grace had to tie it down to the pool. The next items they searched for was a pillow and some lamps. The pillow float on water and the lamp sunk! Then it was time to snack so the sis vs bro ran into the kitchen to grab some plates and forks to see if they would sink or float. This #Underwater #Challenge is epic and so much fun! Let the Sharer Family know what other epic family friendly video ideas you have!
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