How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Mar 7, 2016
  • We've compiled five previous videos into one, helping you to master your basic skills in the kitchen. Cooking rice, chopping an onion, sharpening a knife, deboning a fish and cooking pasta.
    From Gordon's Ultimate Cookery Course.
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Comments • 16 966

  • J Araos
    J Araos 30 minutes ago

    Wow. I'll try this to this channel

  • fredinho
    fredinho 38 minutes ago

    Só o arroz ....prefiro o nosso alho e cebola fritinho antes de cozinha o arroz ....nosso arroz sabor de brasileiro. Kkkkk

  • knight night
    knight night 46 minutes ago

    How do you not know how to cook pasta? And why would you season the pasta in a colander when all the seasoning is going to drip through that is such an ass move. Don't care if you're a famous chef any home cook knows better

  • knight night
    knight night 52 minutes ago

    And for the rice you don't bother seasoning it with salt and pepper? I thought you were f****** chef. At least he knows how to fillet a salmon and sharpen a knife... This guy is just such a jerk I don't understand why people like him in any way shape or form. He's simply famous for being a complete and utter ass hat

  • knight night
    knight night 54 minutes ago

    Cutting the onion Gordon Ramsay says look no waste just root... but there was waste and any a****** can cut a f****** onion you don't have to do it exactly that way. This guy is so f****** full of himself I'd like to punch him in the dick

  • Connor
    Connor 2 hours ago

    let the knife do the work naa mate i let the wife do the work got it all wrong gord

  • LeGOAT
    LeGOAT 2 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay: *sault and Peppa*

  • Ramona Bruno
    Ramona Bruno 2 hours ago

    This is not pasta.

  • Oskar Siebert
    Oskar Siebert 4 hours ago

    That is definitely not the best way to skin a salmon. He is leaving so much behind

  • Nevarax
    Nevarax 5 hours ago

    Gordon: How can you say youre better than me?
    Me: i can cook rice properly

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 hours ago

    You are talking to fast mate

  • Victor Verdugo
    Victor Verdugo 11 hours ago

    este hombre es un regalo para éste mundo

  • The name
    The name 11 hours ago

    6:10 it can easily be under fooked

    CARLOS PLUAS BONILLA 14 hours ago

    waoooooooo es una buena base para empezar la cocina que me gusta

  • Janzki __
    Janzki __ 15 hours ago

    Sound of the knive says its wery good, better to buy good knive than many bad knives u cant ever keep sharp, Gordon do u talk to fish 😎 Gordon is the BEST OF THE BEST 👊

  • Hungry Daddy
    Hungry Daddy 16 hours ago

    The Indian in me got triggered the way he cooked basmati rice. The MOST important thing is to soak the damm basmati rice for 30 min before cooking and when done it sure as hell shouldnt look or feel sticky.

  • SandyRiverBlue
    SandyRiverBlue 19 hours ago

    I try to not keep star anise in my house. It's really cloying. You can go with regular anise and a little bit of cinnamon.

  • Anthony Griffis
    Anthony Griffis 20 hours ago

    Why does he look like he needs to pee really bad?

  • mash potato
    mash potato 22 hours ago

    mr gordon san what u doin’ to the rice!!!!!

  • Uchiha Madara
    Uchiha Madara 22 hours ago

    just imagine taking ramsey's recipie to school in childhood😂

  • Rex
    Rex Day ago

    Bruh just use a rice cooker

  • Ilenia Grosso
    Ilenia Grosso Day ago

    There's no need of olive oil in water to prevent pasta from sticking together... I've never seen an Italian doing that

  • Michael Andrew Masangkay\ Lavador

    never in my wildest dream that cooking the so called "perfect rice" needs salt, peppah and star anise. rely tot he pud some olive oil too LOL

  • vimal kirti
    vimal kirti Day ago

    rice - soak 30 min before cooking, after cooking leave lid on 15 min before open lid

  • Xx4hadxX
    Xx4hadxX Day ago

    All the Asian viewers going mad over the rice

  • Ramon Garcia
    Ramon Garcia Day ago

    Wow, amazing thanks to this video I now know I’ll never learn how to do anything in the kitchen.

  • Mark Mondigo
    Mark Mondigo Day ago

    Samoka oi deretsoa nlang nang kan.on ug luto.

  • Lauren Van Wechel

    Trying to decide if all I am learning from this video is worth my growing anxiety of his pee pee dance style of cooking

  • shayan shourabi
    shayan shourabi Day ago

    That is the worst way to cook rice you really ruined the rice 😐 find a persian chef or better a persian mom and learn how to coock a perfect rice

  • Nelson Stack
    Nelson Stack Day ago

    is there someone sitting at the table in the other room? lol.

  • She Royal
    She Royal Day ago

    I am going to watch this about a few more times.
    I am still going to fuck all this up.

  • Truth Finder
    Truth Finder Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay like's to make insults on people, so im a take pride in doing so for him !!!!! What are you doing you Jackass Donkey??????? You post sharpen Knife and wash before you cut meat with that knife you jackass. A health inspector would tell you that.

  • Erwin Saputra
    Erwin Saputra Day ago

    this is the funniest and most stupid lesson for Asian. I've never measured the amount of rice or water

  • Waffenwerfer
    Waffenwerfer Day ago

    Whats with the shaky cam and fast cuts? This isn't a fight scene or a car chase. I wanna see how to cut onions...focus the cam on that holy shit.

  • PumpKin ch
    PumpKin ch Day ago +1

    I'm crying just by looking at him cutting the onion
    5:46 my body start shrinking

  • Saret Uoer
    Saret Uoer 2 days ago


  • ZeR0's BuLLeT
    ZeR0's BuLLeT 2 days ago

    But remember one thing folks!

    Just make sure that it isn't RAW!!

  • Anne Marie Pace
    Anne Marie Pace 2 days ago

    Lost me at basic and cardamom pods.

  • Pradeep Kumar Bangde


  • Hanna Darasin
    Hanna Darasin 2 days ago

    How to cooke rice? Flippin use your finger, hommie..

  • spicecrop
    spicecrop 2 days ago

    Yeah, I think I'll stick to my method of cooking rice. I always get compliments. But I do agree that once the simmering is started, do not lift the lid until the rice is done. The number one mistake people make when cooking the rice is lifting the lid and stirring the rice.

  • I AM 1/3 WANTED
    I AM 1/3 WANTED 2 days ago

    "To make a plain fluffy rice exciting"😂

  • Đủ Lương Phúc
    Đủ Lương Phúc 2 days ago shaky breef

  • mectec
    mectec 2 days ago

    Italian like me: what's he doing with pasta?

  • Comatose
    Comatose 2 days ago

    Who cares what this rude asshat has to say about anything ... ever.

  • marcoa0612
    marcoa0612 2 days ago

    Olive oil in the water for pasta???? Com’on....

  • Double D
    Double D 2 days ago

    TY Gordon

  • Artichokehold
    Artichokehold 2 days ago

    Ok so how does this help me with getting a girlfriend?

  • Soeta Prawira
    Soeta Prawira 2 days ago

    Love the way you cook. Thanks for sharing the knowledge

  • Larissa Santos
    Larissa Santos 2 days ago

    Meu eu sou muito sua fã te amo chefe

  • Mandingo Largo
    Mandingo Largo 2 days ago

    That rice looks like shit just like his scrambled eggs nothing but mush looks like cat trowup 🤮

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 days ago

    Poorly filmed. What a shame.

  • P4UL Est
    P4UL Est 3 days ago

    I use the first line on my middle finger to measure how much water is needed to cook the rice.

  • Shazna
    Shazna 3 days ago +1

    Mehhh..Jokoy is expert in cooking rice..

  • SLH86
    SLH86 3 days ago

    Gordon's logic: cut the onion in a way that doesn't waste the good part, while during hell's kitchen: you did the meat well done but customer ordered medium rare? Throw that shit into the garbage!. Because a homeless guy would never eat a well done meat that someone did not want.

  • Jacob Sambo
    Jacob Sambo 3 days ago +3

    Gordon Ramsay:

    *Check if your not leaving*
    *to much SEMEN on top*
    *of the skin*

  • K- Memer
    K- Memer 3 days ago

    who the fuck seasons rice

  • ThePandaClub HaloNoobs

    over zoom and shaky are so annoying

  • Mellon
    Mellon 3 days ago +3

    Gordon Ramsay: How to cook rice perfectly
    Asians: Do not question my ways.

  • Jason Sensation
    Jason Sensation 3 days ago

    Dude has to be on cocaine

  • GuruOnNet
    GuruOnNet 3 days ago +9

    Basmati rice is not meant to be sticky. If you want sticky rice there are other rice varieties for that.
    Basmati rice is always cooked till all the water is absorbed and the individual grains separate cleanly. The aroma and non stickiness of basmati makes it ideal for pilafs (pulao).
    BTW, Cooking it in milk instead of water makes each grain fluffier and spongier. This technique is used while making certain pulaos.

  • MdM
    MdM 3 days ago

    Accidently added 400 grams of ricin instead of rice, am dead.

  • JahFoolie
    JahFoolie 3 days ago +1

    @Gordon Ramsay What would you do with that salmon skin? I couldn't bring myself to put it in the bin, its the bacon of the sea

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams 3 days ago

    Bro you oiled that pasta two times good luck with your sauce it’s gonna slide around like a slip n slide lol

    • Juliano Diaz
      Juliano Diaz 3 days ago

      This guy thinks he knows something Gordon Ramsay doesn't.

  • funny explorer
    funny explorer 3 days ago

    Watching you just makes me feel like i am in heaven. Wish i could eat something made by you. 😁

    LINK HYLIA 3 days ago


  • Dowas Woody
    Dowas Woody 3 days ago +1


  • nannanjin1204
    nannanjin1204 3 days ago

    for the rice part...the chinese part of me just want to laugh and introduce him the rice cooker

  • Raffaele Zappelli
    Raffaele Zappelli 3 days ago

    so disappointed for the pasta skill description......i'm sure you know that oil into the water is a blasfemy.... i would expect something more professional by you

  • helena Uncut
    helena Uncut 3 days ago

    That guy has some stars? Oh hell no. Oil in the water for the pasta is bullshit. It only sits on top of the water, doing nothing but being wasted. That's embarrassing.

  • RexorPL
    RexorPL 3 days ago

    Ktoś od Miecia? ❤️

  • Aminah Shahid
    Aminah Shahid 3 days ago

    You should get rid of holding the pee, an itch or whatever is making you jump

  • Проходимец

    у Гордона Рамзи один и тот же оператор везде?! Постоянно камеру трясет и плюс сам Гордон постоянно в кадре подпрыгивает

  • GravityGlobe
    GravityGlobe 4 days ago

    Don't let Gordon get a little upset or he's gonna yell at you for disliking his epic foods

  • Ur mom fat jk
    Ur mom fat jk 4 days ago

    i dont cook

  • david neville
    david neville 4 days ago

    If you didnt know who he was, and someone said, "Come check out this dude on coke cooking." You'd believe it.

  • Big boy 42006
    Big boy 42006 4 days ago

    Gordon that’s not a knife sharpener that’s a honing steel

  • Angelfish146
    Angelfish146 4 days ago +1

    just like a perfect snakeskin....


  • Luxmi Shukla
    Luxmi Shukla 4 days ago

    Awesome 😊

  • Alex
    Alex 4 days ago +2

    "Lid off"


  • Michael Rue
    Michael Rue 4 days ago

    I just use the line on my finger to measure the water when I cook rice. 😀

  • ItsAsianMike
    ItsAsianMike 4 days ago

    Who tf season rice bruh, this man puts salt and pepper in everything 😂😂😂

  • abla abla
    abla abla 4 days ago +1

    Gordon: How to cook rice..
    Asian: I'm joke to you..

  • Roberto Canales
    Roberto Canales 4 days ago

    Im sorry but i feel like my rice is better than that 🤣🤣

  • Dark_SHOOTAH_23 :/
    Dark_SHOOTAH_23 :/ 4 days ago

    4:55 😂

  • Matt Sprayberry
    Matt Sprayberry 4 days ago +1


  • Jack septiceye
    Jack septiceye 4 days ago

    3:30 just pure salmon slap

  • Aathl
    Aathl 4 days ago

    wtf did this guy smoke

  • CookingOne
    CookingOne 4 days ago

    OMG yum

  • Saif Farooqi
    Saif Farooqi 4 days ago

    The camera angles are so bad I can’t see what he’s doing

  • Matthew Best
    Matthew Best 4 days ago

    My asian wife would laugh like fuck at how he cooked the rice lol

  • Joseph E
    Joseph E 4 days ago

    gorgon Ramsey: cutting the root makes is why makes you cry
    Me: :o

  • Christoffer Dinsen
    Christoffer Dinsen 4 days ago

    About the pasta, my mom used tonthrow it on the wall to see if it'd stick.
    If it did the pasta's done

    • todd goslin
      todd goslin 17 hours ago

      Funny, my mom used to throw me against the wall to see if I was done

  • Banana Phone
    Banana Phone 4 days ago

    Olive oil in pasta to keep the pasta from sticking, I guess I've been accidentally doing this right for years lol. Whenever I cook pasta, I add some kind of oil to the water (and usually some seasonings). Just made udon today and used sesame oil in the water. Never really thought much about it.

  • Pedster Pedsteroneli

    did he put olive oil into the noodle water?

  • Awesomefacexan
    Awesomefacexan 4 days ago

    He always has to season everything.

  • Ivan Petrov
    Ivan Petrov 4 days ago +1

    Don't forget to season ur knife

  • Jason Wharton
    Jason Wharton 4 days ago

    His rice was soggy

    AFRIN AKTAR 4 days ago

    Nice 😃😀😄😁

  • Dominic Pretorius
    Dominic Pretorius 4 days ago

    We eat fish skin?