How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay


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  • DarkEvanS47
    DarkEvanS47 Day ago

    1:00 porfin aprendi a picar cebolla

  • Cave Markings of the Future

    Gordon go pee before they start recording, I find it stops me from bouncing around. Hope this tip helps.

    IDItheCRAZY Day ago

    i think itd b better if the shots aren't shaking around all the time, I can observe his motions better and i can see clearer what he's doing

  • A.Brahmi Production TV

    the best site for cooking :

  • tristram gordon
    tristram gordon Day ago

    Is the cameraman pissed? My eyes are sore trying to watch this? WTF is the matter with the pretentious arty types?

  • honeyhive hirdhu

    If i had that chapping board&knife i can also do like tat🤗😜😜

  • Kelly Marie
    Kelly Marie 2 days ago

    Can you eat the salmon skin?

  • Herobrinesshadow
    Herobrinesshadow 2 days ago

    blunt knife is fkin annoying 2 cook with also

  • Yato Kun
    Yato Kun 2 days ago

    *THE RICE IS RaW!!!!*

  • Rennz Lenser Apostol

    Hilaw pa sir.

  • ghost rewind
    ghost rewind 2 days ago

    He keeps moving like he's high

  • Kyle Frazer
    Kyle Frazer 3 days ago

    I do love the way the camera zooms in to get the end of a point so that we miss it, and if it does arrive on time then is out of focus so that you cannot see.

  • Don John
    Don John 3 days ago

    As an Asian who lived in the Philippines where rice is a staple dish in any meal, I'm so glad to see a person of different culture know that it's 50% rice and 50% water. I guess this is why Gordon get paid the big bucks! Fucking Americans have no clue about that shit

  • Matt Holtz
    Matt Holtz 3 days ago

    This is probably some of the worst camera work I've ever seen. It's like a shaky cam from a shitty action movie

  • Rui Cao
    Rui Cao 3 days ago

    bad rice cooker

  • John R
    John R 4 days ago

    Seriously, this guy is hardly a "chef"

  • cainster
    cainster 4 days ago

    He doesn't show the part where he yells and swears at the onion and calls it a pathetic excuse for a vegetable.

  • Ally GaGa
    Ally GaGa 4 days ago

    My family would disown me if I cook rice that way.

  • Rose Broussard
    Rose Broussard 4 days ago

    This video has such an aggressive energy it gives me so much anxiety

  • Rocky Butala
    Rocky Butala 5 days ago +1

    I’m no master chef or whatever, but I do however consider myself fairly experienced in the field. Therefore while watching this video I found both “pros” as well as “cons” in my opinion. For example: the way he shows how to dice and onion, I’ve noticed it’s much easier to reverse the steps he shows regarding slicing from top down first, then slicing the couple of sections side to side. I mean it’s easier to first slice a few “filets” (if you will) of the onion, THEN-slice slits from top to bottom, this way the onion is more stable for the final dice.

  • Dimpi
    Dimpi 5 days ago

    Ramsay is too good

  • Atina McLane
    Atina McLane 5 days ago

    Have I been saying Pasta wrong all my life?

  • John John
    John John 5 days ago

    Now that's alot of damage!!

  • Panurg81
    Panurg81 5 days ago

    less cocaine, less hopping around like a mad man. sharpening the knife, wrong. putting oil on Pasta, wrong. sorry mate, that's not how you do it. nice idea on the rice though

  • iSUK iStraightUpKill

    You’re not suppose to oil your pasta because the sauce will just slide off when you try to eat instead of coating it.

  • Jone Emata
    Jone Emata 6 days ago


  • Jone Emata
    Jone Emata 6 days ago

    Idol the philippines its please give me how to teach the international cok

  • Пробел Ц
    Пробел Ц 6 days ago

    Why is this so fast wtf and so many angles

  • Silent Steph
    Silent Steph 6 days ago

    Way too English

  • alienresearchlab
    alienresearchlab 6 days ago

    3:28 can't you just cook the salmon with the skin on?

  • sariyah Anderson
    sariyah Anderson 6 days ago

    It's weird to watch a video of Gordon Ramsay and not see him screaming at someone

  • Tugba gokceliler
    Tugba gokceliler 6 days ago

    o pilav lapa olmus yanliz

  • Pall Singh
    Pall Singh 7 days ago

    Try Amish recipes

  • piston four
    piston four 7 days ago


  • Ravi Shankar Singh
    Ravi Shankar Singh 7 days ago

    That rice was still wet! When we cook Basmati, no grains stick to each other. In that case the rice looks nice and fluffy, Here it looked wet, lumped and messy.

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 7 days ago

    This is Ramsay after smoking a bowl of meth the way he’s moving like a tweaker lol awesome tips

  • Nikki Tamayo
    Nikki Tamayo 7 days ago

    you guys always have to find mistakes..

  • Dammit Rey
    Dammit Rey 7 days ago

    You think he talks to himself like this when he’s alone?

  • Hector Savage
    Hector Savage 7 days ago

    "al dente" lol Italy rules inside the kitchen....we dominate there ;)

  • Yinmin Li
    Yinmin Li 8 days ago

    Great tips. But umm the rice part, I would say he could make it a bit better.

  • aye yal :D
    aye yal :D 8 days ago

    *Perfect rice does not exi-*

  • Kostadin Stefanoff
    Kostadin Stefanoff 8 days ago

    Oil in boiling pasta? Salt in steamed rice? Smacking a raw salmon on a wooden counter? Sh.. sh... i can't... wait SHARPENING A KNIFE WITH A STEEL!?!? Gordon, you are great cook, and the middle aged ladies love you, but... this is all wrong, well not entirely wrong but still.
    Why do you put oil? Unless you are keeping the pasta for hours and days in the fridge
    Why do you salt the rice? It will get fluffier without the salt... unless you plan to eat the rice alone without anything else...
    Smacking the fish breaks it and makes it pasty.... why did you do that?
    And the steel is for straightening the edge of the knife, not sharpen it...

  • James Griff
    James Griff 8 days ago

    I don't think lots of people realize this is pretty much his opinion and shit lmfao

  • Harem King
    Harem King 8 days ago

    Thanks For The Lesson T_T
    My God...This Is So Awesome!!😍😍😍💓

  • Gasterkush Doniablo
    Gasterkush Doniablo 8 days ago

    thank you cheff ramsey i hope il be able to cut the oinon one day as fine as jou nowday i chop like a cavemen hahha ,😁😁😂

  • San Jangtoo
    San Jangtoo 9 days ago

    why did you get over 5k dislikes..

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 9 days ago

    Gordon blunts his knife by whacking the edge against the butt of the steel. Then he sharpens it backwards!

  • Habitual line stepper

    Cameraman got us looking at boiling water on a molecular level.

  • David Keith Zachary
    David Keith Zachary 9 days ago

    He looks like he is doing the "pee pee dance"

  • Conshe Tumare
    Conshe Tumare 9 days ago

    this nigga changed shirts 3 times, da fuq

  • T bone Steak
    T bone Steak 9 days ago


  • Alice Turnbull
    Alice Turnbull 10 days ago

    He’s so into his cooking, I love it 💗

  • patrik starr
    patrik starr 10 days ago

    I cook rice better than this one.

  • nub trash
    nub trash 10 days ago

    5:11 thug mode activated

  • Aizen Reeve
    Aizen Reeve 10 days ago

    Most asians will disagree with the rice part.

  • JPBUYERS Growtopia
    JPBUYERS Growtopia 10 days ago

    Here in the Philippines, when cooking rice we just, Takal Takal and tansta tansta.

  • Hợp Đinh
    Hợp Đinh 10 days ago

    Viet Nam’s rice is very good 🤗

  • Il Danno
    Il Danno 10 days ago

    Gordon you're great but don't fuck around with pasta in that way man!

  • Rafa Huguinim
    Rafa Huguinim 10 days ago

    That rice is far from perfect...way too gluey

  • Teresa Jardim
    Teresa Jardim 11 days ago

    I didn't know that fish tweezersare an actual thing

  • José Henrique
    José Henrique 11 days ago

    Cooked rice with no garlic ? I’ll pass.

  • Master Drex
    Master Drex 11 days ago

    Sobrang Bobo pala magsaing nito ampota. Kainis!!!!

  • Xavier Shoulars
    Xavier Shoulars 11 days ago

    Essentials of Gordon Ramsay
    3.olive oil
    5.more salt
    6.ALOT of olive oil

  • Emma Davids
    Emma Davids 11 days ago

    Gordon on monster, cocaine and no sleep

  • niharika sharma
    niharika sharma 11 days ago

    Gordon for a Basmati rice the rice you have is quite small after cooking. Actual basmati rice becomes really long a little less than 1n half inch after cooking.

  • M Atkins
    M Atkins 12 days ago

    There is a secret to cooking rice

  • sann soun
    sann soun 12 days ago

    Who love his cooking?

  • RDX fuzer
    RDX fuzer 12 days ago


  • Bob Abooey
    Bob Abooey 12 days ago any more CRANK???

  • Solarstorm
    Solarstorm 12 days ago

    not sure if should take advice from someone who is wearing his shirt inside out :D

  • Beau Hastings
    Beau Hastings 12 days ago

    The camera man is zoomed in so far he's lost in every shot and it's hilarious

  • Daniel Vargas
    Daniel Vargas 13 days ago

    I love the salmon skin

  • Your Highness
    Your Highness 13 days ago

    Why do I get demotivated when I learn that I have to measure stuff😧

  • fahadchelsea
    fahadchelsea 13 days ago

    that will help

  • Equinsu Ocha!
    Equinsu Ocha! 13 days ago

    Olive oil on cooked pasta, what a newb.

  • oğuzhan türküzel
    oğuzhan türküzel 13 days ago

    that rice isnt perfect for turkısh cuisine

  • Darrell Roccaforte_rue

    The way he says filet bothers me so much 😂🤣

  • Obi Wahn
    Obi Wahn 13 days ago

    Honing Steel is for stupid people
    Honing Steel is only suitable for cheap and bad knives. and for people who are too awkward or stupid for grindstones.
    Here we show how to properly sharpen knives -

  • GAWD
    GAWD 13 days ago

    Watch my video how to make SPAGOOTii

  • dark star
    dark star 13 days ago

    Life saver with the fish, very enjoyable with eating fish now :)

  • Lorenzo Pedras
    Lorenzo Pedras 13 days ago

    Pasta how????? HahahahahahahahahH

  • MillirisPRO
    MillirisPRO 14 days ago

    Penoso poner aceite al agua para cocinar la pasta, penoso.

  • susan mumberson
    susan mumberson 14 days ago

    came here thinking I hope he chops an onion, I cannot do it at all and always end up buying pre chopped.

  • Henry Hernandez
    Henry Hernandez 14 days ago

    Do not lift that lid up...LITTERALY 2 SECONDS LATER lid up

  • TSM kenny 87 GAMER
    TSM kenny 87 GAMER 14 days ago

    I bet he froze that salmon

  • Haymart1247 *
    Haymart1247 * 14 days ago

    4:26 did my man just hiss

  • armor power
    armor power 14 days ago

    Ok so the onion one ok I can see that being useful and then I got the the rice um how many people do you expect to have um the pod things in there house just on demand like I've never heard of them my mom most likely hasn't I don't think that's beginner infusing I don't think so but still good tips other then that

  • Gerhard van Staden
    Gerhard van Staden 14 days ago

    For a absolute hopeless one in the kitchen, this video was very informative. I can now make pasta and rice

  • Giorgi di Lemis
    Giorgi di Lemis 14 days ago

    Ramsey always looks like he missed his last 2 toilet stops, good show though

  • FreakOfNature 11
    FreakOfNature 11 14 days ago

    A true master. I now feel a little more confident but not 100% ready for my future restaurant.

  • Vagelis 1234
    Vagelis 1234 14 days ago

    Is hi high?

  • ckit67
    ckit67 14 days ago

    It’s like I watch this and forget it in five minutes.

  • woreyour woreyoure
    woreyour woreyoure 14 days ago

    Gordon! Gordon! Gordon! I like you, but for once you are wrong, as an Asian, thats not how you cook plain rice, you only need water and would normally have 1 cup of rice = 1 + 1/2 cup of water almost always. Unless you know how the rice flops, its normally maximum 1 + 1 more cup of water ( this applies on any container, any cup, any rice) bring it to a boil, once boiling simmer down to low fire around 10 to 15mins. turn off the heat and let it cook for 5-10 mins without fire ( not moist rice, perfectly cooked rice)

  • Shahaed Hasan
    Shahaed Hasan 15 days ago

    When making pasta don't add the oil/salt to the water until it reaches a boil. It'll take much longer to heat up

  • IncinerateZ
    IncinerateZ 15 days ago

    I've always disliked these western styled rice at buffets - now I know why.

  • Tim
    Tim 15 days ago

    I do not care what anyone thinks about Gordon! Even though I am not a chef, I apply his perfection and drive to my Vocals while I am recording. All what I do must must have high standards!

  • Bé và trò chơi
    Bé và trò chơi 15 days ago

    Bạn muôn trở thành đầu bếp giỏi như chú này kg nhỉ
    Chúc chú thành công hơn nữa nhé,cháu thích chú và muốn đươc như chú!

  • Miguel Acevedo
    Miguel Acevedo 15 days ago

    Señor, ha ganado usted un suscriptor

  • ColonicRobin438
    ColonicRobin438 15 days ago

    why does is seem that he has to use the washroom the entrire video

  • Osman Reyes
    Osman Reyes 15 days ago

    To slow with the onion