Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)


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  • Mr. Kat
    Mr. Kat 4 hours ago

    Я эту игру за 4000 тысячи покупал не для того чтобы доплачивать ещё

  • adecree
    adecree 8 hours ago

    This game literally sucks 😂

  • Chyżu
    Chyżu 13 hours ago

    There is someone that came here only for dislike and thanks for spamming ads everywhere?

  • Landon Utter
    Landon Utter 17 hours ago +1

    Sadly on day of release it was terrible.... servers sucked, tons of crashes, and even glitches everywhere. EA you had something good coming along... you messed it up

  • Серый Гаврилов

    песенка в обработке - хорошечна)))))

  • JcamposJr
    JcamposJr 20 hours ago

    Investi mais de R$500 em jogos e "EXPIRARAM" minha conta sem NENHUM MOTIVO e pedem para fazer contato com uma TERCEIRIZADA NADA A VER e que NÃO RESOLVE NADA. EA - Electronic Arts #complicada #foda #QueroMinhaConta #QueroMeuDinheiro

  • Chris Bricks
    Chris Bricks 21 hour ago

    PLEASE DON'T BUY EA GAMES!!!! Another example of EA destroying one of the greatest game studio's around! Just unsubscribe, don't buy EA games and let EA die like it deserves to!

  • Łukasz Jon
    Łukasz Jon 21 hour ago

    Everytime I see Anthem's ad it makes me less and less wanting to buy it.

  • Tsohgi
    Tsohgi 22 hours ago

    Let's get it.

  • Indie Fury
    Indie Fury Day ago

    another mp game that will die like evolve. 100$ for this really just to force you 130$ online subscription?

  • FuncaliciousFeet
    FuncaliciousFeet 2 days ago

    Why? This no SKATE 4!!!

  • No one will find this

    Skate 4

  • Colhoun Clan
    Colhoun Clan 2 days ago


  • SPHEX 1
    SPHEX 1 3 days ago +1

    false advertisement

  • KrocketOnBoost
    KrocketOnBoost 3 days ago

    I would definitely buy this game, if it released 10 years ago when co-op was fresh..
    This is just going to die like all the other EA games out there. Gaming industry needs fresh meet, especially on the dev side. The Pong players born in the 70's are obviously not up for the task.

  • Youtube Sucks
    Youtube Sucks 4 days ago


  • RsDestroer
    RsDestroer 4 days ago

    Seems really great to me. Very thrill, action, adventure and tech genre game. Looks like I might need to get a PS4 for this game
    ; p

  • Lance Yeager
    Lance Yeager 4 days ago

    I like this music. Its on point

  • I’m a loner
    I’m a loner 4 days ago

    This new Iron Man movie is Lookin good

  • SuspiciousX
    SuspiciousX 5 days ago

    Just here to remind everyone what a pandering mess battlefield 5 is. Ill be on my way.

    SOVIET DUCK 5 days ago

    So I see that advanced warfare sold their suits


    Planta vs zombies please

    77STARLEGEND 5 days ago

    *There is no end-content. Please buy undone game for a full price.*

    77STARLEGEND 5 days ago

    Elevator EA falls down, inside it are bioware.
    Rest in peace. Thanks for Mass Effect 1,2, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, Dragon Age: Origins, Baldur's Gate.

  • That Bull_
    That Bull_ 6 days ago

    Well for those who have not played the demo and are prejudging..please sit..
    This game is great.
    2019 is going to be great !

    NICHOLAS MOROTE 8 days ago

    Wanted to hear crazy train in this trailer

  • Winter Chrisman
    Winter Chrisman 8 days ago

    I’ve never seen something as jaw dropping as this

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 8 days ago

    Goddammit, this gave me shivers

  • NovusTM
    NovusTM 8 days ago +1

    Game comes out today for origin access and also comes out next week. Man time flew by quick

  • bigbadcat bigbcy
    bigbadcat bigbcy 9 days ago

    Good job bioware and i thought you cant do worst game then mass effect andromeda but you did it!

    IRON WAR 9 days ago +1

    Wow un juego que se ve vale la pena

  • Tayfun The Wolf
    Tayfun The Wolf 9 days ago +1


  • Sovereign
    Sovereign 9 days ago

    The other trailer was way better I thought this one would feature more story

  • Adiel Torres
    Adiel Torres 10 days ago +1

    I like the action, good graphics and a lot of technology.

  • Jt Nelson
    Jt Nelson 10 days ago

    Chills down my spine😩
    Please don’t fck this up!!!🙏🙌🏽

    BOING CO-OP GAMING 10 days ago

    Trailer looks good.. ;)

  • Максим Титов

    О прям как я в детстве гулять ходил, ушёл с своего двора, а там какие то твари непонятные.

    HIOK KAOTIC 11 days ago

    Destiny 3

  • Erno Ristola
    Erno Ristola 11 days ago

    Oh... It, s EA? No thanks. That turdfactory is blacklisted. ;}

  • carlospita007
    carlospita007 11 days ago

    I've been waiting for 3 hours to send me the verification code to create my account and they have not sent me anything

  • Lord Ektor
    Lord Ektor 11 days ago

    If you can't impress us in the trailer with music from your game that is just you admitting the soundtrack is trash.

  • Owen Palmer
    Owen Palmer 12 days ago

    1:04 what’s the song?

  • DapperBubble
    DapperBubble 12 days ago

    1:00 Is where I begin to get chills

  • Northyy
    Northyy 12 days ago

    This is going to be my 2nd part time job now😂

    GUNPOINT-A-GAMING 13 days ago

    EA you ruined it just by having your name even the slightest bit close to the game

  • Astroboy
    Astroboy 13 days ago

    What version u all getting pc or ps4 or xbox

  • AASK2
    AASK2 13 days ago

    You will have Arabic language support for the game

  • Oskar Palo
    Oskar Palo 13 days ago

    Halo 6?

  • Little BlueDragon
    Little BlueDragon 13 days ago

    Love the Muse Uprising remix

  • O.S.I. Intelligence
    O.S.I. Intelligence 13 days ago +1

    The PS4 Anthem community is great to join. They will kick anyone the first time they needlessly complain about this game or any kind of toxic behavior...unlike the other communities. Join up!!!!

  • Kelly Meredith
    Kelly Meredith 14 days ago

    The song please

  • Jack O'null
    Jack O'null 14 days ago

    Ps plus required tho... lame :/

  • DesTryZ
    DesTryZ 14 days ago

    Coolest game trailer

  • DragonStrike
    DragonStrike 15 days ago

    Games look Awesome!

  • Sourabh panghal
    Sourabh panghal 15 days ago

    If you will able to bring it on mobal. It will destroy all battle royal games and make it best game for a century because no all can afford that super PC or ps4

  • Robinhood Peraza
    Robinhood Peraza 15 days ago

    Omg please bio ware make a prototype 3 the previous I've played em and they bomb and fun think about it (:

  • Much Love N Hugz
    Much Love N Hugz 15 days ago

    Tbh I wish the villains in video games were more complex than just “we will destroy you because we are evil and mean and will destroy all of life and light”

  • Joe Loboda
    Joe Loboda 15 days ago

    Can someone find the Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy train version someone where I heard it on a youtube advert

    • TheInsaneSith
      TheInsaneSith 13 days ago

      it's the newest video on the Anthem Game channel ;)

  • Tristan Goode
    Tristan Goode 15 days ago

    Hehehe yay lost planet 3... oh wait.

  • Jake Turnbull
    Jake Turnbull 15 days ago

    This just looks like a poor destiny copy

  • Mo Uo
    Mo Uo 15 days ago

    Can we play anthem demo dis next weekend

  • Zero Mink
    Zero Mink 15 days ago

    I have high hopes for this game

  • Labib Alwasi
    Labib Alwasi 16 days ago +1

    Horizon zero dawn except with guns and monsters instead of bows and machines with destiny endgame and playthrough style. Best way to describe this

  • Khamûl the Black
    Khamûl the Black 16 days ago

    This trailer does not look as good as that remix sounds.

  • Jean-Paul Duchatellier
    Jean-Paul Duchatellier 16 days ago +1

    Gun sync 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • NBW_Scruffy
    NBW_Scruffy 16 days ago

    If it’s like Destiny and Halo but it’s made by EA don’t do it play Destiny 2 instead

  • GameZ Time قيمز تآايم

    Thank you for this epic game!

  • chaos1298
    chaos1298 16 days ago

    damm what is that name of that song at 1:14 ish

  • krayGarde.
    krayGarde. 17 days ago

    Perfect song choice.

  • Bruno Ferracini
    Bruno Ferracini 17 days ago

    6,9k jogadores de Destiny deram deslike.

  • Markov
    Markov 17 days ago

    I try the game with 8700K + 1070 Ti, check it the FPS Test if you want! :)

  • Greatest Assassin
    Greatest Assassin 18 days ago

    I wish the ancient ash Titans were actually that big but this trailer give some the chills

  • Chromedawgg
    Chromedawgg 18 days ago

    living up to the hype so far

  • Mikha DeKock
    Mikha DeKock 18 days ago

    Ffs EA pls don't ruined this game with pay to win

  • XiFalling 645
    XiFalling 645 18 days ago

    Really hope the interceptor gets more support abilities

  • Henriko Kangur
    Henriko Kangur 18 days ago +1

    Is this destiny remastered?

  • Liaman
    Liaman 18 days ago +2

    1:07 dat combo

  • Darian Willis
    Darian Willis 18 days ago


  • AutumnMoonBloodWolf
    AutumnMoonBloodWolf 18 days ago

    Storm needed more love in this trailer

  • ilikekaek
    ilikekaek 18 days ago +1

    there's a special place in hell for the pigs at EA

    • Shadow Wolf
      Shadow Wolf 10 days ago

      If you dont like EA then go somewhere else.

  • Rody Nicky
    Rody Nicky 18 days ago

    In game industry the demo MUST BE the BEST PART of the game, so the industry can convince me to buy the game. This game fucked you, reality is hard. Anthem lost at the start. Everyone should learn from Red Dead Redemption 2, even today Rockstar Games dictates the laws.

  • lucus gallagher
    lucus gallagher 18 days ago

    Can't wait for this game play the demo it was amazing

  • Luiz Marinho
    Luiz Marinho 19 days ago

    Bioware has given me some of my favorite games, so I want to keep it alive by supporting Anthem.

  • Neil Jian
    Neil Jian 19 days ago

    i just wanna refund now......too many bugs in open beta and really bad server connection!!!!

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 19 days ago

    I smell dead game !!

  • Chris Kringle
    Chris Kringle 19 days ago

    I've looked at Destiny for years and personally thought it looks like a shitty HALO knock off 😂 that and War Hammer...Hell if they didnt cancel Tiberium Destiny wouldnt be so....Anthem gameplay looks waaaaaaay more crisp and appealing ..definitely rushed the release and certain aspects of it need work but id choose this over Fort...I mean Destiny anyday 😂

    RAZED DRAGON 19 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for over a year...FINALLY!😱🤩🥳

  • josetization
    josetization 19 days ago

    Muse bring me here

  • Carlos Sánchez Álvarez

    Uprising - Muse

  • Evan Shtuff
    Evan Shtuff 19 days ago

    This looks alot like destiny...

  • Amândio Guedes
    Amândio Guedes 19 days ago

    once again ea sucks. the game engine footage on the trailer is not nearly as what we got in the demo... The colors, the debt, the fog. Very poor game. Compare the graffics of the trailer and then of the demo. I'm regret of having made the purchase of the game . "Chuck Norris RT" - Xbox

  • L.O.G. LegendOfGaming
    L.O.G. LegendOfGaming 19 days ago

    I had an orgasm watching this

  • Thaznar
    Thaznar 19 days ago

    Cute, another generic cashgrab game with 20$ ingame microtransactions for color variations of armor. Cute. Good job EA - keep on imposing your bs on players.

  • campos3452
    campos3452 20 days ago

    I gotta say I just played the open beta for Anthem(on PS4 Pro) I’m very impressed. Game looks very impressive.

  • I Ate Your French Fries

    *has a dlc before it even comes out*

    only EA can pull something that stupid off

  • YahliRE
    YahliRE 20 days ago

    I watched it so many times

  • Ale_Pointbreak
    Ale_Pointbreak 20 days ago

    The perfect game trailer... With the perfect music...

  • - C O T T O N C A N D Y -

    Mmm...pusieron a Muse como sountrack. Esto me interesa 7u7

  • Yuen Wang
    Yuen Wang 20 days ago

    if they do cinematics so good, maybe they should just become an animation studio.

  • Gus Scadding
    Gus Scadding 20 days ago