Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)


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  • Silver_Crow
    Silver_Crow 8 hours ago

    am i still eligible for the pre launch demo if i pre-ordered the game with eb games or is it strictly online preorders and ea access

  • Black Rain
    Black Rain 8 hours ago

    Блин, я лучше бы фильм такой посмотрел.

  • Saiyan Caulifla
    Saiyan Caulifla 9 hours ago

    Don't like it, reminds me of Destiny 2 just by the looks of the Trailer. (I dislike Destiny). I was hoping for a futuristic type of game, I miss the original Mass Effect Trilogy feeling, even though I have 'em all on Xbox One due to backwards compatibility. But oh well, I guess i'll give Anthem a go if the reviews turn out decent/or good.

  • the masturpa cito
    the masturpa cito 21 hour ago

    sorry for coming by but almost you guys are now memes after almost everygame you have costs money and everything in it costs money...if you dont want to be a meme be like rockstars if you dont trust me your a meme then type in search if ea owned....and look

  • RedDeadReaper
    RedDeadReaper Day ago +1

    Add me on Xbox xXAUDEONXx looking for founding players to play with when the game comes out

  • Yora
    Yora Day ago

    As someone who has not played Destiny, this looks like exactly the same thing.

  • Jonas Aguilar
    Jonas Aguilar Day ago

    *Pay 100$ to open the door*

  • 치킨콜라!
    치킨콜라! Day ago

    조오오오오온나 기대작 한글화 부탁해 !

  • Eduardo Honorato
    Eduardo Honorato 2 days ago

    Don't pre-order.

  • IAm Homeless
    IAm Homeless 2 days ago

    Hey guys. I was wondering if my pc is good enough for this game. Even on low graphics. I have
    i5 8400,12gb ram, and nvidia 1060 6gb

  • Mish Issel
    Mish Issel 2 days ago


  • B1izzardHawk
    B1izzardHawk 3 days ago

    Excellent trailer, but if EA has taught me anything in the past, don't trust the trailer. Both Mass Effect Andromeda and Star Wars Battlefront II had amazing trailers to and we know how hard those games flopped.

  • dementionX
    dementionX 3 days ago

    This is no Destiny killer... Facebook groups already did that.

  • TvShowGameFreak 3099

    Aka alll

  • TvShowGameFreak 3099

    I dw

  • Tasty Not tasty
    Tasty Not tasty 4 days ago

    Looks boring to me.

  • Dren
    Dren 4 days ago

    Alrightt I'm hyped

  • Unbounded Fox
    Unbounded Fox 4 days ago

    I am on PC with Origin and preordered. Gonna need friends for when this thing comes out, so if you’re ever looking for someone do friend me.
    PC: xmanak47

  • jean mucke
    jean mucke 4 days ago

    Porque a EA não faz um remaster de Black prós consoles atuais iria vê der bastante

  • pontiac girl!
    pontiac girl! 5 days ago

    Loved this.. cant wait to play!!

  • Dr who boy 432
    Dr who boy 432 5 days ago

    I’m done with EA and dice they have messed things up for the gaming industry as a whole they have stolen from our wallets They don’t care about customers they think gambling for kids is okay they aren’t even listening to The law Disney need to learn to man up with whole of Star Wars license

  • Cardinal Jwfk Animator 658

    God please give us dead space 4 I really loved the series

  • Krimson Klaww
    Krimson Klaww 6 days ago

    Anybody know that song??

  • ColCaffran
    ColCaffran 7 days ago

    Mass effect was sacrificed for a destiny clone. I hope it was worth selling your soul Bioware

  • Trey Briely
    Trey Briely 7 days ago

    Looks feckin sick.

  • Wilson the iron minecart 2

    Hey this is not the game topic but are you gonna make command and conquer generals

  • LusytGamer
    LusytGamer 8 days ago

    E quanto pra desbloquear o vídeo?3,99??

  • Ilcu Mihai
    Ilcu Mihai 8 days ago

    Hey the game looks good! but... I am way too uneducated to buy it.

  • Swaganomics 101: Jimmy Rustles

    Seeing EA on this makes me very scared.

  • TheMellonMan
    TheMellonMan 8 days ago

    EA you are going good with this and don’t screw it up like when you ruined the reboot of one of my favourite childhood games. Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • El El
    El El 9 days ago

    Fk EA

  • Chris Pridemore
    Chris Pridemore 9 days ago

    This game is going to suck, just like Destiny, then EA will go out of business.

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 9 days ago +1

    Mass effect is better I hope anthem burns

  • robert rizaldi
    robert rizaldi 11 days ago


  • 1235745779 7785577
    1235745779 7785577 11 days ago

    Halo 6

  • Kevin Schleyer
    Kevin Schleyer 12 days ago

    1:02 Goosebumps Moment
    I want that "Muse -Uprising" RMX o.0 this is Awesome

  • tanner Hyatt
    tanner Hyatt 12 days ago

    So cool can't wait for it to come out

  • ianjul YT
    ianjul YT 13 days ago


  • Cesar Phillips
    Cesar Phillips 13 days ago +1

    Screw anthem make dead space trilogy remastered and mass effect trilogy remastered it would sell dammit I won't support you guys anymore if I don't get these remastered all other publishers gave us remasters of their best games instead you give us mass effect Andromeda!

  • Jazzmatalex
    Jazzmatalex 13 days ago

    Comments allowed just for 19.99£

  • SUPREME LIT 3030
    SUPREME LIT 3030 13 days ago

    Eais trash ok they make you pay for everthing🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Лучшие видео обзоры

    Буду ждать!

  • sarnas -Kun
    sarnas -Kun 14 days ago

    1:06 big ass!!!she is thicc 😍😍😍😍😈

    DIEGO CENTURION 14 days ago

    Looks mamalon

  • Kevoughn Endet
    Kevoughn Endet 15 days ago

    Please EA stop listening to the woke ass fouls and listen to the real fans the real gamers.

  • MrNetvor
    MrNetvor 16 days ago

    posiible buy that remix from muse song in video ??

  • Streethawk1219
    Streethawk1219 16 days ago

    If Destiny and Atack On Titian had a baby and Halo and Warframe adopted it with Mass effect and Titianfall being the aunt and uncle this is what it would be

  • Streethawk1219
    Streethawk1219 16 days ago

    This 3rd Destiny is looking good

  • sarcasm
    sarcasm 16 days ago

    If you want to know the song it is MUSE uprising

  • NIGHTWING213465
    NIGHTWING213465 17 days ago

    This would be a good movie tho

  • NIGHTWING213465
    NIGHTWING213465 17 days ago

    My mom tht this was a movie 😂😂😂😂

  • ivanasw1
    ivanasw1 17 days ago

    I will not buy game, where gameplay looks boring, quests are joke, and NPCs are muslim looking dudes, gays and feminists. Go bancrupt, sukkers.

  • TrickWithAKnife
    TrickWithAKnife 18 days ago

    It looks so good, but EA constantly turns great things into garbage.

  • Smaf
    Smaf 18 days ago

    If i can play it solo until the end i will buy this. Please tell me

  • Игорь Малинкович

    Подскажите что за музыка под конец играет

  • Unicorn Galaxy Power
    Unicorn Galaxy Power 18 days ago

    pls make sims mobile pregnancy update because you did it on sims freeplay but why not mobile?????
    And pls pls pls let kids be controllable and toddlers and after child years pls make it teen

  • Zeo
    Zeo 18 days ago

    i hope they dont screw this up...

  • Deformeds
    Deformeds 18 days ago

    0:54 it wants to destroy us OL

  • Roll Brand
    Roll Brand 18 days ago

    This has character customization right?

  • Ibrahim Khaled
    Ibrahim Khaled 18 days ago

    Sorry, but CP2077 is crushing all RPG games for now

  • shaur sirnaik
    shaur sirnaik 18 days ago

    Get ready to pay guys it's EA specialty

  • FlexIIThat123
    FlexIIThat123 18 days ago


  • HugoBossGameplays
    HugoBossGameplays 18 days ago

    Gostei !!!

  • JuanAtGaming
    JuanAtGaming 19 days ago

    Muse is always a win

    TRUEVOLTIC 19 days ago

    One of,if not the best trailer I’ve seen for a video game.

  • vincent arquisola
    vincent arquisola 19 days ago

    Hey EA I like the graphics of all of your games accept for the old games but I still like it thanks

  • Adam Jenkins
    Adam Jenkins 19 days ago

    Nope, I'm done with this. No romance, penalised solo play, all loot live service game?? Don't be surprised players punish you like Battlefield V at the end of the day. #boycottEA2018

  • pika chullmellow
    pika chullmellow 19 days ago

    I'm getting a Destiny 1(when taken king went out because that was when the game peaked) and monster Hunter vibe and I like it

  • Interceptor
    Interceptor 19 days ago

    Interceptor all the way

  • Jake Michelotti
    Jake Michelotti 19 days ago

    Ill give you guys like at least 60 Bones for the last two mass effects with their DLC in a pack

  • Nate Lee
    Nate Lee 20 days ago

    Feels a lot like Destiny in some ways

  • Ambush Skywalker
    Ambush Skywalker 20 days ago


  • David Gray
    David Gray 20 days ago

    Too uneducated for this

  • ph41 fudgepickles
    ph41 fudgepickles 20 days ago

    interceptor looks cool. (press F to pay 10$ extra for green paint)

    ROOFTOP BANDIT 20 days ago

    Im too uneducated to buy any off EAs games.

  • Epic Troll
    Epic Troll 21 day ago

    Looks like a better version of destiny :D

  • Reality Fairy Art
    Reality Fairy Art 21 day ago

    I want to point this out to if BioWare goes down for your s*** EA, Mico transacting anything like that glitches Etc. Every gamergater anti gamerGater to pol to Tumblr to deviantART and more will come for you and they will aim for the throat.

    • Reality Fairy Art
      Reality Fairy Art 21 day ago

      So yeah the every one of the Gaming Community will hate you and you'll be hated so no one will ever work with you again.

  • Blackout Division
    Blackout Division 21 day ago


  • Quitch
    Quitch 21 day ago

    The trailer looks generic as hell. "They want to destroy us all"? Yawn. But man, that Muse remix is fucking beast.

  • The game pro
    The game pro 22 days ago

    Os voi a denunciar

  • criticizing guy
    criticizing guy 22 days ago

    Just preordered now how do I get the PlayStation theme for this game?

  • rodjer joni
    rodjer joni 22 days ago

    ea game pleeeeeeeeasse SHANK 3

  • Aidan degroot
    Aidan degroot 23 days ago

    this could be one of the best games ever don't mess this up

  • F Pruijt
    F Pruijt 23 days ago

    In cinemas 2020 this just feels like a movie trailer not a game trailer

  • A Killer58 Burke
    A Killer58 Burke 23 days ago

    Man i haven't heard this song in ages EA i love the look of this but im hesitant please dont mess up this amazing idea

  • Lightningplayer 0
    Lightningplayer 0 23 days ago

    Is this gonna be on ps4?

  • Reggaeton0ldSchooL
    Reggaeton0ldSchooL 24 days ago

    Destiny :v

  • Abel Kuran
    Abel Kuran 24 days ago

    Lovely trailer made with Muse! bravo!

  • Doordresk
    Doordresk 24 days ago

    Do you want to buy a suit for only $29.99

  • TurtleyRandom
    TurtleyRandom 24 days ago

    I can’t stop watching it!! I’m so hyped

  • Josimar Cerqueira
    Josimar Cerqueira 25 days ago

    Why you won't dub it in Portuguese?

  • Jaime Marquez
    Jaime Marquez 25 days ago

    Hey EA can you make a gangster game.

  • curtisharrell
    curtisharrell 26 days ago

    Looks good! Reminds me of the first footage I saw for Titanfall & TF2.

  • Caniel
    Caniel 26 days ago

    why i cant find this song without sound effects :((

    • joshua majors
      joshua majors 23 days ago

      it sounds like a les friction song try looking them up

  • Moxie Saint-clare
    Moxie Saint-clare 26 days ago

    I will NOT buy this. Reason, EA games

  • Symbiote Productions
    Symbiote Productions 26 days ago

    Pay for this, pay for that, pay if you wanna even breath, that’s basically what EA says, you have to pay to do anything

  • Assassin Cactus
    Assassin Cactus 27 days ago

    Dude please let me get a pepe or Kernit skin for the green frog mech

  • Julian Payne
    Julian Payne 27 days ago

    destiny clone

  • Silver Sinclair
    Silver Sinclair 28 days ago


    • Waylay Brigade
      Waylay Brigade 27 days ago

      Silver Sinclair no pay to win. All microtransactions are cosmetic only and you'll know what you're buying

  • acidkhmer
    acidkhmer 28 days ago

    Bioware are shadow of themselves! dont be foul, bioware was all about rpg, action, passionate scenario, love, hate, trahison, But now NO its bombom some speak, bombom, i'm sure in anthem not even have a choice when our character speaking, no passion anymore, only easy way to shoot, sell DLC already finish, all about greed!! There was so genius 20, 10 years ago

    • Waylay Brigade
      Waylay Brigade 27 days ago

      acidkhmer that's because andromeda was done by the B team and this is being done by the A team. The ones who did Mass effect 1 and 2

    • acidkhmer
      acidkhmer 27 days ago

      +Waylay Brigade you're right but it's not the point look at the last bioware games, they took the way, no Polish, all easy way and cheap, bugs

    • Waylay Brigade
      Waylay Brigade 27 days ago

      acidkhmer I mean game companies can do different things... blizzard made the world's most well known MMO and have since created a very well loved and well developed fps in Overwatch. Developers can branch out my man.