People Face A Terrifying Moral Dilemma

  • Published on May 6, 2015
  • “Then I’m a murderer. Right?”
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Comments • 16 411

  • x paxeutel x
    x paxeutel x Month ago

    If i could, i'd call out to them to move away.
    I don't want any blood on my hands.

  • Johnson Chai
    Johnson Chai Month ago

  • 1947 GD
    1947 GD Month ago

    Scenario 4: your love one is on the track that the train is going to pass, there’re 5 people on another track, would you kill the 5 people to save your love one?
    Scenario 5: just like scenario 4 but there is 5 of your love ones(probably your whole family) on the same track, would you kill the 5 random people to save your love ones?

  • Maryatte Quine
    Maryatte Quine Month ago

    Id certainly walk away..idk who got killed.

  • The Everything Productions

    I would kill the one person, even if it was my immediate family. The only person in my immediate family that I actually like is my dad. But even then, I would let him die to save five other people. If the person on the track was one of my friends, I would kill the other five people, though. I was able to choose my friends because they are people I truly love, not some weird family members that I was forced to live with and care for. So no matter what, I would choose to save my friends. I don't care what the cost was. I just love my friends and could never live with myself switching over the track. I am very picky, so if you become my friend, which is a very hard thing to do, I would always save your life. I don't care if it would kill myself or someone else. I would save your life.

  • Zachariya Un
    Zachariya Un 2 months ago

    How can BuzzFeed talk about morality? Where do they get there morality from?

  • [ Content ] [ X ]
    [ Content ] [ X ] 2 months ago

    in scenario 2 with another person on another track, id go with the upper track 'cause i'd kill less people
    Scenario 3: im not a complete psycho, kill those 5 people for my beloved family member

  • Karen Lamson
    Karen Lamson 2 months ago

    #3: just yell and they will all move!!

  • McKenna Wolfe
    McKenna Wolfe 3 months ago

    i was actually going to watch this video but i got completely distracted when i realized the narrator was shane and i spent the rest of the video trying to figure out if it was actually him

  • Gen Knowles
    Gen Knowles 3 months ago

    I'm doing an english assignment and Keith pops up on my screen :D!

  • Grace Sherman
    Grace Sherman 3 months ago

    the real problem isn’t supposed to be one of your family members it’s supposed to be pushing someone off a bridge to save the five people

  • nerdie new
    nerdie new 3 months ago

    Guys, the true answer is to always kill less people, that is the moral answer. If you don't agree with me, people like you are the ones deserved to die because the world needs people who are willing to save people not just selfishly thinking of their loved ones.

  • Savannah Seney
    Savannah Seney 4 months ago

    I wouldn’t switch it, but I would run down the track screaming “GET THE HEL OUT IF THE WAY!”

  • Has'Zahn Grimes
    Has'Zahn Grimes 4 months ago

    Is this really a dilemma? All these scenarios are pretty easy for me to decide what I would do.

  • Shaleen Gr
    Shaleen Gr 4 months ago

    Is there any video about which is more important? Patriotism or humanitarianism? Because you can be only as much humanitarian as much patriotism will permit you. In our culture, there is a satisfying answer to this in the mythological epic 'Geeta', but there God shows the confused warrior the bigger picture, and tells him to do his duty and leave the rest to God's judgement alone, but there too, the warrior was not in a situation where he has to kill someone who loves him, is innocent and doesn't want to fight back.. He was against soldiers, which should be easier to handle emotionally than the above mentioned situation. But in modern day, spies find themselves in such situations.

  • Smoky Mole
    Smoky Mole 4 months ago

    For those who say they'll be murderers if they knock the person or persons on the track. Firstly with murder from a legal standpoint you need to prove the element of intention. In this case the driver did not intend killing anyone, it was just a matter of avoiding hitting anyone. From my perspective no one should be on the rail tracks for whatever reason. Therefore we will never be faced with such a dilemma.

  • IdemRedd
    IdemRedd 4 months ago

    I would yell "GET OFF THE FUCKING TRACKS !!!" In all instances.

  • Miranda Babineau
    Miranda Babineau 4 months ago

    i feel like i'd be too unaware to realize the train was out of control in time to do anything anyway or id freeze up

  • 23The Dreamers26
    23The Dreamers26 4 months ago

    If I have the time to flip the switch, then I would definitely have the time to run to those 5 idiots who were on the fucking railroad and tell them to fucking run! There! No deaths!

  • Carmen Savu
    Carmen Savu 5 months ago

    Scenario 1: pulling the lever is murder. The trolley was going towards the five, that's independent of my intervention. It's not my fault. But if I pull that lever I will have killed the one with my own hands. And the value of people's lives, I don't think it's a matter of numbers, and I can't make that judgement. It's a terrible situation, but if these are my only two choices, I refuse to involve myself in the situation at all.
    On the other hand, if one of the five is a loved one, I would pull the lever. I'd still be a murderer, but in all honesty it is easier to live with the thought that I murdered a stranger than it is to live with the thought that I let a loved one die.

  • Mae B.
    Mae B. 5 months ago

    What if I pull the lever off and the train hits me then what-

  • Hazelislit
    Hazelislit 5 months ago

    i used to say that id kill the one person. but if the 5 people couldn’t even notice a train then they are idiots.

  • Leanne M
    Leanne M 5 months ago

    In another version, the people are tied down onto the track

  • Leanne M
    Leanne M 5 months ago

    In another version, the people are tied down onto the track

  • Senthil Velan
    Senthil Velan 6 months ago

    The lives of 5 don't out weigh 1! This is the problem with the world. The majority aren't right. Them 5 people shouldn't have been on the way of the Bus. That's more idiotic.

  • One Bright Star
    One Bright Star 6 months ago

    How's about you just tell that one person to get off the tracks and then flip the switch so no one gets hurt?

  • makaila shelton
    makaila shelton 6 months ago

    Can you be charged with murder anyway so there's no point just scream get off the tracks

    PANIC 6 months ago +1

    this aint even hard

  • Official
    Official 6 months ago

    Me an intellectual: *makes the trolley slide on both rails* NATURAL SELECTION BITCHES

  • Temmie lee
    Temmie lee 6 months ago

    i will jump on the tracks and block the train

  • Reaper
    Reaper 6 months ago

    I would watch the five die cause they got themselves into that situation that’s their problem I’m under no obligation in any country I know of since the other track also leads to a death. I also always wanted to watch someone die many people get traumatized and can’t truly explain what it is to watch someone die I want to know how it’s traumatizing I want to truly understand it I want to see it with my own eyes and sort of feel it if you get my meaning.

  • Georgia Deane
    Georgia Deane 6 months ago

    I'd jump in front of the train in like all of the situations except number 1

  • Mandy
    Mandy 7 months ago

    Can I just push the lever halfway so that the train will go in between the two tracks?

  • Davido Star
    Davido Star 7 months ago

    If the 5 people all work at buzzfeed then I’m letting them die 😂

  • kitariki
    kitariki 7 months ago

    realisticly. i would just shout, TRAIN GET OUT OF THE WAY.
    and watch them die.
    i dont know how the train tracks work. and neither 95% of the people reading this.

  • JB12466 :3
    JB12466 :3 7 months ago

    #1 - I flip the switch
    #2 - I flip the switch
    #3 - I flip the switch. -the only person I could think of to put in this situation is my aunt, I hate her, I go along with one less annoyance-

  • Chaz Elizabeth
    Chaz Elizabeth 7 months ago

    I touch the switch I’m a murderer. I do nothing I’m a bad person

  • Sarah U
    Sarah U 7 months ago

    Why are they on the tracks

  • Luna Anne
    Luna Anne 7 months ago

    warn the people that there's a trolley. don't touch the lever. if they don't get off, at least I tried

  • Maddy Mensour
    Maddy Mensour 7 months ago

    i wouldn't touch the lever in scenario 2 and 3. i don't want to be called a murderer

  • Estella Yuan
    Estella Yuan 7 months ago +1

    Who saw this in The Good Place?

  • musicalman1995
    musicalman1995 7 months ago

    Never pull the lever.

  • Jack 9876
    Jack 9876 7 months ago +1

    Bigger question:
    There is a train coming on a track their is a puppy and a your parents and you can’t shout get of or push them off the only way to save them is to jump in front of the train killing you but saving the puppy and parents or you pet them die which one do you do

  • Beyond Alternate
    Beyond Alternate 7 months ago

    Why is Shane forcing a moral crisis on these people

  • Hello There
    Hello There 7 months ago

    I would kill the one person in all of them. Saves more lives.

  • Riley Sumerix
    Riley Sumerix 7 months ago

    #TheGoodPlace #TheTrolleyProblem

  • Music Girl
    Music Girl 7 months ago

    I can’t be the only person who’s thinking about Chidi and the Good Place?

  • lmfaopark_
    lmfaopark_ 8 months ago

    I would just get popcorns and sit

  • jenova jenova
    jenova jenova 8 months ago

    let me change the scenerio in accordance with what keith said "I do nothing...its not my fault that the car is running at this five people".....your brother is on the straight track, & five people on the other. You do nothing, your brother dies. How about that?

  • Totoro Bear
    Totoro Bear 8 months ago

    I would kill my sister cause that’s what she would want

  • Mediocre Really
    Mediocre Really 8 months ago +3

    Turn around and pretend I seen *nothing*
    Then go *slap my sister* for a) being on *fricken train-tracks*, b) not getting *off* and c) there by making me sacrifice *five people*
    Sorry I kinda went crazy on the *bold words* in this comment

  • HereToRemain Anonymous
    HereToRemain Anonymous 8 months ago +1


  • Sudhish Bangarusamy
    Sudhish Bangarusamy 8 months ago

    I would take out a gun and shoot the trolley to make it stop because since this is probably in America, I would be able to take a gun.

  • Fresh Jalopy
    Fresh Jalopy 8 months ago

    I’m surprised those people can’t hear the trolly coming

  • NolimoDK
    NolimoDK 8 months ago

    Pretend you did not see the train coming...

  • Påñtšü Mäśtęr
    Påñtšü Mäśtęr 8 months ago



  • TooFabulousForYou X
    TooFabulousForYou X 8 months ago

    Idk why everyone finds this so difficult. The answer is pretty clear to me.

  • Elva E. Espinoza
    Elva E. Espinoza 8 months ago

    Option 3 call your family member and tell them to get to the other side of the track a train is coming. Then you would have successfully gotten six people alive on one side of the train tracks 👍

  • Penny Smith
    Penny Smith 8 months ago

    Jump in front of the train and die with the five people who might survive if my bones and/or bloody tissue somehow clog or break the mechanism honestly dying at this point doesn’t really matter to me

  • islandmod107 #
    islandmod107 # 8 months ago

    Sorry but i just suddenly became blind

  • chris samuel96
    chris samuel96 8 months ago

    I would oviosly kill 5 peopel ffs

  • Sparkly Snail
    Sparkly Snail 8 months ago +1

    I thought of saving my brother and telling everyone else to lay down

  • Jillian Henderson
    Jillian Henderson 8 months ago

    ....why the hell are people standing on tracks not expecting a trolley?..

  • Eiran Carandang
    Eiran Carandang 8 months ago

    1:38: If you pretend that u didn't see anything then u will kill 6 people instead!! IDIOT!!

  • Dejah Turner
    Dejah Turner 8 months ago

    For scenario three, those five people are just going to hold this L while I save my mother/father/whomever is important to me. Sorry, not really sorry.

  • Krithika Naidu
    Krithika Naidu 8 months ago

    wtf like seriously😕😒 this is not tough or complex decision I will not change the track because it will be a risk to passengers... I will go where I have to go...the people who are standing on railway track are responsible for their own life...😀...its not my responsibility to think about their life if they choose to stand there and commit suicide its their choice.

  • Ryan Collier
    Ryan Collier 8 months ago

    with the Chinese social credit system there are no trolly problems.

  • sunshine8440
    sunshine8440 8 months ago

    i would sceam get of the tracks if they don't i pull the leaver to save them. 5 then if the run way car reaches the 1 person or the 5 people ill yell get off the tracks, if they din;t hear ill run to them and push them away putting my life at risk to save them.

  • person of the world
    person of the world 8 months ago

    Is there a way to kill all 6 people?

  • The Milky Games
    The Milky Games 8 months ago +1

    Question: Imagine working as a railroad worker...blah blah blah... who will you save? what will you do?
    Me: Stop imagining and nobody dies.

  • Luna Nightchase
    Luna Nightchase 9 months ago

    Id sit back and watch the chaos unfold and whatever way the trolly goes, there it shall go

  • j. r
    j. r 9 months ago

    Dan plan anyone

  • Feigh Coming
    Feigh Coming 9 months ago

    I’ve heard of this.

  • Hila Lipik
    Hila Lipik 9 months ago

    I'd save my sis no matter what🖤

  • Lilly Swann
    Lilly Swann 9 months ago

    I run out in front of the train and kill myself

  • Soso Elizabeth
    Soso Elizabeth 9 months ago

    Just get them off the track or alert the driver...

  • Baidens
    Baidens 9 months ago

    This shows how biast people can be because you have to pick one choice and that values who you pick to not die higher in your head than who you kill.

  • Sucondese Nuts
    Sucondese Nuts 9 months ago

    just dont touch the lever i mean its not your fault that its moving plus the five people are dumbasses because their on the track

  • C L
    C L 9 months ago

    Plot twist: Everyone's died

  • crocetti
    crocetti 9 months ago

    PSSHH, y’all got it all wrong. It should be vbucks and 24 people on the track.

  • Nikki Graywood
    Nikki Graywood 9 months ago


  • Pamela McKenna
    Pamela McKenna 9 months ago

    Utilitarianism is the way to go. The 5 people would survive this challenge. I have 6 siblings.... I will have 5 left, if I am able to choose the close relative, it would be my least fav.

  • Amrita G
    Amrita G 9 months ago +1


  • Patrick McCarthy
    Patrick McCarthy 9 months ago

    I'd jump in the way so I would have no giult

  • Vlog Life
    Vlog Life 9 months ago

    Scene 2 You run into the track killing yourself

  • Harry Kuheim
    Harry Kuheim 9 months ago

    Depends on if they Voted for Hillary or Obama...I'd make sure they all were Trolly Pizza if so.....

  • Just Existing
    Just Existing 9 months ago

    I wouldn’t touch it at all
    It was fate

  • Smol Potato2.0
    Smol Potato2.0 9 months ago

    Number 3
    I’d kill my relative
    S dead body

  • Claire Bodnarek
    Claire Bodnarek 9 months ago

    Yell at them, then file a report

  • Margarita Ramirez
    Margarita Ramirez 9 months ago

    The Utilitarian Dilema,sacrifice to save.Sacrifice 1 person to save 5

  • Savage Sports
    Savage Sports 9 months ago

    If those 5 dipshits can't hear a fucking train then they deserve to die.

  • itzmac
    itzmac 9 months ago


    G0MB0 ROBLOX 9 months ago

    I would because i wanna kill my dad

  • Agent Tofu
    Agent Tofu 9 months ago

    Aren't trollies very slow?

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris 9 months ago

    You can tell that these people are all Hufflepuffs

  • - Moluminati -
    - Moluminati - 9 months ago

    Just tell "get out of the fookin way m8"

  • Putri Wahyuni
    Putri Wahyuni 9 months ago

    I'll shout to those five idiotic people to get out of the damn track. Like why would you walk on a track?!

  • Lily Pizzuto
    Lily Pizzuto 9 months ago +1

    Just leave it, if they don't want to get or die, then they shouldn't be there, it's on them if they die

  • Electric Bird
    Electric Bird 9 months ago

    I would use my amazing superpowers to walk away and feel sad

  • yoman_ Myron
    yoman_ Myron 9 months ago

    Cut the electricity and the train will stop