Still Here (Draw My Life Part 4)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Sorry this video took so long! It gave me two mental breakdowns
    Music that helped me:
    Videos that inspired me:
    Music I raged to while I was depressed xD:
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  • Moon
    Moon 28 minutes ago

    Just know we all care about you, not your videos but you

  • Suziann Malcolm
    Suziann Malcolm Hour ago

    I am so proud of you. I just really wish I was there to help

    LOVE MY GACH Hour ago

    I still need to find out my life but i am get better thank to your videos

    LOVE MY GACH Hour ago

    So thanks

    LOVE MY GACH Hour ago

    This is me right now

    LOVE MY GACH Hour ago

    You need infitive hugs

  • Doorsareforopening

    The mission president looks like that Trump meme from year ago.

    SLIMIK 2 hours ago

    That hit me so hard. I'm just thinking, I am like something between you and the bullies. Me is like you not me but twice? Well this series helps me a lot, thanks.

  • Morray Clay
    Morray Clay 3 hours ago +1

    Now that's a happy ending

  • Alexandria Covington
    Alexandria Covington 3 hours ago

    You are not pathetic shuger

  • Sophia Shing
    Sophia Shing 5 hours ago +1

    I was like bawling my eyes out watching the other part

  • xX Potato_ofcrafts Xx
    xX Potato_ofcrafts Xx 5 hours ago +1

    I feel the same.
    My Hero Academia has made me realise who I am and that everything gets better, seeing deku be so positive motivates me to be who I am to this day. I try to be the same and one day I hope that it’ll all pay off :)

  • Aimee C.
    Aimee C. 6 hours ago

    Oh no! I was subbed back then :3 I had no idea you were venting! :(

  • Abizza & Zanath
    Abizza & Zanath 8 hours ago

    This is the .lomg draw my life ever

    ZACKGAMER PLAYS 10 hours ago

    I love it that my hero academia help her realize that this is her own life

  • Christiaan Cronje
    Christiaan Cronje 11 hours ago

    I hope you get beter

  • mary washington
    mary washington 11 hours ago

    You are todaroki

  • Silly Kat
    Silly Kat 14 hours ago

    I saw those fang videos when I was like 7.

  • Gloria Faz
    Gloria Faz 15 hours ago

    John 3:17 "For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved"

  • Gloria Faz
    Gloria Faz 15 hours ago

    John 10:10 "The thief does not come except to steal,to kill,and to destroy.I have come that they may have it more abundantly"

  • Gloria Faz
    Gloria Faz 15 hours ago

    I don't know what you've really been through but I just felt in my heart to share with you these two scriptures in John 10:10 and John 3:17

  • Sabustion Eldrago
    Sabustion Eldrago 15 hours ago

    cool, idk what to say past that but cool and good for you glhf

  • Annie The Ice Wolf
    Annie The Ice Wolf 17 hours ago

    Why does that cat remind me of Katoura- San, Lol
    The voice inside my head: Oh God what am I saying.

  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin 17 hours ago

    I hope your life is going great and I hope you are happy

  • Honest Shabazz
    Honest Shabazz 18 hours ago

    Omg I'm new and I love ur channel but I hope u never have those thoughts again😰

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black 18 hours ago

    Thank you.... this helps a still going through stuff... and i was planing on ending my life today... but this changed my mind...thank you so much...ill try to get better...thank you so much......ill try to stop being insicure... shugurr just know.. that you're special..God made you for this and so much more... thank you... you are the best person ived ever met.. honestly... just know..that you just saved someones life... ived been going though hard stuff... and i couldnt take it... but you...brightened my day...your the best... i love you so much... i know ived said this alot but thank you thank you thank you thank you! If it werent for you i wouldve of done something bad thank you shugurr if your ever going though hard times just know im here and your subs are here too, we got your back!

  • Fluffy Potato :3
    Fluffy Potato :3 19 hours ago

    who ever disliked this is strange but ..ok cool your opinin not mine ._.

  • Angello Vasquez
    Angello Vasquez 19 hours ago

    you know why people wach you because you are asome

  • Logan Douglas
    Logan Douglas 19 hours ago

    And I thought suicidal thoughts

  • Logan Douglas
    Logan Douglas 20 hours ago

    I started year 5 this year and when I did I had 0 friends

  • The gaming foxu
    The gaming foxu 21 hour ago

    Who else has a weird crush on Kachan Todoroki or deku like if deku comment if todoroki and dislike on bakugo i disliked

  • The gaming foxu
    The gaming foxu 21 hour ago

    Me: sees foxy
    Also me: (Fnaf song intensifies)

  • ld thing's
    ld thing's 22 hours ago

    Back then l mil subs now 2 mil subs

  • EllCat _Plays
    EllCat _Plays 22 hours ago

    I felt the same way

  • grandmaster loki
    grandmaster loki 23 hours ago

    This is really sad. I would love to be your friend, sounds like you need them.

  • Pickle Juice AJ
    Pickle Juice AJ Day ago

    I’ve been subscribed since you animated the mangle song, noticed, and just gold, I’m a true veteran

  • Kayelees ASMR
    Kayelees ASMR Day ago

    my brother justin tried committing suicide 3 times and all of them i was alive ad he just got broken up with his girlfriend wich made me happy for him but i realized she broke up with him cause he would just wanna commit suicide again and i cant wait to see him on Christmas I hope he sees this merry christmas!

  • Ahuradl artest._._

    Well this helped me think about my family but like my family hates me (extended family) and I don’t like talking to my parents it annoys me, and the only person that helps me out a lot is my bf, but I relate to a lot of this

  • Wesley Green
    Wesley Green Day ago

    Depression is a tv series that you want to stop watching. But cant. No matter how many times you set up plans to avoid watching it. Something finally put you back into the show.
    Suicide isnt the end of a show. Suicide is the end of a tv subscription. You may not feel the awful pain caused by depression. But you can never feel the joy of the other shows. Never feel anything. Emptiness. Nothing...
    Try as you might. No one can truely imagine their existance ending. For you are existing because you are thinking.
    The world may seem dark, loud and scary. But lets be real... The world gets much quieter if you become apathetic.
    Oh... you thought this was going to be an inspirational quote? Nah, I know my strengths and weaknesses enough to know that I am an awful person to come to about depression. I'm just a d*** who enjoys the sound of silence or his own voice.

  • Salome Lord 。
    Salome Lord 。 Day ago

    Anime is always the solution

  • Mike Mulowayi
    Mike Mulowayi Day ago

    she said my favorite anime: my hero academia

  • zola whittlesea
    zola whittlesea Day ago


  • pat boi
    pat boi Day ago +1

    Me : *watches this video*
    Also me:


  • GolemGuyTM
    GolemGuyTM Day ago

    I kinda needed this.. Thanks..

  • Panda Tea
    Panda Tea Day ago +1

    Me: Watches this with a my hero academia shirt on
    Also me: 😊

  • Melissa Van Amstel

    So sad 😣😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Lionking950 hammy

    Even the sad ones

  • Lionking950 hammy

    I feel so bad for shgurr nobody should ever feel like this but what I learnt from this video is that you should always love and care for everyone you know and that’s why I love shgurr’s content

  • Waterfalls123 Firebrunt

    I have self esteem also you always need to tell someone your pain! Like us!🙂

  • Haruka Chong
    Haruka Chong Day ago

    @shugrr I feels so sorry for you I'm so sorry how you felt that way

  • bunbun dude
    bunbun dude Day ago

    WE WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU were your shugar cubes we love you.Your not alone you wont ever 😀😃💝

  • Jaden Perez
    Jaden Perez Day ago

    you r cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Sacredarrow9023
    Sacredarrow9023 Day ago

    I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for about 11 uesrsbsince a car accident. I have had it my whole live but was never noticed, as I had a super high pain threshold that's few and far between. Walking a few miles now starts the tearing pain, and more than that causes me 2 pass out whe. I go home. I know of the tennis ball trick 2 help, but do you know any others. P.s
    Just found your channel and odds1out, Jaiden, and a few more in past week. Been helping with stress.😊

  • Galaxywolf Wild
    Galaxywolf Wild Day ago


  • Matej Makes
    Matej Makes Day ago

    Anime. Saves. Lives. Stop shaming people for being weaboos. I found anime early on and it helped a lot.

  • Nadine Radjatjut

    we are here for you shgurr

  • ware wolf arts
    ware wolf arts Day ago


  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron Jackson Day ago

    Hey dude I think you’re cool and I’d totally be friends with you. My school & education life was very similar to yours. Think I’m better now though.
    Hope you’re doing well.

  • WildMole
    WildMole Day ago

    ahh... suicide, the most beautiful moment in your life, especially when you are depressed like me. Unfortunately, family still keeps me in this world. When i'll finally be free?

    • WildMole
      WildMole 3 minutes ago

      @insert creative name here I have already given up a few years ago, sometimes I want to reset it all, the past has shaped me as it is now. Also this stress and fear about the future are exhausting me. I just... I'm scared...

    • insert creative name here
      insert creative name here 15 minutes ago

      @WildMole it may seem like that but the world isn't all bad. Sure it may seem like that but it's naive to think that there won't be things to live for. Take this as a sign that you should keep going. Stay strong

    • WildMole
      WildMole 23 minutes ago

      @insert creative name here It won't change anything. It will only get worse... Trust me

    • insert creative name here
      insert creative name here 44 minutes ago

      Please get help. People care man, don't do this to yourself

  • Michael Africa
    Michael Africa Day ago

    What you are talking about is like yin relese in naruto