Dua Lipa Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

  • Published on Oct 10, 2018
  • Jimmy's wife Molly thinks that it's very funny when pop stars break into their house and wake him up in the middle of the night. It started a few years ago with Rihanna, then Britney Spears, then Miley Cyrus, and then Dua Lipa came to town and it happened again.
    Lie Witness News - Christopher Columbus Supreme Court Edition usclip.net/video/_8n3OL_YXS8/video.html

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    Dua Lipa Pranks Jimmy Kimmel
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  • manasasmc50 kuchana
    manasasmc50 kuchana 7 hours ago

    These celebrities waking up Jimmy never gets old!

  • Lone wolf
    Lone wolf 10 hours ago +1

    Shes so fit 😍

  • Garry come Home
    Garry come Home 14 hours ago


  • Sara Field
    Sara Field 17 hours ago

    LMAO too funny 🙀

  • Ryan Guellow
    Ryan Guellow 18 hours ago

    "my wife"

  • AcousticAdd1ct
    AcousticAdd1ct 2 days ago

    if i were Jimmy i would have touch her tits just like assuming that it was his wife. that would be no problem at all. dang lucky jimmy!

  • Bilal Pervaiz
    Bilal Pervaiz 2 days ago

    Tremendous Show

  • Jamaal Henson
    Jamaal Henson 2 days ago

    He said you're welcome to stay. LOL. Yes sir

  • Bob o
    Bob o 3 days ago

    That's basically most 16 year old boy's dream.

  • MrMDanny
    MrMDanny 4 days ago +3

    You could literally see his massive boner through the blanket

  • Matteo D'Acchioli
    Matteo D'Acchioli 4 days ago +1

    i would have had a majestic boner

  • Saukingalpha
    Saukingalpha 4 days ago

    All this is just so staged= how do u live ur bedroom open all the time

  • Francisco Javier Escobar

    Quiero que me despierte así también

  • I’m Mr. P bitch
    I’m Mr. P bitch 4 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel sucks

  • Clyde Chapters
    Clyde Chapters 4 days ago

    She's sexy😍

  • Adek Dwi
    Adek Dwi 5 days ago


  • g ff
    g ff 5 days ago +1

    I totally wish I got woke up this way every morning how could you have a bad day being woke up like that

  • turan ekmekçi
    turan ekmekçi 5 days ago

    Imagine he were wanking?

  • Giorgio Lupinacci
    Giorgio Lupinacci 5 days ago

    He's a dead fish...omg

  • Phidelia Kagai
    Phidelia Kagai 5 days ago

    He never gets used to it?

  • Cdo Mitch
    Cdo Mitch 5 days ago +1

    Dressed like a slut 👌🏻

  • Carlos Puente
    Carlos Puente 5 days ago

    I imagine Jimmy had the weirdest boner of his life

  • nepatriots77
    nepatriots77 5 days ago

    i love her voice

  • Fear Kratos
    Fear Kratos 5 days ago

    He’s like wtf haha

  • EXospheRe
    EXospheRe 6 days ago

    This is horror

  • Water Gate
    Water Gate 6 days ago

    12 mil views in a month. How many expected a little bit more ??

  • Dreams of Kaia
    Dreams of Kaia 6 days ago +2

    PSA: If a 20 year old half naked British girl randomly shows up in your bed with a taser...Laying there calmly with your retainer is not the move to make.

  • ALi Sevgi
    ALi Sevgi 6 days ago

    who sleeps with their wedding ring on???

  • Justin Osborne
    Justin Osborne 6 days ago

    Look at those legs😍

  • Mark Jiangko
    Mark Jiangko 6 days ago


  • Martha Stevens
    Martha Stevens 6 days ago

    She ain’t leaving my bed if she come in like that

  • tricia t
    tricia t 7 days ago

    These sexual jokes are out of hand Jesus Christ is she a pop star or someone on pornhub? Yes she has sex appeal but her job doesn’t focus solely on her body. What about her songs? Her personality?

  • E KS
    E KS 7 days ago +1

    Does your wife know what a sleazebag you are? She's a fool for money.

  • no body
    no body 7 days ago

    ...1billion prank!

  • Moritz Fay
    Moritz Fay 7 days ago

    That ass

  • srea mengkuch
    srea mengkuch 7 days ago

    I wish she in my bed 😍

  • leepicciotto
    leepicciotto 7 days ago

    She would've gotten a reverse sleep creep in my house.

  • Soru7
    Soru7 7 days ago

    how is that a prank?...seems thats what happens, when idiots make such degenerated and untalented whores, like this one, famous...

  • libertard snl
    libertard snl 7 days ago

    Dua lipa.
    Feel like idiot name.

  • dontcallmeraveen209
    dontcallmeraveen209 7 days ago

    Jimmy loved it

  • Silverblacksky 01
    Silverblacksky 01 7 days ago

    Dua Lipa sogno erotico

  • Mister Moose
    Mister Moose 7 days ago

    ho ho ho ho ho ho
    so funny
    omg he recorded himself in a scripted event and called it a prank lololol

  • jimipurple123
    jimipurple123 7 days ago

    Set up

  • Lorcan Brian
    Lorcan Brian 7 days ago

    She sounds English

  • Geramy S.
    Geramy S. 7 days ago


  • MMHB
    MMHB 8 days ago +1

    What is she even wearing?

  • samuel mendes
    samuel mendes 8 days ago

    Krl essa dualipa é gostosa

  • Alex
    Alex 8 days ago

    Bad copy of Rihanna

  • Vi Go
    Vi Go 8 days ago

    She is as ugly as stupid.

  • Brian T
    Brian T 8 days ago

    Lowkey that was a shity performance

  • mhad malasigan
    mhad malasigan 8 days ago

    Watta titzzz

    B JACCCK 8 days ago

    How the hell they creeping to the jimmy house without keys or nothing

  • Malika Sen
    Malika Sen 8 days ago

    Wow what a non toilet bowl resembling singing cripple

  • Mehmet Tokgöz
    Mehmet Tokgöz 8 days ago

    Duo ass

  • Lejla twenty one pilots Josh dun

    Beautiful Dua Lipa is blonde 😍😍😍😍😍😍🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • MrTANATOS1979
    MrTANATOS1979 8 days ago

    Totally fake

  • Overplay Zero
    Overplay Zero 8 days ago

    se me aparece dua lipa asi me la re contra... 9😃😃😃

  • Alexxx Something
    Alexxx Something 8 days ago

    I need more of this 😂😂❤️

  • Jan_Shane
    Jan_Shane 8 days ago

    i think there are worse things than waking up next to dua lipa

  • Sujin Seol
    Sujin Seol 9 days ago

    What’s the song?!!

  • alexis soto
    alexis soto 9 days ago

    Where is his wife ?

  • sifonstereo
    sifonstereo 9 days ago

    ahh se puso re puta dua, miley cyrus 2.0

  • Lizeth Barajas Tellez

    What a great form to wake up!

  • DiegoGameplay o.O
    DiegoGameplay o.O 9 days ago +1

    1:25 harlem shske 2.0

  • nobbynoris
    nobbynoris 9 days ago

    Why don't nice things like this ever happen to me?

  • Mr Beasrt
    Mr Beasrt 9 days ago

    I kiss all my followers

  • Andaç Meta
    Andaç Meta 9 days ago

    We belief that he had slept before dua came

  • Lukia Bl
    Lukia Bl 9 days ago

    Harvey junior

  • Vsxe
    Vsxe 9 days ago

    Definitely 2:04 is my favorite part. Lucky bastard.

  • Fasooly Ghibban
    Fasooly Ghibban 9 days ago

    Due Lipa is my favorite singer ❤

  • l2method
    l2method 9 days ago

    What was the prank?

    SMART GAMER 10 days ago

    I Love Dua Lipa ❤

  • Max
    Max 10 days ago

    She’s so hot

  • Fernando Calleros
    Fernando Calleros 10 days ago

    Beautiful girl dua lipa very sexy yeaaaah

  • Alberto SASA
    Alberto SASA 10 days ago

    pinche zambullida en su panochon😛

  • Emeka Iheanacho
    Emeka Iheanacho 10 days ago

    The bum on her😋

    RAZOR LEAD 10 days ago

    when you sleep in your friends house

  • Jordi Cuevas
    Jordi Cuevas 10 days ago

    Dua Lipa😍😍😍

  • Marco Gonzalez
    Marco Gonzalez 10 days ago

    Y se tenia que quitar los pantalones la puta

  • ღAriana Berry'sღ
    ღAriana Berry'sღ 10 days ago


  • Joshua Castillo
    Joshua Castillo 10 days ago

    Típico que Dua Lipa te despierte mientras esté durmiendo, a todos nos pasa :"v

  • Adam M
    Adam M 10 days ago

    Staged ?

  • Joey Paddia
    Joey Paddia 10 days ago

    she is thick i would beat that pussy up all sick Dua LIPA just woke up the sleeping giant

  • serbest meslek
    serbest meslek 10 days ago

    bi gece de benim yanıma gel dua lipa

  • serbest meslek
    serbest meslek 10 days ago

    ne sikilir bee

  • Hamza mammar
    Hamza mammar 10 days ago

    بسم الله الي سمعها لايك

  • sebastian guedez
    sebastian guedez 11 days ago

    man jimmy Kimmel its so lucky...

  • Soumyadeep Bhattacharya

    Please Dua Lipa humein dua dena😛😜

  • Rob  blade
    Rob blade 11 days ago

    Shko maj kurve

  • Sam T.
    Sam T. 11 days ago

    I don’t get it.

  • itsHanco
    itsHanco 11 days ago

    Dua Lipa. I will make fresh pancakes every night for when you give me electricity. I want it I need it

  • andy. hello.
    andy. hello. 11 days ago

    who the fck is Dua? "can i make anyone pan cakes?", that was funny....

  • Heinsenberg
    Heinsenberg 11 days ago

    That’s not a prank i didn’t saw the part where he suffered or didn’t enjoyed

  • alaskamister
    alaskamister 11 days ago

    My daughter can’t stop watching this it is so funny

  • Simon czesak
    Simon czesak 11 days ago

    If someone woke me up like that..... they should start running

  • mert kdkf
    mert kdkf 11 days ago +1

    Rihanna cospilav

  • Durguti tv
    Durguti tv 11 days ago

    Time to wake up,he sees the smoke and the fire lights and he still stay on the bed without moving an inch hmmmm!!!!!!!!!

  • Yuf Mad
    Yuf Mad 12 days ago


  • Israel Fernando Miranda

    A quien no le gustaría que una mujer bien wena se te apareciera en la cama :v

  • BigJim Tuus
    BigJim Tuus 12 days ago

    Come prank me pls