Irish People Watch Lingerie Football

  • Published on Feb 1, 2017
  • "They're taking off her pants!!"
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    Video Description :
    We got our contributors to watch a Lingerie Football game.
    People featured in this video:
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Comments • 718

  • KittieLisheous
    KittieLisheous 13 days ago

    This is the 2nd football themed video I've seen where Pittsburgh was mentioned. I'm from Pittsburgh! You guys should visit it's a beautiful fun city with tons of great bars and only the best football and hockey teams on the planet! And it would be my pleasure to show you around. ❤

  • Joe Hazzard1nc Smith
    Joe Hazzard1nc Smith 29 days ago

    That was a champagne bottle 😂

  • Joe Hazzard1nc Smith
    Joe Hazzard1nc Smith 29 days ago

    Now I'm american, where is this played and how come I haven't seen it before?!?!

  • Danny Banani
    Danny Banani Month ago

    I love how funny these videos are, and how much funnier they get when you play them at half speed. Everyone sounds smashed as all hell.

  • BurnsYsnapZ
    BurnsYsnapZ Month ago

    "I like how the crowd all came dressed as empty chairs". Hilarious. Should be full in my opinion. Just blokes I guess. Some lesbian.

  • Mary Roberts
    Mary Roberts 2 months ago

    Those women football players my wonger hard.budro

  • NGMonocrom
    NGMonocrom 2 months ago +1

    We all know Nicole liked it. But she has to pretend to be offended because that's the politically correct response.

    FIDIRONU 2 months ago

    The commentators are smuttier and more dirty minded than the inappropriately-dressed women on the pitch.

  • Eng setters
    Eng setters 2 months ago

    1:24 😂😂😂😂

  • Alan Moore jr
    Alan Moore jr 2 months ago

    I'm surprised there isnt a ron jearmy ad somewhere in the game.

  • James Shannon
    James Shannon 2 months ago

    "My ears only" love dry humor.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 2 months ago

    Lol no god no i dont wanna see none of these irish chicks in Lingerie

  • RoiLyN
    RoiLyN 2 months ago +1

    Haha "All blacks" rugby shirt👍😍

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 2 months ago

    WOW! They finally found a way to make football interesting. It's surprising that this is not more popular. It beats the hell out of the WNBA.

  • Piknos
    Piknos 2 months ago

    She's a good ehm....mmm

  • Beth Chaney
    Beth Chaney 2 months ago

    Wtf? Shoulder pads and no uniform. LMMFAO

  • Amy Nalley
    Amy Nalley 3 months ago

    That was too funny. Most girls get into modeling after. Lol nothing high end. My cousin played for the show.

  • Alan Moore
    Alan Moore 3 months ago

    You potato loving alcoholic idiots run your mouth about America but yet how many of your ancestors immigrated to our country....dumbshits!!!

  • henry samuels
    henry samuels 3 months ago

    I don't know why those girls a complaining about this football when it says lingerie football it's supposed to be sexy wow dumbass. I think never made sexy football players without gear. Shit those two girls are pretty much feminist stupid asses

  • Awesome Asalways
    Awesome Asalways 4 months ago

    Uh-oh did we find something Ryan actually likes

  • Feli xRex
    Feli xRex 4 months ago

    This is sad, this video made me sad

  • Mr Spacely
    Mr Spacely 4 months ago

    1:23 now that is how you watch American football! with an onslaught of insults. I am proud!

  • hustle king
    hustle king 4 months ago

    That dude in the all blacks jersey 🇳🇿✊🏽✊🏽

  • South California Bob
    South California Bob 4 months ago

    the LFL is coming back... kickoff is april 20th, 2019

  • Bob Brainard
    Bob Brainard 4 months ago

    The Refrigerator has now be come the walk-in cooler.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 4 months ago

    2:38 JESUS lol I came

  • Jacob
    Jacob 4 months ago

    "For people who are still wanking to magazines and catalog" lol!

  • RonRay
    RonRay 4 months ago

    WARNING: "Camel Toe" at 2:38

  • Joemalian Juggalo
    Joemalian Juggalo 4 months ago


  • Andrew Whittaker
    Andrew Whittaker 4 months ago

    It looks far better and more entertaining than men's football

  • Hugh Fuller
    Hugh Fuller 4 months ago


  • c1rcu1tn3rd
    c1rcu1tn3rd 4 months ago

    wtf is this?

  • Loblolly0228 Gaming
    Loblolly0228 Gaming 4 months ago

    “Gah! You dropped it you stupid bitch!”

  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis 5 months ago

    Ps there is 3 girls watching this during a sausage fest that likes sausage. Don't get jealous women and gay dudes to comment without bias

  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis 5 months ago

    According to popular belief men want the facts girls to join. That's very wrong, most of the facts girls are to girly for this and no one wants to see any of them in lingerie anyway. Even the ugly girl next door is more appealing in america. The only facts girl worth seeing half nude is lolsy

  • Bruce Kirk
    Bruce Kirk 5 months ago

    It's my favorite sport

  • Erroll Leggo
    Erroll Leggo 5 months ago

    Hot girls playing sports, I like to watch, but very wrong in a way. I don't know, I am conflicted.

  • Leon Draw
    Leon Draw 5 months ago

    fire paddy

  • Little Flower
    Little Flower 5 months ago

    @2:19 that’s Christy Hemmy she is a pro wrestler so being tackled by a man is normal for her

  • Drake Mcfee
    Drake Mcfee 5 months ago

    Wait, what were we talking about?

  • Drake Mcfee
    Drake Mcfee 5 months ago

    Whattya mean does the interviewer have to wear a brasier and tiny panties? OF COURSE SHE DOES!!!! have you not caught the point of this, it's fanservice or a my team just list the Superbowl cheer me up

  • brandon boeger
    brandon boeger 5 months ago

    2:39 call that the coochie cam

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown 5 months ago

    Meh, no one lost any teeth or broke ribs, i wouldn't watch this. What's the appeal?

  • John Mith
    John Mith 6 months ago

    If you are gonna go to this level, why not just embrace your inner pervert completely and go the Full Nude Centerfold Dildo Fighting League? Who's keen?

    DESERT VALLEY DOGG 7 months ago

    " love how the crowd comes dressed as empty chairs." Hilarious 🙉!!!

  • Terrence Gentry
    Terrence Gentry 7 months ago +1

    It's LEGENDS Football League now

  • chris cutler
    chris cutler 8 months ago

    When are we going to see a lingerie rugby

  • chedoobie Do-wha
    chedoobie Do-wha 8 months ago

    It's kinda like rugby... all skin no protection

  • Mikhiel Thorsson
    Mikhiel Thorsson 8 months ago

    That is just sad, nobody in America really watches it. Because we it's a joke, I just thought I'd let the crew know.

  • Selena Wright
    Selena Wright 8 months ago

    the response to several dozen women not getting paid was "unlucky" ? really?

  • gawainethefirst
    gawainethefirst 8 months ago

    You should have seen the Fridge play in his prime.

  • John Ramoska
    John Ramoska 8 months ago

    The FACTS girls should play Strip Twister

  • Ross McGinnis
    Ross McGinnis 9 months ago

    I'm disappointed that no one made any tight end or wide receiver jokes.

  • Loyal Smith
    Loyal Smith 9 months ago

    1:36 🤣 Commentator says ‘look at that jiggle’ .... really?

  • Jenna Klinghoffer
    Jenna Klinghoffer 9 months ago

    Okay let's get something straight this isn't a subsection of women's football. This is the only form if football women have to play in the big leagues.

  • Arakash
    Arakash 10 months ago

    Muricans need some easy distractions, if they try to use their two remaining brain cells they probably die :D

  • Drew Allen
    Drew Allen 10 months ago

    I wonder of any woman has had their tit implant pop after a tackle.

  • Kevin CinnamonToast
    Kevin CinnamonToast 10 months ago

    They have a game next week in Ireland, The The Vermont Vaginers vs Dublin Douchenozzles.

  • -D3R3LICKT -
    -D3R3LICKT - 10 months ago

    Sure beats the Puppy Bowl Superbowl halftime show.

  • testticklehead
    testticklehead 10 months ago

    They acted like a bunch of bodies at the morgue.

  • أتابع الناصري. Keillor,Christopher

    Have you all ever done it Irish people watch ( roller derby)?

  • ennanitsua
    ennanitsua 11 months ago

    And maybe someday the states will advance to the point where there are actual women's pro football teams and these women can play with dignity and safety intact. How novel!

  • Tommy McCarthy
    Tommy McCarthy 11 months ago

    I totally forgot about Lingerie Football. I tried watching one game like 15 years ago and it was extremely boring. Renegade Rollerderby is a lot more entertaining than this lol.

  • dukky fuzz
    dukky fuzz 11 months ago

    The girls can play circles around the Irish commentators. Espeicially women

  • Megan Mousouleas
    Megan Mousouleas 11 months ago

    Americans love this!! Sexy women actually tearing it up🙌😉

  • tubedude54
    tubedude54 11 months ago

    Girl at the end... "They're getting paid!?" You could see her thinking that she could do it!! LOL

  • En Tee 14
    En Tee 14 11 months ago

    Kool shirt Paddy. Our All Blacks are number 1

  • BassasaurusRex
    BassasaurusRex Year ago

    "unlucky" = best line

  • Shaquan Tucker
    Shaquan Tucker Year ago

    I thought it was, "lady football league."

  • Cassandra Blake
    Cassandra Blake Year ago

    Is this secret porn?

  • 8 Ball Paul
    8 Ball Paul Year ago

    Jdjxhxby Pittsburgh Penetration should replace the Steelers

  • Who knows?
    Who knows? Year ago

    What. Did. I. Just. Watch.

  • Kitnighty
    Kitnighty Year ago

    I thought it would be the men in lingerie. B/

  • Арман Потгитер

    Amerikanski Shit ust propaganda.

  • Úlfur 2
    Úlfur 2 Year ago

    of course in america theres only this shit going on

  • Jakub Bláha
    Jakub Bláha Year ago

    Ye, I think I just fell in love

  • TheOUTLAW1982
    TheOUTLAW1982 Year ago

    Do people actually watch lingerie football?

  • Joeyjg
    Joeyjg Year ago

    Wait... this is/ was a sport?

  • c4manke
    c4manke Year ago

    Roller derby is a hell of a sight. Those women scare me, in the right way...

  • Island_Kermode
    Island_Kermode Year ago

    didn't like football, but now I do... i think... its probably just the girls tho

  • matthew peru
    matthew peru Year ago

    This is real America football I mean hard hitting blood sweat and tears. The NFL can't do this anymore.

  • Nathan Pettigrew
    Nathan Pettigrew Year ago

    Why is lingerie football a thing?

  • Robert brown
    Robert brown Year ago

    Your all bigots. Their body, their choice lol

  • Ludwig Van Zappa
    Ludwig Van Zappa Year ago

    Another stupid american idea .

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller Year ago

    Pick the worst videos to watch . Should have done the big hit compilation. These girls can play some ball . Give them the credit they worked for and deserve. Unless you dont think women can play "men" sports .

  • anotherkat4u
    anotherkat4u Year ago

    american SEXIST CRAP ,,,=^>

  • Muffin Ducky
    Muffin Ducky Year ago

    This form of "Football" is stupid tbh.... 0-0

  • skawashers
    skawashers Year ago

    Oi. Dont knock wanking off to the Lingerie section of a Catalogue . You cant beat the classics

    YOR FACE Year ago


  • Blue Falcons Suck

    The only honest male comment from the gallery *"Well, it's better than the Super Bowl isn't it"*

  • Taurean Murphy
    Taurean Murphy Year ago

    The only thing i care about is that Brand new shirt. Well played

  • Matt S
    Matt S Year ago

    Was that Christy Hemme? How old is this?

  • Unkle Turpis
    Unkle Turpis Year ago

    "I'm very warm... and wet..... my ears only." That actually made me bark my laugh like a dog. Awesome.

  • KnightofZero00
    KnightofZero00 Year ago

    "I really did not enjoy that" Liar liar pants on fire

  • KnightofZero00
    KnightofZero00 Year ago

    This looks far more entertaining than real football

  • Evan Kenny
    Evan Kenny Year ago


  • IrishSHAMROCK ??
    IrishSHAMROCK ?? Year ago

    Yo one lad in Rories story's

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod Year ago +10

    This has transformed into "Legends" Football. The play is very good. They've dropped the garters and the players have better protection. I think it's the 7 person teams but it is so exciting. Watching regular football feels like watching paint dry. And the female players are deadly serious about play and some of the plays are really exciting.
    I hope it makes it. Some of the games (entire game- all 4 quarters) are posted here on USclip.

    • Scott M.
      Scott M. 5 months ago +1

      I've seen some of the most brutal hits and tackles watching the female players. Not like the pansies the nfl has today. Old school hits that you feel in your spine over the TV.

  • philmor1776
    philmor1776 Year ago

    American football is a man's sport. This only goes to prove that. :)

  • Margarita M.
    Margarita M. Year ago +1

    "I love how the crowd came all dressed as empty chairs"