Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Trump For Systematic Attack On Immigrants | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump record of hostility toward immigrants, and criticizes the effect of Trump's racist, threatening rhetoric on immigrant communities in the United States.
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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Trump For Systematic Attack On Immigrants | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Comments • 7 545

  • Antaeus663
    Antaeus663 2 days ago

    Spoiled rich girl who never had to worry about a budget in her entire life insists it's our moral obligation to take working class tax dollars in order to finance a borderless infrastructure and infinite welfare programs that extend to any economic migrant that desires to walk into the United States because: "it's the moral thing to do". What could possibly go wrong??? I wonder how many illegal immigrants Cortez is taking care of in her New York mansion right now... Probably zero. It's not her responsibility to do so because her job is to be a moral grandstanding rich elitist politician. Such responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the working middle class at the end of the day. It's our obligation to become slaves because it's the right thing to do, and any resistance is racist.

  • Simon Classe
    Simon Classe 2 days ago

    I din't know that illegal immigrants coming in the US was so wonderful and that US families was so such criminals.

  • Alexander Kennedy
    Alexander Kennedy 3 days ago

    Mrs Murray will oust this cultural Marxist reprobate making excuses why she can't deal with her constituents due to lack of laptops she is disgusting smoozing with her celebrity status and forgetting to represent and work for her district. Antifa are very peaceful she would not condemn the antifa terrorists who appeared at ice she is a Communist facist. Backed by her storm-troopers antifa.

  • Gruagach. Iron Shoes
    Gruagach. Iron Shoes 3 days ago +1

    If she had more than three braincells Trump should worry but she hadn't so he won't.

  • Xaspirate
    Xaspirate 3 days ago

    To simplify, if you are a fan of AOC, you are the type that buys the sizzle and not the steak. The "Woke" youth refuse to bellieve she can do any wrong. To me she is just another who knows how to read the tea leaves and will now try to create a "Brand" and presumably rake in a ton of $$$ if this whole politics thing sinks.

    DARKSIDEZ LSTHR 3 days ago

    She is so dumb... amd her voice is so annoying, like a bitchy wife

  • Jisungpwark
    Jisungpwark 4 days ago

    1:36 OoF you go sis

  • Chris C
    Chris C 5 days ago +2

    When I think of America, I think of the MIGHTY eagle. 🦅
    When I think of A0C, I think "Chickenhead" 🐔

  • Kirrith Kovacs
    Kirrith Kovacs 6 days ago +2

    AOC holding what she thinks is a smoking gun memo. people crossing the border illegally have committed no crime.
    Tom Homan : yes they have if they don't use the legal port of entry.
    AOC 5 second silence big sigh slumps in seat calls for the smoking gun memo to be filed pmsl.

  • kb csDJvno \]][,.
    kb csDJvno \]][,. 6 days ago +1

    Mad Dog Maddow would love to munch AOC's muffin!

  • Kevin Renner
    Kevin Renner 7 days ago +2

    AOC is a moron!

  • mvunit3
    mvunit3 7 days ago +3

    Well . . .
    This didn't age well. So the "crisis" isn't _manufactured_ after all huh?

  • Nancy Schipono
    Nancy Schipono 7 days ago +5

    Not immigrant....criminal. Breaking the law is breaking the law!!!

  • Sara Peek
    Sara Peek 8 days ago +3

    AOC = coo coo

  • Hector Ortiz
    Hector Ortiz 8 days ago +2

    Poor baby you didn't get your pencils and your ruler and your white lined paper for school.

  • Alfred Neuman
    Alfred Neuman 9 days ago +1

    Pelosi can solve this problem in 30 minutes.

  • Triumphus Here
    Triumphus Here 9 days ago +2

    Aoc can Leave and go to a country with her beliefs but shes a lying POS so she won't LOL

  • Back row Bob
    Back row Bob 10 days ago +1

    Can anyone here tell me why Putin wanted that ignorant bigot in the White House to be elected President?

    • 1
      1 3 days ago

      Back row Bob To make our country great, & its HAPPENING! MAGA KAG TRUMP2020

  • Brad Jay
    Brad Jay 11 days ago +2

    Yeah, let’s put illegal aliens before American citizens. AOC is a socialist fool. Trump stands for all Americans, just not illegal aliens and we will wipe the floor in 2020 with you scared liberals. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • Romina May
    Romina May 11 days ago

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez I am so proud of you and what you represent young and smart!!!!!

  • Moe Snert
    Moe Snert 11 days ago +2

    Everyone should feel safe in the US? Blood baths in Chicago every weekend

  • Johnny Flyover
    Johnny Flyover 11 days ago +2

    She’s a moron. We are currently being invaded by illegal immigrants. Every country has laws and borders. As a responsible member of Congress she should be protecting the citizenry by enforcing our laws.

  • Wilma Johnson
    Wilma Johnson 11 days ago +2

    People can't do work without laptables?? What did people do before there were laptops??? lol

  • francis x
    francis x 12 days ago +2

    I thought there was no crisis at the border?

  • spongefreddie
    spongefreddie 12 days ago +1

    So, so tired of these two. Please just go away. The country is growing more and more tired of your fear mongering.

  • Cookie P
    Cookie P 12 days ago +1

    Hey mental those people were save by us we gave water,food, shelter. We have too many people.

  • Cookie P
    Cookie P 12 days ago +2

    Trump is not a racist she need to get a brain.

    • 1
      1 3 days ago

      Back row Bob Not true. I know im not a racist. but i support him. Why is he racisr.

    • Back row Bob
      Back row Bob 10 days ago

      Cookie P, anyone who says he's NOT a racist, IS a racist.

  • Cookie P
    Cookie P 12 days ago +1

    They are coming after our taxs dollar ,we spend billion on illegals. Blame it on illegals. She a big mouth how dare her say crap about Americans. Trump is trying to keep us safe.

  • Robert Mayer
    Robert Mayer 13 days ago

    Pelosi is so stupid for not recognizing that THIS woman has the potential to completely rejuvenate the Democratic Party, and inspire millions of new registered Democrats. But instead Pelosi belittles AOC and the reawakening of progressivism in the country. The Democratic leadership is SOOOOO bad. They are SOOOO blind as to how the political landscape has moved to the left thanks to Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign. People are READY. Just read the comments below. People are inspired and energized now that there is FINALLY some - a few - Democrats with a spine in Washington. Pelosi is befuddled - she is so used to caving in to the GOP. We need new party leadership SOOOOO bad!

  • Kerri Lynn
    Kerri Lynn 14 days ago +1

    Trump is calling immigrants criminals, he's the biggest gangster going

    • 1
      1 3 days ago

      Kerri Lynn the ILLEGAL ONES. Stop twisting his words into something you want to hear. He wants ILLEGALS OUT.

  • sane man
    sane man 14 days ago +1

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a brain dead single celled amoeba! Perfect guest for MADCOW!

  • Francisco Salazar
    Francisco Salazar 15 days ago +2

    The Media has lied to public , Democratic Party didn’t get there candidate and now they want to discredit our president that had done an amazing job

  • Bryan Max
    Bryan Max 16 days ago +2

    Am i the only one scared she might run for office in ten years. Socialism doesnt work.

  • American Fuel TV
    American Fuel TV 16 days ago +5

    remember the craziest, most damaging chick you knew growing up? this is her.

  • Stuart nevins
    Stuart nevins 16 days ago +3

    Hey just to clarify in case AOC or MSNBC or whatever station this is didn't know imma break it down for you. When you say the president is going after immigrants and they are having to leave the country and go home and later she says that the United States has their home which is a huge contradiction but anyway, and he's racist for doing that you've got it Miss worded a little bit there. Now pay attention here cuz this is important the president it's trying to get rid of illegal immigrants, Illegal immigrants, I'll say it one more time illegal. You can twist it and say undocumented so it sounds fluffy and nice and better but they broke the law. I broke the law and I got arrested and went to jail, there was no one on the news fighting for my mistreatment or cruelties so why is a congresswoman sitting here arguing to not only ignore the fact that they broke the law but that we need to give them equal treatment,the same treatment as every other law abiding legal citizen of this country. This one had two key words in it so I'll say I'm both again law-abiding and legal citizen those are pretty important. I'm sure it was a mistake and y'all just overlooked the technical terms for everything I just wanted to clarify things for you so you're talking points are accurate just doing my part as a legal citizen of the United States. Legal or as you would like to say I'm documented I have my papers sir

  • M 998 HMMWV
    M 998 HMMWV 17 days ago +2

    what??? shes giving out mortgages??? did i hear that right?? wtf lol Her amazing and beautiful immigrants just chopped a kid up with machete. split the boys head wide open you could see his brains hanging out..

  • Jeff In Chicago
    Jeff In Chicago 17 days ago +1

    Hey AOC supporters, she does not stand a chance TRUMP 2020 MAGA.

  • Inayah Cee
    Inayah Cee 17 days ago +2

    God she is my absolute hero.

  • xr440r
    xr440r 17 days ago +1

    Only problem is, she is a U.S. representative. I think U.S. tax dollars are better spent on a one way ticket back to where ever her tribe is.

  • Duke of Haphazard
    Duke of Haphazard 17 days ago +3

    0% facts 100% feelings.

  • Anne Bailey
    Anne Bailey 17 days ago +1

    AOC has been indicted for deception, syphoning campaign contributions, misusing her position, racism, misleading Congress, connections with terrorism and several other hideous activities.
    7,486 deceived comments.
    Her latest rant via the BBC condemned Donald Trump for caging children. No, they were built by ICE under Obama with the full backing of the Democrat Party. Obama cages kids and deported them.
    She is a liar who tells you what your itching ears want to hear.

  • Larry Louis
    Larry Louis 18 days ago

    Someone needs to tel AOC that she and her fellow politicians created all of this turmoil. They encourage illegal immigrants to come, they selectively enforce laws and not enforcing any border laws now, and they offer welfare, food stamps free education all the way through college and free citizenship. This is called rewarding bad behavior. Oh and Obama rebuilt these facilities before leaving office. So now who is to blame.

  • Eagledives
    Eagledives 18 days ago +1

    Ocasio-Cortez’s ( a.k.a ' Donkey Teeth ' ) anti-capitalist mentality drove Amazon out of NYC. In her own delusional mind you don't need business, because the government is going to take care of you. AOC ( America's Outright Communist ) is the Democrat version of Marie Antoinette. She drove thousands of high paying, quality Amazon jobs away from her constituents and essentially told them, "Why eat cake, when you can have crumbs?" McDowell ( Fox News Host ) is correct ! She stopped a minimum of 25,000 jobs paying approximately $150,000 each and now she is bragging and deceiving others about helping people get better min pay. This AOC woman is dangerous for America. ( This essay was sent to all Border Agents before they exposed AOC in Facebook, WELL DONE GUYS ! ) - The Facebook Border Agents are Heroes !
    The only reason why AOC ( America's Outright Communist ) get so much notice is people are paying "news" agencies and members of Congress to do so. She has zero understanding of economics, supposedly her strong suit. She is simply nothing more than a loud-mouthed teenager who keeps declaring the most outrageous things to keep herself in the spotlight, a true LOW IQ SOCIAL MEDIA SENSATION. Why would any senior member of Congress consider her opinion in any other light than that of a child that has been given too much too soon. Pelosi needs to completely sideline her until after 2020 for the sake of the party and Biden needs to ignored her completely.
    The photographer who took the photos of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appearing to cry at a protest outside a "tent city" in Tornillo, Texas demanded the removal of the images after it was revealed that AOC was actually crying over little more than a few police officers and an empty parking lot as part of a stunt.

    Earlier this week, we highlighted the fact that Ocasio-Cortez was clearly trying to mislead the public when she tweeted, "I saw with my own eyes" America was "becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents, & caged them."

    Numerous other photos taken at the scene show that there was no "Tent City" or any detained children in AOC’s view. Her emotional reaction to precisely nothing illustrates how the entire stunt was part of a photo-op designed to emotionally manipulate the public.

    Photographer Ivan Pierre Aguirre, who shot and tweeted four images from the event that AOC subsequently retweeted, demanded the images be removed.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fundamentally dishonest!

  • Jonathan Schell
    Jonathan Schell 18 days ago +1

    As Americans we take care of our own kind.. as AOC stands for the Mexican immigrants only cause she is Mexican herself.. if it was millions of white Europeans invading the country her tone would change. White people are evil she thinks..

  • john patterson
    john patterson 18 days ago +2

    If immigrants commit 10 percent of the criminal acts or even just 2 percent why wouldn't a reasonable person want 2 percent of the criminal acts not committed against the citizens ?

    • Paul Smith
      Paul Smith 5 days ago

      @Chris C and here are the real figures. You are scared of your own shadow.

    • Paul Smith
      Paul Smith 5 days ago

      @Chris C detaining them and treating them like subhumans before killing their kids is pretty costly too.

    • Chris C
      Chris C 5 days ago +1

      @Paul Smith FACT: It takes money for more programs to care for the illegals. The only way politicians get that money is to raise taxes!(yours & mine) .
      They NEED to come to the U.S. *LEGALLY*.

    • Paul Smith
      Paul Smith 5 days ago

      @Chris C who said you are importing criminals? Even the head of ICE admitted that wasn't true. You just believe everything any old racist tells you don't you?

    • Chris C
      Chris C 5 days ago +1

      @Paul Smith Bottom line. We don't need to import criminals. And YES, it's way more than 10%!

  • Bitcoin Bear
    Bitcoin Bear 18 days ago +1

    Wow MSNBC how much money do you possibly have to burn?? I figured you would have had to start reporting actual news again by now. I guess you’re well funded and are willing to lose money by spreading lies and propaganda I hope to God you go out of business‼️
    AOC is a joke and is anti American

  • pale horse
    pale horse 19 days ago +6

    She is nothing but a clown🤡🤡🤡🤪🤪🤯🤯

  • joseluis
    joseluis 19 days ago +1

    Fake News !!

  • B Nenergy
    B Nenergy 19 days ago

    "Apprehensions down " but illegal border crossings up since 2006, when all democrats were for controlling border.

  • B Nenergy
    B Nenergy 19 days ago +1

    Who cares what that twit says or thinks. She's got the perspective and experience of a 10 year old.
    She voted AGAINST 2 border aid bills. Stop encouraging illegal immigration that put these people in these

  • Common Sense, Politics!

    Shut your mouth, little girl, and go home! Hearing what you say reminds me of the child that says to her mother that she only wants to eat chocolate.

  • CorvetteKid
    CorvetteKid 21 day ago +1

    Manufactured crisis, eh ?
    A Puerto Rican socialist bartender shows her stupidity once again.

  • Jodie Grahm
    Jodie Grahm 21 day ago +1

    She’s a moron. And so is anyone incapable of seeing through her rehearsed agenda and ridiculous lack of insight. All she wants is attention and to be hailed some kind of millennial hero. Vapid imbecile who just wants to be given everything. Hypocrite, at best. So disgusting.

  • irishsid13
    irishsid13 22 days ago +1

    She would better serve us if she would just go make some sandwiches

  • Cheryl Cold
    Cheryl Cold 22 days ago +1

    Woman you an absolute fake. Please start telling the truth

  • Laura Cracchiolo
    Laura Cracchiolo 23 days ago +2

    That's like saying, "because you refused to give it to me, you forced me to steal it."

  • Brian Shannon
    Brian Shannon 24 days ago +2

    What a liar and con woman.

  • SungRok
    SungRok 24 days ago

    Eh, I'm neither for nor against this young lady, but I've lived in Elmhurst the past 30 years.. Elmhurst being a part of the Queens district which she currently represents.. and if you talk to a good amount of my neighbors, not too many are fond of her lately, especially after the Amazon debacle
    By the way, we now have a few blocks of what they call "no go zones" (I don't think AOC is aware of these), so if you're a lady visiting Elmhurst, be sure to dress modestly.

  • S Bludger
    S Bludger 25 days ago

    What an orator. She just has such a way with words.

  • Tracy Stone
    Tracy Stone 25 days ago

    She will President someday. 🦊

    • Chris C
      Chris C 5 days ago

      Put the bong down. You're fried!

  • Brian Dubrin
    Brian Dubrin 26 days ago

    Are you serious...? The women and children crossing our borders, in large part, are victims of sexual and manual human trafficking!

  • Renee Palmer
    Renee Palmer 27 days ago

    aoc, you are such a loser , i'm sure this will reflect, when you TRY and get RE-ELECTED !! those that YOU choose to protect, ARE NOT immigrents, they are ILLEGALS, learn to talk about somethng YOU know, which seem's to be nothing !! i wonder what, and why you went to school ...maybe you got a A for recess, and going home !!

  • Nicholas Sway
    Nicholas Sway 28 days ago

    Here's the truth...
    Trump will decimate in 2020!
    Please come back to see how this has aged 😂

  • Rosalia Sanson
    Rosalia Sanson 28 days ago

    AOC is a role model not only for the millennials, but for millions of older women around the world. I feel inspired to do what I need to.

  • John John
    John John Month ago

    Those women and children who are trying to come here with nothing but the shirts on their backs should try to do so legally, and after ice sends back all the illegal immigrants in this country maybe there'll be room in line for those women and children to enter legally. Why do the Democrats think that illegal aliens are above the law?

  • Nobody J
    Nobody J Month ago

    Finally someone with the guts to speak the hard and ugly truth! Does she have any sisters or brothers who may also be interested in politics?

  • TheOpenminded777
    TheOpenminded777 Month ago

    This bartender has only been in Congress a few months and has already cost Americans 25,000 jobs and has laundered hundreds of thousands into her bank account. What an inspiration!

  • will27ns
    will27ns Month ago

    Why not set aside several apartment buildings on the upper West Side and/or upper East Side
    (AOC country where a lot media people live) to house these deserving "refugees"?
    Of course, it would mean inconveniencing quite a few folks, but it's for a good cause.

    There's no cosmic law that says you have to live on the upper West Side.

    Plus, it would a wonderful object lesson to the deplorables; i.e. that rich folks in Manhattan
    have the courage of their convictions and aren't phonies who just wag their fingers at other people. Of course, somebody has to pay for all this. I'm sure they wouldn't mind forking over 50% of their incomes (they'd still get by, believe me.)

    As I said, what a wonderful object lesson to the deplorables!

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson Month ago

    And he won’t grow YUCA

  • robert hinson
    robert hinson Month ago

    She needs stronger Psychotropic drugs. I read your comments and am ever amazed of how you have lost it. This is a bartender leading her sheep.

  • charlie betancourt
    charlie betancourt Month ago

    So your plan is to criticize every plan that comes out good one

  • Jaythan Rangel
    Jaythan Rangel Month ago

    I love what she does she's amazing

  • Donna Hayes
    Donna Hayes Month ago

    Let's send them all to her house and see how she reacts....

  • EarlOfRednecks
    EarlOfRednecks Month ago

    She's so full of sh!t, needs her head examined.

  • guy laurent
    guy laurent Month ago

    It's obvious the Democrats don't have clue, oh yes, they have complaints, but no solution....

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Month ago


  • Janet Freyre
    Janet Freyre Month ago

    Immigrants are the problem. It’s illegal immigrants. She always tries to paint trump as someone who hates foreign people. That’s such a lie has anyone see his wife? I mean hello??

  • Janet Freyre
    Janet Freyre Month ago

    She just knows how to speak well. There’s no real substance to what she says. She’s 28 and really good at selling herself that’s about it... everyone’s comments is what worries me about the future of the US.

  • Aminah Carrington
    Aminah Carrington Month ago

    She popped OFF! Yeeeee

  • Curtis Sherrill
    Curtis Sherrill Month ago


  • Bruce Soto
    Bruce Soto Month ago

    I have known some Great immigrants who are the hardest working people I,ve know .One thing that Trump seems to for get is his family where immigrants at one time.

  • julia de la garza
    julia de la garza Month ago


  • giofyr
    giofyr Month ago

    2 disgusting individuals. Irrelevant to Real America.

  • Terry Cook
    Terry Cook Month ago

    The people have found their advocate and future president. If you run miss Cortez you will have my vote. You are overqualified to be president!

  • katherine ramirez
    katherine ramirez Month ago

    She should run for president, 2024 ♥️

  • juan carlos coral
    juan carlos coral Month ago

    AOC is great

  • almc2242
    almc2242 Month ago

    Americans knew what was in the Trump package. He is a lier as a custom. No tax cuts, insulting everyone and everything that is not American anglosaxon. America knew. In 202, are you going toi make the same mistake. If you do, you got what you want.

  • Capetonian 97
    Capetonian 97 Month ago

    As a guy from Cape Town 🇿🇦, i swear if I had to close my eyes i would've guessed Ugly Betty was speaking.

  • Two_x_ 4
    Two_x_ 4 Month ago

    My God why can't they say illegal immigrants? This whole video is nothing but lies shame on them. Immigrate are not the problem my grandparents were legal immigrants. And they would rather protect illegal immigrants than citizens of this country.

  • Rafael Pinefa
    Rafael Pinefa Month ago

    I AM just fine with free health care for all CITIZENS, BUT that is IT !
    Everything else, housing, education , a great job , those are the responsibility of the parent and the person himself !
    I don't even have kids, a and I pay TAXES for schools .
    I am f fuck'n tired of the GVT'S ha new in my pockets !
    I like AOC , but this whole idea of everything free for everybody is never gonna fly !

    BARBIE GUTS Month ago

    I'm anti immigration

  • k dark
    k dark Month ago

    I am Proud of AOC.Such a breath of fresh air💚

  • Lawrence Moreno
    Lawrence Moreno Month ago

    A true Queen right here!

  • Roberto Munoz
    Roberto Munoz Month ago

    She's reading a script 😂😂😂😂😂💀

  • Vanity's Fantasy
    Vanity's Fantasy Month ago

    So sis ate

  • Chucky cheese
    Chucky cheese Month ago

    the reason why he's taking papers away from people who have been here for more than 30 years 20 whatever is to keep the 401K their social security benefits their tax returns their house their cars and he's going to allow more people to come in and give them papers let him work for 20 years it's a recycle we are recyclable give us papers let us work take our benefits and kick us out right after that comes another batch horrible

  • John Ippolito
    John Ippolito Month ago

    She's a big liar, a moron from the project's , she was born privileged but has a project brain, Dummy

  • Steve Villanueva
    Steve Villanueva Month ago

    What a ridiculous moron. I hope she gets voted out. Her socialist politics will end the United States if they are implemented in government

  • Dilpreet Sekhon
    Dilpreet Sekhon Month ago

    She should be our next president.

  • Emilia Anderson
    Emilia Anderson Month ago +1

    I love her, but my blood boils
    when she talks about her immigrant policy. As a non U.S. American citizen, it is discriminatory to me and my country when pro immigrants such as AOC encourage people leaving their countries to this extent. She says it’s terrible that immigrants are returning to their countries... Why does she asume the USA is the only place people would want to live in? She says “No one deserves to feel unsafe in the United States” ... so if you aren’t an American you do deserve to feel unsafe?! The fact that so many US citizens believe the best thing someone from a Third World country can do is migrate to the US, because other countries aren’t good enough is discriminatory and honestly bluntly racist!!! She is defending her experience as an immigrant, which I can understand, but that does not give her the right to asume that the U.S.A is superior to the places these immigrants are coming from. This perspective is imperialistic and bluntly Amerocentric!!!!

    • No Name
      No Name Month ago

      She's not insulting other countries. She's saying immigrants should not be intimidated into leaving the US, and instead, only leave because they want to go to a different country.