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  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
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  • EmKay
    EmKay  5 months ago +9577

    Y'all ever just make an attempt?

  • JohnnyXgamer
    JohnnyXgamer 2 hours ago

    Your word butchering skills are “OVER 9000”

  • arc trooper Ion
    arc trooper Ion 3 hours ago

    Naming your pig bacon

  • The Megalomaniactic Artist

    11:13 It's a school, not a shooting range.

  • Pickle Dickle
    Pickle Dickle 4 hours ago

    Did anyone hear the discord notification at 7:18 🤣🤣

  • Reece Baker
    Reece Baker 5 hours ago

    WHO ELSE WAS YELLING AT THE SCREEN THAT THE SISTER IS 67! 6 - 3 = 3. SO, 70 - 3 (As that is the age difference...) = 67!

  • S3cK5hun8
    S3cK5hun8 6 hours ago

    That cat was whooping her ass. Didn't take her shit at all.

  • Dog
    Dog 13 hours ago

    4:00 so does heaven

  • ItsReganingRain
    ItsReganingRain 13 hours ago

    6:40 L I B A R Y

  • Jelly Belly
    Jelly Belly 14 hours ago

    that discord noise... bruh i was confused for about 3 mins

  • Matthews Pastoral
    Matthews Pastoral 16 hours ago

    USclip made an attempt on making a caption on ur vid

  • Rmdhn
    Rmdhn 17 hours ago

    4:20 3+4 =7

  • Ry Mo
    Ry Mo 21 hour ago


  • rudinn
    rudinn 21 hour ago

    i do eat a lot of rice

  • Mr. Bees
    Mr. Bees 23 hours ago

    Mate, it’s a fucking rock.

  • - GummiBear -
    - GummiBear - Day ago +1

    T h e p o o m a c h i n e

  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire Day ago

    11:55 Not the fucking kar again?
    Old one is AWP but not the fucking kar! We're in the 2019 here you dummies

  • Jeff Knott
    Jeff Knott Day ago

    Hey money grabber! Way to many ads you're fucking up the videos for cold hard cash!

  • Snowy X
    Snowy X Day ago

    on my b-day my gf came to me and said that if I go to Walmart and yell sosig she will give me 1000bucks but then after I yelled she said oh I didn't think you'll do it so here get 10dollars

  • Hiro Shima
    Hiro Shima Day ago

    You must be related to Mike Tyson. I can't tell if you're telling a story or sexually assaulting me. No worries though bro, I scheduled an appointment with a speech therapist for you. Now she normally works with toddlers, however, considering the IQ similarities this should work out fine. Consider it a gift to make the world a better place by correcting that horrid pronunciation problem. "hey you asked for a stinger, with love, Hiro ^-~."

    • Hiro Shima
      Hiro Shima Day ago

      aww hell....should have waited, right after you asked us not to do that. T-T sorry.

  • Bob John
    Bob John Day ago

    Bro you said Siri and my Siri actually picked up

  • Syncyl
    Syncyl Day ago


  • Uh Oh Society
    Uh Oh Society Day ago

    It's not a hotel
    It's Trivago

  • snipers unite
    snipers unite 2 days ago

    The lion king one says dad .....

  • Joe mamma
    Joe mamma 2 days ago

    projared joke is dated

  • Soggy Potato
    Soggy Potato 2 days ago

    Like. How bad I butcher words.

  • karmafox 999
    karmafox 999 2 days ago

    at 7:23 there was a discord notification i thought it was me and checked it then watched that part again and found out it was the video

  • Nugget
    Nugget 2 days ago

    nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/f-52-fighter-28052 you’re welcome

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 2 days ago +1


  • Red Eye
    Red Eye 2 days ago +1

    I just check my discord like twice until I realized it was the video. 7:22

  • Noah Bryant
    Noah Bryant 2 days ago

    Have faith use the fusion card to make iPhone 7 just look at the math iPhone 3 + iPhone 4 =iPhone 7. It's the new way to upgrade

  • Watermelon Fox
    Watermelon Fox 2 days ago

    Can we talk about the way he said “quack”

  • Skin Is delicious
    Skin Is delicious 2 days ago +1

    It leeked poo water? But it was in india? No not poo water just normal everyday water

  • Hidden2 World
    Hidden2 World 2 days ago

    I liked and subed and turned on notifications

  • Sparky Donovan
    Sparky Donovan 2 days ago

    What’s wrong with anal?

  • Chobittsu
    Chobittsu 2 days ago

    @7:22 Damnit! Made me look.....

  • TrueOmega 25
    TrueOmega 25 2 days ago +1

    Damien: Oh no they drink water from the poo machine.

    Me: Poo machine?

    Damien: DID I STUTTER.

  • Junior Playz
    Junior Playz 2 days ago

    There was an attempt for mcdonalds to sell McSpagetti

  • Tango
    Tango 3 days ago

    Discord notification sound 7:23
    I thought it was me at first

  • Tonet Amorín
    Tonet Amorín 3 days ago +1

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  • Kimmi McTimmy
    Kimmi McTimmy 3 days ago

    I tried my best to find out who messaged me on discord at 7:23 of this video. -.-

  • 【Name Not Found】

    0:20 He actually sold them F-35s.

    • 【Name Not Found】
      【Name Not Found】 Day ago

      @nox5555 Impressively stupid that is.

    • nox5555
      nox5555 Day ago

      It would be more impressive if he sold them non existing aircrafts.

  • Ineedmusic2survive
    Ineedmusic2survive 3 days ago

    Norway got no planes :(

  • subject 9142
    subject 9142 3 days ago

    Look up 170713

  • Sir Arthur
    Sir Arthur 4 days ago

    7:22 check your discord

  • A11acchelicoptree
    A11acchelicoptree 4 days ago

    If i was the human I would fight back, but with a sword instead of puny hands.

  • me personally
    me personally 4 days ago

    The one about gay and god starting with g well that's wrong because you're going against god nature.

    SLAVIC LEMON 4 days ago


  • duhstyroses
    duhstyroses 4 days ago

    7:23 you know you checked discord or reversed 5 seconds to know if it was the video....

    then did it a few more times..

    just for clarification

  • Noreena James
    Noreena James 4 days ago

    It's an unstable rock in the water ok it wasn't glued to the f****** ground

  • PAF_Octobro Playz
    PAF_Octobro Playz 5 days ago

    For a minute, I thought this was r/thathappened

  • camopenutbutter bananna

    Be Logan Paul

  • Thomas Murrell
    Thomas Murrell 5 days ago +3

    *hears the story about how the guy met his wife*
    Where's Tim Burton when you need him?! This is PERFECT for him!

  • Adella Jorgenson
    Adella Jorgenson 5 days ago

    "It's not delivery, it's digiorno."

  • Ziegler
    Ziegler 5 days ago

    At like one point I kinda stopped listening.... Maybe because it was 3 am I was Drunk and on my period.... Idk (it was Tuesday) my life is a mess

  • Sarcasm
    Sarcasm 5 days ago

    Twerk-thot's IG for great justice:

  • Sarcasm
    Sarcasm 5 days ago

    7:22 That discord sound sure fooled me.

  • Yesn't
    Yesn't 5 days ago

    That discord notification at 7:22 trigerred me.

  • I_Got_Too_Many_Projects

    “Man jumped on a turtle”
    No Emkay that’s a rock

  • Thanos Bruh
    Thanos Bruh 5 days ago

    3:25 it’s a fucking rock