• Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Controversial USclipr Ricegum clears his name in this episode of Impaulsive.
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    ***PLEASE NOTE***
    Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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Comments • 15 870

  • Kazoua Her
    Kazoua Her 13 minutes ago

    24hr Podcast CHALLENGE?

  • yash
    yash 37 minutes ago

    55:16 as he secretly puts his phone on vibrate through his pants

  • Josh Desjard
    Josh Desjard 47 minutes ago

    Lol why does Logan always look mad when Mike talks😂😂

  • Igno Vlogai
    Igno Vlogai Hour ago

    Where the hoes at?!?

  • Tian B
    Tian B Hour ago


  • Sujey Perez
    Sujey Perez Hour ago +1

    “ I’m learning how to love myself “ BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Avgelus
    Avgelus Hour ago

    "SuSpOsE" to be 38:30

  • Killer12returns
    Killer12returns 2 hours ago

    Who here after watching rice vid

  • Jeffy jeffy
    Jeffy jeffy 2 hours ago

    “Ama keep-ought a hun dead”

  • kawako
    kawako 2 hours ago

    When you tryna roast someone, but you nervous af: 35:23

  • The Tuber Night Show
    The Tuber Night Show 3 hours ago

    Soulja Boy Went Platinum Off USclip first

  • GucciGangJason
    GucciGangJason 3 hours ago +1

    “So if we wanna really get into spesfisics” -Ricegum, 2018

  • Isaac Christensen
    Isaac Christensen 3 hours ago

    George janko is with Jake lol
    I didn't know if u knew yet so I wanted to say something

  • AlcaholicDriving
    AlcaholicDriving 3 hours ago

    Ching chong

  • TSS _Mythic
    TSS _Mythic 3 hours ago

    Faze banks

  • Robert Anonim
    Robert Anonim 3 hours ago +1

    This dude is a piss of fucking shit. Fucking attention hungry chinese loser.

  • Jesse Ray
    Jesse Ray 4 hours ago

    Word for bringing people you have "controversy " with on the show!!

  • Jacob Kelso
    Jacob Kelso 4 hours ago

    I eat cheetos and make heart felt music instagram.com/p/Bsog2szHAli/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

  • Jacy Chirinos
    Jacy Chirinos 5 hours ago

    you should ask about abby roa

  • Michael Bravo
    Michael Bravo 5 hours ago

    Do another post cast, like for another one

  • Isaac Kim
    Isaac Kim 5 hours ago

    This podcast actually makes me like Logan Paul more. I'm asian and Ricegum is annoying as fuck, doesn't STFU, sounds like he has a cold and is... *wait for it*.... irrelevant

  • Afsha Khalifa
    Afsha Khalifa 6 hours ago

    bring erika!!

  • Tuwha Zafar
    Tuwha Zafar 6 hours ago

    rice need to train his voclabluraly

  • BlaDe Exploit
    BlaDe Exploit 6 hours ago


  • BlaDe Exploit
    BlaDe Exploit 6 hours ago

    [^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|] |

  • Michael Bravo
    Michael Bravo 7 hours ago

    I only watched cuz of rice gum

  • Strange Manta
    Strange Manta 7 hours ago

    Shouldve done this before the vlogging thingy

  • Steph Oxley
    Steph Oxley 8 hours ago

    What’s the point of Spencer being on this show, he’s boring as fuck! Get that drainer off, replace him with Evan!

  • Ahmed Faiz
    Ahmed Faiz 8 hours ago

    rice gum : I am not into money then why the fuck did u goto Logan Paul podcast ? FOR MONEY 💰 💵 💸 💷 💴 🤑
    edit : I came here for rice gum only and know I hate every thing about him

  • Marsha Mwanga
    Marsha Mwanga 8 hours ago

    this shit hype tho...

  • Guri Sandhu
    Guri Sandhu 8 hours ago

    Next time hannah stocking or Lele pons anyone or both

  • nathan correia
    nathan correia 8 hours ago

    Rice gum the goat baby

  • DirtyDave
    DirtyDave 9 hours ago

    You can tell Logan dont like rice

  • Sajad ##??
    Sajad ##?? 9 hours ago

    Get Ksi on

  • ᒪᗩITᕼ
    ᒪᗩITᕼ 9 hours ago


  • Tony Tarantino III
    Tony Tarantino III 10 hours ago

    Is it crazy I watched the whole thing? I hate podcasts but my boy Rice highkey funny as fuck

  • Santiago Hamilton
    Santiago Hamilton 10 hours ago

    4K monsters out here

  • Neli kent
    Neli kent 10 hours ago

    Actually here for rice 🍚.

    ISLAM HANI 10 hours ago

    We want pewdiepie

    ISLAM HANI 10 hours ago

    We want jake paul on a podcast

  • Aaron Talamantes
    Aaron Talamantes 10 hours ago

    Ricegum is gonna go broke easy

  • Shreya Nirukurti
    Shreya Nirukurti 11 hours ago

    wow where has this logan paul been

  • EHS Reacts
    EHS Reacts 11 hours ago

    Two Of My Favorite UScliprs Meet Once Again Aye Aye.

  • Hay Mamacita
    Hay Mamacita 11 hours ago

    Rice talks like an idiot he keeps saying.
    I'm like, I dont know, yea, no like, i just like, and like, nah but, like bro, dude , no right, its like i dont know, kinda like,

  • Hay Mamacita
    Hay Mamacita 11 hours ago

    Ricegum did grab Gabbi and break her phone.
    Ricegum would not have the balls to do that to a grown man.

  • Jason Haslett
    Jason Haslett 13 hours ago

    Ill give you a comment did mike Fuck Riley Reid?

  • Saif Fahed
    Saif Fahed 13 hours ago +1

    Did it came out

  • Saif Fahed
    Saif Fahed 13 hours ago +1

    Hey Logan paul how can we watch the thinning2

    RICHA TYAGI 14 hours ago

    pls bring dolan twins or dobre brothers
    ps : i love u so much

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne 14 hours ago

    The most douchebags in one room at the same damn time you will ever see

  • WeFalDwnButWeGetBkUp
    WeFalDwnButWeGetBkUp 14 hours ago


  • Ricky Paver
    Ricky Paver 15 hours ago

    This is why when I have kids USclip will be forbidden in my house....

  • Hay Mamacita
    Hay Mamacita 15 hours ago

    Ricegum sounds like an idiot.
    He is not your average smart Asian.

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 16 hours ago

    Lowkey I aint gone lie I didn’t like you before and I never really knew why I guess I didn’t really even give you a try but I gave you a lil try 2019 and I aint gone lie you lowkey a pretty chill person in a way.

  • Prateek Jevoor
    Prateek Jevoor 16 hours ago +1

    *I dont understand*
    *what the fuck does ricegum thinks he is?*
    *what persona does he possess that he thinks makes him the best chinese looking motherfucker that there is?*

    *fuckers who look like him make momos here in India for a dollar*

  • Kadey D
    Kadey D 17 hours ago

    Honestly, only here because of RiceGum!!!!

  • Danny Guevara
    Danny Guevara 17 hours ago

    Why is the beanie guy even there

  • glockparty
    glockparty 17 hours ago

    They told you to get the bag not steal from little kids with a gambling website

  • 777 Risky
    777 Risky 17 hours ago

    Anyone remember when Rice used to stream on mlg

  • Amanda
    Amanda 18 hours ago

    ok that really pissed me off about gabbie. I love gabbie. she is so awesome and she talks about mental health and actually brings a light to it. to say you hate someone because of something a long time ago is stupid.
    also if your going to bring gabbie up then you should bring her on the show.
    dont say your going to change and be a better person and then talk shit about people.
    also gabbie can actually sing besides you l guys.

  • D B
    D B 18 hours ago

    Mike and Spencer need to switch seats back

  • Carter Stpierre
    Carter Stpierre 18 hours ago

    Get ninja or Tfue in dis bitch

  • stevodadevo two
    stevodadevo two 19 hours ago

    Are you Gay yet?

  • Tinsae Bayu
    Tinsae Bayu 19 hours ago


  • ProRePlaYz NA
    ProRePlaYz NA 19 hours ago

    When ricegum streamed off mlgtv those were the days

  • tay k
    tay k 19 hours ago

    Why is Logan such a dick to the guy next to him

  • Expose Poor Service
    Expose Poor Service 19 hours ago

    NOt about the money, takes the money from gambling advertisement. promotes gambling to kids.... its a big deal lol dumb ass

  • Zen Seven
    Zen Seven 19 hours ago

    Yo get idubzz on

  • Adam Borgerding
    Adam Borgerding 19 hours ago

    Rice the god

  • whyyouso mad
    whyyouso mad 19 hours ago

    We're a pussy ass over sensitive country. Bunch of limp dick feminine bitches.

  • Mohsen Abbas
    Mohsen Abbas 19 hours ago +1

    At the start their sucking each other dicks

  • Dawson Anderson
    Dawson Anderson 20 hours ago

    Get Emma Chamberlain

  • Morgan Young
    Morgan Young 20 hours ago

    He’s Vietnamese not Chinese and he was raised in America so Chinese isn’t his culture dumb ass

  • Kevin Montoya
    Kevin Montoya 21 hour ago

    Get Alissa Violet on the podcast

  • Charlotte_ Hopexox
    Charlotte_ Hopexox 21 hour ago

    Get Emma chamberlain on

  • Keqxi
    Keqxi 21 hour ago +1

    D O G

  • Potato Salad21
    Potato Salad21 21 hour ago

    when he gonna put the headset on

  • EmEL
    EmEL 21 hour ago +2

    Vietnamese and Chinese isnt the same "culture", Ricegum is VIETNAMESE. Thats the whole point. If ur Norwegian and make fun of Swedish people, culture and history, do you just say "we´re all scandinavian, i can say what i want"? ITS NOT THE SAME CULTURES just because its the same continent...

  • fishaholic
    fishaholic 21 hour ago

    Logan and rice obviously don’t like each other

  • fishaholic
    fishaholic 21 hour ago

    33:10 hehe

  • Emanuel Rosas
    Emanuel Rosas 21 hour ago

    Get Blueface on there or Comethazine lol

  • Fisher MacDonald
    Fisher MacDonald 21 hour ago

    This podcast are fire

  • Arul Bhatnagar
    Arul Bhatnagar 21 hour ago

    Logan and Rice track or whaa

  • Carmen Mendoza
    Carmen Mendoza 21 hour ago

    Get Alissa Violet on here!!

  • Somya Sharma
    Somya Sharma 21 hour ago +1

    GET KSI 😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • Homer Minjarez
    Homer Minjarez 21 hour ago

    Make him comeback

  • Johnathan Castillo
    Johnathan Castillo 21 hour ago

    I just realized people p
    payed money to watch a tie

  • Emmett Flores
    Emmett Flores 22 hours ago


  • Sphynx 0
    Sphynx 0 22 hours ago +1

    Logan Paul sucks

  • Renato Rodriguez
    Renato Rodriguez 22 hours ago

    get banks on

  • Alejandro Vazquez
    Alejandro Vazquez 22 hours ago


  • Alicia Andres
    Alicia Andres 22 hours ago

    Get David Dobrik on!!! ASAP

  • Elisha Brown
    Elisha Brown 22 hours ago +1

    7 day’s podcast

  • jael castellar
    jael castellar 23 hours ago

    “2019 yet to fuck up” 1 week later the whole gay community hates him

  • Myzshia Bryant
    Myzshia Bryant 23 hours ago +1

    Why Don't We 🙏🙏🙏

  • Myzshia Bryant
    Myzshia Bryant 23 hours ago +1

    Why Don't We 🙏🙏

  • Myzshia Bryant
    Myzshia Bryant 23 hours ago +1

    Why Don't We 🙏🙏

  • Myzshia Bryant
    Myzshia Bryant 23 hours ago +1

    Why Don't We 🙏🙏

  • Myzshia Bryant
    Myzshia Bryant 23 hours ago +1

    Can I PLEASE put WHY DON'T WE on the podcast or something 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    JACOB LEE 23 hours ago

    Logan and banks should go to the super bowl this year