You Will Be Amazed By These 10 Optical Illusions

  • Published on Nov 30, 2016
  • Optical illusions are an amazing phenomenon that tricks our visual system. This video features amazing optical illusions that will amaze you. You Will Be Amazed By These 10 Optical Illusions!
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    Featuring... Flashed Face Distortion Effect - Alright, so here's just a flickering montage of celebrity faces on either side. You may notice that the faces are positioned so that their eyes are aligned in the middle. Nothing much to it apart from that. Boy or Girl? On the left there is a picture of a girl and on the right there is a picture of a boy. Or... so it seems. Believe it or not, this is actually the same picture and was created by Gettysburg College in a published study on why cosmetics works. Essentially, researchers found that there is more depth to facial differences between men and women than presumed. Static motion - This is another trippy one and it is not an animated gif. This image really is static guys. Notice that when you look at any individual point dead on it will stop moving. This powerful illusion is derived from interacting colour contrasts and shape positions within the image. Ames Room - With this one it looks as if there are 2 humans facing each other in a room. The room looks kind of slanted and the man on the right is a giant compared to the woman on the right. I can assure you though that the man isn't actually a giant and the woman isn't a dwarf. Headache-inducing spiral illusion - The name I've given to this one is accurate. Look at this formation and what do you think is going on? Well, to me it looks like this is some sort of spiral leading out to the outside. But if you actually look closely at each circle you can see that this isn't what's happening, they don’t actually form a coil at all. All it actually is, is circle after circle expanding from the middle. Checker shadow illusion - Look at the two checkered areas, ‘a’ and ‘b’. Firstly - I’m sure you’ll agree that the area labelled A appears to be MUCH darker in colours than the area labelled as B. So, that’s pretty obvious though, isn’t it? Not entirely. Actually, within the context of the two-dimensional image, both of these squares are of identical brightness. The Lilac Chaser - This one is also called the Pacman illusion, for a rather obvious reason. Stare at this central cross (red circle) as you will notice 3 amazing illusions. First, do you notice that this image appears to be in continuous motion (arrow)? This is called the Phi phenomenon. Nothing you see here is moving, yet the rapid succession of blinking lilac dots makes it appear as if it is. Motion induced blindness - Look at this still image, all there appears to be are three yellow dots and a green dot in the middle. Behind these points appear to be a blue grid. I’m going to play the illusion now, but before I do this I want you to focus on that green dot right in the middle. Spinning Dancer - This one is super confusing and you could be here for days trying to figure it out. This image is a still image of an animation which of a pirouetting female dancer that I’ll play in a bit but before I do I want you to get ready to comment on which direction she spins. Here it is… Does the dancer move clockwise or counter clockwise? Negative image illusion - This bizarre optical illusion test really works for most people and will surely add some quality wrinkles to that ol’ brain of yours. Just stare at the dot on the nose on this negative image of a woman here for about 20 seconds - get nice and close to the screen - yea you might look abit odd like you're trying to kiss the screen but trust me, just get really close to the screen and keep looking at this image
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  • Ella Evanov
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