You Will Be Amazed By These 10 Optical Illusions


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    Watch Part 2 here:

    • Roberto Murillo
      Roberto Murillo 4 months ago

      9:28 I just figured out!
      Move your pupils right and left while staring at her feet.
      That's the trick!
      You don't need to use your brain!

    • Jeremi Siahaan
      Jeremi Siahaan 7 months ago

      Stop making scary sound idiot

    • bestbudsgaming
      bestbudsgaming 7 months ago

      BE AMAZED the motion induced blindness I could still see all 3 yellow dots

    • Tristan Angelo
      Tristan Angelo 8 months ago

      The spiral doesnt work I see 5 circles

    • Logan Merritt
      Logan Merritt 8 months ago

      I think I'm broken because the last one didn't work for me

  • Sopheapanhavid Meach

    Number ten I see people with eyes and mouths

  • haruto palakama
    haruto palakama 5 days ago

    Celebrities illusion was amazing 😱😱

  • Mike pessolano
    Mike pessolano 12 days ago

    Black eyes 🧐🧐🧐

  • Lauren Fraley
    Lauren Fraley 14 days ago

    Look at the five for four seconds you’ll see it’ll turn darker!?!?!

  • cat madness
    cat madness 20 days ago

    It was amazed by this... I've seen the last one, but I still love those!

  • Littlegamer 123
    Littlegamer 123 26 days ago

    i once went into an Ames room their really cool

  • Rakoon
    Rakoon 27 days ago


  • Kwami Gacha
    Kwami Gacha Month ago +1

    Clockwise because if you just look at the spinning leg, you will see that it never goes the other way.

  • 09pug_girl :3
    09pug_girl :3 Month ago

    Number 3 didn’t work, I saw all of the yellow dots wile looking in the center

  • Captain Cambodia
    Captain Cambodia Month ago

    #5 broke my brain.

  • Nuulau Fanolua
    Nuulau Fanolua Month ago

    Do sum more.!!!!!!!!! The 💋

  • Shaun Boyle
    Shaun Boyle Month ago

    1st one there faces change

  • Ninja Chicken
    Ninja Chicken Month ago

    oh wait it wasnt an illusion
    i legi ttried it

  • Smwad 710
    Smwad 710 Month ago

    the last one doesn’t do anything lol

  • Manaia Jess
    Manaia Jess 2 months ago

    For the last one the lady is going right

  • EnkidoE
    EnkidoE 2 months ago


  • MQ
    MQ 2 months ago

    On 6 I don't see a spiral, but the lines look like they are crossing over each other in a pattern

  • Ariel L
    Ariel L 2 months ago

    That was trippy

  • Acecadt skyking
    Acecadt skyking 2 months ago

    cleary the moatin induticed blindness never meet a gamer

  • aditya butle
    aditya butle 2 months ago

    In this video it is looking I'm flying

  • Bebzilla Playz
    Bebzilla Playz 2 months ago

    10:49 ty

  • HR Shaw
    HR Shaw 3 months ago

    "Motion induced blindness" like my blindness to the second "N" in blindess

  • AYA Legendary
    AYA Legendary 3 months ago

    it look so scare at the last one

  • Nathan O'Neal
    Nathan O'Neal 3 months ago

    when i looking at the cross i swear i saw donald trump

  • U GEY
    U GEY 3 months ago


  • Jeff
    Jeff 3 months ago

    Number 1 BRUJIRIA!!!!

  • camp_din
    camp_din 3 months ago

    Amazing and awesome

  • Mr. everything
    Mr. everything 3 months ago

    2 last optical illusions dont work at me

  • Patrick Flanagan
    Patrick Flanagan 4 months ago

    the gradient on 5 tho? they different colors lul

  • maxtroid
    maxtroid 4 months ago

    0:06 sec, this is my CITY,-71.8911321,3a,75y,212.27h,100.72t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sEso_alv8jk1mB4CT5nMl3A!2e0!5s20170701T000000!7i13312!8i6656

  • M'aiq Felix
    M'aiq Felix 4 months ago

    when the dots become blue i still see green gap

  • papi chulo
    papi chulo 5 months ago

    The first one was the best

  • Candi Cloudzz
    Candi Cloudzz 5 months ago

    I hear Yanny

  • Bockie05 Kuy
    Bockie05 Kuy 5 months ago

    4:02 is see gucci

  • Marsel Music
    Marsel Music 5 months ago

    7:26 and if you move your eyes in and out of the screen oyoull notice the greenness glow come in and out of the pink dots!

  • Marsel Music
    Marsel Music 5 months ago

    4:04 am I the only one who saw 5 rings?

  • Jim Williams
    Jim Williams 5 months ago

    More illusions, please. :)

  • Kayla Cayetano
    Kayla Cayetano 5 months ago

    The negative girl I saw in colors ☠️

  • Eric Glock
    Eric Glock 5 months ago

    Does 7 explain the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot?

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones 6 months ago

    On the last one she has brown hair cool

  • Ella Evanov
    Ella Evanov 6 months ago


  • Ella Evanov
    Ella Evanov 6 months ago

    In the first one she for me, she was spinning clockwise then right towards the end it saitched

    • Ella Evanov
      Ella Evanov 6 months ago

      Not the first one😂 whichever one with spinning lady 😂😂😂

    • Ella Evanov
      Ella Evanov 6 months ago


  • Melanie Sosa
    Melanie Sosa 6 months ago

    I can actually keep seeing yellow dots with grid

  • The Whizard !
    The Whizard ! 6 months ago

    With the checker illusion it was b that was dark for me 😂

  • Toxic Peridot
    Toxic Peridot 6 months ago

    she moves both if u focus on one way

  • Devin Dittbrenner
    Devin Dittbrenner 6 months ago

    This is so cool

  • Effing Cool
    Effing Cool 6 months ago

    those celebrity pics looked like a painting ""scream".

  • Paige Lightbody
    Paige Lightbody 6 months ago


  • Alex Casaclang
    Alex Casaclang 6 months ago

    For the last illusion, I can still see the girls shadow

  • Arstotzkan Station
    Arstotzkan Station 6 months ago

    10:57 this one isnt working for me

  • Adonyan Slimez
    Adonyan Slimez 6 months ago +1

    If you turn any image into negative colors and stare at it it will have the same effect

  • Sabrina angel princess
    Sabrina angel princess 6 months ago

    Last image didnt fo anything

  • Sabrina angel princess
    Sabrina angel princess 6 months ago

    The bottom yellow dot stays and doesn't move

  • vaguegirl petty
    vaguegirl petty 6 months ago

    last one was my favorite ... full color and looked like a pic! btw, great channel, and thanks a lot for all the hard work you do to entertain us!

  • CRAZY MAN!!!
    CRAZY MAN!!! 6 months ago

    She was moving clockwise

  • Yala Halo
    Yala Halo 6 months ago

    What's the name of the soundtrack at 0:28?

  • John Phelps
    John Phelps 6 months ago

    So if #4 is truly an illusion, and not actually a construct in which the dots really ARE moving: Why does the movement NOT continue when I pause the video? It's a static image, yes?

  • Joseph Olvera
    Joseph Olvera 6 months ago

    The second one looked like the same person to me, but I couldn't tell what their sex is.

  • Droid Reign
    Droid Reign 6 months ago

    I kept the yellow dots in the picture ;-;

  • Fried Mule
    Fried Mule 6 months ago

    10:21 Yes I am starring… eh what dot, where did he say… never mind, I just keep staring where my eyes have been all the time. :-)

  • Kraken Master
    Kraken Master 6 months ago

    At around 1:03 poor David Duchovny.

  • American Nobody
    American Nobody 6 months ago

    It must be the artist in me because in the second one they both looked the same to me! That first one was crazy though!

  • Muhammad Amaan
    Muhammad Amaan 6 months ago

    i think anticlockwise bcoz look at the shadow below

  • megh voluntad
    megh voluntad 6 months ago

    Maybe i don't have motion induced blindness because i saw three dots all throughout without them vanishing

  • Pugs Plushies Pugs
    Pugs Plushies Pugs 6 months ago

    I put my face on the screen and stared at the green dot and the yellow dots didn't disappear even when I lifted my face they were still there

  • OciadreHD
    OciadreHD 6 months ago

    Anyone watching in 10|8 that sees the like button as hard gray after clicking it?

  • Ur mom
    Ur mom 6 months ago

    1:06 I seen a hamster face

  • Adore Fashion
    Adore Fashion 6 months ago


  • Sebago123
    Sebago123 6 months ago


  • Mr. Choudhry
    Mr. Choudhry 6 months ago

    guys at 7:00 pause the video and illusion pic is actually a video

  • ryrytinney3
    ryrytinney3 6 months ago

    Am I the only one that saw 3 different colors on number 5

  • Delboy359
    Delboy359 6 months ago

    Just one thing. I assume by your accent you are english. So why did you say counter- clockwise, rather than anti-clockwise.

  • Pj Park
    Pj Park 6 months ago

    I’m trying to get the yellow dots to disappear

  • Scott Clark
    Scott Clark 6 months ago

    More optical allusions please

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 6 months ago

    I didn't see any change in the last picture.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 6 months ago

    I finally the know secret of how to change the dancing woman's direction ;)

  • UltimateRandomness
    UltimateRandomness 6 months ago

    Couldn’t watch the last one, was 100% convinces it was gunna be a jump scare

  • LizTheWiz
    LizTheWiz 6 months ago

    she obviously moving clockwise

  • The funko pop show
    The funko pop show 6 months ago

    My brain hurts

  • Christian Tanner
    Christian Tanner 6 months ago

    None of the Illusions tricked me

  • Priyanshu Jigar
    Priyanshu Jigar 6 months ago

    11:16 ♥️

  • Connor Allsopp
    Connor Allsopp 6 months ago

    5 is ball shit

  • Jake Shower
    Jake Shower 6 months ago

    The last one didn't work on me. No matter how long I stared at it.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 6 months ago

    more more more

  • Blu Elite
    Blu Elite 6 months ago +1

    the first one scare me

  • Saori Hernandez
    Saori Hernandez 6 months ago

    The last one scared me,any where I look the picture is there

  • Saori Hernandez
    Saori Hernandez 6 months ago


    FUN LIMITLESS 6 months ago

    I think she is wearing red bra is it

  • Good Productionsグッドプロダクションズ


  • ilovebartok
    ilovebartok 6 months ago


  • Aaron
    Aaron 6 months ago

    I could see the three yellow dots.

  • Bubble Wrapper
    Bubble Wrapper 6 months ago

    so cooll

  • Bubble Wrapper
    Bubble Wrapper 6 months ago

    its hard to fool me i know a trick to see it

  • Nicholas Mcdougald
    Nicholas Mcdougald 6 months ago

    Her bra is pink and black

  • Dashpiee
    Dashpiee 6 months ago


  • Jerry Shunk
    Jerry Shunk 6 months ago

    This video was worth the July expenditure for my smartphone!

  • READTHIS !!!!!!!
    READTHIS !!!!!!! 6 months ago

    Araina grande album leaked!

  • DaGamePlayaZ
    DaGamePlayaZ 6 months ago

    On number 3 none of the yellow dots disappeared for me.

  • Sonia Veras
    Sonia Veras 6 months ago

    Just because you see it doesn't mean its their or happening