Do we have Dyslexia w/SomeThingElseYT


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  • MelodyMeloetta0
    MelodyMeloetta0 9 hours ago

    say hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (that is a word btw)

  • rainbow Chinchilla
    rainbow Chinchilla 11 hours ago

    go to 4:35in the video with subtitles

  • reality bytes
    reality bytes 11 hours ago

    adam is adorable kskdjksd

  • GoldenSuperKitty
    GoldenSuperKitty 12 hours ago +2

    The part of the trumpet that you took off, I believe it collects the spit. Your welcome.

  • tylersprettyodd
    tylersprettyodd 12 hours ago

    the hooks r to hold ur fingers ya dinguses

  • smallestguy
    smallestguy 12 hours ago +1

    I have dyslexia ☺ ..........Ya

  • hiunicorn2024
    hiunicorn2024 13 hours ago

    those thingies that you can move are to a) place your hands and b) they move so you can clean out your spit

  • hiunicorn2024
    hiunicorn2024 13 hours ago

    "thats why multiple stabs are the best way. just really go nuts with it." thats tumblr

  • Blue Orchid :D
    Blue Orchid :D 15 hours ago

    i have dyslexia

  • Hannahmations Channel
    Hannahmations Channel 15 hours ago

    use valve oil to fix the trumpet lol

  • I be joshin
    I be joshin 15 hours ago

    James-“The knife is still on the left side of him”
    Me-but it’s in the right side

  • Danielle Ochoa
    Danielle Ochoa 15 hours ago recite your ABC’s... all recite my 50 states😈😈😈 Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming😈😈😈 alphabetical order and all the states😈TOP THAT JAMESSSS😋😋😋

  • NinjaCupcakes
    NinjaCupcakes 16 hours ago

    The trumpet isnt broken, that happens sometimes to mine

  • Lime Diamond
    Lime Diamond 16 hours ago

    7:00 memes yes more

  • kute 39
    kute 39 16 hours ago

    I can play the trumpet and you did not breck the trumpet. The things are for the D to sound right.

  • Meme Queen
    Meme Queen 16 hours ago


  • Awkwardly Funny?
    Awkwardly Funny? 16 hours ago

    I was sounding out elephant and I said Eelaphant

  • Tiny_Gay_Hobbit Child
    Tiny_Gay_Hobbit Child 17 hours ago

    percy jackson has dyslexia

  • Infamous Bear
    Infamous Bear 17 hours ago


  • Gaby Herrera
    Gaby Herrera 20 hours ago


  • Gaby Herrera
    Gaby Herrera 20 hours ago

    Oof I have the same exact trumpet and that made me flinch when he blew into it.

  • Minor Meals
    Minor Meals 20 hours ago

    Percy Jackson has dyslexia

  • Tracey Kitchen
    Tracey Kitchen 21 hour ago

    I do nearly all of those things yet spelling and reading is one of my strengths!
    I do believe I have the Maths version of Dyslexia though, I think It’s called ‘Dyscalculia’ or something like that, It’s not that I can’t learn it, If I take my time It (with a GOOD and PATIENT Teacher-My Husband has been awesome for this) but it’s that it looks jumbled as soon as I look at it, It takes a while to make sense of what is written in front of me, It’s not that I can’t add up, It’s that my brain has to make sense of what is written there first so it takes me a little longer, but give me a book, spelling, grammar and I can fly! I believe that Dyslexia is the same, only opposite. I could be wrong though?
    A long story short, my brain can easily make sense and arrange written words, etc, but it can’t easily make sense of written numbers. Sounds strange I know, but true!
    I have known a few people with Dyslexia and they have been the most creative people I know-definitely not “stupid”!

  • Marcooni
    Marcooni 23 hours ago

    habing dislegjgdfsa es horibal

    (get it because)

  • The Purple Yoshi

    So, like from these questions I'm thinking that I might be dyslexic too, but I'm also in all the advanced classes at school, so...

  • WeeabooArt .p.
    WeeabooArt .p. Day ago

    Oh shoot, I always get my b's and D's wrong ;-; And I always get confused with my G's and Q's (I know where they are on the keyboard, I just can't write them on paper ;-;)

  • Little Gacha kitten

    I was 9 went I stopped

  • Ava's Volgs
    Ava's Volgs Day ago

    Are they roommates

  • Tyler Reabold
    Tyler Reabold Day ago

    You're not supposed to puff your cheeks when you blow in the trumpet.

  • Creative_Flowers

    It said I mostly have dyslexia.

  • The Fandom Chicken

    The trumpet playing is my new favourite thing in the universe. It temporarily returns to me the emotion known to some as "joy".

  • Wen Guin
    Wen Guin Day ago

    I just now got it they were doing random stuff instead of the tests because they have it

  • DodecaFeline
    DodecaFeline Day ago

    4:51 *mentally screaming* The movie doesn’t count THE MOVIE DOESN’T COUNT!!!

  • The Pik Pals
    The Pik Pals Day ago

    I’m also percussion and I do bass drum

  • Andie TMGZ
    Andie TMGZ Day ago


  • Silver152
    Silver152 Day ago

    Thanks to this video i relised i have dyslexia

  • Potato Tot
    Potato Tot Day ago

    To fix the trumpet spin the nob thing on the top

  • Corroded Metal
    Corroded Metal Day ago

    I get motion sickness all the time in cars it really sucks.

    It’s probably because I play videos games most of the time

  • Hailan Chen
    Hailan Chen Day ago

    I'm pretty sure the thing that you pulled out of the trumpet is the spit valve

  • Benjamin Perry
    Benjamin Perry Day ago

    Read Percy Jackson he has it

  • Galaxy Moon
    Galaxy Moon Day ago

    also your playing it wrong

  • Galaxy Moon
    Galaxy Moon Day ago

    yes that tunes the trumpet

  • Oliva Bishop
    Oliva Bishop Day ago

    Are you dyslexic? Well, we'll just use a bunch of weird, big, "smart" words, that only a few people will know, to help you find out!

  • gracee ferrell
    gracee ferrell Day ago

    When i was in 2nd grade i forgot how to spell 'of' so i sounded it out and spelled it like 'uv'

  • Oliva Bishop
    Oliva Bishop Day ago


  • Abigail Fox
    Abigail Fox Day ago

    I learned that I might have dyslexia yet I’m still top of all my classes

  • jac corriveau
    jac corriveau Day ago

    Vary good at music

  • Pin a Pun
    Pin a Pun Day ago

    Wait do you have cancer

  • Jay Mc123
    Jay Mc123 Day ago


  • The Celiac Kid
    The Celiac Kid Day ago

    To fix your trumpet you need to oil it

  • Mae
    Mae Day ago

    james has cancer

  • Liam Spence
    Liam Spence Day ago

    I can solve a 2by2 rubix

  • Orangepeelmactwistymactwist 557

    Why do you have a trumpet if you can't play it, ahhhhhh

  • Astr01lama
    Astr01lama 2 days ago

    I say class clown

  • dat boi srry
    dat boi srry 2 days ago

    Its the 1s

  • dat boi srry
    dat boi srry 2 days ago

    Fake boi

  • Dandymations
    Dandymations 2 days ago

    i don't feel so good

  • Maocat 17
    Maocat 17 2 days ago

    I'm not being rude or anything...
    but does James have light brown hair or ginger hair???
    I have bad eyesight


    Why Does Adam Steal The Show?

    Oh Wait A New ITSALEXCLARK Vid!

    Jaiden: aDaM!

  • Delaney Jessup
    Delaney Jessup 2 days ago

    I dyslectic and ADHD ic and a guff ball ic

  • Kyle lum
    Kyle lum 2 days ago

    The 2 slides do help with tuneing and you should get that fixed 😂 because that happened to me my 7th grade year and it was horrible because I couldn't do anything because that seems like one of the most important one. By the way great video as always 👌

  • shy guy productions
    shy guy productions 2 days ago

    Wait do I have dyslexia

  • Awesome Box360
    Awesome Box360 2 days ago

    15:20 that's Kona ice

  • Rocket-Uber YT
    Rocket-Uber YT 2 days ago

    I has a trumpet 🎺

  • THE CAKE MAN!!!!!!
    THE CAKE MAN!!!!!! 2 days ago

    I'm dyslexic ha ha ha

  • Sydney Harrell
    Sydney Harrell 2 days ago

    I basically think of adam as an overgrown version of my friend AJ, because Adam’s mannerisms are just like his, too and they look a little similar. He would totally show off his belt like that.

  • Holden Stremick
    Holden Stremick 2 days ago

    this is the best bromance

  • Dragonsprinkles
    Dragonsprinkles 2 days ago

    Trumpet is easy fix! Unscrew key and oil it (I played trumpet in grade 5)

  • Cassidy Flick
    Cassidy Flick 2 days ago

    As an actual trumpet player in an actual band, and who has practiced this craft for like 4 years, I think James is a better player than my instructor so bam

  • TikiTime Gaming
    TikiTime Gaming 2 days ago

    The slide closest to the bell is for letting spit out and the back nearest to the mouth is a tuning slide.

  • Cole Doodler
    Cole Doodler 2 days ago

    You need to lube it up and the tube is for spit

  • DerpyDinoXyX
    DerpyDinoXyX 2 days ago

    The slides on the trumpet are for making certain notes sound better and for tuning also just unscrew the valve and use valve oil

  • IdaBest
    IdaBest 2 days ago

    i play the trumpet and the two slides are for tuning, the front slide is for the 3rd valve (the closet valve to the end) so whenever the 3rd valve is pressed, the air has to go through the front slide making the air have to go farther. The back slide is for the first valve (the one closest to you when you're playing) once the first valve is pressed it makes it so the air has to go through the back slide making the air have to travel farther. So, if you push or pull out the slides a little makes the air have to go even farther making it either deeper or higher.

  • Yara Zgheib
    Yara Zgheib 2 days ago

    Every halfblood in PJO HOO except frank is dyslexic XD

  • Lennon Dorris
    Lennon Dorris 2 days ago

    Adam was clapping james’ cheeks that’s why there in the same room

  • Saver . Ex
    Saver . Ex 2 days ago +1

    I have Dyslexia and it affects all subjects. It sucks now you have another character because I am a USclipr. Also In one of IhasCupquakes old videos she talked about how she might have it. So now you have 2

  • Theawesometomato 43
    Theawesometomato 43 2 days ago

    he didnt say acd but he did miss e

  • Theawesometomato 43
    Theawesometomato 43 2 days ago

    Adam: can you see my belt?

  • Theawesometomato 43
    Theawesometomato 43 2 days ago

    James do you really know how to play a trumpet

  • Tokio Anime
    Tokio Anime 2 days ago

    I am (or believe I am):
    Definitely not dyslexic
    Your Test Score is:
    wait 🤔🤨what?😳

  • fan9552
    fan9552 2 days ago

    64....mario 64 DA DA DAAAAA

  • Erwin Fugawie
    Erwin Fugawie 2 days ago

    Expectatiaon vs reality 7:02

  • KurtTheNoob
    KurtTheNoob 3 days ago

    _puts mouthpiece in mouth_
    _smells mouthpiece_

  • Claudia Thackray
    Claudia Thackray 3 days ago

    I am an "exceptionally horrible speller" also, however, my spelling was the reason I found out I had a hearing impairment in both ears because when they went to test me for dyslexia they discovered I had less than half of a normal persons hearing level in both ears. Not saying my spelling has improved immensely with hearing aids but something to test if you are a fellow "exceptionally horrible speller"

  • Epiphany animations
    Epiphany animations 3 days ago

    Those things on the trumpet are meant for emptying the spot out of the trumpet and you fix the middle valve by applying valve oil once you take out the thing

  • Fire Pixie
    Fire Pixie 3 days ago

    I would play as the ods1out if he was in a mario game

  • TheCobrayKing Fortnite Gamer

    I think I have dyslexia too I took the tes with you and I mostly got often and most of the time

  • Hayden Zamora
    Hayden Zamora 3 days ago

    i think i have a problem i have

    ADHD, ADD,autisum, and dyslexia

  • Navi Dave
    Navi Dave 3 days ago

    i like that shirt

  • EnderLilly
    EnderLilly 3 days ago

    sorry XD

  • Finnian Reed
    Finnian Reed 3 days ago

    I have dyslexia and ADHA and this is just what I needed

  • Raynard Tamayo
    Raynard Tamayo 3 days ago

    My teacher says that too

  • Raynard Tamayo
    Raynard Tamayo 3 days ago


  • Honeythorn225
    Honeythorn225 3 days ago +8

    Adam: "Only nerds wear glasses"
    **is wearing glasses**
    Adam: "...oh wait"
    Me: HAHA
    **is also wearing glasses**
    Me: ...

    • Julien Badoo
      Julien Badoo 19 hours ago

      I liked your comment twice to show you how much I liked it 🙃

  • YellowToaster6
    YellowToaster6 3 days ago


  • Yamato Irie
    Yamato Irie 3 days ago

    13:54, James proves himself with dyslexia

  • Brayden Mandabach
    Brayden Mandabach 3 days ago