Do we have Dyslexia w/SomeThingElseYT


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  • Cdx_Reeve
    Cdx_Reeve 21 minute ago

    I am dyslexic

  • Purple Kiwi -FTW-
    Purple Kiwi -FTW- 56 minutes ago


  • wannabe aesthetic

    Omg is that reviewbrah t shirt ?

  • The Gamer26
    The Gamer26 Hour ago

    Does anyone else spell what with an e

  • Gavin Marble
    Gavin Marble 2 hours ago

    Sound out indecernibility

  • Caden Choi
    Caden Choi 3 hours ago

    Adam has been wetting the bed longer than he hasn’t...

  • Alex Anderson
    Alex Anderson 3 hours ago

    I did the same tests as you and I got a 60

  • Night Shadow
    Night Shadow 5 hours ago

    19:50 De Javu

  • Night Shadow
    Night Shadow 5 hours ago

    17:21 LOLLLLL

  • Night Shadow
    Night Shadow 5 hours ago

    I got 51

  • random rush
    random rush 6 hours ago

    i m pretty sure that thing you did not no what is was on the trumpet is a spit volve

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 8 hours ago

    It called a velve. I play a euphonium
    Edit: Oil the velve

  • WestieB
    WestieB 9 hours ago

    Always wear ur seatbelt.

  • WestieB
    WestieB 9 hours ago

    Anyone else here got Asperger Syndrome?

    No. Just me okay. Thats fine its pretty rare.

  • Little_Floof_ In_A_Lifeboat

    A saxophone is a woodwind. *the more you know~*

  • Dag Wood
    Dag Wood 10 hours ago

    I can just imagine James throwing up gang signs😭😭

  • potater nator
    potater nator 10 hours ago

    Adam is Captain America

  • ItsJojo
    ItsJojo 10 hours ago

    Guys yesterday I saw a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious stuck in a tree

  • Allen Dolberry
    Allen Dolberry 10 hours ago

    The doctor from family guy has dyslexia

  • some person on YouTube watching videos

    I literly all most cantmspell but I can read super fast

  • LLAMA _sparkle
    LLAMA _sparkle 12 hours ago

    There are slides and vales and the slides are number 123 and there is a main slid and there is a mouth piece for the vale that is down get vale oli and take it out they are also number 123 and it has it on it it is easy to take care of if this makes no sense because that's me then look it up so it makes more sense.

  • that person in the background

    i think the trumpet needs valve oil💀

  • Guy Rahamim
    Guy Rahamim 12 hours ago

    every single greek demigod written about by rick riordan...

  • dustin montgomery
    dustin montgomery 12 hours ago

    Im dilxik

  • LLAMA _sparkle
    LLAMA _sparkle 13 hours ago

    You have trumpet do you know how to play I have trumpet and I'm dyslexic but it's all cool I know how to play me trumpet to 😋😃

  • Yo Momo
    Yo Momo 13 hours ago

    I ship it the oddoneselseyt

  • Happy_ Panda1234
    Happy_ Panda1234 13 hours ago

    Yooooooooooo. I’m a percussionist to

  • Yo Momo
    Yo Momo 13 hours ago

    You need to grease the valves up in the trumpet reeeeeeeeee.

  • Cohen Howes
    Cohen Howes 14 hours ago +1

    That’s why multiple stabs are the best way. Just really go nuts with it.

  • Monica Elizabeth Pelled
    Monica Elizabeth Pelled 15 hours ago +1

    You literally mentioned all my favorite characters: Doof, phineas, ferb, Percy, Doof, Doof.

  • raccoon king17 Raccoon king17

    I have dislexia

  • Scadelapers
    Scadelapers 15 hours ago +1

    to who ever wrote the subtitles i love you for the jaiden animations recording on a toaster reference

  • Marissa Romero
    Marissa Romero 15 hours ago +1

    C A N C E R

  • Estevan Dougherty
    Estevan Dougherty 16 hours ago

    you have to push down the valves when you pull out the slides or else the pressure will build up in the valve tubes and it will slowly break your trumpet also the slides are to tune it but it is also another way to get all the spit out :)

  • Estevan Dougherty
    Estevan Dougherty 16 hours ago

    I love it when James plays his trumpet wrong... :/:)

  • The skull gamer 061606
    The skull gamer 061606 16 hours ago

    13:27 me when I hear HOMEWORK

  • TermicrafTeron 27
    TermicrafTeron 27 16 hours ago

    Adam: james, I don't, idon't know how to tell you this, but I'm in love with you. James: okay. Adam: *friendzoned*

  • Chloe Maguire
    Chloe Maguire 17 hours ago +1

    James you low key look like Gerard Way and I love it
    Late commenting oops😂

  • Lauren Playz
    Lauren Playz 17 hours ago

    9:54 my French teacher be like ;-;

  • milot shehu
    milot shehu 18 hours ago

    im albanian and i know english perfect....perfect

  • izzytheunhotmess
    izzytheunhotmess 19 hours ago

    those slides are tuning slides:) if you play a sharp note with certain fingerings then you push those put to have the note in tune!!

  • The Monkey Prince
    The Monkey Prince 20 hours ago

    Adam you just put your mouth where you empty the spit

  • Lazer Tron 66
    Lazer Tron 66 22 hours ago

    WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! percy jackson has dyslexia

    ALEXANDRA RODECK 22 hours ago

    Too quiet me and you both 😭😭😭

  • Foxy Boy
    Foxy Boy Day ago +1

    My dad has dyslexia

  • Pay Weasley
    Pay Weasley Day ago

    😮 I might have dyslexia

  • Lilly harris
    Lilly harris Day ago

    My dad said that one day I’ll grow out of have dyslexia

  • Lilly harris
    Lilly harris Day ago

    I have dyslexia. I have a hard time telling what is left and right

  • Eugene I'm not gonna tell you my last name

    Almost everyone in camp half blood has dyslexia.

  • Gentle Shagaru
    Gentle Shagaru Day ago

    4:33 I’m sorry James but you are dyslexic

  • Great British Gaming Girls

    I am dyslexic but I can read extremely well and my spelling is ok
    Those are not the only issues. My problem is my handwriting and organisation and the left and right thing

  • Tameo C.
    Tameo C. Day ago

    I'm starting to ship James and Adam together :/

  • Random cookie Productions

    “Today I have Adam in my bedroom... we weren’t doing anything.” James 2k18

  • Zzhyr Padran
    Zzhyr Padran Day ago

    At 10:45 to 10:46 with subtitles on...what is the word being said

  • Mr. Fox / EclipseTDS

    Oh, maybe that's why I have a hard time telling and remembering if things are left and right?

  • Super sayain god Morgan

    🥓 bacon

  • Latasha Hall
    Latasha Hall Day ago

    omg James and Adam... Woah you're mother very wise, just like my Mom. There's nothing to be ashamed of, I have a learning disability.

  • Miniman plays
    Miniman plays Day ago

    7:00 MARIO

  • Spqce Starlight
    Spqce Starlight Day ago +1

    Adam: *vietnam flashbacks*

  • Quest Brother
    Quest Brother Day ago

    Adam and James are sharing a shaved ice. SO ROMANTIC!!!

  • Dynamite 2004
    Dynamite 2004 Day ago

    The trumpet needs a thing called, “Valve oil” only for the trumpet

  • Genevieve Alforja

    My teacher told us to look in a dictionary too btw i good at spelling

  • Bdog Gaming
    Bdog Gaming Day ago +1

    I have dyslexia

  • Genevieve Alforja

    I think i have dyslexia I always have to look at my hands to figure out which way is left or right

  • H. Michelle Ezazi


  • Nana Animations
    Nana Animations Day ago


  • Nana Animations
    Nana Animations Day ago


  • Nana Animations
    Nana Animations Day ago

    I can spell but I spell fery slow, I can't tell from left and right without my fingers, when I read or spell I lose trac of things, but my mum says I'm not deslectic...

  • TwentyØneSøflets


  • Kasen Miller
    Kasen Miller Day ago

    “Only nerds have glasses......oh wait” XD

  • Kendra Fox
    Kendra Fox Day ago

    I’m a trumpet player and this is very triggering 😆 and those slides are to put grease on to make it not sound stupid and they also are used for emptying spit. And the one with the ring is pushed out whenever you press the third valve.

  • AJ S
    AJ S Day ago

    I'm right handed. And every year I have a hard time breathing and on December every year, I get asthma. 1 like= 1% of good luck😊

  • AJ S
    AJ S Day ago

    Today, when I go to school I act like Adam when he was a kid and, when James play the trumpet its sounds like our violins playing a song like Waltz.


    The long slide is for when you use the third valve. Notes with the third valve are naturally out of tune so you bring out the slide to bring it back into tune

  • The Half-Blood Gryffinpuff

    All the Percy Jackson characters.

  • Marley Golden
    Marley Golden Day ago

    They are spit valves to release the saliva that gets kicked up in there

  • Kara Campo
    Kara Campo Day ago


  • Lizzie loves lps Isabella And purp cats

    Adam: only nerds wear glasses 🤓
    Me: *ADAM U HAVE GLASS!* *U NERD 🤓!*

  • Azriela Plays
    Azriela Plays Day ago +1

    I did ASL in kindergarten and still remember I teach other kids and I’m in middle school
    I read at a 8th grade level +
    I’m 11... yeah
    I read perfectly fine at 4 years old I COULD READ ANCHOR WHAT 😑 I watched myself read and it was clear unlike ofther pre-k kids

    I’m literally partly deaf and blind
    This was hard to write so it I mis spelled something please don’t hate it hurtsbme

  • W Gamer
    W Gamer Day ago

    Percy Jackson is Dyslexic!

  • Abigail Engelman

    thats the spit valve. I play trombone

  • Raybean
    Raybean Day ago


  • Aly Mc
    Aly Mc Day ago

    umm im pretty sure the part you pulled out is to release your spit... people used to do it all the time in my orchestra...

  • Ana Cornelio
    Ana Cornelio Day ago

    James: *opens water key* “ I think this is to like tune it”
    Me: * T R I G G E R E D* hdjshxhehdhhjjzjsjjsjsjskskdnsbs UGHHHHHHHHHHH

  • CoolPikachu 66
    CoolPikachu 66 Day ago

    Literally that is the only thing that my grade 5 teacher would say when we asked him how to spell a word

  • Midnightwolf 123

    James. I think I'm dislecslic

  • Allexa Carrillo
    Allexa Carrillo Day ago

    I would say class clown.

  • Springroll 65
    Springroll 65 Day ago

    The key probably just needs to be oiled so but the oil into the slots at the bottom and wiggle it into the trumpet to work it and see if that helps

  • Hugo Yujin
    Hugo Yujin Day ago

    0:20 When you it sooooooooooubway version of avuengers im in a fitiniss wuar.

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 2 days ago


  • Two Short Girls Making Cards

    No one ever taught me the whole making an L with your hands to know what’s your left and what’s your right. So I made the Ls with my hands and I couldn’t remember which way ab L went.... I swear I’m dyslexic even tho I’ve never been tested. (Only saying that because there are more things showing I’m dyslexic than just that)

  • The UniCorn
    The UniCorn 2 days ago

    For do whole video i switched between dislexia and epilepsia

  • Rosegarden Draws
    Rosegarden Draws 2 days ago

    I used to mix up mtn dew for Pepsi and Pepsi for mtn dew

  • Whittaker /ws
    Whittaker /ws 2 days ago

    I know a character with pixslexia if I even spelt that right

  • Golden Nuggit720
    Golden Nuggit720 2 days ago

    10:50 onwards cringed me out as a trumpet player

  • Alexis Mccutcheon
    Alexis Mccutcheon 2 days ago

    Ummm im pretty sure that thing thatn comes off is a spit valve aka it collects your spit

  • Potato Girl
    Potato Girl 2 days ago +4

    **mom calls**
    James: *"Mmmmmmm talk to me"*

    Best line I have ever heard

  • Daffy Duck
    Daffy Duck 2 days ago

    Percy Jackson and most demigods

  • Puppet Girl
    Puppet Girl 2 days ago

    I don’t have dyslexia but my sister does (my other sister might too but we aren’t exactly sure.... it runs in the family like 4 of my cousins have it) but yet I have a hard time figuring out left from right lol