John Legend, Meek Mill and More React to 'Surviving R. Kelly' Documentary

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • ‘Surviving R.Kelly’ Docuseries (00:04) ►
    John Legend reacts (00:39) ►
    Tank reacts (01:42) ►
    Meek Mill reacts (02:20) ►
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    John Legend, Meek Mill and More React to 'Surviving R. Kelly' Documentary
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Comments • 2 190

  • Tumarah Young
    Tumarah Young Month ago

    Kinda reminds me of MJ case..after allegations neither one of them cleaned up their acts, Kells should of cleaned out his house, MJ had e kids n still was keeping boys at the crib n shit

  • Wanda Lee
    Wanda Lee 4 months ago

    My issue with this RKelly thing is, just like Bill Cosby, these men don't remember what these women's insides feel like. If you stop a man from making money and living freely over ice aged female insides or old relationships, you are evil, vendictive, and it's just as bad as being freaky and greedy. Why continue with these shananigans? He's not going to keep paying them or their parents when he can no longer make music. However, somebody will still give them what they want.

  • Rakeem Bowdry
    Rakeem Bowdry 5 months ago

    Well you can believe these emails all you want. But I bet some of them are adding extra shit

  • christina alonzo
    christina alonzo 5 months ago


  • frances dempsey
    frances dempsey 5 months ago

    dont let john legend kid you he has a dark side to and it has a lot to do with kids to its all going to come out he is a POS him and his wife

  • VOICE theVillain
    VOICE theVillain 6 months ago

    Chance the rapper has it messed up. People make songs with R Kelly because he's a legendy and wealthy man in the music industry. When it comes to further people's careers that's all these goofass musicians think about. THAT'S why he didn't care about the pain of black women. Don't try and throw black men under the bus for your decision to cosign a pedophile. Black men were the ones leading the charge against R Kelly. Women are his biggest supporters, the fill his concerts wiping him down and shit.

  • charlene kidd
    charlene kidd 7 months ago

    #Muterkelly is people trying to play God. Rkelly have done wrong yet God handles all Man/Women for better than we can. Tyler Perry showed us in his movies ☝ in particular the Diary of a Mad Black Woman

  • frank ponds
    frank ponds 7 months ago

    We ignored it all because it became nothing but a punchline throughout the black comedy circuit. Once WE all started laughing about it, it was hard to take it seriously and realizing how that must of felt for the victims, tears me up inside.

  • Jonathan Warthen
    Jonathan Warthen 7 months ago

    The parents accepted this,for the money,pimped their own daughters for to feed r.kellys Kelly the only one at fault here?

  • Jonathan Warthen
    Jonathan Warthen 7 months ago

    Why does no one say how sick the parents are for letting this happen and taking hush money from Kelly to have his way with their daughters ? I'm lost

  • Trueblue2053
    Trueblue2053 7 months ago

    Next docuseries exposing Clive Davis , Sean Combs, and all thor nasty filthy file corrupted Homo sapiens and if u try to expose birdman u Berta put some respek on his name lol

  • Trueblue2053
    Trueblue2053 7 months ago

    With all that eyebrow arching and greasy lip it should be Charlemagne tha Goddess

  • Trueblue2053
    Trueblue2053 7 months ago

    It seems like the one girl Assante us lying about how she was a prisoner allegedly there is a phone conversation between Asante ex boyfriend and her daughter.... plus there’s a video of a press conference with assante and the parents of another victim . In the video the press asked her a few questions with each question the male male parent of another victim is telling her what to say... when asked how she met r kelly the male parent ( I think his name is me savage). Steps up to the mic that point the video ended...

  • brianroyal1
    brianroyal1 7 months ago

    Why are people worried about grown womeb making a choice to be part of a harem?

  • Jay Ali
    Jay Ali 7 months ago

    Trust more freeky shit goes down with political teams, judges, lawyers etc...... #killumanti

  • Mikkii. Tv
    Mikkii. Tv 7 months ago

    Any small UScliprs want to help each other out? Subscribe I subscribe back fast!🎬💙

  • Sincere Presence
    Sincere Presence 7 months ago

    Fry R.'s perverted behind!! Those were children that were part of families that loves them. Not 1 of them went on to fame, they were stuck! 😢

  • Vernon Williams Jr.
    Vernon Williams Jr. 7 months ago

    So much immature comments on this thread. He is a predator, but there is way more to the story, focus people...

  • tfstig
    tfstig 7 months ago

    Amazing how black folks are so fast to speak out against another black man, without solid facts. But yall let them white folks kill our kids on camera And say almost nothing. Wrong or right, we dont really know what happen. Think black people, think first.

  • Rosa Lee
    Rosa Lee 7 months ago

    Stop saying rescue. It’s a slap in the face to real trafficked victims.

  • Saundra Gordon-Grant
    Saundra Gordon-Grant 7 months ago

    Who is Chances the Rapper, anyway!

  • sharpaycutie2
    sharpaycutie2 7 months ago

    They're BEING ABUSED.

  • Mr247star
    Mr247star 7 months ago


  • Cbleueyes 7847
    Cbleueyes 7847 7 months ago

    His musical genius came from sex addiction, sexing underage girls, and doing unspeakable things.... Yeah, thats where all your musical genius BS comes from with Robert Kelly. He has given many females life sentences of pain. So what he couldn't read, I guess people couldn't draw pics either, hire an educator, stop giving this price of shit excuses to rape our kids!! Parents? Stop selling/pimping/exploiting your own seeds!!!! Grrr4

  • Deaner Wiener
    Deaner Wiener 7 months ago +1

    Pee Kelly

  • 早 上 好 Guerilla Gorilla

    She was a Ho, she got paid, and she liked it.

  • another internetthug
    another internetthug 7 months ago

    Grab em by the pussy like trump

  • another internetthug
    another internetthug 7 months ago

    Make America great again

  • another internetthug
    another internetthug 7 months ago

    Free 69

  • another internetthug
    another internetthug 7 months ago

    I want pizza

  • hhhh9579
    hhhh9579 7 months ago

    John legend’s wife stores nut sacks in her cheeks

  • rugssean
    rugssean 7 months ago

    Some of the females are lying. They enjoy being with RKelly. If it was a regular dude they would have had him locked up already. I dont even trust my wife these days and I have been with her for 15 years. I dont wanna be around women

  • Amonica Stanback
    Amonica Stanback 7 months ago

    What y’all mean recused these girls be cool with it this R. Kelly come on now he didn’t force these girls

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Why is everyone so against anyone that showed their face in the docu-series? Y'all really out there trying to harm and victimize the people that spoke out rather than focusing on everyone (man and women) involved that is doing wrong these woman. Stop spreading hate on people trying to make things right and start holding the abusers accountable for their wrong doings.

  • M.
    M. 7 months ago

    we need to examine what meek said further.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 7 months ago

    My mind is telling me no
    But my dick is telling me yes..
    I don't see nothing wrong with a little cock in yo mouth.

  • Luis Garza
    Luis Garza 7 months ago

    No bullshit, when did meek mill become the voice of reason? Ever since he’s gotten out of jail everyone all of a sudden cares what his opinion is. Like wtf!

  • Standing 8 Count
    Standing 8 Count 7 months ago

    alot of black women seek fame by any means. Also elvis, seinfeld & woody married teens but their legends???

  • The one you love to hate

    I don't believe those women at all

  • Wake up People
    Wake up People 7 months ago

    Old news where have y’all been ohhh John Legend got his hands full with his folks please desk dwellers all

    BIG BREAD 7 months ago +1

    Off with his head!!

  • Helen Shaw
    Helen Shaw 7 months ago

    Worry about who is in your house.It is sad your own color talk down on you. They did Jesus the same way. Because he was perfect and could do things they couldn't do.They was jealous and wanted to crucify him.Thank about it.

  • El Fuego
    El Fuego 7 months ago +1


  • Godsgeneral21
    Godsgeneral21 7 months ago

    God deliver R Kelly from his sins!! Deliver me from my own sins too.

  • Darnell Jones
    Darnell Jones 7 months ago

    This is boring already, throw him in jail so all you losers can go back to worrying about your own lives.

  • Tamika Gutierrez
    Tamika Gutierrez 7 months ago

    Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, Me-Me's World: R-Kelly Surviving Lies

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 7 months ago +1

    Zimbabwe was once the most wealthy and prosperous nation in Africa, but then evil black racists murdered all of the innocent white people, and now 99% of blacks in Zimbabwe live in extreme poverty and the government went bankrupt. I guess they have no appreciation for the hundreds of thousands of WHITE MEN who died fighting in the Civil War to free black slaves, or the fact that whites donate more aid to Africa than all other races combined. Go ahead and keep murdering innocent white people; all you're doing is showing the whole world how evil you are and turning the U.S. into a third-world shit-hole.bdixix

  • Ijustlove Thots
    Ijustlove Thots 7 months ago +1

    If u ask me how i feel about Rkelly.
    I dont care about him or the victims. I got my own life to worry about

  • MadakiNomaroishi
    MadakiNomaroishi 7 months ago

    Rap industry is full of rapist and woman abusers 👌 I never listen to that trash

  • Jafaar Ali
    Jafaar Ali 7 months ago

    He said that was mistake dude your singles be completely trash. ♻️

  • MommA BeaR
    MommA BeaR 7 months ago

    R.Kelly is a pedo who abuses all the women in his life. He should be in jail. He should have been condemned to castrations . No music is worth it. Also race should have nothing to do with this. He is a pedo pervert period! He should have PEDO tattooed across his forehead!! If the legal system doesn’t deal with him GOD will! I feel sorry for his kids but they do have a very strong loving mother who should be proud of herself! God bless her his kids and the rest of his victims and to hell with him!

  • ChitownMyke
    ChitownMyke 7 months ago

    Discuss This?!?

  • nppyman76
    nppyman76 7 months ago

    These weakass bandwagoneers. All of these PEOPLE, coming out of nowhere as usual. Such tools.

  • ME L
    ME L 7 months ago

    Just to let the world know i wanna represent a brown skin women that i am....i feel like you hate us....i feel like we also have no competition as black women lol on a positive note....#blackwomenrunthisworld

  • James Jordan
    James Jordan 7 months ago

    This shit has to 🛑 ✋ stop

  • george razor
    george razor 7 months ago

    Why something that happened in the 90s came out now??? A lot of people knew but the didn't say shit because Kelly was making them 💰

  • JonBernard41
    JonBernard41 7 months ago

    White people are attempting SHAME black Americans into agreeing to jail ANOTHER black man (see: Bill Cosby).
    Where is Brian Singer's documentary?
    Where is Harvey Weinstein's documentary?
    Where is Tom Brokaw's documentary?
    Where is Les Moonves documentary?
    Sylvester Stallone...
    Nev Schulman...
    Blake Farenthold...
    John Bailey...
    Richard Meier...
    Charlie Rose...
    Ryan Seacrest...
    The list goes on and on.
    They NEVER punish their own people.
    But they LOVE to punish yours.
    Black Americans...stand and fight for your people.

  • shaq dizo
    shaq dizo 7 months ago

    Meek mill dick Rider, always trying so hard..L

  • Breezy Jeezy
    Breezy Jeezy 7 months ago

    R kelly need a get his chi chi cut off

  • Trend NEWS
    Trend NEWS 7 months ago

    Eagles vs. Bears Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

  • Trend NEWS
    Trend NEWS 7 months ago

    *Eagles vs. Bears Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill 7 months ago

    Went round marrying 15 year olds, wearing weird masks and calling himself the pied piper and nothing was done.

  • Rave Classics
    Rave Classics 7 months ago +21

    We need to replace R. Kelly with Xavier White. Listen to Xavier White - Distance 💜💜💜

  • Deathscythe Hell
    Deathscythe Hell 7 months ago

    I haven't listened to R Kelly's music, since the first video with the 14 year old girl. Being a father of a daughter, I couldn't watch it without thinking of my daughter. I don't care who he is, if that was my daughter that would've been the day he took his last breath. I'm not going to sit back an let anyone use, abuse and humiliate my daughter. There's no place on earth he could hide from me, god jesus and the devil himself (if they were real) couldn't keep me off his ass!

  • ME L
    ME L 7 months ago

    Yes i listen to artist because of their personal life because it matters! Look at tekashi

  • ME L
    ME L 7 months ago

    Im deleting all the black men celebrities out my youtube....yall needta stop showing everyone else respect...and defend your black wanna show us off so much and be your sex addicts....yall need us to feel like a person...women stop wanting to be with these men...they probably call their female fans obscenities anyway

  • Lanette Russell
    Lanette Russell 7 months ago

    Hollywood needs to be shut down

  • 90's Dance Hall Radio
    90's Dance Hall Radio 7 months ago

    My comment was removed by youtube so I'll say this instead. It is preposterous to say that black women are more oppressed than black men. There are so many programs, scholarships, and other avenues that exist not only to help black women but women in general. Where are the programs that exist to help men only?

  • CJ18 videos
    CJ18 videos 7 months ago

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  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 7 months ago

    R. Kelly, his team AND THE PARENTS all need to be held accountable!!! Point blank! Stop letting R. Kelly off the hook by saying “I blame the parents”, yes I do to, but he WAS STILL A GROWN ASS MAN doing this bs! C’mon man this is crazy...

  • jairo rosario
    jairo rosario 7 months ago

    Now that the industry ain’t making money from r kelly they decide to talk about it but nobody said anything back then GTFOH

  • Blud Clot
    Blud Clot 7 months ago

    They all smashing young pussy on the side...they all hippocrits.

  • Mariah Handy
    Mariah Handy 7 months ago +1

    Welp i already know some yall goin to be upset. . But oh well. I def agree what r kelly did was fucked up . I get it . . But he was molested for yearsss. I feel like his friends and family and other artists that was close to him . . Should of help him out better wit his mental state of mind. The fame was already getting to him but obviously he never had the chance to heal from his past . .now all the information about r kelly been out for years. . Now we have a full documentary ; everyone is now upset and want to do something about it. . When it should of been done a longgg time ago . Now that we have all the information; we need to get him some damn help ! Everybody can call out everybody flaws all the time. . But what do we do to make better people now n days ??? I get what he did was wrong. Idk why he did the things he did. Nd personally im not even tryin to go there. . But now that we know why cant we jus help him ? Nobody wants to help anyone now n days. Everybody is so damn selfish. Jus like the parents who sent the kids to his concerts and was gettin paid on the low for it. Nd idk how ur child reach that point of low self esteem to not wantttt to come home ! I dont judge anybody. . All i can say is what can we do to help him . Cuz at the end of the day i like r kelly music. I enjoy his music . I enjoy the songs he wrote for other artists. I can literally focus on his music cuz thats the r kelly i know . Now ROBERT ! idk who the hell that is . . But he need some damn help . .some of the celebrities out there need some damn help ! . Thats why ppl shouldnt judge. There always alot of talking but no solutions are tryin to make things better. .

  • King Lazo
    King Lazo 7 months ago

    Let’s #muteRKelly

  • YouTube Algorithm
    YouTube Algorithm 7 months ago

    Charlatan tha rapists probably respects how long r kelly been getting away with it
    Keep playin it safe ya child predator