Irish People Try The Bean Boozled Challenge!

  • Published on Jan 29, 2016
  • "It's like the smell of my fridge after my mum's gone away for 3 weeks."
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    Behind the video :
    We've had our Facts. contributors try a lot of disgusting things but this is probably the closest we've gotten to making them physically sick.The game is simple. There's a selection of jelly beans in the packet but each coloured bean can be one of two flavours, a disgusting flavour or a nice flavour. The contributors both take one of the same colour at the same time and they just have to hope that the flavour isn't disgusting.
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Comments • 1 295

  • Tanusree Saha
    Tanusree Saha 7 hours ago

    The Sharpson brothers together 😍

  • Jeremy Sandt
    Jeremy Sandt 3 days ago

    No sour milk?!

  • james fender
    james fender 7 days ago

    Are those guys twins ?

  • Gregg Hubble
    Gregg Hubble 13 days ago

    that was the funnest video I've seen you make.............OMG still laughing

  • Julie Hoffman
    Julie Hoffman 24 days ago +1

    I've played that game, it's lots of fun.

  • thisisntkelsey
    thisisntkelsey 25 days ago +1

    Donal got bullied lmfao. I love watching you all eat things you don't like, I'm not sorry

  • Sarah Tenebruso
    Sarah Tenebruso 28 days ago +1

    I remember me and my sister playing these and because she knows the difference between the two she dared me to eat all the bad flavored

  • Tassa Potter
    Tassa Potter 29 days ago +1

    I can't stand the buttered popcorn flavor either. Played with my sister and nieces n nephews. They purposely gave me that choice.
    Dropped the f bomb in front of 14 kids.

  • Shawn DeChane
    Shawn DeChane Month ago +1

    What No ear wax or Dirt ?!? Lol Gr8 game

  • Jaime Padilla
    Jaime Padilla Month ago +2

    SKUNK is the absolute worst! It tastes exactly like what skunk smells like......when you smell skunk you also taste it. I detest the smell of skunkm

  • someasiangirl
    someasiangirl Month ago +1

    I guess Irish people eat lawn clippings, baby wipes and booger’s as children😂

  • embrezar
    embrezar Month ago +1

    Did Donal get every single terrible flavour? Bad luck.

  • Greyfort
    Greyfort Month ago +1

    I miss Fionn.

  • Snuggle Toaster
    Snuggle Toaster Month ago +1

    The vomit one is truly the worst.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +1

    Donal and John need to spitroast me

  • saydeebaby2
    saydeebaby2 Month ago +1

    The vomit one is absolutely horribly disgusting

  • Lauren Lanterns
    Lauren Lanterns Month ago +1

    Ok but the taste of the vomit one is very accurate

  • Caininthechongs
    Caininthechongs 2 months ago +1

    I love this channel but it suck when I get a headache from watching a majority of vids. Stop over exposing this shit man

  • bpongrass
    bpongrass 2 months ago +1

    The worst one is the skunk/licorice one... you literally cant get the flavor out of your mouth for hours, and its exactly like being sprayed by a skunk.

  • Lady Sky
    Lady Sky 2 months ago +1

    My family plays this every Christmas eve..

  • Paula Udell
    Paula Udell 2 months ago +1


  • Elizabeth Frohn-hengst
    Elizabeth Frohn-hengst 2 months ago +1

    My favorite bean flavor is lawn clippings

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 2 months ago

    Baby wipes

  • Ekkaisara
    Ekkaisara 2 months ago

    Every video with laura is a wonderful video

  • laura reid
    laura reid 2 months ago


  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien 2 months ago

    "That's fine, I used to eat _____ all the time as a kid"

  • Bridget Darby
    Bridget Darby 2 months ago

    Her face is always funny

  • Jodi Pilot
    Jodi Pilot 2 months ago

    my fav so far!!!

  • Chip Fisher
    Chip Fisher 2 months ago

    You couldn't pay me a million dollars to ever do this... I hate jellybeans altogether it's really the texture of em I hate so I won't eat them period.

  • Lunar Vania
    Lunar Vania 2 months ago

    I thought Irish people were supposed to have strong stomachs? Or is that only apply to alcohol and not grossed flavored candy?

  • Lil Asian Store LLC
    Lil Asian Store LLC 2 months ago

    Oh God I was laughing so hard tears we're coming out of my eyes

  • Janet Connolly
    Janet Connolly 2 months ago

    Love your channel. It would be fun to watch you get yes try deep fried fair food: Twinkie, snickers, Oreo....

  • Bootleg Sonic
    Bootleg Sonic 2 months ago

    *Unpopular Opinion*
    I prefer the dog food to the chocolate pudding flavour

  • Lagertha
    Lagertha 2 months ago +2

    I'm lovin' the sliver 🦊 in the jack ass tee. Lol
    Or is he blonde? Lol

  • Clutch Boy
    Clutch Boy 2 months ago

    You should've put the skunk spray one it's literally the worst tasting one tastes like a fart

  • Chubbychenko
    Chubbychenko 3 months ago

    lucky they didnt get dead fish, that one will clear a room!

  • BeachJedi101
    BeachJedi101 3 months ago +1

    Spoiled milk is the worst.

  • Alucard Peach
    Alucard Peach 3 months ago

    I love the lawn clippings ones

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman 3 months ago

    Finally they are tasting these! I'm glad I found the video

  • Simon Santiago
    Simon Santiago 3 months ago

    1:13... WTF is that?!?!

  • Jordan Beebe
    Jordan Beebe 3 months ago

    Do this again but use the most disgusting flavors that are currently on the market lol but don't tell them the flavors and just let them guess

  • unki3259
    unki3259 4 months ago

    the two at :18 are brothers...

  • Tianna Prater
    Tianna Prater 4 months ago

    They used to have a skunk and black licorice flavor absolutely horrible lol but a fun game!

  • Sherry Ralph-Lyle
    Sherry Ralph-Lyle 4 months ago

    The rotten egg one is so strong, I had to remove it from the room when my kid and I were playing. It's so bad.

  • Sandy Prater
    Sandy Prater 4 months ago

    They should have made a rule where they had to finish it. 😁

  • Deathbinge
    Deathbinge 4 months ago

    2:10 after the guy tells him to smell his. Unexpected gag 🤣🤣🤣

  • coco loco
    coco loco 4 months ago

    Curly hair and glasses is a savage lol he didn't cringe one time.

  • KCs Wifey
    KCs Wifey 4 months ago

    I love when one of em taste theirs and realizes they got the good one, so they watch the other one for the reaction to the gross one with a smile on their face 😂

  • monaca morgan
    monaca morgan 4 months ago


  • Dredmond Stucky
    Dredmond Stucky 4 months ago

    They need to try skunk spray black pepper or dead fish or earth works

  • Joni Miller
    Joni Miller 4 months ago

    I laughed so hard I was crying! This was hysterical!

  • Shannon Kobayashi
    Shannon Kobayashi 4 months ago

    Please tell me they do coconut or sour milk.

  • Charles Scott
    Charles Scott 4 months ago +1

    I Fucking love these videos!!

  • Ilaadrien Evenstarr
    Ilaadrien Evenstarr 5 months ago +1

    You are waaaaaaaaaay braver than me....there is no chance that I will ruin sweets for myself by trying these dangerous things LOL

  • bellringer
    bellringer 5 months ago +1

    Damn they didn't get soap

  • Parting waters
    Parting waters 5 months ago +1

    The boogars is the absolute worst one. Best is the baby wipe.

  • Kim Buer
    Kim Buer 6 months ago +1

    I just wish I could that beautiful, redhead lady out to dinner and look into those eyes...Wow...
    Altso I love Facts! :D

  • Tyriesa Malone
    Tyriesa Malone 6 months ago +1

    Sad they took skunk out

  • TigerLily
    TigerLily 6 months ago +1

    The dog food one is a nightmare. I haven’t eaten it, but at one point in English class, some asshole brought a bag and one person ate the be and the smell was horrendous. It filled the entire room and half of us left. We were gagging so much. Someone actually pulled out a mini Lysol can and sprayed half the can to get rid of the god awful smell.

  • K8 B
    K8 B 6 months ago +1

    Curly head guy rocked this

  • Angie Marie
    Angie Marie 6 months ago +1

    Yall forgot the toothpaste or blueberry

  • Artzy Kid
    Artzy Kid 6 months ago +1

    It's not juicy pear but it's definitely not snots
    So Irish i love it

  • Julian Lindsay
    Julian Lindsay 6 months ago +1

    the booger one tastes like jalapenos

  • Pastrytex toon
    Pastrytex toon 6 months ago +2

    I use to wet a paper towel and suck on lol

  • Sanjana Kurup
    Sanjana Kurup 6 months ago +1

    Are the two guys with the beards brothers ?

  • Bruce Driggers
    Bruce Driggers 7 months ago +1

    Any video with Laura is a delight.

  • MrMadd Hatter
    MrMadd Hatter 7 months ago +1

    Whom ever came up with these video ideas is a genius.

  • Monika Diaz
    Monika Diaz 7 months ago +1

    Vomit flavor is the worst

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 7 months ago +1


  • Kid 50
    Kid 50 7 months ago +1

    This isn't really how you play usually but.

  • Josh Barclay
    Josh Barclay 8 months ago +1

    They really had tried should have tried all the flavors especially the black ones licorice or skunk I would love to have seen that

  • Darlene Bliss
    Darlene Bliss 8 months ago +1


  • Lost boys
    Lost boys 8 months ago

    The guy with the silver hair cracks me up

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 9 months ago

    Best laugh in a while lol

    KK SHADOW 9 months ago

    Am I weird for liking the caned dog food one

  • Stephanie Cota
    Stephanie Cota 9 months ago

    Her red hair is amazing

  • Lena
    Lena 9 months ago +2

    I laughed so hard I cried. I love that super white guy that said, “Baby wipes are grand.”
    OMG, still crying and holding my stomach, I need to visit Ireland.

  • Todd Hobza
    Todd Hobza 9 months ago +1

    I want to see them try skunk

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 9 months ago +2

    *"I used to eat grass" ..."i used to eat baby wipes all the time"*
    Me: you just ate everything, huh?

  • Cobb
    Cobb 9 months ago

    I feel sorry for the people who had to make these flavors and try the original and multiple attempts to get the flavor to be accurate.

  • Jesse Lebourgeois
    Jesse Lebourgeois 9 months ago

    im so glad the girl complaining about tutti fruitie got vomit

  • Jenai Brazell
    Jenai Brazell 10 months ago

    Let me just say Irish people are so beautiful! Where can I connect with some Irish men, lol!

  • Taco Gaming
    Taco Gaming 10 months ago

    Bro omit is the grosest one to me

  • monstergrillz
    monstergrillz 10 months ago

    Who’s the guy in the blue shirt ? I’m fully in love with him

  • Penny Guerra
    Penny Guerra 10 months ago

    what baby wipes I did bean boozled and it was rotten milk

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 10 months ago

    don't eat the purple one

  • Kim Wagner
    Kim Wagner 10 months ago

    That one guy looks like if Harry Potter never got his Hogwarts letter.

  • Ashly Klemm
    Ashly Klemm 10 months ago

    I honestly loved baby wipes. Used to steal them all.

  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith 11 months ago

    loved it , havent laughed so much in a long time ,,, keep going

  • yadaroni
    yadaroni 11 months ago

    I could watch the ginger girl all day. Stunning, just stunning...and the video is funny I guess,lol

  • AdorkableArtist92
    AdorkableArtist92 11 months ago

    I normally don't watch bean boozled videos because they gross me out, but if I see Paddy in a thumbnail, I always watch the video. I'm probably going to regret this lol, but...Paddy. I can't not watch his videos!

    • AdorkableArtist92
      AdorkableArtist92 11 months ago

      and Sharuf is in it. and Laura Byrne. I have to watch.

  • mrbeast6000
    mrbeast6000 11 months ago

    This was gas

  • absentmindedprof
    absentmindedprof 11 months ago

    Here's an Idea; hot fudge sundae vs medow muffin!

  • Scott Feuerhammer
    Scott Feuerhammer 11 months ago

    What a bunch of p*ssies! Yeah, they're gross, but so that you have to spit them out. You eat the little f@ckers. That's the fun of them!

  • Siefter
    Siefter 11 months ago

    the vomit flavor ruined me.. can never eat a jellie bellie ever again!!

  • Swisscheese13 Wyles
    Swisscheese13 Wyles Year ago +2

    The guys with the white shirt and dark blue shirt look like twins.

  • Turf_ ab
    Turf_ ab Year ago +1

    That bitch wasted a good tutti fruiti

  • Chris Ross
    Chris Ross Year ago +1

    The two guys who got the dog food were like "hmm.. is that it? Give us a REALLY disgusting flavour"

  • John Tumahab
    John Tumahab Year ago +1

    Vomit - Because first you taste it, then you do it!

  • Offend in every way
    Offend in every way Year ago +1

    “Grass is fine. I used to eat grass all the time”
    “I used to eat baby wipes as a kid all the time”
    If he would’ve said the same about Dog Food? I would’ve called bullshit