Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • Billie Eilish also rates being a teenager, Avril Lavigne, and more in this episode of Over/Under.
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    Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under
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Comments • 24 937

  • Stef Amber
    Stef Amber 33 minutes ago

    I’m literally cracking up

  • Stef Amber
    Stef Amber 33 minutes ago

    Omg she’s hilarious

  • Rajendar SinghKhanna

    I like te taste of blood

  • •Mady in Wonderland•

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Seriously no one:
    Billie: *UNDER RATED!!*

  • Purple panda123
    Purple panda123 4 hours ago

    Where can I get some of that jewelry

  • Someone Person
    Someone Person 4 hours ago

    Umm i like biting chargers, sucking pennies and the taste of blood but i dont have iron deficiencies so weird........................

  • unicorn lover976
    unicorn lover976 4 hours ago

    Billie:I Hateee Invisalighn
    *smile-direct left the chat*

  • Kou Xiong
    Kou Xiong 5 hours ago +1

    My sister thinks ur a bad roll madel

  • gacha logic time REE
    gacha logic time REE 7 hours ago

    Me love pennies and blood and poles just Billie eilish me same as her

  • Gavin Smith
    Gavin Smith 8 hours ago


  • Pancåkē
    Pancåkē 9 hours ago

    Billie: Invisalign can suck my...d*ck **giggles inmature**

  • Millar Playzzz
    Millar Playzzz 15 hours ago

    Billie is the most like a teenager I’ve ever seen

  • Sippin the damn tea
    Sippin the damn tea 17 hours ago

    I laughed so hard at this I almost died😂😂😂

  • Ryan Geesey
    Ryan Geesey 17 hours ago

    Me to billie

  • Santiago Gabriel Sepulveda

    I love how Billie Eilish just says what's on her mind without hesitation, and doesn't care.

  • Aeris Whitten
    Aeris Whitten 21 hour ago


  • Zachary Li 1156
    Zachary Li 1156 21 hour ago +1

    “Yeah.....” 3:01 🤣🤣🤣

  • Boba Tea queen
    Boba Tea queen 22 hours ago +1

    Really honest billie

  • Bcal
    Bcal Day ago

    Glenn Danzig over under

  • Maggie Stauffer
    Maggie Stauffer Day ago +1

    Does Billie cure anybody else’s depression cuz she cures mine 😂😭❤️❤️

  • Ava Saroki
    Ava Saroki Day ago

    I also have never sleep walked too XD awe got a lot in common

  • Ava Saroki
    Ava Saroki Day ago

    I like pooping too

  • Ava Saroki
    Ava Saroki Day ago

    I like blood it's tasty and dirty metal? Yummy

  • Viper One
    Viper One Day ago

    your a fu$$$ing idiot

  • Emi Thomas
    Emi Thomas Day ago

    i love bille but why her face look wet-

    edit: this ain't hate.

  • Mara xD
    Mara xD Day ago +1

    I wanna sub in Spanish, I can't understand anything what :(((

  • Rianna Rianna
    Rianna Rianna Day ago

    So one time......I was little by that time like maybe 5 or 4 years old and actually ate a lot of broccoli and.....I actually liked. But now I hate it

  • Travis Falk
    Travis Falk Day ago

    Wow that's exactly what my tree hi louse is like! Me my dad and my brother built our treehouse!

  • Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson Day ago +1

    Someone somewhere has owned a penny that Billie has sucked on

    They don't even know

  • Bree Harris
    Bree Harris Day ago

    i wasnt forced to eat broccoli and i loveit

  • Dana Almazrouie
    Dana Almazrouie Day ago +1

    Hahahahah I love you Billie you made me laugh soo much

  • Tooshle
    Tooshle Day ago +1

    She likes the taste of metal, pennies, blood. SHES LITERALLY ME OMDS 😂😂😂

  • devinah malu
    devinah malu Day ago


  • Muk Aha
    Muk Aha Day ago +1

    Holy crap she is pretty af

  • ركن الحكمة

    Wtf why is she so dirty

  • luis castillo
    luis castillo Day ago

    I have never ever ever sleepwalks

  • luis castillo
    luis castillo Day ago

    I like the taste but I like the taste of Pennies and dirty jewelry I like the taste the blood

  • ᑎOOᗪᒪE ᑭOᑭᑕOᖇᑎ

    The sound of her chains is so satisfying

  • Brianna Downes
    Brianna Downes Day ago


  • The Froot Loops Kingdom

    Billie:I pooped 8 times one day
    Me:you broke my record

  • Scroople
    Scroople Day ago +2

    I just watched the 1st part of this and I think she is a physco path now

  • ShadowSeeker
    ShadowSeeker Day ago

    Omg i thought that was just a thing i did xD

  • Billie eilish Luver

    Billie I like the taste of iron ,metal ,dirty jewelry and blood lol⛓⚙️🔩🔗💉 I love you Billie 🥑💚💚

  • June O
    June O Day ago

    "Hey babe,it's Avril xo"
    Maybe it's not tho #conspiracy #Avril'sDead

  • A f
    A f 2 days ago +1

    It’s called Pica. Sometimes when someone is anemic, they can get pica.

  • Cherise Viljoen
    Cherise Viljoen 2 days ago +9

    Billie: everyone's goth now
    VSCO girls: ....
    Soft girls: ....

  • Nothing yet
    Nothing yet 2 days ago +1

    My weird addiction
    Billie: I suck pennies

  • SSSLaugh&Smile Behappy

    she's my idol. she inspires me to keep going and keep fighting. if I were to meet her omg I don't even know what I would do.

  • SSSLaugh&Smile Behappy

    omg I love billie so much.

  • Gemini
    Gemini 2 days ago

    2:44 I literally said "overrated" to myself,and then she's just like "OVERRATEEEEEEED" XD We on the same page gurl XD

  • hibo adem
    hibo adem 2 days ago +1

    Whose here after everything i warned

  • Rodney Holtshausen
    Rodney Holtshausen 2 days ago

    I do too

  • Charlotte Kieffer
    Charlotte Kieffer 2 days ago

    Billie: They where like, GOOD solid poops.

  • Alyssa Joanne
    Alyssa Joanne 2 days ago +1

    all the comments in the comment section is:
    lIkE tHiS iF yOu LoVe BiLlIe


  • ChordFunc
    ChordFunc 2 days ago

    I can see the Office influences 😂

  • Te Te
    Te Te 2 days ago

    I love the taste of blood, it's so delicious and nice

  • Libetsy Cepero
    Libetsy Cepero 2 days ago +1

    I love the chain noise😍

  • fa1rydust
    fa1rydust 2 days ago

    *there is a Invisalign ad right beside the video*

  • Cece Jean
    Cece Jean 3 days ago

    My friend loves the taste of blood
    She used to call herself a vampire 🧛‍♀️

  • Veer Chasm
    Veer Chasm 3 days ago

    Prom should be combined with Pooping