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  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
  • It is rare to find someone who doesn't like chocolate cake! We bring you the recipe of a perfect chocolate cake baked in a DIY Oven and loaded with rich chocolate Ganache. Watch the complete video to know how to bake the chocolate base as well as how to decorate it. You can choose to use different design for decoration using different type of piping tips, decoration tools and toppings. Hope you like this video; if you do; don't forget to give a like and subscribe our channel. Enjoyy!!!
    Electric oven temperature: Preheat oven at 180°C for 10 min and then bake the cake😊
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  • rajshree naik
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  • Miss juneja
    Miss juneja 2 days ago

    Can i use whipped cream to mix in chocloate to make ganache?

  • مطبخ سحر
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  • Tech Girl
    Tech Girl 3 days ago

    It's morde dark chocolate?

  • love for mummy papa
    love for mummy papa 5 days ago +1

    Please make videos in hindi also

  • Abdullah Arif
    Abdullah Arif 9 days ago

    Oven temp and timings?

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  • Deepti Ghorai
    Deepti Ghorai 10 days ago +1

    Ma'am can I use cocoa powder for making ganache
    Plz reply 🤗
    I'll make it for my father's birthday

    • Hablani Vansh
      Hablani Vansh 9 days ago

      No i guess , but chocolate is handy to get and make sure you buy compound chocolate(ex- morde 500 gram ) its really cheap and tastes good as well .

  • Rutuja Shetye
    Rutuja Shetye 11 days ago

    Can we skip the yogurt

  • parul upadhyay
    parul upadhyay 12 days ago

    But when I refrigerate cack it became hard due to ganache what I have to do for soft cack

  • Rajeshwori Palaka
    Rajeshwori Palaka 13 days ago

    Nice video but i want with out cocoa powder chocolate cakes

  • NANDLAL Kumar
    NANDLAL Kumar 14 days ago +1

    Baby hai kya Tumhare pet mein

  • Musical Akanksha
    Musical Akanksha 15 days ago

    It was looking very very tasty

  • Namjoon's Desciple
    Namjoon's Desciple 15 days ago +1

    A tad bit expensive with all the ingredients dear , but I'm sure it's gonna be wonderful .😍😍

  • Jyoti More
    Jyoti More 16 days ago

    Can we use bitter for this mixture

  • Madhuna Gorle
    Madhuna Gorle 20 days ago

    I want some please

  • Shyfa Farhan
    Shyfa Farhan 20 days ago

    Love from kerala😃😃

  • Sarita Singh
    Sarita Singh 21 day ago

    Can I use some crunchy nuts in this cake please reply, l make cake for my brother who loves caramel crunch
    Please reply me please

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  • Ruby Chaudhury
    Ruby Chaudhury 23 days ago

    Nice cake and delicious cake😛👍

  • Sabnam Begum
    Sabnam Begum 23 days ago

    It is very nice I have done it home

  • Prakash Sunar
    Prakash Sunar 24 days ago

    How you make so nice cake

  • Rezlyn Garcia
    Rezlyn Garcia 25 days ago

    Love it

  • g dmonte
    g dmonte 25 days ago

    Can u pls say the measurements in grams...i have to make the cake tonight

  • Sdr Man
    Sdr Man 25 days ago

    JiSko enghlish na aati ho wo kya krai gaw ki aauratai sb log video dekhtai jai

    • The Terrace Kitchen
      The Terrace Kitchen  25 days ago

      Mera Hindi channel bhi hai jispar sirf Hindi recipes hain..."The Terrace Kitchen Hindi" 😊

  • Shweta rajpal
    Shweta rajpal 26 days ago

    Amazing recipe ❤🎂

  • nisha Pardeshi
    nisha Pardeshi 26 days ago

    I just made this cake in a cooker came out really well....was nice n moist...instant hit with my family. Thank u so much for this wonderful recipe

  • sanjay mishra
    sanjay mishra 27 days ago

    Awesome 😄😄😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😎

  • Girija Ramu
    Girija Ramu 27 days ago +2

    please upload chocolate cup cake recipe

  • nilofar nihal
    nilofar nihal 28 days ago

    What brand do u use for Dutch processed cocoa powder?

    • nilofar nihal
      nilofar nihal 25 days ago

      @The Terrace Kitchen is there an alternative that u suggest cause I don't find this product anywhere near me and also its unavailable online

    • The Terrace Kitchen
      The Terrace Kitchen  25 days ago +1

      Nearby store

    • nilofar nihal
      nilofar nihal 25 days ago

      @The Terrace Kitchen where do u get this product from? Online or is it avaliable in stores?

    • The Terrace Kitchen
      The Terrace Kitchen  25 days ago

      I use bakersvill brand 😊

  • Arunima Das
    Arunima Das 29 days ago


  • priyanka srivastava

    What is the measurement of your one cup

  • Priyanshi Salvi
    Priyanshi Salvi Month ago

    Have used hand blender in any process or skipped it.... Please let me knw

  • Manisha Jaiswal
    Manisha Jaiswal Month ago

    Condensed milk kysa hota h

    • The Terrace Kitchen
      The Terrace Kitchen  25 days ago

      Ye market mein milta hai...milkmaid, Amul ya Nestle brand ka... Doodh aur cheeni Ko pakakar banaya jata hai

  • shafiqul islam
    shafiqul islam Month ago

    Are u pregnant?

  • Nikita Virupakshi
    Nikita Virupakshi Month ago

    Which beater u use to beat the cream like which brand n how many watts

  • Gurpartap Singh
    Gurpartap Singh Month ago +1

    Super easy cake so tasty I will try it

  • madhu sahoo
    madhu sahoo Month ago +1

    you are a very good cooker

  • Bina Shah
    Bina Shah Month ago

    pune me cake ka material kaha milta he

  • Dhiksha Dhara
    Dhiksha Dhara Month ago

    For how much time shall I refrigerate the ganache before Piping???

  • Farzana Mahevi
    Farzana Mahevi Month ago

    Hello mam!!! My friend and I we both tried this cake.....SUPER YUMMMMMM😋😋 thanks. Mam just one question, Our cake didn't rise that well,what is the reason?????

  • Surbhi Inda
    Surbhi Inda Month ago +1

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  • Mihir Joshi
    Mihir Joshi Month ago

    Did you squeeze an entire lemon or only half

  • Meenakshi Agrawal
    Meenakshi Agrawal Month ago

    Which chocolate have you used

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  • Meena Pathak
    Meena Pathak Month ago +2

    Thanks for such a wonderful recipe I loved it and it is very easy and seriously it was very yummy when I made it with my friends thanks miss Priyanka for sharing such a wonderful recipe
    With lots of love of Meera pathak😍😍😍😘
    From Thane Maharashtra 😍🍰😘 and of you agree like

  • bata sadaf
    bata sadaf Month ago

    Is the syrup necessary?

  • The Food You Love
    The Food You Love Month ago

    Your recommendation for table turner please, thinking to buy one for me

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    Aparna More Month ago

    I tried it was to yummy and chocolaty...!😋😋😋😋😋

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  • Jyoti Gupta
    Jyoti Gupta Month ago

    Hello.. u superb.. awesome explanation. I have qns regarding ganache.. u used dairy product but I have a allergy with dairy products so may I know which product can replace amul cream?

  • Zainab Mahudawala
    Zainab Mahudawala Month ago

    Hello Amazing Cake.
    Can you tell which chocolate you used ??
    Amul or Compound Chocolate?

  • Vama shah
    Vama shah 2 months ago

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  • Harsha 's kitchen
    Harsha 's kitchen 2 months ago

    Thank you and got the perfect idea of making chocolate cake. I have tried cakes for many times but didn't turned out good. I got irritated in making cake. But I got it perfect this time... 😊

  • Loly's kitchen مطبخ لولى

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  • cook nook nook
    cook nook nook 2 months ago

    Can we bake in oven ....if can plzzzs say how long to cook

    • Indian Cuisine by SVR
      Indian Cuisine by SVR 2 months ago

      Yes. Preheat the oven for 10 mins at 180 degree and then bake the cake.:-)

  • Mamta Sm-G355H
    Mamta Sm-G355H 2 months ago

    Bhaut acchi lagi ye cake recipi

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    Paquito Ignacio 2 months ago

    it didn’t say the amount of ingredients, not easy to follow.

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    Very nice

  • aishwarya bapat
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    Hi can i make cake tonight and ganach it next day moring

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    Meenakshi Wadhwa 2 months ago

    Can we use dairy milk instead of milk chocolate in starting..pls tell

  • Madhu V
    Madhu V 2 months ago

    Hello! I tried this cake for my sister's birthday and it came out very deliciously!!😊Thank you so much for the wonderful cake recipe☺️☺️
    But I didn't understand the double boiler concept. The chocolate became very hard.So can you please explain it in detail in another video.Please.

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