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  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
  • It is rare to find someone who doesn't like chocolate cake! We bring you the recipe of a perfect chocolate cake baked in a DIY Oven and loaded with rich chocolate Ganache. Watch the complete video to know how to bake the chocolate base as well as how to decorate it. You can choose to use different design for decoration using different type of piping tips, decoration tools and toppings. Hope you like this video; if you do; don't forget to give a like and subscribe our channel. Enjoyy!!!
    Electric oven temperature: Preheat oven at 180°C for 10 min and then bake the cake😊
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    Madhu V 4 days ago

    Hello! I tried this cake for my sister's birthday and it came out very deliciously!!😊Thank you so much for the wonderful cake recipe☺️☺️
    But I didn't understand the double boiler concept. The chocolate became very hard.So can you please explain it in detail in another video.Please.

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      Yeah actually sorry to bother you. But in the video, at 8:19 u said that " u can use a scraper or ......." Can u tell that other word which u've used at that mentioned time.

    • The Terrace Kitchen
      The Terrace Kitchen  20 days ago

      That's a silicone spatula 😊

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    Kavya C 21 day ago

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  • aayushi shah
    aayushi shah 22 days ago

    Lovely recipe.when I make my ganache it turns out very watery like water sperates from it and chocolate become very lumpy kindly suggest what should I do ?

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    vidyamanikalabathula 22 days ago

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    • The Terrace Kitchen
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      Our new vlog on Hindi channel:

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    Love from Delhi..
    I'm following you and your amazing recipes from last few weeks. Your all recipes are mind blowing. I'll definitely try your alllll recipes one by one 😅 And yes, thank you for your yummy choco lava cake (recipe) OMG...😋

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    • The Terrace Kitchen
      The Terrace Kitchen  Month ago +1

      No, i refrigerated the cake after spreading the ganache on it. It was at room temperature. Then I refrigerated the cake. Remaining ganache was also the refrigerated for piping....

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