73 Questions With LaurDIY | Vogue Parody

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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    Mini house tour meets Q&A? Hope u enjoyed this Vogue style 73 questions (lowkey SUCH A HARD VIDEO TO FILM LOL)!! Unless teen vogue makes a revival anytime soon I think we can just accept that this will be the closest I'll ever come to a 73 Questions vid, so enjoy!!! HAHA love y'all and see u wednesday!
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Comments • 3 917

  • Jayden McMahon
    Jayden McMahon Hour ago

    was that Netflix show mcsquared?

  • Mollie Taylor
    Mollie Taylor 17 hours ago

    can u plzz put jeremy in one of yr videos plzzzz u seem so cute together

  • Melted_ Mochi
    Melted_ Mochi Day ago

    Lauren plays piano so good! Well for the first 5 seconds 😂

  • rach xo
    rach xo Day ago

    50%: Lauren's piano skillz
    20%: hEr NeW bOyFrIeNd
    20%: oMg I dIdNt KnOw ThIs wAs A pArOdY
    10%: randommmmm

  • Imali Leoni
    Imali Leoni 2 days ago

    *asks question*
    Lauren- “Ahhhh, ummm, hmmmm, ohhhh”

  • Azhar Hassan
    Azhar Hassan 3 days ago

    What does she keep in her cupboard a whole bunch of sweats like that's a dream who has that??!!??!!

  • Holly Davies
    Holly Davies 3 days ago

    Moose is such a cute nameeeeee omg 😻

  • Karls
    Karls 3 days ago

    you're killing the poppies

  • Anja Kristin
    Anja Kristin 4 days ago

    before i saw “parody” i thought it was legit lmao

  • Just SieJ
    Just SieJ 4 days ago

    Loved her piano playing.. River flows in you.. amazing song.

  • De Besties
    De Besties 4 days ago +2

    Who else can super imagine her being a teachers pet
    Btw no hate love you so much
    Been here from the start 😋🤩

  • Cloudy Chloe
    Cloudy Chloe 7 days ago

    I like your piano

  • luli gashu
    luli gashu 7 days ago

    I really thought this was vogue

  • Funky4680 Sybilisrealycute

    What Netflix movie

  • Jay Virtucio
    Jay Virtucio 7 days ago

    And she said she can't play piano. GURL! U CAN!

  • Harmony Xiong
    Harmony Xiong 7 days ago

    She forgot Medea

  • NESSI The one and ONLY

    You are literally 🔥 at piano!!

  • Sue Z
    Sue Z 7 days ago

    Wow, Lauren you think 12 am to 8 am is normal!?! I sleep for 11 hours, 8 to 7

  • Ica Escobar
    Ica Escobar 8 days ago

    Bretman Rockkkk

  • Katelyn Emmons
    Katelyn Emmons 9 days ago

    She looks so cute in the thumbnail

  • Ra Ra
    Ra Ra 9 days ago


  • beck abe
    beck abe 10 days ago

    what did you do with Alex's side of the Mr.Kate office

  • Marble Sun
    Marble Sun 10 days ago

    She did 34 hair flips hehe

  • Lauren Fernandez
    Lauren Fernandez 11 days ago +3

    “I haven’t played piano since forever!”
    (five seconds later)
    *plays like Mozart*
    Ohhhhhh..... ummmm............I......um.....*bows*

  • Niencke Bloem
    Niencke Bloem 11 days ago

    sooo scripted

  • FAMILIY Music
    FAMILIY Music 11 days ago

    Lauren is really beautiful there

  • Olivia Maurer
    Olivia Maurer 11 days ago

    I love these parody’s .I’ve always wanted to count the questions to see if it was 73 exactly but I’ve been to lazy lol 😂

  • Taylor I
    Taylor I 11 days ago

    Where are the nightstands from?

  • Alexa Walker
    Alexa Walker 12 days ago

    She said she can’t play piano Lauren can do everything

  • Eddy127
    Eddy127 12 days ago

    She needs to do piano playing with James Charles um helloooo collab

  • Crystal Universe
    Crystal Universe 13 days ago

    Have u watched On My Block ? U should watch it . I’m waiting for season 3 !!!!!😓😓😓😓

  • SarcasticallyDefensive

    Why is the thumbnail fucking *GOALS*

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 13 days ago

    Oh god! Leapord print?

  • Karina C
    Karina C 13 days ago +3

    Omg I can play that song on the piano fully !!

  • Sarah Weldon
    Sarah Weldon 14 days ago +1

    Spirit Animal: Moose when he's tired.
    Hahahaha lmao

  • Anna Hnat
    Anna Hnat 14 days ago +4

    I LOVE how professional this looks! 🍍🍉🥝

  • Gloria Candiolo
    Gloria Candiolo 14 days ago

    She played river flows in you

  • zoe Flourentzou
    zoe Flourentzou 14 days ago

    everytime she flips her hair someones gotta add the Riverdale x Heathers episode hairflip sound

  • Avery Stephenson
    Avery Stephenson 14 days ago


  • rachel.doremi
    rachel.doremi 15 days ago

    Dude, he has to start at your door! We still love you

  • You tube_girl For life
    You tube_girl For life 15 days ago +4

    after I saw her read that book I literally went STRAIGHT TO E-BAY.............GUYS U HAVE TO GET IT!! 03:18

  • Katie Ledford
    Katie Ledford 15 days ago

    What song did she play on piano?

    • Katie Ledford
      Katie Ledford 14 days ago

      sazexx3 thank you

    • sazexx3
      sazexx3 14 days ago

      Katie Ledford the river flows in you by yiruma

  • Gie gie
    Gie gie 15 days ago

    OMG Simply Nailogical would react to Laurdiy being holo

  • Sonia Paletta
    Sonia Paletta 16 days ago

    1:09 "it's been so long" *start playing beautifully without hesitation and no mistakes*

  • Asha -the unicorn- Elijah

    Ok so everyone shocked by the piano playing obviously didn't see her vlog where she played this song lol I remember hearing it and being OBSSESSED she's soooooooo good at piano omgggggg wait she should do a piano cover

  • Emma Saunders
    Emma Saunders 16 days ago

    Why does this video feel kinda sexual

  • SpoopyTwinz
    SpoopyTwinz 16 days ago


  • Sophia Perez
    Sophia Perez 16 days ago

    Absolutely accurate! 😂

  • janelleley
    janelleley 16 days ago

    I saw Alex’s side even a bit 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • ale hernandez
    ale hernandez 17 days ago

    it literally took me a full five minutes to realize this was a parody like omg this was so convincing um you should work for vogue

  • susan gomez
    susan gomez 17 days ago


  • Djellza Maloku
    Djellza Maloku 17 days ago

    I finished game of thrones for less than 2 weeks i dont know why lauren thinks that a month and a half its a short time to finish game of thrones like no hate but just saying

  • Jocelyn Letona
    Jocelyn Letona 17 days ago

    wait this was a parody it was so realistic 😂

  • nixy corgi
    nixy corgi 17 days ago

    Lauren u found ur youngetself...me

  • nixy corgi
    nixy corgi 17 days ago

    I just realized were so alike

  • Madison Irving
    Madison Irving 18 days ago

    you should do Q&A's like this

  • Mao Lor
    Mao Lor 18 days ago

    She was playing one of yiruma’s song!

  • Keczup Kim
    Keczup Kim 18 days ago

    Only a month and a half? Come on my mom did it in one week, all 7 seasons. :)

  • Durga Kuchibhotla
    Durga Kuchibhotla 18 days ago

    1:07 the piano bit is soooo gd wtf 🤯🤯

  • Sarahbeth Olson
    Sarahbeth Olson 19 days ago

    Does anyone know where her jeans are from??

  • Sanahin Lucinae Arabyan

    What’s the name of the song she played????

  • Alexa Garcia
    Alexa Garcia 19 days ago +1

    Miranda Sings did this!!
    (No hate just noticed that )

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson 19 days ago

    Seems to rehearsed and waaaaay to many hair flips.

  • Abhilash
    Abhilash 20 days ago

    LMAO! So pretentious.

  • Kelsie Gropp
    Kelsie Gropp 20 days ago

    This would have taken forever to film straight through without stopping

  • Eva Karagulian
    Eva Karagulian 20 days ago

    Lauren is amazing at the piano

  • Piper Allyson
    Piper Allyson 20 days ago

    I’m so excited for the Morgan Adams collab

  • Sydney McNear
    Sydney McNear 20 days ago

    oh god
    that was alot

  • LifeWithJustine
    LifeWithJustine 20 days ago +3

    "you have a degree"
    "Yes, Bachelors in Technology"

  • Alisha Cactus
    Alisha Cactus 20 days ago +2

    Umm girl
    You are GOOOOD at piano

  • Watermelon_Cotton Gamer

    Do a collab with MyLifeAsAva!

  • Princess Paris Productions

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️I actually love this❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ivana Radujkovic
    Ivana Radujkovic 20 days ago

    I like this a lot, I 've seen this on other UScliprs/ e.c.t and it is pretty cool

  • 22prairiee
    22prairiee 20 days ago +3

    Does anyone know where Lauren got her shirt?!?!? It's really cute!

  • Sophia Quiroz
    Sophia Quiroz 20 days ago

    Love that song on the piano

  • khiala emerson
    khiala emerson 20 days ago

    I've seen that 2 kinds of people book in the shops, is it good?

  • Rosa Molina
    Rosa Molina 20 days ago +5

    *plays piano*

  • Rhona Galope
    Rhona Galope 20 days ago

    Lowennnn I can watch you play piano for hours hahaha

  • rayne_ insane06
    rayne_ insane06 20 days ago

    What song was she playing on piano?

  • Emily Gervacio
    Emily Gervacio 21 day ago

    Sneak peek of Alex's side 2:29

  • Kylie brat
    Kylie brat 21 day ago

    when it halloween do kim possible live action or tv

  • Unicorn Gamer
    Unicorn Gamer 21 day ago

    Whenever Lauren was saying 3 things about her self I was yelling WHAT ABOUT CREATIVE

  • Ash G
    Ash G 21 day ago

    USclip and chill is my #aesthetic

  • Ash G
    Ash G 21 day ago

    Lauren: I can't play that good cuz it's been FORever
    Also Lauren: plays some really high level shit and is having everyone shook

  • evaleigh hindrup
    evaleigh hindrup 21 day ago

    Go girl

  • Abigail Miller
    Abigail Miller 21 day ago

    This was the most uncomfortable I’ve seen Lauren everrr

  • Sofia Hedges
    Sofia Hedges 21 day ago

    She is such like my aunt

  • Michael Gingras
    Michael Gingras 21 day ago

    you r amazing

  • Eliza Benson
    Eliza Benson 21 day ago +1

    I love laptops 💻

  • Eliza Benson
    Eliza Benson 21 day ago +2

    I hateeeeee when people chew loud!!

  • Sleepy Potato
    Sleepy Potato 21 day ago

    She is late on this 😂

  • Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown 21 day ago

    Your house looks lovely LaurDiy It was good to here a bit about you And moose 🤗

  • Hope Singing Life
    Hope Singing Life 21 day ago

    I love this 💙 you can tell Lauren was feeling her hair lol

  • Hope Singing Life
    Hope Singing Life 21 day ago

    Wow the piano playing

  • Angela McLeod
    Angela McLeod 21 day ago

    I’m kind pissed that I’m a Sagittarius and got second

  • Rylee Lauv
    Rylee Lauv 21 day ago

    I swear we are so alike..I love desk going and chocolate mini eggs lol

  • M&M ' s
    M&M ' s 21 day ago

    That was sooooooooooooo good

  • Sophia Thirza Joyce
    Sophia Thirza Joyce 21 day ago +17

    Lauren: It been forever! (Plays most beautiful song ever)
    Me: *Speechless
    Lauren: That’s all you get for now
    Me: *Cries

  • Debra Carr
    Debra Carr 21 day ago


  • meowy 89
    meowy 89 22 days ago

    Youre awsome!
    do you donate money to people building a new channel on youtube?