American History QUIZ - Very Hard Test!


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  • Christo Babu
    Christo Babu 4 days ago


  • Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier

    Got 5 right. 4 from knowledge, 1 by guessing. Not bad for a non-American I guess.

  • Michael Gurule
    Michael Gurule 15 days ago

    I missed taxation without representation....I feel stupid for missing that one. That slogan in essence was the gist of the American Revolution

  • Emmy
    Emmy 18 days ago

    I did pretty well, I always remember Woodrow Wilson because World War 1 is his initials.

  • Princess Caroline
    Princess Caroline 21 day ago

    Did he rub his wood raw?

  • bigniper
    bigniper 21 day ago

    Failed on the Boston Tea Party one. Knew it but could not remember it. Not bad for a Brit. Mind you i'm 66 years old and went to school when we had Proper Schooling and learned about world history and not just our own country.

  • O K
    O K 27 days ago +1

    This was supposed to be hard I got a perfect score

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario Month ago

    1,100 points for me.

  • anime Go Go
    anime Go Go Month ago

    i got 7/7

  • Isaiah Hatten
    Isaiah Hatten Month ago


  • Joe Helecki
    Joe Helecki Month ago

    I.. had. 600...points

  • D Casper
    D Casper Month ago

    too. easy

  • rick north
    rick north Month ago

    click bait

  • purle iris
    purle iris 2 months ago

    I got them all correct.

  • Dalton Moss
    Dalton Moss 2 months ago

    1100... a pretty easy test if you payed attention in history class during high school

  • Pete Vandervort
    Pete Vandervort 2 months ago

    Your very hard history test is a JOKE!!!!!!😄

  • Gerin Jera
    Gerin Jera 2 months ago

    Not hard

  • Troy Ortega
    Troy Ortega 2 months ago

    Ditto. Didn't seem that hard. I like the fact that your quizzes have some fill in the blank answers. Makes it a little more difficult. No guessing 1 out of 4

  • Lynn McClaine
    Lynn McClaine 2 months ago

    1000 points

  • Don Carbon
    Don Carbon 2 months ago

    Americans are morons

  • Larry Crawford
    Larry Crawford 2 months ago

    1300 points.

  • James Mckane
    James Mckane 2 months ago

    If that was hard I'd like to see easy LMAO

  • Marc Tandoh
    Marc Tandoh 2 months ago


  • Tess Murdock
    Tess Murdock 3 months ago

    Not hard at all. Got 100% correct.

  • Douglas Krueger
    Douglas Krueger 3 months ago +2

    Too easy (and Woodrow Wilson's name misspelled). Try something like (answers below):
    1. What losing Vice Presidential Candidate was later elected to President?
    2 Who was the first Roman Catholic to be nominated for President?
    3. The secession and formation of the Confederate States of America took place when who was President of the United States?
    4. True or false: Nixon was impeached.
    5. What US Congressman was re-elected to Congress while in jail?
    1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1920, then 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944
    2. Al Smith, 1928
    3. James Buchanan (formation of the CSA February 8, 1861; Buchanan in office until March 4, 1861)
    4 True: Federal judge Walter Nixon was impeached by the US House of Representatives and removed from office by the US Senate in 1989. (President Richard Nixon was not.)
    5. Matthew Lyon, 1800.

  • Claire B
    Claire B 3 months ago +4

    It's "Woodrow Wilson" not "woodraw"...

  • BrendenVlogsTV
    BrendenVlogsTV 3 months ago

    1200 points.

  • Michael Coley
    Michael Coley 3 months ago

    I got Woodrow (the spellchecker wouldn’t let me get it wrong) and the population wrong.

  • Chris Gay
    Chris Gay 3 months ago

    WoodrOW Wilson, not WoodrAW

    KEN LICHTIG 3 months ago


  • Samuel Iam
    Samuel Iam 3 months ago

    someone might want to inform these guys that the 28th president spelled his name 'woodrow,' not 'woodraw.'

  • blacktip2002
    blacktip2002 4 months ago

    Missed one question I didn’t know the population 🤔🤓

  • Pamela Szymanski
    Pamela Szymanski 4 months ago


  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs 4 months ago

    It's easy if you know the answers

    MATTHEW MONTGOMERY 4 months ago

    Im 9 and i got 1000

  • Nicholas Jarrett
    Nicholas Jarrett 5 months ago


  • Sonika Saraiya
    Sonika Saraiya 5 months ago +1

    1500. straight from an APUSH student. ;)

  • history lustfucker
    history lustfucker 5 months ago

    GOT stumped by the tea party..hahaha

  • Chantay Lor
    Chantay Lor 5 months ago

    1000 pts

  • Braedon Minarik
    Braedon Minarik 5 months ago

    This is not hard this is easy. I got 1,500

  • Master ReBuilder
    Master ReBuilder 5 months ago


  • Terry Gershman
    Terry Gershman 6 months ago

    Try 1300

  • Donna Walchuk
    Donna Walchuk 6 months ago

    I was able to get 1100 points not bad for a Canadian

  • MishuTaste
    MishuTaste 6 months ago

    You should get most of these answers right if you payed attention during elementary school or read American History textbooks. I missed the last one: I guessed 8 million.

  • Suicidal Forest
    Suicidal Forest 6 months ago

    you call this very hard? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. i am dutch and i knew all of them without looking for it. this is not hard. this is easy as shit

  • Okay_Then
    Okay_Then 7 months ago

    1300. Got the last one wrong. whatever

  • Christopher Munn
    Christopher Munn 7 months ago

    I am from the UK and got 1300.

  • Ron Molitor
    Ron Molitor 7 months ago

    Was that hard for an old (fill in the blank) 1500

  • stonewalljack100
    stonewalljack100 7 months ago

    Easy one.

  • My Name Is Lelo
    My Name Is Lelo 7 months ago

    1400 for me

  • Paula Perez
    Paula Perez 7 months ago


    DIBYAJYOTI ROY 8 months ago

    VIDEO is Just Awsome #QUIZFunUltimate

  • Hanne Catton
    Hanne Catton 8 months ago

    Woodraw Wilson ............... ???

  • Jon Magician
    Jon Magician 9 months ago

    I got them all lol

  • Kenny Earley
    Kenny Earley 9 months ago +3

    1300 pts not to bad I guess for a southerner

  • Lovin Ojetta
    Lovin Ojetta 9 months ago

    1,400 i think

  • Kathryn1209
    Kathryn1209 9 months ago

    I got them all

  • Breath Of the Wild Analysist

    Who else got every questiob right

    • Dark
      Dark 7 months ago

      doubt you did based on that spelling.

  • LeArtiste D
    LeArtiste D 10 months ago +8

    1000 points! Plus it's spelt Woodrow Wilson

  • Ali Ashraf
    Ali Ashraf 11 months ago +6

    Perfect 1500
    Hell Yeah
    That's better than my best SAT score
    I'm sad now

  • Toni M
    Toni M 11 months ago +3

    Not very hard. I got 1200 and I'm polish

  • ethan sargent
    ethan sargent 11 months ago

    I got one wrong 😾

  • Yike Yike my youtube

    Can you guys reply and like this comment however good but no offensive words #thankyou

  • Zje Van Der
    Zje Van Der Year ago

    Looks like I got question 5 wrong, I thought it was Woodrow Wilson, but clearly it was Woodraw Wilson. Maybe next time...

  • Derek Cook
    Derek Cook Year ago

    The Music is horrible

  • Sharp Shooter33
    Sharp Shooter33 Year ago +6

    In school we learn nothing about WW1, we learn about 2 presidents (Washington and Lincoln) and nothing about when women got their rights.

    • O K
      O K 27 days ago

      We never learn anything in school about history. I still got a perfect score

    • Kris S
      Kris S 5 months ago

      I remember learning about WWI and women's suffrage. We even watched the Hilary Swank movie about the suffragettes.

    • MishuTaste
      MishuTaste 6 months ago +2

      That's why we have public libraries.

    • Melissa De La Paz
      Melissa De La Paz 9 months ago +2

      You should take AP us history in 11th grade and you’ll be more than satisfied with the knowledge you’ll get

    • Ricky Bobby Gaming and History
      Ricky Bobby Gaming and History Year ago +2

      Tell me about it, I learned more about WW1 from Battlefield 1 than I did from my world history class my sophomore year 😂, all we talked about was Hitler being a ww1 veteran and Churchhills failure at Gallipoli and his enlistment in the British army

    ASHISH KUMAR Year ago

    Thanku so much for such imp quiz,

  • Geoff Geoff
    Geoff Geoff Year ago

    I'm from Australia and I got the maximum score. Wasn't that hard and we don't study US history here...just the main bits. BTW Woodrow Wilson was the first president to be born in a hospital. Not many people know that!

  • Peter Zenger
    Peter Zenger Year ago

    Much too easy! I got 100%--and I don't even live in America...

    • Emry Zydel
      Emry Zydel Year ago

      Ohhhh that's right. (John) Peter Zenger was from Germany.

  • stone rhodes
    stone rhodes Year ago +1

    learn to spell, it is "Woodrow Wilson".

  • 64bitmad
    64bitmad Year ago


  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly Year ago


  • Intelligent Ethan

    I got 800 points

  • Marco Padilla
    Marco Padilla Year ago


  • Cameron Whitaker
    Cameron Whitaker Year ago


  • PJRoRo
    PJRoRo Year ago


  • Popasquatgaming 2016

    I got 400 points

  • Yug Shukla
    Yug Shukla Year ago


  • Funny Vids
    Funny Vids Year ago +4

    I got zero

  • Cinthia 9
    Cinthia 9 Year ago

    I got 2 right and I am Canadian.

  • Rick Rose
    Rick Rose Year ago

    Too easy, and you spelled 'Woodrow' wrong. Twice.

  • Jersen Mapper
    Jersen Mapper Year ago

    I got 1K/1,000 points

  • Erwin Ackerman
    Erwin Ackerman Year ago


  • Robert Howard
    Robert Howard Year ago

    One more question: What is the correct spelling of President Wilson's given name?

    • olavu11
      olavu11 Year ago

      Robert Howard lol

  • Susan Pomedli
    Susan Pomedli Year ago

    6 out 7 right. Oh I am a Canadian.

    KEN LICHTIG Year ago +5


  • Frotochuck Games
    Frotochuck Games Year ago

    1500 points I mean come on now this was easy!

  • The TW Master
    The TW Master Year ago


  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones Year ago +3

    This is another silly vanity test. This is something that a 5th grader should be able to answer. It would have been important to ask questions that required some thought. For instance: what was the main reason that Wilson wanted to enter WWI ? why was the Emancipation Proclamation not sufficient to end slavery ? what was Manifest Destiny ? What was the driver to establish a personal income tax ? This test was trivial in the extreme. However, if an average US high school graduate could not pass this with at least 70% they indeed have a severe knowledge deficit about their own history.

  • Sam Sabastian
    Sam Sabastian Year ago +30

    I don't even live in the USA, but I have never heard of Woodraw Wilson. BUT I have heard of Woodrow Wilson.
    Which leads me to say, if you are going to do something, do it properly.

    • Terence Kreft
      Terence Kreft 7 days ago

      Once is a typo, twice is ignorance.

    • handyjerseyguy
      handyjerseyguy Month ago

      thank you my friend i enjoy American history.

    • PBK K
      PBK K Month ago

      Sam, I was going to note the Woodrow Wilson, but thanks for getting there first. I also had to agree with your response to Rick's spelling standards.

    • PBK K
      PBK K Month ago

      @ Rick - Content means nothing if the spelling keeps you from accuracy. It's called the dumbing down of America. The quiz may have been a waste of time for you, but with all due respect, your justification of a misspelled word wasted my time. too.

    • handyjerseyguy
      handyjerseyguy Month ago


  • backbaconnbeer
    backbaconnbeer Year ago +5

    1200- not bad for a Canadian

  • Tim Spiers
    Tim Spiers Year ago +2

    1100 and I am British.

  • Gorden Simmons
    Gorden Simmons Year ago

    way to easy I am no history major or buff. got every one yet dont feel that means anything.

    • James Ronaldo
      James Ronaldo Year ago

      You know it's gonna be easy when they ask the 16th president of the United States

  • VolubleSword945 II

    I got 1600

  • Tinker 54
    Tinker 54 Year ago

    1300; 1790 population wasn't included in my history classes

  • Hexerical
    Hexerical Year ago


  • ksound65
    ksound65 Year ago +56

    not very hard for a "very hard" test

  • Victor Sherazee
    Victor Sherazee Year ago


  • Jackson Goettee
    Jackson Goettee Year ago