American History QUIZ - Very Hard Test!

  • Published on Oct 16, 2016
  • Check out my website! Hardest trivia quiz on the history of America!
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    Test your knowledge on the United States in this very difficult quiz on one of the biggest nations in the world. Learn fun interesting facts on past presidents, events, and important dates in american history!
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Comments • 196

  • Little Ave Goss
    Little Ave Goss Day ago

    800 pts. im 11 ya'lll

  • warface 123
    warface 123 7 days ago


  • Richard Patureau
    Richard Patureau 10 days ago

    1300. Missed the Delaware question.

  • Kaitlyn Winzer
    Kaitlyn Winzer 15 days ago +1

    the 19th amendment was ratified in 1919

  • Richard Chong
    Richard Chong 21 day ago

    Maxed it 1500 pts

  • Barry Johnson
    Barry Johnson 28 days ago

    My history books say "Taxation without representation is tyranny!" as the answer to #4.

  • Ken Bray
    Ken Bray Month ago

    This was not hard at all lol, didn't miss one ! Thank you I'm a genius lol....

  • Howard G
    Howard G Month ago

    1300 points--I missed the 2nd one.

  • Cameron Lewis
    Cameron Lewis Month ago


  • John Saunders
    John Saunders Month ago

    1500 and im English! Your American obsession with multiple choice makes,things far too easy!

  • gary phillips
    gary phillips Month ago


  • douglas fortner
    douglas fortner Month ago

    Got all of them. Everyone who takes this quiz should be able too also. Doug .......

  • Southern Gent
    Southern Gent 2 months ago

    The question about what State was the first State shows they have no clue at all to history.
    Delaware was not the first State.
    The 13 colonies all declared their Independence at the same time and became States simultaneously.
    Delaware was the first State to ratify the Constitution.
    It's no wonder people are indoctrinated.

  • Judy F
    Judy F 2 months ago

    WoodrOw Wilson! If you're going to challenge us with this quiz, at least take the time to get things right!

  • Melvis Fernandez
    Melvis Fernandez 2 months ago

    Only Republicans passed the test.not even one by a libtard answer.

  • Angel Francois
    Angel Francois 2 months ago

    I’m a Filipino I almost guess it all

  • Mrs Stella
    Mrs Stella 2 months ago


  • Sub_To _Pewds
    Sub_To _Pewds 2 months ago


  • Abner Calderon
    Abner Calderon 2 months ago

    I got a 0 LIKE WTF!!!

  • Virgina Gobetz
    Virgina Gobetz 3 months ago

    This VERY HARD test was A PIECE OF CAKE!

    • ki kus
      ki kus 2 months ago


  • FADEX Velk
    FADEX Velk 3 months ago

    I’m 10 (i got 1300 cause I miss the last one)

  • Dee Mosteller
    Dee Mosteller 3 months ago

    All right

  • Paul J
    Paul J 3 months ago

    The incorrectly spelt Woodraw Wilson was president for the Whole of WW1,
    not just the beginning.
    It`s weird being quizzed by an idiot.

  • Kathleen Earle
    Kathleen Earle 4 months ago

    2 nd question I got wrong . I'm not American, but was always taught history in school. About the world and it's growth through the ages. 60 years ago.

  • Brian Winters
    Brian Winters 4 months ago

    1500 not super hard

  • Jeffrey Robinson
    Jeffrey Robinson 4 months ago

    1500, but I’m a history nerd and living history buff.

  • Ondřej Lepšík
    Ondřej Lepšík 4 months ago

    Im from Europe Czech Republic 1000 points love american history and all America

    • Ken Bray
      Ken Bray 21 day ago

      Oudrej Lepsik Then we love you !

  • Annoying Marshmallow
    Annoying Marshmallow 4 months ago

    1500 easy😁

  • Andrea Visconti
    Andrea Visconti 4 months ago


  • Nodrodsky
    Nodrodsky 4 months ago

    I got 0 because I do not give a shit.

  • Clearwater Guy
    Clearwater Guy 5 months ago


  • Myra Maines
    Myra Maines 5 months ago

    Too easy 1399 points

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 5 months ago

    it is woodrow not woodraw

  • Linda Carlisle
    Linda Carlisle 5 months ago

    i though this was hard this was easy i got 1500

  • martin varela
    martin varela 5 months ago

    1100 pts

  • Epyc Gamerz
    Epyc Gamerz 5 months ago


  • Andrew Swift
    Andrew Swift 5 months ago


  • Manuel Vieira
    Manuel Vieira 5 months ago

    I failed two questions ; I thought women in America had won the right to vote only in 1946 and Ithought that america had only 800000 inhabitants in 1790.

  • Mark Randolph
    Mark Randolph 7 months ago

    Did very well not hard at all...

  • jeff c
    jeff c 7 months ago

    Good job Leartiste D. Just a note here to let you know, the word is 'spelled', not 'spelt'.

  • TM
    TM 7 months ago

    1,000 points

  • Christo Babu
    Christo Babu 8 months ago


  • Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier

    Got 5 right. 4 from knowledge, 1 by guessing. Not bad for a non-American I guess.

  • Michael Gurule
    Michael Gurule 8 months ago

    I missed taxation without representation....I feel stupid for missing that one. That slogan in essence was the gist of the American Revolution

  • Emmy
    Emmy 8 months ago

    I did pretty well, I always remember Woodrow Wilson because World War 1 is his initials.

  • bigniper
    bigniper 8 months ago

    Failed on the Boston Tea Party one. Knew it but could not remember it. Not bad for a Brit. Mind you i'm 66 years old and went to school when we had Proper Schooling and learned about world history and not just our own country.

  • O K
    O K 9 months ago +1

    This was supposed to be hard I got a perfect score

    • ki kus
      ki kus 2 months ago

      Who care? Do u get money from it? Go get a girl kid . What a nerd

  • The Federalist
    The Federalist 9 months ago

    1,100 points for me.

  • Luzumann x
    Luzumann x 9 months ago

    i got 7/7

  • Isaiah Hatten
    Isaiah Hatten 9 months ago


  • Joe Helecki
    Joe Helecki 9 months ago

    I.. had. 600...points

  • D Casper
    D Casper 10 months ago

    too. easy

  • rick north
    rick north 10 months ago

    click bait

  • purle iris
    purle iris 10 months ago

    I got them all correct.

  • Dalton Moss
    Dalton Moss 10 months ago

    1100... a pretty easy test if you payed attention in history class during high school

  • Pete Vandervort
    Pete Vandervort 10 months ago +1

    Your very hard history test is a JOKE!!!!!!😄

    • ki kus
      ki kus 2 months ago

      R/iamverysmart haha now i can feed my family with this test

  • Gerin Jera
    Gerin Jera 10 months ago

    Not hard

  • Troy Ortega
    Troy Ortega 10 months ago

    Ditto. Didn't seem that hard. I like the fact that your quizzes have some fill in the blank answers. Makes it a little more difficult. No guessing 1 out of 4

  • Lynn McClaine
    Lynn McClaine 10 months ago

    1000 points

    • Lynn McClaine
      Lynn McClaine Month ago

      I increased to 1300 today. Didn't even realize I had taken this quiz before until I saw my previous comment.😆

  • Don Carbon
    Don Carbon 10 months ago

    Americans are morons

  • Larry Crawford
    Larry Crawford 10 months ago

    1300 points.

  • James Mckane
    James Mckane 10 months ago

    If that was hard I'd like to see easy LMAO

    • ki kus
      ki kus 2 months ago

      Nerd go get a girl . Do u get money from this test? Haha sad . I forgot u say that to make urself feel better about ur sadlife . Have a good day . Please throw away ur toxic and ego . Not everyone is like u

  • Marc Tandoh
    Marc Tandoh 10 months ago


  • Tess Murdock
    Tess Murdock 11 months ago

    Not hard at all. Got 100% correct.

  • Douglas Krueger
    Douglas Krueger 11 months ago +3

    Too easy (and Woodrow Wilson's name misspelled). Try something like (answers below):
    1. What losing Vice Presidential Candidate was later elected to President?
    2 Who was the first Roman Catholic to be nominated for President?
    3. The secession and formation of the Confederate States of America took place when who was President of the United States?
    4. True or false: Nixon was impeached.
    5. What US Congressman was re-elected to Congress while in jail?
    1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1920, then 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944
    2. Al Smith, 1928
    3. James Buchanan (formation of the CSA February 8, 1861; Buchanan in office until March 4, 1861)
    4 True: Federal judge Walter Nixon was impeached by the US House of Representatives and removed from office by the US Senate in 1989. (President Richard Nixon was not.)
    5. Matthew Lyon, 1800.

    • ki kus
      ki kus 2 months ago +1

      Too r/iamverysmart not everyone like u . U must be nice person to be with . Throw away ur toxic and ego

  • Claire B
    Claire B 11 months ago +4

    It's "Woodrow Wilson" not "woodraw"...

    • ki kus
      ki kus 2 months ago

      R/iamverysmart too edgy kid

  • BrendenVlogsTV
    BrendenVlogsTV 11 months ago

    1200 points.

  • Michael Coley
    Michael Coley 11 months ago

    I got Woodrow (the spellchecker wouldn’t let me get it wrong) and the population wrong.

  • Chris Gay
    Chris Gay 11 months ago

    WoodrOW Wilson, not WoodrAW

    KEN LICHTIG Year ago


  • Samuel Iam
    Samuel Iam Year ago

    someone might want to inform these guys that the 28th president spelled his name 'woodrow,' not 'woodraw.'

    • ki kus
      ki kus 2 months ago

      Ok einstein . Harvard will give u scholarship for correcting that

  • blacktip2002
    blacktip2002 Year ago +3

    Missed one question I didn’t know the population 🤔🤓

  • Pamela Szymanski
    Pamela Szymanski Year ago


  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs Year ago

    It's easy if you know the answers


    Im 9 and i got 1000

  • Nicholas Jarrett
    Nicholas Jarrett Year ago


  • Sonika Saraiya
    Sonika Saraiya Year ago +1

    1500. straight from an APUSH student. ;)

  • history lustfucker

    GOT stumped by the tea party..hahaha

  • Chantay Lor
    Chantay Lor Year ago

    1000 pts

  • Braedon Minarik
    Braedon Minarik Year ago

    This is not hard this is easy. I got 1,500

  • Master ReBuilder
    Master ReBuilder Year ago


  • Donna Walchuk
    Donna Walchuk Year ago

    I was able to get 1100 points not bad for a Canadian

  • Okay_Then
    Okay_Then Year ago

    1300. Got the last one wrong. whatever

  • Christopher Munn
    Christopher Munn Year ago

    I am from the UK and got 1300.

  • Ron Molitor
    Ron Molitor Year ago

    Was that hard for an old (fill in the blank) 1500

  • stonewalljack100
    stonewalljack100 Year ago

    Easy one.

  • Robloxian 87
    Robloxian 87 Year ago

    1400 for me

  • Paula Perez
    Paula Perez Year ago


  • The Shillong Teer Ultimate

    VIDEO is Just Awsome #QUIZFunUltimate

  • Hanne Catton
    Hanne Catton Year ago

    Woodraw Wilson ............... ???

  • Jon Magician
    Jon Magician Year ago

    I got them all lol

  • Kenny Earley
    Kenny Earley Year ago +3

    1300 pts not to bad I guess for a southerner

  • Lovin Ojetta
    Lovin Ojetta Year ago

    1,400 i think

  • Kathryn1209
    Kathryn1209 Year ago

    I got them all

  • All But Perfect
    All But Perfect Year ago +1

    Who else got every questiob right

    • Ken Bray
      Ken Bray 21 day ago

      All Butt Perfect The only thin that's not perfect is your spelling is question ! Not quetiob

    • Dark
      Dark Year ago

      doubt you did based on that spelling.

  • LeArtiste D
    LeArtiste D Year ago +11

    1000 points! Plus it's spelt Woodrow Wilson

  • Ali Ashraf
    Ali Ashraf Year ago +10

    Perfect 1500
    Hell Yeah
    That's better than my best SAT score
    I'm sad now

    • ki kus
      ki kus 2 months ago

      Now u can feed ur family with this test

    • Urika Taufa
      Urika Taufa 6 months ago


  • Toni M
    Toni M Year ago +3

    Not very hard. I got 1200 and I'm polish

    • ki kus
      ki kus 2 months ago


  • ethan sargent
    ethan sargent Year ago

    I got one wrong 😾