• Published on May 21, 2017
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    LARGE CLEAR DRAWER - Container Store
    MEDIUM CLEAR DRAWER - Container Store
    SMALL CLEAR DRAWER - Container Store
    PENCIL / BRUCH HOLDER - cosmocube
    BESTA Media Cabinet - IKEA
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  • Neelofer Khan
    Neelofer Khan 23 hours ago

    This is not makeup collection this is makeup store 😂😂😂

  • salwa Khair
    salwa Khair Day ago

    i have 2 mosturizer 2 foundation 1 concealer one highlighter 2 kajal 1 eyeliner 1 mascara and 5 lipstick and no primer and above this it will be waste of money for me

  • Nads wessels
    Nads wessels Day ago

    I love this video. I love your make up Collection 💙

  • nejra ligata
    nejra ligata 3 days ago

    Lov you 😍😍😍😍

  • Aysha Yasin
    Aysha Yasin 3 days ago

    "Booty blender"😂😂😂😂

  • Shreyans Ray
    Shreyans Ray 4 days ago

    You can open a shop

  • تسنيم الغبين

    بس عن جد غرفت احلامي

  • تسنيم الغبين

    هاي شلون خلاها ابوها تشتري كل هل مكياج

  • Anwar Abbas 333
    Anwar Abbas 333 7 days ago

    حبيت لانة ما في عفسات

  • Amanda Sinelli
    Amanda Sinelli 7 days ago

    What model of label maker did you use? Does it have a variety of different color and patterns for the labels?

  • Yanayah Dzae
    Yanayah Dzae 8 days ago

    I want that because

  • Cola Coka
    Cola Coka 8 days ago

    Booty blenders x need learn to spellll beauty

  • Omar Tayeh
    Omar Tayeh 9 days ago

    Omg that hot new shit draw annoyed me how the Tarte palette was upside down

  • Say Ruiz
    Say Ruiz 9 days ago

    6:19 probably the same reason why I’ve had s by shakira perfume for at least three years😅

  • AmaddiesWorld
    AmaddiesWorld 10 days ago

    THIS IS WHAT I NEED !!!!!😍😍😍😍

  • Alexandra Gomez
    Alexandra Gomez 11 days ago

    She has a whole Sephora in her house 🤣😂🤩

  • Mommys Beautiful Janhvi

    Apart frm makeup..pls hv a look at my vlogs tooo😀

  • Tina S
    Tina S 12 days ago

    Wow you have a enough makeup to cover a whole village

  • saskia ter linden
    saskia ter linden 13 days ago


  • minahill Hussain
    minahill Hussain 15 days ago +1

    No comment 😨😭🔥😍

  • teddy xo
    teddy xo 16 days ago

    It’s legit a whole store

  • Daniela Rodriguez
    Daniela Rodriguez 17 days ago

    I thought this was a store....

  • Ummugulsum Aslan
    Ummugulsum Aslan 17 days ago

    Bu ne, ne bu 😲

  • Burçe Kalağoğlu
    Burçe Kalağoğlu 18 days ago

    Omg 😲😲😲

  • Peachy Rose
    Peachy Rose 18 days ago


  • myfav0s2012
    myfav0s2012 19 days ago

    Small? 😳

  • Christina Neuvian
    Christina Neuvian 20 days ago

    That is not a’s a store

  • Zeliha Nur Arslanca
    Zeliha Nur Arslanca 20 days ago

    Makyaj stoklarının neden hemen bittiğini anlamış olduk

  • Etta Nur
    Etta Nur 21 day ago

    my make-up products has left the chat.

  • Tasme Alam
    Tasme Alam 24 days ago

    Will u adopt me???

  • Jabree Mears
    Jabree Mears 24 days ago +1

    I think this is what heaven looks like

  • Laura Carranza
    Laura Carranza 25 days ago

    Wow,, only wow.. fabulous 😍😍

  • Ness A
    Ness A 25 days ago

    Look at all that expired makeup 😍😍

  • Aline Rosa
    Aline Rosa 25 days ago

    Um paraíso que eu ainda não conheço kkk

  • Sinem Pacaci
    Sinem Pacaci 25 days ago

    LOL! I have like 1 Mascara, 1 Maybeline blush, some sample Avon lipsticks my Avon Rep aunt gave me and a Maybeline Baby lips lipbalm. And that's it. I do love make up, but I don't use too much make up any how so I don't need too much. Desi I also love things for their packaging, so no judgement because I relate. Much love from Turkey.

  • laiba noori
    laiba noori 25 days ago


  • Nicole Perrelli
    Nicole Perrelli 26 days ago

    Some people collect make up some people collect shoes I collect luxury bags

  • Nicole Perrelli
    Nicole Perrelli 26 days ago

    She got more makeup than a drugstore

  • Nicole Perrelli
    Nicole Perrelli 26 days ago

    Can u help me with my make up

  • Pink Barbie
    Pink Barbie 26 days ago +3

    And my total makeup can fix easily in one drawer ,, feeling soo poor

  • زُْعازُيَْع زُْعزُوَْع

    this Video literally turns me

  • Christine Awuor
    Christine Awuor 26 days ago

    Lol...what is my pouch of makeup?

    AYUSHI SAO 26 days ago

    You have your own shop :)))

  • Мунара Исакова

    Ужас зачем столько косметики?! А как же срок годности?! Нафига столько?! Жесть!

  • juan juan
    juan juan 26 days ago

    Putting sheet masks in the fridge make them work better and feel better

  • Victoria George
    Victoria George 27 days ago +4

    Sometimes I come back and watch this video just to relax

  • Maddy More
    Maddy More 27 days ago

    JUST her Mask collection is amazing 😍

  • Andrea Zuniga
    Andrea Zuniga 27 days ago

    you have much makeup

  • Andrea Zuniga
    Andrea Zuniga 27 days ago


  • LuluKamelia오
    LuluKamelia오 29 days ago +1

    ya Lord..... so many😭😭

  • Heather Eaglen
    Heather Eaglen 29 days ago +1

    Omg this is so incredible...I'm so but happy for you. This is my dream to have all of this myself. If I died and went to heaven this is exactly what it would look like! I love it, the storage is amazing too!
    My first makeup experience to where I felt so proud of myself and so happy and excited actually wasn't that long ago. A few months back I went to ulta for the first time and bought my first pallet and its from Anastasia the revolution and it took me months to save up for it. Makeup is everything to me but I have such a small budget its non existent. But I'm so proud of that pallet because i literally saved so much change to buy it. I dont know how I've went 30 years of my life and not went into ulta or any makeup store. SMDH ... Because of my love for makeup I'm going back to school so I can get a better job so I can move out of this hick small town in wrong turn and just be able to maybe have my own bomb ads collection one day..I need it and want it..this is my fav. Collection video yet!

  • Belmy 08
    Belmy 08 Month ago

    Consumerism at the finest

  • Belmy 08
    Belmy 08 Month ago

    This shot looks like a makeup store this in not a collection

  • Britney Soum
    Britney Soum Month ago


  • Chica Arana
    Chica Arana Month ago

    That is a makeup store! Even the lighting looks like when I walk into an Ulta.

  • Baby Musa Mamma
    Baby Musa Mamma Month ago

    I haven't seen in my life such a organized and easy to find everything beauty room , I totally own two sets of brushes and yes I still can't find some 🤦, I m so impressed honestly ,

  • Oh kay
    Oh kay Month ago

    This was dreamy omg but am i the only one thinking that it'll all be *expired* at some point when most of it won't be empty and finished? Some might even be unused :/

    iRBTGi KPOP Month ago

    i like make up but I'm poor

  • Veronica Watson
    Veronica Watson Month ago

    It's funny you don't have too much luxury makeup. Channel, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Bobbi Brown, even Hourglass... not too many. Do you not prefer upscale brands?

  • L Alva
    L Alva Month ago +4

    Did you organize these yourself? Wow! Impressive! 👍🏼😊

  • Hellosmileylost
    Hellosmileylost Month ago

    T’abuse du bail frrr

  • KahrtZFtMyRoni Mattiu


  • Hailey Beauty
    Hailey Beauty Month ago

    Cries in broken dreams..

  • Miranda De La Paz
    Miranda De La Paz Month ago


  • November Wilson
    November Wilson Month ago +1

    Sephora is that you??

  • angie woohoo
    angie woohoo Month ago

    who is this....

  • Taty Febu
    Taty Febu Month ago

    I like how nice is everything 🐶🐶💄💄

  • college college 1
    college college 1 Month ago

    Wow so rich

  • Katie Pèrez
    Katie Pèrez Month ago +1


  • Rebeleous Violet
    Rebeleous Violet Month ago

    I have A good blending brush & I love the heck out of it. Haha. I thought I had pretty okay brushes until I got it and then I realized.. nope! Perhaps ignorance was bliss because I was pretty content before. Now, I want a dozen of them. It is so surprising how much difference it makes. It’s not enough to have soft brushes. The weight makes a huge difference & I didn’t realize how much!! Probably like you with your Nars palette

  • Kaysah Alam
    Kaysah Alam Month ago

    What a large amazing makeup collection

  • Samantha Ramos
    Samantha Ramos Month ago +1

    Wish i could have it thats my dream as a makeup artist😭😭😭😭

  • anto Inze
    anto Inze Month ago +2

    This is like sephora shop

  • Iman Chasieva
    Iman Chasieva Month ago +1

    Not hating or anything..i think it's her choice and it looks stunning..and i know that she gets make up for free to review as a make up artist but like..for having ONE face that's really much for MY opinion but then again it's her choice and i enjoyed the video💋



  • Maddy Lloyd
    Maddy Lloyd Month ago

    Omg I have a cotton phobia as well

  • Lia
    Lia Month ago

    Your hands are so aesthetically pleasing jeez

  • Becca Smith
    Becca Smith Month ago

    I would love an updated tour!

  • zahra
    zahra Month ago +2

    these videos satisfy me but also piss me off

  • Familia CarrilloVlogs
    Familia CarrilloVlogs Month ago +2

    Basically expired make up 👀👀👀 after opening a palette is last about 6 months to 38 months I live make up but I really don’t see the point of getting so match make up if you will never going to finish before it gets expeired

  • Codi Mcilwrath
    Codi Mcilwrath Month ago

    The first big thing I baught was the bperfect carnival pallet

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen Month ago

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  • Gloriane Laguisma
    Gloriane Laguisma Month ago

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  • Jacky Ortiz
    Jacky Ortiz Month ago +1

    I'm sorry hun I didn't just I just started fighting naked because of you because of your inspiring makeup tutorials I have a boyfriend coming to and get some makeup from you so when I get into a giveaway with you and I kind of just want to get naked from you because you're a girl who inspires me and keep on going to try to make my makeup life is a job

    • Jacky Ortiz
      Jacky Ortiz Month ago

      You are so cute and sweet 😍😘 😘❤️💕💕

  • dareen shennag
    dareen shennag Month ago

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    Macy Arlene Garrett Month ago +2

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    Laura Schmidl Month ago +1

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  • عبد الله القيسي


  • Wendy English
    Wendy English Month ago

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    chiraz guerroudj Month ago


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    とらんぽりす Month ago


  • Jana ladyslipper
    Jana ladyslipper Month ago

    Wow! ❤️❤️❤️ Have to show this video to my bestie, she isn’t a makeup junkie, so she thinks my collection is crazy. I can show her this video and be like “see I don’t have that much makeup”

  • Firdous Broadway
    Firdous Broadway Month ago

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  • candyqloss
    candyqloss Month ago

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  • Julia Sewell
    Julia Sewell Month ago

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    Yolande DESCHAMPS Month ago +1

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    Amina Ahmed Month ago +1

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