The Smash Bros Ultimate Lifeform


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  • IntroSpecktive
    IntroSpecktive 3 months ago +5512

    Thanks for letting me break into your house! Shadow for Smash

  • Joel Robinson
    Joel Robinson 7 days ago +1

    This aged badly, which sucks

  • Dean Marshall
    Dean Marshall 7 days ago +1

    When people say 'they take a spot on the roster' they don't mean literally, they mean it takes the developers time and resources to make the character that could have gone to someone else. Why make Chrom, Daisy, Ricter, and Ken, when ALL of that could have gone to one or two more original characters?

  • Natalia Kruschev
    Natalia Kruschev 12 days ago

    "Y'all want ANOTHER Bayonneta?" he asks, as Jeanne appears on the screen.
    "Yes!" I wail out as I orgasm at the sight of best girl.

  • Butterman Gaming
    Butterman Gaming 13 days ago +1

    Sakurai hates Alpharad comfirmed :(

  • Liberty Lemonz
    Liberty Lemonz 17 days ago

    F U C K I N G

  • Prinny Ramza
    Prinny Ramza 19 days ago

    Just saying "hi" from the future. #NeverShadow

  • Ledgendary Pimpyojeez
    Ledgendary Pimpyojeez 20 days ago


  • Gamer king
    Gamer king 20 days ago +1

    Who's watching this after Shadows debunk as an assist trophy and just dying

  • SwigtimeFoxy
    SwigtimeFoxy 20 days ago

    welp too bad.

    *becomes an assist trophy*

  • paulo flores
    paulo flores 21 day ago

    isabel over villager hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Smol boi
    Smol boi 21 day ago


  • LemmyGamer
    LemmyGamer 21 day ago


  • Saotome Alto
    Saotome Alto 22 days ago

    I love it how assist trophy crushed so many people dream , it's so sweet .

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 24 days ago

    There is still hope for Tails

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 24 days ago

    Delete that picture of me in the thumbnail

  • yung hedgie
    yung hedgie 24 days ago +1


  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh 27 days ago

    where is waluigi?

  • Kyle H.
    Kyle H. 27 days ago +1

    I want a 5th Bayonetta.

  • charlotte
    charlotte 28 days ago

    I think Amy the hedgehog would be a cool character. I think she could fit as an echo fighter despite her differences with Sonic. Her moves could contain her hammer, maybe some Chao and some items? Her hammer would be in her forward smash, the move similar to Kirbys firey hammer.
    -up for discussion-

  • Tyrone Wagner
    Tyrone Wagner 28 days ago

    I need classic sonic as an echo fighter of sonic please

  • Nebby JH
    Nebby JH 28 days ago

    Man, Sakurai really hates you. Of course your old list gets a character.

  • Panda Games
    Panda Games 29 days ago

    we can have pirahna plant right??

  • Bundi
    Bundi Month ago +2

    rewatching this video hurts, man

  • MyGuymandude
    MyGuymandude Month ago

    RIP the dream

  • Saul Nietes
    Saul Nietes Month ago

    Shadow: "Oh hi thanks for checking in I'm still A DAMN ASSIST TROPHY.".

  • R0l0ian_ RhL
    R0l0ian_ RhL Month ago

    Sonic's face in the thumbnail is the face that Sakurai made after the video.

    "Haha, no your not getting that H *edge* hog"

  • jpn
    jpn Month ago

    Oh Alpha...

  • Spartan - 500
    Spartan - 500 Month ago

    Sitting here after the last direct... I feel bad...

  • UltimateGamerTeam!
    UltimateGamerTeam! Month ago

    Shadow needs to be removed as a assist trophy.

  • NMEstewy
    NMEstewy Month ago +1

    Another poorly aged alpharad smash prediction

  • One Bulby boi
    One Bulby boi Month ago

    *Changed your mind?*

  • Jk MaHeM
    Jk MaHeM Month ago


  • Elydjah Monteiro
    Elydjah Monteiro Month ago

    Blaze would be the better echo fighter than Shadow.

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian Month ago

    Alpharad is the definition of things ageing horribly.

  • hepukengaiki ti
    hepukengaiki ti Month ago


  • Ousimanie
    Ousimanie Month ago

    *He didn't.*

  • Connor Fouhy
    Connor Fouhy Month ago

    Lol assist

  • Chris Kringle
    Chris Kringle Month ago


  • the Greg Bros
    the Greg Bros Month ago +1

    Welp, u were wrong srry

  • Amber Jackson
    Amber Jackson Month ago +1

    After watching the final direct, this makes me depressed

  • ItsJustSilver
    ItsJustSilver Month ago +1

    If only...


  • chris kennedy
    chris kennedy Month ago +1


  • HellaLoneNightcore
    HellaLoneNightcore Month ago +3

    RIP Shadow the Hedgehog, Goddamnit Sakurai take an amazing game and ruin it in one direct

  • Trey Hades
    Trey Hades Month ago

    if you'd excuse me, I'm going to be crying in my corner until December 7th.

  • Nathan Montes
    Nathan Montes Month ago

    Shadow is an assist trophy now. Sucks

  • Raphael Romero
    Raphael Romero Month ago +4


  • Emilie Lacoste
    Emilie Lacoste Month ago +2

    Ps his shadow dream is dead

  • Brawlerman X
    Brawlerman X Month ago +1

    Fuck he's dead

  • YaBunneh WhoLikesMemes

    That's what they said until Nov.1 Nintendo's direct

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice Month ago +5

    Sayonara... shadow the hedgehog.

  • Kolector
    Kolector Month ago +2

    haha yeah right lmao

  • braindead.
    braindead. Month ago +1


  • Coop Lanham
    Coop Lanham Month ago


  • DBK IMD1
    DBK IMD1 Month ago +17

    "Shadow will be added as a playable character"
    This video has aged well

  • R.A.W
    R.A.W Month ago +2

    Alpharad and fellow Shadow fans! I know you might not be reading this. But, we can change this. If we show to Nintendo and Sakurai that we want Shadow, we must show our support for this character. This petition can help, anything can you spare can help, let's show that we want Edgy the Hedgy in Smash!

  • Taco Gardevoir
    Taco Gardevoir Month ago +5

    piranha plant is laughing at you.

  • For Streams
    For Streams Month ago +4

    Then he got decomfirmed

  • Nathan Ambrose
    Nathan Ambrose Month ago

    after direct, r.i.p shadow

  • wloydwiii
    wloydwiii Month ago +4


  • Mighty Groudon
    Mighty Groudon Month ago

    Rewatching this made me cry. God damn it sakurai u had to do us like this

  • Jay man
    Jay man Month ago +2

    Oh, I guess he wasn't in then

  • MattGotNoSauce
    MattGotNoSauce Month ago +2

    Well safe to say this video is completely pointless now. Damn it Sakurai.

  • Kids4 Life
    Kids4 Life Month ago +4

    when watching after 11.1.18

  • Jam Deluxe
    Jam Deluxe Month ago +3

    dumbass lol

  • Lightning Bullet
    Lightning Bullet Month ago +2

    Assist trophy

  • Thezombieletzplayz
    Thezombieletzplayz Month ago +3

    that never happend...



  • Some big Memes
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  • XTRAordinaryZG
    XTRAordinaryZG Month ago +5

    2 months later he never appears.

  • KJ Pate-Combs
    KJ Pate-Combs Month ago +1

    Sakurai disappoints me.

  • boop boop
    boop boop Month ago +1

    Or how about you dont add him at all.....ha ha

  • DBK IMD1
    DBK IMD1 Month ago +4

    Echo fighters are just an absurd name for clones
    Having "more" characters by adding clone characters rob the spot of potential characters
    Cuz having the same moveset on another character is really Lame and disappointing
    People saying oh now we accept clone characters just because they gave them another name is stupid

    • Akeem Taylor
      Akeem Taylor Month ago

      . Sakuri literally confirmed echo fighters dont take up character spots. If anything, they are bonuses.

  • Maxxwell 2018
    Maxxwell 2018 Month ago +3

    Goodnight Sweet Prince . . .

  • Ebisu
    Ebisu Month ago +3

    This intro didn't age well.

  • It's That Boomer Guy
    It's That Boomer Guy Month ago +4

    Ya know what's funny.....That Shadow still an assist trophy...(sniff) =(

  • Gamepedia
    Gamepedia Month ago +1

    Another casualtie of the assist throphie massacre

  • GainBoyAdvance
    GainBoyAdvance Month ago +2


  • Gavin Waldrop
    Gavin Waldrop Month ago +3

    RIP shadow

  • Adam Hawks
    Adam Hawks Month ago +5

    Honestly, what they did with holding back Isaac, Shadow, and Skull kid as assist trophies till the final direct was EXTREMELY dirty. They heard back the information purely so fans would build up hype and speculation.

  • legendinthegaming
    legendinthegaming Month ago +3

    This didn't age well

  • Ducky Lucky
    Ducky Lucky Month ago +2

    This video didn't age well

  • Owen Shin
    Owen Shin Month ago +1


  • Aaron Wiley
    Aaron Wiley Month ago

    ... this happened...

  • kar cyr
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  • Lucuma
    Lucuma Month ago +38

    *Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog.*

  • Joshua Boylan
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  • Black Dwarf Star
    Black Dwarf Star Month ago +49

    Well, Shadow's been confirmed as an Assist Trophy. Unfortunate.

  • MarStar 99
    MarStar 99 Month ago +58

    Fs for Shadow...

  • Monsoon
    Monsoon Month ago +12

    Piranha Plant

  • Fedorasaurus Rex
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  • Nintendudes
    Nintendudes Month ago +2

    Double oooooof

  • Nintendudes
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  • Nintendudes
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  • That one scout main Who likes memes

    RIP Shadow

    • Nexamate ZA WARUDO
      Nexamate ZA WARUDO Month ago +2

      Somewhere in the dreamcast era - 2018 His edge guarding was to good for smash

  • ExtremeRotoms
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  • Justin Pino
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  • Cannoli .mp4
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  • Dekkens
    Dekkens Month ago

    I'm sorry little one

  • Numb Cube
    Numb Cube Month ago +7

    Get jebaited shadow fans
    he got the waluigi treatment