The Smash Bros Ultimate Lifeform

  • Published on Aug 26, 2018
  • It's been a long time coming, but I think we are finally going to see Shadow the Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate..... as an Echo Fighter.

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  • IntroSpecktive
    IntroSpecktive 9 months ago +5704

    Thanks for letting me break into your house! Shadow for Smash

  • Scorps
    Scorps 22 days ago

    He should have been in Smash lol why

  • FueledBy Ramen
    FueledBy Ramen 29 days ago

    Too bad he's a assist trophie

  • Anon Kek
    Anon Kek Month ago

    Vector for smash bros

  • Alejandro Villapudua
    Alejandro Villapudua Month ago +1

    jack the ripper
    (metal gear)
    (doom slayer)

  • RetroGaming74
    RetroGaming74 Month ago +1

    * W E L L Y E S B U T A C T U A L L Y N O*

  • Monster Hunter For Smash

    Chrom:*is still in a final smash*
    Everyone:Shadow is an assist trophy...
    Me:But what if they just add him? Cuz Sakurai

  • GenieMirageXrd
    GenieMirageXrd Month ago


  • Ruphite
    Ruphite Month ago

    Echo fighters but no
    E c h o e s A c t 3

  • the magic greninja
    the magic greninja Month ago

    shadow for smash

  • Hoodikins
    Hoodikins Month ago

    I think that Shadow should be a character unfortunately he is an assist trophy which SUCKS!

  • Mitchell Johnson
    Mitchell Johnson 2 months ago

    That was a good idea 💡

    JEREMY ARMIJO 2 months ago


  • Anthony Reyes
    Anthony Reyes 2 months ago

    You know this video has aged but I still want Rex in smash even though they deconfirmed him cause he’s a spirit

  • GNAnimations
    GNAnimations 2 months ago

    "Shadow will 100% appear in smash ultimate he's basically a lock I mean I would be so surprised if he wasn-"

  • Victor Masih
    Victor Masih 2 months ago


  • Indigo
    Indigo 3 months ago

    Holy shit i pictured shadow as a bayonetta echo

  • Super Spidey!
    Super Spidey! 3 months ago

    Well, actually Alpharad, Dark Pit uses his staff in his Final Sma-

  • Chowder fan 2.0
    Chowder fan 2.0 3 months ago

    If you want shadow in smash

  • Qweet Yuio
    Qweet Yuio 3 months ago


  • Khaled Alafifi
    Khaled Alafifi 3 months ago +1

    nintendo probably doesn't want non-nintendo games to get too popular in smash. pac-man and sonic are the only ones from their games, so we probably wont be seeing another sonic character soon. this is also probably another reason pokemon fighters arent as good in the smash games. keep in mind that pokemon is still game freak property and only the MAIN SERIES GAMES are PUBLISHED by nintendo. however, shadow is the LITERALLY the shadow of sonic (hence the name) created by eggman's grandfather (and in later games and shows was used by eggman to try and defeat sonic) with a few more abilities such as teleportation and sometimes phasing. look at many of the other echo characters and you'll see that this is the same thing: almost identical looks and moves, with a few extra bonuses.

  • yxng nate
    yxng nate 3 months ago

    Oof this video aged well lol

    Rip Shadow, he’s an assist trophy.

  • Nathanael
    Nathanael 3 months ago


  • Tristan Wong
    Tristan Wong 4 months ago


  • HobbitGamer
    HobbitGamer 4 months ago +1

    This is hard to watch after December 7th, 2018.

  • Crazyavery 7
    Crazyavery 7 4 months ago


  • N00b0122
    N00b0122 4 months ago

    Casually makes video about Sonic echo even tho he hates Sonic for some reason.

  • Thayer Tavormina
    Thayer Tavormina 4 months ago

    Mr. Egg man for smash DLC

  • Octo the octoling
    Octo the octoling 4 months ago

    Am i the only one that likes classic more than modern sonic

  • CVK11111
    CVK11111 4 months ago

    sorry showdow decomd fermd cant spell

  • Shively Films
    Shively Films 4 months ago

    and sadly you were wrong

  • BananaSlayer
    BananaSlayer 4 months ago

    And now we’ve moved on to Alpharad hating Sonic.

  • Wan Chan
    Wan Chan 4 months ago

    *can't wait to see Optimus Prime as an echo for mario*

  • wyatt hitt
    wyatt hitt 4 months ago

    i think for smash dlc morpho knight

  • Sam Larson
    Sam Larson 4 months ago

    So new that it isn’t on your channel

  • foxy 1ff
    foxy 1ff 4 months ago


  • pedro henrique costa quadros


  • Ian Sunders
    Ian Sunders 4 months ago


  • it’s puppetry
    it’s puppetry 4 months ago

    I literally got a 300 minute add before half way through it before I realized the video existed

  • SSJ4 Raditz
    SSJ4 Raditz 4 months ago hope

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans 4 months ago

    Just one problem with the video, there is literally only 3 similarities between Sonic and Shadow, they're hedgehogs, they can use homing attack, they can use spindash, aside from that, they are completely different characters. Oh and also, WHY ISN'T HE PLAYABLE IN SMASH?!

  • Jake Jcraftz
    Jake Jcraftz 4 months ago

    We need eggman

  • Go away Google
    Go away Google 4 months ago

    If shadow ever does get into smash, I'd just want him to have a different side-b and down-b, rather than having the lazy abomination of a moveset sonic has.

  • EverythingEpic
    EverythingEpic 4 months ago

    Welp, He Still Has A Chance At Dlc? Eh.... Maybe?..

  • Raulito Heredia
    Raulito Heredia 4 months ago


  • Lay-Low and SMASH
    Lay-Low and SMASH 4 months ago

    ...alphas first line is so true.

  • Gavin Nicks
    Gavin Nicks 4 months ago +2


  • AwesomeDude2244
    AwesomeDude2244 4 months ago

    shadow is an assist trophy but at least Isabelle is a fighter now! And she's not a clone of villager

  • Monochrome ­
    Monochrome ­ 4 months ago

    lol shadow is about as different of a character as ike is to marth

  • Kobagrad
    Kobagrad 4 months ago


  • Chaosis2slow
    Chaosis2slow 4 months ago

    The roster feels incomplete without him.

  • CrunchyActor!
    CrunchyActor! 4 months ago


  • Funnybrovlog
    Funnybrovlog 4 months ago

    More like how he can’t be a fighter

  • Pesky
    Pesky 4 months ago

    Donald and Goofy would've been nice.
    Not Sora though.

  • Elbal
    Elbal 5 months ago


  • Alex
    Alex 5 months ago

    Baby Waluigi is next

  • so fun play minecraft mods new fnaf 6

    super smash bros ultimate make shadow

  • so fun play minecraft mods new fnaf 6

    love shadow

  • so fun play minecraft mods new fnaf 6

    love shadow

  • TheImprovedBore
    TheImprovedBore 5 months ago


  • I did nothing wrong
    I did nothing wrong 5 months ago


  • Velamisas Son
    Velamisas Son 5 months ago +2

    they really must hate shadow fans from the way they deconfirmed him, they announce echo fighters, then show knuckles as an assist trophy, and they dont show him until the very last direct before the game came out.

  • Aleksander Rugała
    Aleksander Rugała 5 months ago +1

    Unfortunatly it wont happen, dlc are only new fighters not echos

  • Hie Dark
    Hie Dark 5 months ago

    I'm making fucking Mac and cheese and no one can stop me!

  • Jaden Jovel
    Jaden Jovel 5 months ago


  • Nikolai Volkov
    Nikolai Volkov 6 months ago +3

    I cry.... Every. Time.

  • Joel Robinson
    Joel Robinson 6 months ago +1

    This aged badly, which sucks

  • Dean Marshall
    Dean Marshall 6 months ago +1

    When people say 'they take a spot on the roster' they don't mean literally, they mean it takes the developers time and resources to make the character that could have gone to someone else. Why make Chrom, Daisy, Ricter, and Ken, when ALL of that could have gone to one or two more original characters?

    • James V
      James V 4 months ago

      Because then we wouldn't have Daisy, Chrom, Richter and Ken. Either way, not every character out there can be playable.

  • Natalia Kruschev
    Natalia Kruschev 6 months ago

    "Y'all want ANOTHER Bayonneta?" he asks, as Jeanne appears on the screen.
    "Yes!" I wail out as I orgasm at the sight of best girl.

  • Butterman Gaming
    Butterman Gaming 6 months ago +1

    Sakurai hates Alpharad comfirmed :(

  • Liberty Lemonz
    Liberty Lemonz 6 months ago

    F U C K I N G

  • Prinny Ramza
    Prinny Ramza 6 months ago

    Just saying "hi" from the future. #NeverShadow

  • Ledgendary Pimpyojeez
    Ledgendary Pimpyojeez 6 months ago


  • Kendorama
    Kendorama 6 months ago +1

    Who's watching this after Shadows debunk as an assist trophy and just dying

  • SwigtimeFoxy
    SwigtimeFoxy 6 months ago

    welp too bad.

    *becomes an assist trophy*

  • Pflor64
    Pflor64 6 months ago

    isabel over villager hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Smol boi
    Smol boi 6 months ago


  • LemmyGamer
    LemmyGamer 6 months ago


  • Saotome Alto
    Saotome Alto 6 months ago

    I love it how assist trophy crushed so many people dream , it's so sweet .

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 6 months ago

    There is still hope for Tails

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 6 months ago

    Delete that picture of me in the thumbnail

  • yung hedgie
    yung hedgie 6 months ago +1


  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh 7 months ago

    where is waluigi?

  • Kyle H.
    Kyle H. 7 months ago +1

    I want a 5th Bayonetta.

  • lele
    lele 7 months ago

    I think Amy the hedgehog would be a cool character. I think she could fit as an echo fighter despite her differences with Sonic. Her moves could contain her hammer, maybe some Chao and some items? Her hammer would be in her forward smash, the move similar to Kirbys firey hammer.
    -up for discussion-

  • Tyrone Wagner
    Tyrone Wagner 7 months ago

    I need classic sonic as an echo fighter of sonic please

  • Nebby JH
    Nebby JH 7 months ago

    Man, Sakurai really hates you. Of course your old list gets a character.

  • Panda Games
    Panda Games 7 months ago

    we can have pirahna plant right??

  • Bundi
    Bundi 7 months ago +4

    rewatching this video hurts, man

  • MyGuymandude
    MyGuymandude 7 months ago

    RIP the dream

  • Excuse me?
    Excuse me? 7 months ago

    Sonic's face in the thumbnail is the face that Sakurai made after the video.

    "Haha, no your not getting that H *edge* hog"

  • jpntonese
    jpntonese 7 months ago

    Oh Alpha...

  • Spartan - 500
    Spartan - 500 7 months ago

    Sitting here after the last direct... I feel bad...

  • UltimateGamerTeam!
    UltimateGamerTeam! 7 months ago

    Shadow needs to be removed as a assist trophy.

  • NMEstewy
    NMEstewy 7 months ago +2

    Another poorly aged alpharad smash prediction

  • One Bulby boi
    One Bulby boi 7 months ago

    *Changed your mind?*

  • Yeetus on my fetus
    Yeetus on my fetus 7 months ago


  • Elydjah Monteiro
    Elydjah Monteiro 7 months ago

    Blaze would be the better echo fighter than Shadow.

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian 7 months ago +1

    Alpharad is the definition of things ageing horribly.

  • Ketchup
    Ketchup 7 months ago