Testing Out The Anti-Highlighter


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +5950

    HELLO FRIENDS!! what did you think of this anti-highlighter? is it a highlighter?? have i said highlighter so many times that the word has lost meaning? EDIT: also, i didn't use any brushes because using fingers helped warm up the waxy product, tho i think that the beauty blender was definitely necessary!

    • XxZoey xX
      XxZoey xX Month ago

      Safiya Nygaard Yas

    • Ricey Cat
      Ricey Cat 2 months ago

      Isn’t anti highlighter just a contour

    • Ellisif333
      Ellisif333 3 months ago

      Could it be an "anti-highlighter" as in, you use it in contrast with your own highlighter as you would contour and it gives it extra pop?

    • sheepysaccount
      sheepysaccount 3 months ago

      On your cheeks it looks like someone punched you.

    • Gacha Pop
      Gacha Pop 5 months ago


  • Jinju
    Jinju 43 minutes ago

    Fille in French I think it means girl? Sorry I don’t remember cause garçon means boy

  • Erin B. Williams

    I'm so happy someone did a review of this! I actually own it and LOVE it. Its lovely for a monochromatic look, my favorite uses are on the eyes as a subtle dark purpley shadow and as a lip gloss. I'm so over all the unicorn/glittery/super bright colors trends. Bring on the darkness lol

  • Gayatri Kamtala
    Gayatri Kamtala 3 days ago

    5:23 I’m dying 😂😂😂

  • Lexy Love7000
    Lexy Love7000 7 days ago

    I watched the Adams Family 2 days ago, and I wanted to meet the whole cast but I could only meet morticia and Wednesday, but they my favs so idk

  • Sarah Gregg
    Sarah Gregg 8 days ago

    try it on your lips...

  • colum kennedy
    colum kennedy 9 days ago

    I love that necklace it looks like the inside of my future house

  • Blala Lalala
    Blala Lalala 12 days ago

    The necklace is so cool. It just me or what??

  • BlackenSoul
    BlackenSoul 12 days ago

    I’d say this is more a contour product. Definitely not a highlighter 😂
    It looks super cool though!

  • Bear's Beauty
    Bear's Beauty 16 days ago

    But, I mean in that it does the opposite of highlight which is contour and you use it and all of the places that you don't use highlighter it is the antithesis of an anti highlighter.

  • Megan Coffey
    Megan Coffey 16 days ago +1

    Looks like you got in a fight or its bruising after surgery

  • Eponine
    Eponine 18 days ago

    It looks sickly

  • Amanda De Matteo
    Amanda De Matteo 18 days ago

    Why didn’t you just use a brush lol

  • Nicki D
    Nicki D 18 days ago

    No offense u look like u were punched

  • Paige Parker
    Paige Parker 19 days ago

    ok first WHERE ARE MEH 2019 PEEPS!? XD and second I thought at one point that the hightlight was bruises XD

  • Jessica LaRocque
    Jessica LaRocque 19 days ago

    Ok you need to start telling us all where you get your chockers from you have such nice ones in your videos 😍

  • Carter KC
    Carter KC 19 days ago

    I'm such an idiot... you kept saying "Highlighter," yet I kept thinking of foundation -_-

  • Angela Morales
    Angela Morales 20 days ago

    So pretty. I really like this monochromatic look on u. Makes me want to try it. Although I'm fair, so I think I may swap in a different color. Face contour frightens, yet intrigues me.

  • n morovati
    n morovati 22 days ago

    cosmetic companies are working hard to find new ways to drain women's wallets

  • Emily Glaze
    Emily Glaze 22 days ago

    I love how she was just like swinging her head around to try and get something reflected...but it just wasn't really working

  • Scarli Scarz
    Scarli Scarz 23 days ago

    Where do I buy this!! ❤️😮❤️

  • Julia Earnst
    Julia Earnst 23 days ago

    I always thought that the ani-highlighter was just bronzer...

  • Erin Grace
    Erin Grace 24 days ago

    I always thought an anti-highlight was contour 😂

  • Jane 2009
    Jane 2009 25 days ago

    4:42 it does have that weird SISTER vibe to it 😂

  • Freedom In A Budget
    Freedom In A Budget 25 days ago +3

    It looks awesome as a contour!!

  • Natalie Gee
    Natalie Gee 25 days ago

    I'm guessing that this is meant for deep dark skin tones. The contrast alone shows that it isn't for lighter skin tones. Unless you were using it like an eyeshadow.

  • Caveman Jane
    Caveman Jane 26 days ago

    Your laugh after “every night look”

  • Caveman Jane
    Caveman Jane 26 days ago

    Anti-highlighter.... meaning Shadow. So it looks good as eye shadow

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M 27 days ago

    It definitely looks great as an eyeshadow, contour and lipstick. I loved it. ❤❤❤

  • m alive
    m alive 27 days ago


    so it means girls ritual😂

  • RoseJedi
    RoseJedi 27 days ago

    So it’s contour.....

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 27 days ago

    It looks like someone had hit your face very often and very hard

  • baum .B
    baum .B 27 days ago

    who's watching in 2019 when she's engaged

  • Gracie Lou lou
    Gracie Lou lou 27 days ago

    l LOVE your chocer

  • Pratha Desai
    Pratha Desai 28 days ago

    It just looks like someone punched you on your cheekbone and now you have a bruise

  • Nida Lloyd
    Nida Lloyd 28 days ago

    It looks like someone has been punching you in the face.

  • Rozy R
    Rozy R 29 days ago

    Cast of les miserables makeup routine

  • shl rl
    shl rl Month ago

    I'm happy you left BuzzFeed. You deserved your own content

  • Piper Davis
    Piper Davis Month ago

    That Coker tho...

  • Serenity Haff
    Serenity Haff Month ago

    It looks like a TON of bruises

  • Eshita Ganguly
    Eshita Ganguly Month ago

    It looks like someone punched you in the face and u have a bruise 😂

  • Oliver Christie
    Oliver Christie Month ago

    Really Dark skin girls would rock this

  • Patience Jean
    Patience Jean Month ago

    Who else in 2019

  • SammyTheDogee
    SammyTheDogee Month ago

    It looks like somebody punched you. 😂

  • Levethika Rayne
    Levethika Rayne Month ago

    I put this video on and accidently did something that made it connects to the TV in the living room. Lmao it looked like safiya was just taking over the TV like a anime villain.

  • McKenzie Ladner
    McKenzie Ladner Month ago

    Wait, wait, the Byelighter? Hey it? HI- lighter, BYE- lighter? Oh the pun life

  • Jovani Ortiz
    Jovani Ortiz Month ago

    Jeffree star came out with a black highlighter before this lol

  • Burt The Goose MSP
    Burt The Goose MSP Month ago

    I'm a mouse. *duh.*

  • Kristen Marie
    Kristen Marie Month ago

    When i saw the thumbnail i thought you had a really bad reaction go a normal hilighter😅🙃

  • Ashley Bellerose
    Ashley Bellerose Month ago

    It looks like you got punched in the face lol

  • Kat Barrera
    Kat Barrera Month ago

    I think it would have gone on better with a blush and not your finger or beauty blender

  • Emily Donina
    Emily Donina Month ago

    Did he free Star do a black highlighter in like 2017/2018

  • mazhoud imen
    mazhoud imen Month ago

    Where does she get the weirdest stuff from...

  • Thurnis Haley
    Thurnis Haley Month ago

    I love her chocker/necklace where did she get it ?..

  • Daianna’s Official
    Daianna’s Official Month ago +1

    The grinch is quaking 🌲😭❤️

  • scrappy dudes
    scrappy dudes Month ago

    It bothers me how she uses her finger instead of brushed or anything dndndn

  • Sydney B
    Sydney B Month ago


  • Renie b.
    Renie b. Month ago

    Why you wrote the tittle un spanish if you are english?

  • Sprout Does Stuff
    Sprout Does Stuff Month ago

    Isn’t anti highlighter just eyeshadow (or contour )

  • Lyn Jaims
    Lyn Jaims Month ago

    You look like one from the Adams family haha

  • Tam_Talks
    Tam_Talks Month ago

    Blush doesn't always have to go right on the apples of your cheeks, Saf!
    Try using as a contour and blending upwards to just cover the cheekbone where the highlight and contour is - the entire cheekbone. If it is shimmery, that will produce a highlight-esque effect as the light bounces off it on the top of the cheekbone.

  • Sadie Asbridge
    Sadie Asbridge Month ago

    i really wish you would have used brushes for this😬

  • Talisa
    Talisa Month ago

    Maybe it's an anti-highlighter in a way that it's not highlighting your face, but darkening and makes it blend in with the shadows XD I don't know, but for me, this makes sense. Btw, i like your videos ^^

  • The Alana Gamer
    The Alana Gamer Month ago

    Me: what is with your necklace, are you becoming a vampire
    Saf: yes, but I am already a bat
    Me: Okay.
    Me: *leaves the comments*

  • Tye B.
    Tye B. Month ago

    Kind of like contouring.

  • suzanne howell
    suzanne howell Month ago

    Makes you look bruised

  • bonniś lawenda
    bonniś lawenda Month ago

    challenge: full face makeup of anti highlighter

  • bonniś lawenda
    bonniś lawenda Month ago

    with this thing under your cheekbones you looked almost like marina diamandis in few moments 💜

  • Flame and Fire
    Flame and Fire Month ago

    Where buy necklace?

  • Emily Dahl
    Emily Dahl Month ago

    It really just looks like an eyeshadow when swatches on your arm... idk kinda odd but it looks good like under the eyebrow...

  • 0 0
    0 0 Month ago

    It’s 4 in one face dirt. Yay.

  • Fuck Off
    Fuck Off Month ago

    It looks like you got punched in the face

  • Fuck Off
    Fuck Off Month ago

    Jeffree Star did it first

  • Lololo Lolib
    Lololo Lolib Month ago

    Y am here in 2019

  • Caroline Forest
    Caroline Forest Month ago

    for an actual BLACK HIGHLIGHTER.... Jeffree Star Onyx highlighter

  • Anneke Van Dyk
    Anneke Van Dyk Month ago

    The eyeshadow and contour look amazing.

  • Rainbow Bows
    Rainbow Bows Month ago

    Wouldn’t the opposite of highlighter be contour?

  • Pumpkin Bunny
    Pumpkin Bunny Month ago +2

    Well rituel de fille in english means girl ritual so whats that supossed to mean

  • Anika Haner
    Anika Haner Month ago

    Just so ya know, rituel de fille means girls rituel. And fille is pronounced somewhat like "fee" :)

  • heyitshaley 88
    heyitshaley 88 Month ago

    Well you're not supposed to put highlighter on with your finger so

  • Isabelle Vasquez
    Isabelle Vasquez Month ago

    Okay but IMAGINE on dark deep skin tones??

  • Daphne Welch
    Daphne Welch Month ago

    She just looks bruised

  • ChloeMo
    ChloeMo Month ago

    i literally exclaimed "OH WOW" at your choker, holy shit it's amazing!

  • desiree williams
    desiree williams Month ago

    This looks like a bruise making contraption

  • Erica Peery
    Erica Peery Month ago

    In my opinion i believe it looks better as a lipstick or an eyeshadow i couldnt decide

  • JessAyu
    JessAyu Month ago

    Dont people that create this understand the meaning of "highlight" itself? 😂

  • Kylie Roberts
    Kylie Roberts Month ago

    I think it could be a highlighter for much, much deeper skin tones but not anything mixed or lighter

  • Plum Clots
    Plum Clots Month ago

    Dude I love that lip color, like I am in dire need of it now.

  • Emily Otley-Howard
    Emily Otley-Howard Month ago +1

    I want.

  • Agata Szreder
    Agata Szreder Month ago

    Isn't anti highlighter just a dark contour

  • That øne pig Is emo

    It’s 2:00 am right now...HALP

  • LumosLexi
    LumosLexi Month ago +1

    I mean... Jeffree Star came out with a black colored highlighter called Onyx Ice a while back... but... k

  • Shyanne Helms
    Shyanne Helms Month ago +1

    I feel like this would work gr8 on darker skin tones?!

  • Alexa Galbreath
    Alexa Galbreath Month ago +4

    Hey new product for hickey pranks

  • Alessia Marini
    Alessia Marini Month ago +1

    At first I thought she said hentai-hilighter 😂😂

  • Miekjeswereld
    Miekjeswereld Month ago

    It looks like someone punshed your face 😜🤣🤣🤣😂 lol . I love the fact that you compared yourself to the chimney sweeper from Marry Poppins . I love how you allways can changse negative things in to positive things . It is an amazing gift . Xxx from the Netherlands ( Anne) Miekje 😘😘😘

  • Jojo Jessop
    Jojo Jessop Month ago

    It’s the byelighter

  • Sienna Viay
    Sienna Viay Month ago +1

    I am in love with ur choker Saf XD Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren Cunningham
    Lauren Cunningham Month ago +1

    It literally just looks like someone punched you in the sides of the face and your bruised

  • Alexus Alexis
    Alexus Alexis Month ago +1

    She looks bruised, this ain’t it sis