Which Diets Actually Work?

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
  • Debunking some common diets, and seeing which work!
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Comments • 4 773

  • Hazel Grace Lancaster

    I guess the best 'diet' is doing sports and try not to eat too much sugar and fats, a bit less than you burn but just a bit?

    • Logbia7k
      Logbia7k Day ago

      That's true. But sports is still optional and only effective if you don't snack unhealthy before or afterwards.

  • caroline ricci
    caroline ricci 4 days ago

    my mom made us do the keto diet but would occasionally let us eat junk food. We lost weight and could still enjoy very unhealthy food from time to time.

  • Rusty Rab
    Rusty Rab 12 days ago

    USclip be tryna tell me something.....

  • My 90lbs weight loss journey

    When I was young I was too busy to think about food and didn't have to worry about weight gain.

  • Finger Family Family

    But only 700 grams of glycogen can be stored before the body automatically converts it to fat

  • Maleficent Wolffe
    Maleficent Wolffe 22 days ago

    2:02 What’s that you say? Past-a? It’s not pasta like Shasta, it’s Pasta like lost a (bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt but I make these high heels work).

  • Wiktor J.
    Wiktor J. 23 days ago

    Anyone here skinny and find it impossible to Gain weight?

  • Kel Raphiel
    Kel Raphiel 25 days ago

    wanna lose weight fast as hell....smoke crack

  • Cooker Cook
    Cooker Cook 26 days ago

    I ain't fat I'm big boned

  • King Soyboy
    King Soyboy 27 days ago +1

    You idiots, just work in a labor camp, like lmfao. Y'all such noobs lol.

  • Drake Somerset
    Drake Somerset 27 days ago

    Damn, I hate having celiac disease

  • M36 Games
    M36 Games 29 days ago

    I’ve been on a diet for like a little less than a month now. I already lost like 15lbs

  • whatever memes
    whatever memes Month ago

    Coming from a person who lost alot of weight last year by counting calories umm now im scared to gain it all back

    • Logbia7k
      Logbia7k 25 days ago

      Depends. The lower amount of calories you took. The higher the chances of gaining it all back.

  • Will Alexander
    Will Alexander Month ago +1

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  • Omar Salinas
    Omar Salinas Month ago

    Wish he would cover intermittent fasting.

  • Laila Fuqua
    Laila Fuqua Month ago

    Causally eating chips even though it very unhealthy*

  • Кирил ефимишкун

    For those who is still trying to loose their fat with pills, crazy diets and exercises. That woman has shown me how to burn fat fast still eating my favourite morning donuts. Watch that short video here _NODIET. XCOURSE. XYZ_ to know how!

  • JeswiCan
    JeswiCan Month ago

    Tl;dr: Every diet where you have a calory deficit.

  • FriznothYT
    FriznothYT Month ago

    2:39 If your "professional" doctor dyes their hair hot pink, you should probably not trust them!

    .....they also might major in gender studies so that's a warning flag X10

  • Federica Di Fraia
    Federica Di Fraia Month ago +1

    My close friend lastly confided in me exactly how she dropped most of her unwanted fat and it has been by using the “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). Exactly what I stumbled upon is it’s indeed working. I have currently dropped 3 pounds in which I’ve been attempting so desperately to shed. Pretty pleased of the results I have gotten at this point. .

  • Will Alexander
    Will Alexander Month ago +1

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  • Katie Do
    Katie Do Month ago +1

    This channel somehow makes stuff sound sophisticated and simple at the same time

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix Month ago +1

    I’m not fat

    I’m underweight

  • denpa kyoshi
    denpa kyoshi Month ago

    it's best to check with a dietitian for these things I think

  • The Puppet Show
    The Puppet Show Month ago +30

    So to sum up this whole entire video: Eat a well balanced and healthy diet that works for you plus exercising

  • 敏。。
    敏。。 Month ago +1

    So...just eat normally.

  • Lucy Reyes
    Lucy Reyes Month ago

    My friend: I'm on a diet
    Me: I saw your milk tea on your story

  • mudkipsNdragons minecraft and others!

    Wow j thought this was a new video but it wasnt. Idk if keto was invented but yeah keto?

  • Bibsquid 707
    Bibsquid 707 Month ago

    If anyone’s wondering, vegan diet works well. It can very easily turn into a lifestyle if you’re not doing it for health.

  • Kkme
    Kkme Month ago

    I'm on a see food diet, I eat food when I see it.

  • Kegne kenkai
    Kegne kenkai Month ago +1

    I am on LowCarb and instead of Carbs I eat tons of veggies and use Flaxseed Oils. I just don't eat the refined Carbs. Make a diet as simple as possible and it's easier to follow

  • Hypex Hyper
    Hypex Hyper Month ago +3

    This pissed me off why does everything I hate soo damn healthy

  • 214 Angel
    214 Angel Month ago +1

    4:46 or just drinking milk and having it between your taste buds 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • J.J Chips
    J.J Chips Month ago +1

    Fruit makes me fat

  • Neela Maxwell
    Neela Maxwell Month ago +2

    Case in point: keep a BALANCED diet. That's the key, too much of anything will end up badly. Eat a diet of sources of protein, vegetables, fruit, and sources of fiber like grains every day!

  • The Nudist Report
    The Nudist Report Month ago +1

    The high protein diet is best!
    If it’s done right it can be affective

  • Jay Tea
    Jay Tea Month ago +1

    It's a lot better to opt for a long-term lifestyle change than a 'quick fix'. If you lose a lot of weight then once you reach your goal go back to eating the way you were before, chances are you'll just regain everything.

  • Aug 101
    Aug 101 Month ago

    Can’t gain it back if I never start eating again

  • Lost Boi
    Lost Boi Month ago

    Eat mostly vegetables, small amount of meat, small amount of fruit, very small amount of refined sugar products, do plentiful low impact exercise like walking, get plenty of rest, drink almost only water, periodic stretching exercises is a plus if you feel like it. Definitely do not smoke. If you drink then only 1 on special occasion. This is all it takes to live a long life and still feel good when your old. This is what we were designed to do but nobody does it. No diet required, it's just the way to live your life. Once I gradually changed over to this and kept it, I lost 50 pounds over about 3 years and many health problems just remedied themselves.

    • Lost Boi
      Lost Boi Month ago

      @Logbia7k good luck

    • Logbia7k
      Logbia7k Month ago

      @Lost Boi Yes ;) You can in theory. But in practice... people don't eat that much vegetables and fruit. You need 70 grams of fat and 90 grams of suger each day. That means you need to eat ~7 bananas each day to get the suger and you need to eat 2 medium sized advocados to get that. ;) If you do that, fine by me. But it just doesn't apply for most people in their average life. They mostly need ~ 1 or 2 bananas each day and ~a portion advocado. And the rest they get from unhealthy stuff.

    • Lost Boi
      Lost Boi Month ago

      @Logbia7k natural sugar and fat in vegetables and fruit buddy. Ever heard of avocado, coconut, and fructose sugar from fruit. Lol

    • Logbia7k
      Logbia7k Month ago

      Surely not healthy. You need fat and suger to feel and get energy throughout the day. So only vegetables is a really bad idea.

  • Vitaly Fomenko
    Vitaly Fomenko Month ago


  • Kei Pax
    Kei Pax 2 months ago

    Well then. Should we do the paleo diet with the exception of legumes /grains for the best results?

  • Mokonachan92
    Mokonachan92 2 months ago +1

    I`ve been making use of this fat loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for several days today and so far I love them! They give me plenty of energy and also suppress my desire for foods, however I don`t quit whenever they wear off which I enjoy, and they don`t make me jittery. I have not changed other things I`m doing and also have shed 7 pounds. .

  • Tami Ramos
    Tami Ramos 2 months ago

    This video has outdated information.

  • Luke
    Luke 2 months ago

    Where does Keto fit into these categories? I'm thinking 'carb restriction'. (?)

  • itsmetharaaa
    itsmetharaaa 2 months ago

    the music bothers me :((

  • PlaGhost YT
    PlaGhost YT 2 months ago

    Please answer.. what to eat to beat acne and gain height.. because I want to diet but I'm at puberty and I don't know if it will affect my height..

  • Vanilla Ice Crack Head
    Vanilla Ice Crack Head 2 months ago

    Who else hates sweet potato

  • _ Angie _
    _ Angie _ 2 months ago

    Wait did you just say past-a and not pa-sta?

    PANDA GACHA GAMING :3 2 months ago

    And i thought fruit were healthy ;-;.

  • Rebecca Abiantoun
    Rebecca Abiantoun 2 months ago +1

    Why is life so complicateeeed

  • Being Better
    Being Better 2 months ago

    I need to lose about 20 lbs. Need some advice on diet.

    • 10101010 10
      10101010 10 2 months ago +1

      Being Better don’t give up anything, just eat normally and try to make a small conscious effort to choose foods with nutrients that will benefit you in the gym, such as choosing a protein high dinner

    • Being Better
      Being Better 2 months ago

      @10101010 10 Was looking for what is considered "healthy". I tried giving up gluten, then dairy.

    • 10101010 10
      10101010 10 2 months ago

      Being Better well, I should say eat the same amount but healthier

    • Being Better
      Being Better 2 months ago

      @10101010 10 Thanks.

    • 10101010 10
      10101010 10 2 months ago

      Being Better eat the same amount, go to the gym and build muscle

  • Zach Kettell
    Zach Kettell 3 months ago

    Keto and paleo all the way fam!! Don’t need that processed hell in my body

  • nathan miller
    nathan miller 3 months ago

    Hay I sell It works products and would really appreciate anyone signing on as a loyal customer. By the way the Fat Fighter/Thermofight X Works I've lost a bit of weight since I started useing it. Also if you sign up as a loyal customer you get 40% off for life. We also sell the ketogenic diet stuff.
    Here's my link if your interested.

  • ManicPixieTrash
    ManicPixieTrash 3 months ago

    I just listen to my body. It dislikes red meat, dairy and feels terrible after consuming wheat. So I avoid anything that makes me feel bad.

  • Isabelle Wilson
    Isabelle Wilson 3 months ago

    I got a health ad that opened by "don't waste your time watching diet videos"

  • dannybooyaka
    dannybooyaka 3 months ago

    What about the meth diet!
    Don't eat or sleep for days 😂
    I've heard people getting tremendous results

  • Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer

    I'm not sure if that was helpful

  • Lucas Sotelo
    Lucas Sotelo 3 months ago

    It’s not that complex, just eat all vegetables.

  • Aoife Hoban
    Aoife Hoban 3 months ago

    Can you make a video, how to speed up your metabolism

  • Raju Singh
    Raju Singh 3 months ago

    What is suitable diets for lose fat

  • Levi Van Den Berg
    Levi Van Den Berg 3 months ago

    All diets work because when you're on a diet you will acctualy watch what you're eating.

    IM QUEEN 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does everything seem to lead to lead to heart disease?

    AVOCADO 3 months ago +1

    5:35 does that mean he took the biggest L ?

  • Grace Calderon
    Grace Calderon 3 months ago

    What happenes to your body when you stop eatting meat?

    MYNEXTPHASE 3 months ago

    So, to lose weight we should er- um- er-- no one knows?

  • Person Man
    Person Man 3 months ago

    Apple diet: if you're hungry for a snack you have to eat an apple, no junk food or unhealthy food.

  • SwalGo
    SwalGo 4 months ago +7

    The best diet, in my opinion, is to just eat ur normal food but in fewer quantities and try ur best to avoid sodas and junk ur normal home food, whatever that might be is probably the best.

  • Erick Sanchez
    Erick Sanchez 4 months ago +2

    Since you're on this video... you should really look into a "plant-based" diet, specifically a whole-foods pb diet, considered a "vegan" diet. It has shown to and can treat, prevent or even reverse chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other things like asthma, erectile dysfunction and even certain allergies, the list just goes on and on; it can extend your lifespan by several years. It's a truly amazing thing and has helped thousands of people already. It's also all backed up with (real) science, some that has existed for decades and some that continues to come out, all showing that animal product consumption is not healthy for us and a plant-based diet is optimal.
    P.S. Yes, you can get protein from plants. Guess where the protein in animals we eat comes from. (plants!)

  • MineralOrb
    MineralOrb 4 months ago +1

    2:36 I noticed that his hair changed. Look closely.

  • Shion Sonozaki
    Shion Sonozaki 4 months ago

    Why no mention of keto specifically theres a lot of science that goes into it, that differentiates it from Atkins

  • Did you see my jams?
    Did you see my jams? 4 months ago

    Most people seem to use diets as a way to get slim and lose weight to get the “perfect” body. You don’t necessarily need to be thin to be healthy. We should alter our diets to get proper nutrition not to look a certain way. The bodies we have are the bodies we’ll have forever. It’s important that we learn to love them the way they are.

  • Werewolf Lover
    Werewolf Lover 4 months ago +55

    “Just stop eating”
    Aka anorexia and bulimia.

  • Imran Syed
    Imran Syed 4 months ago

    Proceeds to give the finger to all diets without telling us which is the best

  • Not Trodium
    Not Trodium 4 months ago +1

    *B U L K I N G*

  • xkissofdeathtashax
    xkissofdeathtashax 4 months ago

    Just use your common sense people, you already know the difference between what is healthy and what isn't, it's just a matter of having the willingness to stick to it.
    Fruit + Veg + Fresh Meat + Exercise. You're welcome.

  • Chrisophorus Robinson
    Chrisophorus Robinson 4 months ago

    If ur thinking how to be slim just please don't always follow Japanese cuz it's kinda old school and gets boring after a while (also it's somewhat racist)

  • Chewie Bacca
    Chewie Bacca 4 months ago +31

    Yeah I’m really good at keeping a great diet!

    ....for the first five minutes

  • Maricris Padilla
    Maricris Padilla 4 months ago

    Tried caloric restriction and cardio but only lose 1lb a week. Tried keto plus IF, lost the weight and fat. 🙂🙂🙂

  • freakylocz14
    freakylocz14 4 months ago

    Keto works!

  • Rick Borghuis
    Rick Borghuis 4 months ago

    because I am a Catholic, I now have a period of fasting, this helps me with protecting me against cookies, candies and i only eat when im hungry

  • Dogz Rulez
    Dogz Rulez 4 months ago

    Y'all know sumo wrestlers write? Well..
    A study was conducted on sumo wrestlers to see if they should stop the sport due to them needing to gain weight to gave to upper hand in a match. They actually found out, the only this they did to gain weight was eat rice. And even then they ate like 20 bowls for breakfast. Anyway the point is that when they conducted the research they found that they where just as healthy as a healthy fit man the same age!

  • Hi Llo
    Hi Llo 4 months ago +2

    I’m not fat!
    I’m just..

  • Kaimietis Be kojos
    Kaimietis Be kojos 4 months ago

    My mcdonalds diet worked wonderfully, i gained 30 pounds

  • Daubenys Second
    Daubenys Second 4 months ago

    "Weight =/= health"
    That's a bit disingenuous, your weigh In certain cases does show how health you are, but I know what you were trying to get at there are some 300lb athletes that if only judged on their body's weight alone they would be considered overweight or obese even if most of that is in muscle. But in the case of a person who is 300lb if fat their weight it's completely diffent.

  • Madhav Rathore
    Madhav Rathore 4 months ago

    What about the balanced diet?

  • printedtea
    printedtea 4 months ago

    Atkins lolol now it's called Keto

  • 22Ethan Bui
    22Ethan Bui 4 months ago

    *If my grandparents didn’t feed me an entire fridge I wouldn’t be here*

  • Gonzalo Molina
    Gonzalo Molina 4 months ago

    Cambiar a español
    Personally this product helped me too, when I decided to lose weight the only solution was this product bit.ly/2SoM3uB I hope you help friends.

  • Challenge Accepted
    Challenge Accepted 4 months ago

    *apple skin*

  • Julia Chen
    Julia Chen 5 months ago

    Just eat less of those sugars found in processed foods...

  • t starr
    t starr 5 months ago

    Veganism (which is a lifestyle, not a diet) is by far the most affective diet. Don’t knock it until you try it!! And by trying it, I don’t just mean for a month or two. It’ll take a while for your body to adjust from the nasty rotting animal products

    • linus eisele
      linus eisele 5 months ago

      t starr why is a plant-based diet good? how do you get your b12, b6, calcium, omega-3, omega-6, vitamin-A, Vitamin-D, iron and zinc?

  • Mohamed Alemara
    Mohamed Alemara 5 months ago

    You left out a big part when describing low-carb diets. The body resorts to carbs for energy first, and if there aren’t any carbs then it goes to fat for energy. Low-carb diets like keto trick your body into using fat for energy, so you’re always burning fat. These diets turn you into a fat-burning machine

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith 5 months ago


  • Waffle Iron
    Waffle Iron 5 months ago

    yo um.. ain’t no one heard the lowkey voice crack at 0:20 ? “weight gain or weight loSs” lmfao.

  • Azeto Z.
    Azeto Z. 5 months ago

    For a healthy diet stick to: vegetables
    whole grains
    Try not to eat red meat too often (1 or 2 times a month).
    Try not to eat too much chicken (twice a week at most).
    Drink only water and tea. Tea should not come in packets. (Spruce, fir, cedar, and pine tree's leaves can all be made into tea.)
    Of course if you want to lose weight, eat less than what you burn.
    You can lose weight by eating junk food as long as you keep a calorie deficit. But it will be harder, and you'll feel like crap.
    Eat healthy, eat only when you're hungry, drink lots of water, sleep 8 hours a day (rip college students) and excercise.
    HIIT cardio burns the most calories in the least amount of time. It works well if you don't have too much time.
    Strength resistance training won't make you burn as many calories as HIIT cardio but you'll build muscle (Eat more protein of you do strength resistance training).
    That's about it.

  • Micah Rambo
    Micah Rambo 5 months ago

    Me with my ed self: hah

  • Lockstin & Gnoggin
    Lockstin & Gnoggin 5 months ago

    Alright USclip I watched it.
    Might as well say: I doubled my calories, now eating 3000-6000 day to day, and no exercise. I've lost over 100 pounds in about a year. Not sure how important calories really are anymore, especially since calorie restriction is linked to permanent slow-downs of your metabolism. All I did was limit carbs to 20 a day, though not counting fiber or carbs from green vegetables.
    Never been healthier. :)

    • Plumsome
      Plumsome 4 months ago

      Lockstin & Gnoggin Just how?????? 6000 calories!?!!!!!????? With no exercise, I literally don’t care how healthy you eat, if you eat that much you’re going to gain weight unless your like the Hulk or something. I know that I used to think I ate like 3000 calories since I was very active and seemed to eat a lot but I was only really eating like 900-1500. So i’m just saying you probably aren’t counting.

  • DankSirMemesAlot
    DankSirMemesAlot 5 months ago +1

    Coeliac squad where you at!

  • Kim TaeGucci
    Kim TaeGucci 5 months ago

    I got a ad about diets

  • wickandde
    wickandde 5 months ago

    Middle path people, middle path