• Published on Feb 17, 2019
    Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix
    Sleep & Rain mix
    Listen to another Rain mix here - usclip.net/video/A7Wo0MnC4z8/video.html
    0:00 TRA$H - Journey
    2:24 BIDØ - last sunshine.
    3:45 broey. - Paradise
    6:04 heytheremylove. - bloom.
    7:37 tzelun - see u soon
    9:05 Jay-Lounge - Sleeping City
    11:59 WYS - lone
    15:33 Jay-Lounge - Puddles /w Jordy Chandra

    Artwork by Nikolai Lockertsen

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  • the bootleg boy
    the bootleg boy  4 months ago +1623

    finally a new RAINING IN mix, hope you guys like this one. Where should the next city be? 💜

  • Lonely Pilot
    Lonely Pilot Hour ago

    I listen to this while eating ramen.

  • r crii
    r crii 5 hours ago

    just imagine sitting on a roof in osaka, and listening to this exact same playlist. just chilling. or close your eyes, lay down, let the cold air flow in through your ac or window, and rest while listening to this.

  • Apec
    Apec 9 hours ago

    My help

  • budsyremo
    budsyremo 11 hours ago

    why is this so sad ?
    I m sad because I don't have someone to be next with 😫😥😣

  • Jase Highwood
    Jase Highwood 13 hours ago

    I love all Lofi HipHop music. the quite where the lady said "You so" and the man said "I'm just crazy... about you." where is that line from? just curious.

  • Politeness Gaminggg
    Politeness Gaminggg 19 hours ago

    It's relaxing while im reviewing..
    Good luck for me in Exam. :D

    I love you all here....

  • O36
    O36 Day ago

    صديقه اليودل مرحبا هل انتي بخير ؟

  • Light Helios
    Light Helios Day ago

    This is such a great mix !

  • I Cant Sleep
    I Cant Sleep Day ago

    Howdy stranger😉

  • Data Structure
    Data Structure Day ago

    Please! Have a Good Night 🌃

  • Lonely February
    Lonely February Day ago

    It's good to go to lofi videos and feel better about yourself. Relaxed... chill... its good to know that your still alive

  • ZobmieRules
    ZobmieRules 2 days ago

    I keep hearing Brawl's title theme in "WYS - lone" (@) because of that 5-note melody "da-na-na-na-naaa~"

  • Calcic Plagioclase
    Calcic Plagioclase 2 days ago

    There's this human that I really like back in college. This human migrated in Switzerland, maybe last year - not really sure because we have lost our communication a year before we graduated until now. This human sent me signs of interests, of what we used to be, or on a second thought, I just misunderstood everything. But I think that this human knew my feelings back then. Well, it wasn't a secret at all since, even our Calculus teacher knew it too. Should I just move on? This human keeps on popping inside my brain. This human makes my heart beat faster everytime i think of this human.
    P.S. If you think that this is a nonsense thing, I'm sorry. I just need to anonymously vent this out since I'm preparing for my licensure exam this year, and with this kind of distraction, I'm afraid, it could cause me to fail, again.
    P.S. I need your advise. What should I do? I'm in Asia and that human is in Europe now. :(

  • AighiX GD
    AighiX GD 3 days ago

    I life in osaka lol

  • yohana noventia29
    yohana noventia29 3 days ago

    do not forget, Universe love you all...

  • zzzwzzz
    zzzwzzz 3 days ago

    3:45 Kingdom Hearts 2 💓💓💓

  • ritz
    ritz 3 days ago

    読経 lo-fi hip hopみたいなの作ったら売れそうじゃない?

  • ritz
    ritz 3 days ago

    lo-filized Satie

  • Dai Key
    Dai Key 4 days ago

    I feel so cozy of listening to this as same as when I am in BGM of Animal Crossing.

  • Pip Bernadotte
    Pip Bernadotte 4 days ago

    This comment section is the far weirdest one that I've ever seen but it's oddy pleased me.

  • ピンクのバラ
    ピンクのバラ 4 days ago

    It’s so pleasing to just draw and listen to these beats early in the morning ♡

  • Nicholas Lim
    Nicholas Lim 4 days ago

    wow where did u get this image from?

  • Kvx
    Kvx 5 days ago

    this feeling its like really relaxing but im deep i my feelings

  • Shay. lzr
    Shay. lzr 5 days ago

    You know this type of music brings people together, like sometimes I’ll just scroll by and I’ll see “you’re beautiful don’t forget that” “you’re doing amazing” so thank you.

  • Vijay krishnan Chandramohan

    I feel like The lofi community is one day gonna fall and it’s heart breaking to think about

  • Taisei
    Taisei 6 days ago

    I'm Japanese.
    I live in Osaka.
    Osaka is very good city!
    Come and eat delicious food.
    I'm glad everyone knows Japan‼︎
    Sorry for my poor English...

    • Sarah Farhan
      Sarah Farhan 5 days ago

      Taisei your English is great!! Would love to visit Japan one day, when I’m older of course haha.

  • Alia Adriana
    Alia Adriana 6 days ago

    Imagine its just you and your bf while listening to this song. ❤️ Wonderful!

  • Lou Ollivier
    Lou Ollivier 6 days ago

    Do Am I the only one happy here ?

  • Atiq Linkon
    Atiq Linkon 7 days ago

    Extremely like it...so much peaceful

  • high AF
    high AF 7 days ago +1

    3:50 my fav part

  • Sofia insert random last name here

    let it out, just let it all out.
    squeals, cries, punches
    let it flow.
    it's okay to feel this way
    it's normal

    you're not alone.
    in this god forsaken world
    happiness awaits you.

    just over that bridge

    no matter how tall it may be
    no matter how curvy, steep
    you will pass it

    *you're not alone*

  • Keep It Snappy
    Keep It Snappy 8 days ago +1

    Welcome Home

  • Altair Rey
    Altair Rey 8 days ago

    This is soothing and calm i loved it ♥️

  • The Duke
    The Duke 8 days ago

    Lofi brings Zoomers and millennials from all over the internet together. No pain, No pain; only the kino aesthetic of Japanese suburbia.

  • Unlocked Ways
    Unlocked Ways 9 days ago

    So soothing 😶

  • Nadia Natour
    Nadia Natour 9 days ago +2

    i want to travel the world and go live in places like this and just forget about my worries and doubts

  • kian 19
    kian 19 9 days ago

    I truly feel better after listening to this , thanks.

  • Rafael Gamero
    Rafael Gamero 10 days ago

    Considering all the bullshit going on in my life..especially getting my heart broken recently, this...this isn't so bad. I'll stay here and enjoy this chilling beat.

  • Mentor
    Mentor 10 days ago

    will I get copyrighted if I use this songs as my video backsound??

  • Edward Eng
    Edward Eng 11 days ago

    Everyone is chill and lovely except the 647 people has no chill at all...

  • Earthxplore
    Earthxplore 11 days ago

    I love these mixes man, this takes me to another world

  • Sirius Animosity
    Sirius Animosity 11 days ago


  • thejuanpaolo
    thejuanpaolo 11 days ago

    i never asked you to make me your everything but you don't have the right to make me feel like i'm nothing

  • Something somewhere
    Something somewhere 12 days ago +7

    I put this on when its raining here (Osaka)
    It makes it seem less...
    Ordinary sonehow?
    (⌒-⌒; )

  • roni sugiarta
    roni sugiarta 12 days ago

    This music + stoned = cozy ☺️

  • phrezein
    phrezein 12 days ago

    The chill music plus scrolling down the comment section and seeing such beautiful and inspiring comments makes you more confident in life. Be sure to take care of yourself!

  • Diệu Thảo
    Diệu Thảo 12 days ago

    Hải Phòng ngày nay mưa bão gió lớn
    Trên đường cây cối nghiêng ngả theo gió
    Ta tình cơ gặp được nhau dưới cơn mưa ướt nhòa
    Một cái nhìn nhau thôi mà sao thấy tương tư đến thế
    Đêm về ib cho anh 1 vài câu mà thấy lòng mình như sang xuân
    Anh à tình yêu là gì
    Em cũng chẳng biết nữa Là em yêu anh mà ta chẳng thể chung lối
    Để rồi đôi mình chỉ có thể là bạn

  • paciscor
    paciscor 12 days ago +1

    free hugs

  • lil sleepy
    lil sleepy 13 days ago

    why is everyone so gay

  • Francisco Melendez
    Francisco Melendez 13 days ago

    Hey Juju - Al Johara it’s me Franky you’ll probably never see this but I still love you after all the pain and depression you made me go through, I still hope you one day contact me again and I’m
    Sorry for everything I made you go through. I still love you and I hope you make everyone proud especially Koko. I love you Al Johara please take care of yourself you’re an angel ❤️

  • Hollaimbaneh
    Hollaimbaneh 13 days ago

    I’ve always wanted to live in Osaka :,)

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer 13 days ago

    i add freind you on roblox my roblox username is SCION666

  • B L U R R
    B L U R R 14 days ago

    everytime it rains, i open this

  • Bratipus 43
    Bratipus 43 14 days ago

    Imagine listening to this mix in your bedroom but it's 10x more cozy at 3:00 AM, looking at the rainy streets through a window and drinking hot chocolatte.

    GXLY GHOST 14 days ago

    Is it me or I’m the only one listing to this at midnight and lookin at the window

  • maddy
    maddy 15 days ago

    I always come back to these videos whenever I feel down and just listening to the music while reading the comments makes me feel so much better, I love y'all.

  • Cloud Cloud
    Cloud Cloud 15 days ago

    Perfect music and very good photograph📷📷📷🎥📸

  • Jordan holland
    Jordan holland 16 days ago

    Mfs make me sick I hate silenceeeee

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 16 days ago +1

    we're literally nothing in this huge we universe. So just relax and close your eyes, don't think about nothing and for a few moment, escape the matrix... See you space cowboy!

  • ned hassane chafique
    ned hassane chafique 16 days ago +1

    Without music life sucks

  • Ethan Baker
    Ethan Baker 16 days ago

    who else comes back here regularly

  • Neverforgive Neverforget


  • Mary Jane Snape
    Mary Jane Snape 17 days ago

    00.30 right now. Reading. Listen to a playlist with a lot of mixes from Bootleg boy. Perfect 🖤

  • shantavanee
    shantavanee 17 days ago

    New subbie!! Love your channel 💕

  • sorry i speak yeehaw
    sorry i speak yeehaw 17 days ago

    Everyone's so chill and wholesome in the comments I love it

  • 紗良
    紗良 18 days ago


  • Chackifly
    Chackifly 18 days ago +2

    I am just a piece of a drop that comes down from above. I am crystal clear and I drop onto the floor and disappear. It's raining, in O S A K A.



  • Sempie
    Sempie 18 days ago

    i love how everyone is like love yourself your perfect you'll find someone your loved but yet everyday i wake up happy but in less than 30 seconds i cry myself back to sleep knowing i mean nothing in this world of 7 or 8 billion people im not loved no cares about me and i will never find the "one" im alone and i will always be, thats why i cry myself to sleep every night while I contemplate suicide. Everyday since i was little people always told me i was gonna be alright and that things will get better i believed that then but know i just sit in my room everyday playing video games sad depressed and alone and it will always be that way ive been in this hole of depression for almost 2 years i haven't left my house in 2 years i barely eat sometimes i wake up and don't even wanna get out of bed yet i do hoping it will help my depression and me but it never does and my mom always says Ian why dont you go get friends or sometimes she says you should have a girlfriend be a normal teenager another big reason i contemplate suicide is because "friends", people always tell me to get friends or its bad not to socialize with other people but anytime i try to get close to someone they either hurt me or i hurt them thats why i have no friends other then the few i have online. This felt good to get off my chest and THANK YOU so much for anyone who took the time to read this. :)