The Try Guys Get Their Bones Cracked

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • The guys get Dr. Mary Trumpi to crack and pop their joints to relieve pain and stress. It's an ASMR-esque romp filled with the satisfying sounds of bones!
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    Dr. Mary Trumpi
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  • Just.Caitlyn 21
    Just.Caitlyn 21 2 hours ago

    Anyone noticed that ned is missing

  • Crapedits— Amv
    Crapedits— Amv 2 hours ago

    Eugene’s fake nails 💅🏻 6:39

  • perfect penguin
    perfect penguin 6 hours ago

    All I have to do is position my back just a little over 180° over the back of a chair and I get the same effects

  • Charity Knudson
    Charity Knudson 8 hours ago

    6:34 tap tap tap *BAM*

  • Francesca Cappai
    Francesca Cappai 8 hours ago

    0:37 this guy is being crazy 😂 this is completely absurd

  • Oonald Le
    Oonald Le 9 hours ago

    *do not attempt without chiropractor*


  • sherin akter
    sherin akter 10 hours ago

    Eugene nails are perfect👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Moriah Kamper
    Moriah Kamper 12 hours ago +1

    I wanna try it but at the same time I don’t want to

  • Jar of Tar Tar sauce
    Jar of Tar Tar sauce 12 hours ago

    Still remember the first time when I went to a chiropractor...I cried...real bad cuz it sounded scary...I was 10

  • TweetyBird 2017
    TweetyBird 2017 14 hours ago

    I watched Bones RELIGIOUSLY when it was still on

  • ron jon
    ron jon 14 hours ago

    fun one you can try at home! if you or an acquaintance has a slightly large belly it work's better.
    step 1: the subject places their hands on opposing shoulders.
    step 2: subject relaxes their spine.
    step 3: person (optimally taller than subject and the one with the large belly) steps behind the subject.
    step 4: person behind subject grabs elbows (right with left hand and left with right) and leans back.
    step 5: *CRACK*

  • Syed Ibrahim
    Syed Ibrahim 14 hours ago

    3:07 my mother didn't do that but my father do I know what you are talking about Eugene

  • Xav Man
    Xav Man 15 hours ago

    Who else watches these videos and imagines themself laying on that bed, getting that treatment???

  • squidz 402
    squidz 402 17 hours ago

    Cracks your boner???

  • CherryFox
    CherryFox 18 hours ago

    Keith, I feel you. I’m scared too. I’ve never done it in my entire life. Zac, I crack my bones 24/7 😂 I just realized, where is Ned?

  • suzy manucharyan
    suzy manucharyan 18 hours ago

    lady gaGA

  • Euna Hong
    Euna Hong 19 hours ago

    LOLLLL “can i touch it? this is sexual harassment “

  • 《Seafoam Gacha》
    《Seafoam Gacha》 20 hours ago

    How to be successful:
    1. Dont slouch, that's for ugly people
    2. Become beautiful
    3. Profit

  • Joury Alkout
    Joury Alkout 21 hour ago

    I thought it was a man at first

  • DoPe BoY
    DoPe BoY 21 hour ago

    @1:49 Shes not wearing a bra

  • 전여진
    전여진 22 hours ago

    Eugene : My body is great, I feel great, just pop me.
    Me : Omg that’s so ME!

  • Gyn Reimer
    Gyn Reimer Day ago +1

    The thumb nail makes me feel like I've seen Keith's "bedroom eyes" 😊😆

  • Foxy Plays
    Foxy Plays Day ago +2

    Dr. Trumpi : can i touch

    Eugene : yeah sure

    Me inside my head : this is uncomfortable

  • Soviet Sasquatch

    These guys are all equally awkward and they remind me of the casts of big mouth 😂😂 good vid though

  • Norma
    Norma Day ago

    I’ve been laughing at the thumbnail for over 30 mins now 😂😂😂

  • Joey L
    Joey L Day ago +1

    Most watched Try Guys video rn

  • Z33
    Z33 Day ago


  • Matteo Rb
    Matteo Rb Day ago

    AIR-iana grande....smh

  • Bernadette Shepherd

    Wish that were me rn 😍

  • Loana Burg
    Loana Burg Day ago

    Omg her arms!!! You can tell she's got a lot of strength

  • Lucie Bosler
    Lucie Bosler Day ago

    Lol Eugene is the only person not in pain 😭😭😭

  • Kenneth Ho
    Kenneth Ho Day ago

    She has the physique of a bodybuilder

  • Naturally Made Curly

    Where was Ned?

  • Reagan Briggs
    Reagan Briggs Day ago

    I love Eugene’s nails

  • Gacha gamer
    Gacha gamer Day ago


  • Kalley Leung
    Kalley Leung Day ago

    Watching this after my first chiropractor visit 😳

  • Bradigans D
    Bradigans D Day ago

    Eugene saying celebrity names every time his bones crack is what I live for

  • Lia’s World
    Lia’s World Day ago

    Me trying to find signs that indicate Eugene being gay

  • wolfclaw254
    wolfclaw254 Day ago

    first time i went to the chiropractor i almost screamed when my back popped loudly. but omg the relief. 10 years of back issues relieved

  • alyce !
    alyce ! Day ago

    let it be known i attempt to do this shit to myself daily and ykw if i die at least i die with a comfortable back

  • Yin Oaht
    Yin Oaht Day ago

    i can never look at eugene the same ever again i never expected him to be gay but i respect it and i respect him coming out i just wish he came out earlier honestly. all in all i still love the try guys and especially eugene and i have a much higher respect for him ♿️

  • Alex B
    Alex B Day ago


  • Judith Morales
    Judith Morales Day ago

    Damn “slouching is for the ugly people” 😂😂😂

  • Nathan Biller
    Nathan Biller Day ago

    Trumpi 2020
    Make America Pop Again

  • Marcin Dończyk
    Marcin Dończyk 2 days ago

    I thought the guy on the thumbnail is Krzysztof Piątek

  • Aliesha Kirwan
    Aliesha Kirwan 2 days ago

    Chiropractor - the original ASMR

  • Claudia Aparicio
    Claudia Aparicio 2 days ago

    10 minutes of bone cracking ASMR

  • SuuzieQ
    SuuzieQ 2 days ago

    Is she also an ex bodybuilder?

  • Omar Umar
    Omar Umar 2 days ago

    1:49 look closely at something on rachel

  • zenab5598
    zenab5598 2 days ago

    Bones was an amazing cbs show

  • Sunny flowers
    Sunny flowers 2 days ago +1

    No one:

    Eugene: ohhh Ariana Grande..

    Moments later..

    Eugene: Kelly Clarkson.

  • PVSDK 123
    PVSDK 123 2 days ago

    Do guys watch try guys vidro? I see hardly 2/3 guys commenting

  • ZWithLuv
    ZWithLuv 2 days ago +3

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Eugene: OOooHhHhh aRiana GRanDe

  • Unknown YouTube User

    So we’re all just gonna ignore the fact that Eugene is wearing false blue nails

  • reytheGEMini
    reytheGEMini 2 days ago +1

    Whos here after eugen came out as gay?

  • Renatta Rivero
    Renatta Rivero 2 days ago

    I just realized ned is not in the video

  • It’s Just Lauren
    It’s Just Lauren 2 days ago

    “ they grab their head and go.. BOWW..........BOW...”

  • Lucas Rodmo
    Lucas Rodmo 3 days ago +2

    For someone that is used to 30 minutes long chiropractic videos, this felt way too short

    • Lucas Rodmo
      Lucas Rodmo 3 days ago +1

      Look at those, some are life-changing for the patient

  • Sara B
    Sara B 3 days ago

    Can the try guys take the myers briggs personality test? I wanna know so bad

  • Olivia Perez
    Olivia Perez 3 days ago

    my dad is a family med doctor but has his chiropractor license so i get my bones cracked whenever i want and it’s AMAZING

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace 3 days ago +1

    after keith got his neck cracked it made me wanna so i did it and my phone was on my lap so i looked up (i crack mine facing forward) and i looked back down and it said “do not attempt without a chiropractor” and i oop-

  • M4xD0ny3 Yt
    M4xD0ny3 Yt 3 days ago

    Though it said boners cracked

  • Donald Bagwell
    Donald Bagwell 3 days ago

    Whole video sounds like asmr

  • Donald Bagwell
    Donald Bagwell 3 days ago

    Eugene said he was getting off on this, than says lady pop stars name the rest of the time

  • Femke Bijlsma
    Femke Bijlsma 3 days ago

    Where's Ned?

  • Swagata Chakraborty
    Swagata Chakraborty 3 days ago

    Eugene's nails are insane 💅

  • Adam Danny
    Adam Danny 3 days ago

    The producer did not wearing any bras... Just checking if anyone notice that

  • Summer Clarke
    Summer Clarke 3 days ago

    Serious question:Is Euguene

  • Dexter Sasil
    Dexter Sasil 3 days ago

    those horrifying sounds 😱

  • Sarah Schoenborn
    Sarah Schoenborn 4 days ago

    How dare you Keith I love bones

  • generationxray
    generationxray 4 days ago

    3:22 as all things should be

  • Shelby Lynn
    Shelby Lynn 4 days ago


  • a clever and witty username

    Okay but can we talk about how fucking cool and chill Dr. Trumpi is

  • Ava Campbell-Anderson
    Ava Campbell-Anderson 4 days ago +4


  • Sakura Edits
    Sakura Edits 4 days ago +5

    Can we just talk about Eugenes nails???
    No... okay...


    Can you try making a sample using those sounds

  • buttered croissants
    buttered croissants 4 days ago

    R d try guys gay?

  • HZRD1
    HZRD1 4 days ago

    Guys, I tried that on my friend and hes not moving, help

  • Kianush
    Kianush 4 days ago

    4:285 excuse you, it's 𝗔riana, not 𝗔𝗶riana.

  • moody builds
    moody builds 5 days ago +15

    “I’m going to gently stretch you ok?” *proceeds to jump on human*

  • Ja Green
    Ja Green 5 days ago +5

    Eugene's nails are flawless
    Keith is scared
    Korn is funny

  • Link01280
    Link01280 5 days ago

    So wheb this is done by a professional like her it doesn't hurt?

    • Maya Osaka
      Maya Osaka 2 days ago

      It might hurt a little if you're out of alignment, but if it's done correctly it definitely shouldn't hurt bad at all!

  • LambChop
    LambChop 5 days ago +1

    with every crack Eugene is reminded if a white woman he seduced

  • Pulak
    Pulak 5 days ago +5

    She straight up RKOed them!😂

  • Dimitri Miller
    Dimitri Miller 5 days ago

    I want her to crack and mold me into a pretzel.

  • BoomChicka Ari
    BoomChicka Ari 5 days ago +3

    Sometimes when I eat too much, It hurts to poop.

    *Imagine what it'll feel like when I have kids...*

  • Analeigh S.
    Analeigh S. 5 days ago +14

    I checked the spine when your slouching vs great posture and then I realized that I'm to fat to even feel it 🙃
    @ 2:45

  • xstutz99
    xstutz99 5 days ago +1

    says *don’t try without chiropractor* continues to crack my neck

  • Zubayer Mahbub
    Zubayer Mahbub 5 days ago

    Ooooh Jennifer Hudson

  • angela scott
    angela scott 5 days ago

    eugene's nails tho

  • Grape Jelly
    Grape Jelly 5 days ago


  • Too Many Opinions
    Too Many Opinions 5 days ago

    Oof I hope Eugene went and got tested for scoliosis

  • Yo Yo Yo!!! Hi
    Yo Yo Yo!!! Hi 5 days ago

    Where’s Ned

  • Too Many Opinions
    Too Many Opinions 5 days ago

    What did she say after Eugene’s taint comment at the end?? 😂

  • Heisted XE
    Heisted XE 5 days ago

    She looks like a 50 year old Billie Eillish

  • Karen Jantzi
    Karen Jantzi 5 days ago

    “Slouching is for ugly people”

  • TheJayWashExperience

    Miles went from being a prodction assistant to being a producer for the TryPod...

  • Friend Squad / Sister Squad

    I love Eugene's nails.

  • Daniil Oxyuk
    Daniil Oxyuk 6 days ago

    Eugene: 3:06

  • Epic Derpy
    Epic Derpy 6 days ago

    Last time I went to a chiropractor it was very painful. I don’t get how this feels great.