Forensics Expert Examines 20 Crime Scene Investigations from Film & TV | Technique Critique | WIRED


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  • rieskimo
    rieskimo 10 hours ago

    This man's critique is easily one of my favorite of any I've heard. He uses context, facts, and fully explains his understanding of both. Great series and great watch

  • Isaac Graham
    Isaac Graham Day ago

    Man, I love these videos!

  • Michael Kimball
    Michael Kimball Day ago

    0:43 0:49 0:55 1:14 1:17 1:31 LOL I need to start watching The Wire! XD

  • DJ Nejo
    DJ Nejo 3 days ago

    Cool that Iron Man scene is more realistic than most of crime series or movies 😊

  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh 4 days ago


  • Goochikins
    Goochikins 7 days ago

    No breaking bad?

  • Vance Corsey
    Vance Corsey 7 days ago

    I heard that "bang bang bang" at the beginning I was like YAY MONK!

  • Stéfani Rodrigues
    Stéfani Rodrigues 8 days ago

    my dream job as a child... ended up studying linguistics hahahah

  • Sarath Sajan
    Sarath Sajan 8 days ago

    But where is Sherlock🐒

  • Leslie Warren
    Leslie Warren 9 days ago

    Ugh... I need to watch more crime shows!

  • AnimeTiger07
    AnimeTiger07 9 days ago

    Those cops playing how low can you go at the crime scene Lol

  • Dellani Oakes
    Dellani Oakes 9 days ago

    Thank for pointing out picking things up with pens, and gathering evidence before photographing and marking! I'm not a forensics person, I'm an author, and I find the lack of accuracy disturbing. I've watched TV shows & movies, and get annoyed with the careless handling of important evidence.

  • Daylover
    Daylover 10 days ago

    Ohh i like to see him lok at Bones

  • CupidIsPretty
    CupidIsPretty 11 days ago

    I would've loved to see him talk about Sherlock and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Half because they're my favorite shows right now, and half because I'm sure there a whole lot of things wrong with Sherlock.
    (I even identified a lot of things Sherlock himself did that'd mess up the evidence my first time watching the first episode and I'm a random teenager with no knowledge of this sort of thing.)

  • Kurosaki Ichigo
    Kurosaki Ichigo 11 days ago

    No Columbo? ;P

  • Katie Turner
    Katie Turner 11 days ago

    This was really interesting. Thank you.

  • incubied07
    incubied07 12 days ago

    His eyes are mesmerizing

  • uh what
    uh what 13 days ago

    should've put the show eyewitness!!

  • John
    John 13 days ago

    The editing is attrocious.

  • Nailah Williams
    Nailah Williams 14 days ago

    I was waiting for bones

  • Elizabeth Hasseries
    Elizabeth Hasseries 14 days ago +1

    In defense of Zodiac - it was set in the 60s before modern investigation techniques.

  • Alex S.
    Alex S. 14 days ago +4

    This joker is really trying to tell us that Batman’s finger print finder is impossible but has he ever even used Batman’s equipment? I’d say no. Sounds more like jealousy to me.

  • Zachary Hoffman
    Zachary Hoffman 14 days ago

    The Other Guys is more accurate than The Wire. Mind Blown.

  • Artyom Galstyan
    Artyom Galstyan 16 days ago

    Maybe a negative side is done intentionally, who knows..

  • si simone
    si simone 17 days ago

    Can’t believe u didn’t show bones!

  • Juanita Barnes
    Juanita Barnes 17 days ago

    Screw you, smart dude. You just ruined all crime shows for me FOREVER. You shall suffer for that. Hmphh.

  • Wesley Noordeloos
    Wesley Noordeloos 20 days ago

    The Dutch reference made me proud.

  • Iris Corro
    Iris Corro 21 day ago

    I was waiting on Bones to come up

  • Shadow Panda
    Shadow Panda 21 day ago

    To summarize The Wire: "Motherf*cker"

  • Anthony Michalski
    Anthony Michalski 21 day ago

    Sherlock is all about the 'why'.

  • namuun pheonix
    namuun pheonix 21 day ago

    no any of sherlock movies?

  • Han Lockhart
    Han Lockhart 21 day ago

    Some of this I knew by sheer commonsense, but others I didn`t. Very informative. I suspect there is much more you do not say and I understand. Thankyou.

  • OldSkoolAnimeFan
    OldSkoolAnimeFan 22 days ago

    Did you seriously critique Loaded Weapon? An over the top comedy. Really? I am an E.M.T. in life. I also kinda cringe when I see improper medical procedure, but I say it is just for entertainment. I was a paintball referee for years too. Watching the abject safety violations in shows drives me nuts. But again, actors covered with masks is not as dramatic. I just used to tell customers it is real life, not T.V..

  • Roosevelt Brentwood
    Roosevelt Brentwood 23 days ago

    i think the critiques of the first scene assume a far greater level of competency and professionalism than can be expected in Baltimore.

  • Curius Fox
    Curius Fox 23 days ago

    17:57 It could HAPPEN? AWESOME!

  • Kitty90
    Kitty90 24 days ago

    As far as procedure I believe him. But somethings that some sciences go beyond a lab.
    Why is Bones not in this? Lol I'm pretty sure that many of the points he touch on "Bones" got right.

    BLUEGENE13 24 days ago +1

    every where i go jews, jews, and more jews

  • Hannelle Ní Jonáš Láska

    I want CSI

  • Anindita Ariella
    Anindita Ariella 26 days ago

    I wish you did Bones as well.. But it is very fun to watch this technique support!

  • Darcy G
    Darcy G 26 days ago

    He's mostly right, however they should get an ME, death investigator, or forensic anthropologist to speak on the death investigation/morgue concepts. Some of his commentary was lacking.

  • Deadshot _Thief YT
    Deadshot _Thief YT 26 days ago

    Wha where’s Sherlock

  • LUZZ Armanci
    LUZZ Armanci 27 days ago

    You did not analize Bones

  • Dre Presswood
    Dre Presswood 28 days ago

    We need to know what’s fake in the military

  • Ivanhoe Mallari
    Ivanhoe Mallari Month ago

    Should've included Detective Conan Investigation Scene.

  • Matdy James
    Matdy James Month ago

    Love this series, Please do more Technique Critique!

  • Adam Grise
    Adam Grise Month ago

    They find some really good interviewees for these critiques.

  • Buffbud96
    Buffbud96 Month ago

    I just wanna say, for the flash, It's not meant to be a SCI show, theyve only done a hand full of CSI scenes (where Barry goes into major detail) in the whole show of over 100 episodes, and Barry's been doing this stuff his entire life to try to catch the man that killed his mother, so... He's kinda a genius on the topic

  • Prophet
    Prophet Month ago

    That's what I call... dead meat.

  • Arts Folio
    Arts Folio Month ago +1

    Yall did dexter wrong, dextar was probably the most accurate show out them all

  • Valentine
    Valentine Month ago +1

    "A pretty good observation!"
    *Thank you*

  • Quinn B
    Quinn B Month ago

    I love these videos. I first discovered the accent series. Great reminders that Google and the media do not make us experts or even well informed in any field.

  • Agus herondxle
    Agus herondxle Month ago

    you seriously need to do this with Bones

  • Joanna Gibbons
    Joanna Gibbons Month ago

    So,they never get this right in any movie or TV show.

  • Davinci Brayan
    Davinci Brayan Month ago +1

    What episode of how to get away with murder is this? 8:42

  • Brooke Woodson
    Brooke Woodson Month ago

    6:34 "bang bang bang"😂😂

  • Chris Hood
    Chris Hood Month ago

    You didnt do either Sherlock shows!

  • Prettyboyvocalz Music

    9:06 ouooo he said bootys!!!! potty mouth

  • Isaiah Pinkerton
    Isaiah Pinkerton Month ago

    I know there are various pronunciations of in situ, but my inner biologist is cringing when i hear “in sit-too” and not “in see-chu” . Besides that, great video!

  • Parker Koman
    Parker Koman Month ago

    After the first pen scene in zodiac I thought of the pen scene in the Flash and the next clip is the flash

  • Moniii Alv.
    Moniii Alv. Month ago

    Man, I'm upset that I never saw Bones here. I wouldve like to see how accurate it is

    • Shea Milan
      Shea Milan Month ago

      Sooo true! That's one of my favorite show. 💜

  • Janna S
    Janna S Month ago

    the biggest mistake in these tv shows was the one person calling the counsellor a "pretty good movie"...

  • Low King
    Low King Month ago

    didnt people like him would be good in doing crime? O_o

  • ellie
    ellie Month ago

    all i’m saying is,,,, PLEASE FIRE YOUR EDITOR

  • 1903LoLa
    1903LoLa Month ago

    This guy looks so much like John Dillinger, he even has his hairstyle !!!

  • dearme
    dearme Month ago

    If ya'll like this kind of topic, you NEED to watch 'The Fabricated City'! 😄
    it's a movie and korean and amazingggg

  • Mesha _girl
    Mesha _girl Month ago

    I wish u guys would have done bones

  • Grants Dad
    Grants Dad Month ago

    Don’t underestimate car enthusiasts

  • Tim Kvernen
    Tim Kvernen Month ago

    7:43 I think he said "this whorl pattern". Funny when he's talking about all the stuff going on at the crime scene and there's a guy doing the limbo under the yellow tape :)

  • Balaji Karthi
    Balaji Karthi Month ago

    A true professional always cares more about his job, amazing narratives.

  • Popskiptea
    Popskiptea Month ago missed Sherlock, the most famous detective in the world!

  • 4 CZNZ
    4 CZNZ Month ago

    I don't know how stringent the forensic procedures were in the 60s and 70s were...

    TRUE KAGE Month ago +5

    20:00 on the dot. Anyone else satisfied????

  • Jake Drtina
    Jake Drtina Month ago

    Grimm, is the best, i think they do EVERYTHING right

  • Paul Hagelston
    Paul Hagelston Month ago

    Did we really need to point out that Minority Report was not realistic? Lol!

  • pd 616
    pd 616 Month ago

    Great watch. Annoys me how he gets paid less than the people pretending to do his job. Weird world.

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks Month ago

    "the wire" is literally one of the worst written shows ever.

  • Niladri Singha mahapatra

    I thought for sure BBC Sherlock season 1 episode 1 crime scene will be here.

  • Daniel Preciado
    Daniel Preciado Month ago

    Twin Peaks would've been interesting to critique.

  • Jeff lin
    Jeff lin Month ago

    Why waste 10 cents giving your forensic investigators gloves and instead let them damage the evidence.

  • Bass treble
    Bass treble Month ago

    Must be the same terrible editor behind this video again. It's terrible editing.

  • Keith Castillo
    Keith Castillo Month ago

    If you wiling to do anime, I recommend Detective Conan AKA Case Closed, and Death Note.

  • Jay Klaxton
    Jay Klaxton Month ago

    4:30 "Loaded Weapon 1" is such an underrated movie. So funny.

  • Natania Stuart
    Natania Stuart Month ago

    I’d love it if you had included “Bones”.

  • Awesome_Artistic_Autist

    Stop ruining Dexter

  • Bhyoop
    Bhyoop Month ago

    I was only waiting for the Flash. I didn’t even know if it would be in here, but I had to hope they would get to it... fast? ok i know im a failure you dont need to remind me

  • Patrick Fitzgerald
    Patrick Fitzgerald Month ago

    Get snoop dog to review pot smoking in movies/TV

  • Comet with Bleach
    Comet with Bleach Month ago +2

    The wire is set in late 1980. So back them they were much grittier about crime scenes.

  • Maria del Pilar Ramirez

    React to a bones episode

  • Cody Jurgens
    Cody Jurgens Month ago

    That guy constantly teleporting back and forth is very unrealistic as well.

  • Brendissimo
    Brendissimo Month ago

    But a lot of these characters are homicide detectives, not forensic analysts, and therefore they ought to be concerned with possible motives.

  • Noah Ray
    Noah Ray Month ago

    Love this series. Glad Seven, the Dark Knight and True Detective were in there. It’d be great to see Hot Fuzz in th next one.

  • aussiejubes
    aussiejubes Month ago

    So many ppl in comments desperate to correct this guy who just gets given snippets of shows & comments on the snippets. He's done an amazing job, let it happen lol.

  • Don't Know
    Don't Know Month ago +1

    This Dude is nu Fun...!!!

  • Chhavimani Choubey
    Chhavimani Choubey Month ago

    Thanks man never knew the real and actual dynamics of forensic investigation 😍 so tough!!!!!!!!

  • hallcrash
    hallcrash Month ago

    Sadly it effects a jurors perception of forensic 'science'

  • A Random Guy On The Internet

    Kinda weird that a forensic science video didn't mention Sherlock Holmes

  • mhm hayder
    mhm hayder Month ago

    my hole life was a lie

  • DaDevil
    DaDevil Month ago

    When the Iron man 3 was the most accurate LOOL

  • Anya Deising
    Anya Deising Month ago

    I bet if he saw a bones episode he would be pretty happy.

  • Entropy
    Entropy Month ago