Forensics Expert Examines 20 Crime Scene Investigations from Film & TV | Technique Critique | WIRED

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • In this episode of 'Technique Critique', crime scene analyst and investigator Matthew Steiner examines forensics investigations in crime scenes from movies and television to see how accurate they are. Crime scenes are from The Wire, NCIS, Zodiac, The Flash, The Boondock Saints, Heat, Seven, The Other Guys, How to Get Away with Murder, CSI: Miami, The Dark Knight, Dexter, Insomnia, True Detective, Bone Collector, Criminal Minds, Family Guy, Iron Man 3, Minority Report and more.

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    Forensics Expert Examines 20 Crime Scene Investigations from Film & TV | Technique Critique | WIRED
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  • nabil chowdhury
    nabil chowdhury 2 days ago +2

    Same thing with Batman, he is a fictional character who is at the peak of human physical and mental potential, his physical and mental abilities are essentially at superhuman levels and guess what, HE LIVES IN A COMIC BOOK WORLD.

  • nabil chowdhury
    nabil chowdhury 2 days ago +3

    Ok so, The Flash is the flash. Even before he got his super speed and super brain, he was a gifted scientist. Not to mention, Barry lives in a comic book universe, not a realistic one.

  • erisseus
    erisseus 2 days ago

    What about the show Hannibal :(

  • DemonX
    DemonX 3 days ago

    Mafia boss reviews mob movies and shows

  • Cosmos Violet
    Cosmos Violet 3 days ago

    Should Zodiac really be on here it takes place in like the 60s or 70s DNA wasn't quite a thing to many people were concerned about. Also The Flash has Super Powers. And Dexter sabotages crime scenes or keeps evidence to himself. Loaded weapon is a comedy. The other guys is satire. The Dark Knight although it's not a superhero thing it's still not the most realistic thing. In cold blood was in the 60s again things were different. Family Guy why talk about it in this video. The tech in Iron Man doesn't exist. Minority Report takes place in 2065. None of these should be in this video

  • cone
    cone 3 days ago

    Thanks for the editing

  • Des Kelly
    Des Kelly 4 days ago

    The dramas would be so much more entertaining and convincing if they were more accurate in these methods

  • karsten69
    karsten69 4 days ago

    no Midsomer Murders?

  • WayTooAddictedToFandoms

    Can we get more of these please?! I'd love to see a police version. Also more of this guy. I'm writing a series that involves both of these jobs, so getting some more accurate information would be a big help.

  • Jazz music theorist
    Jazz music theorist 5 days ago +2

    I'm surprised he didn't review the show Bones

  • victao
    victao 5 days ago

    All I can think of while watching this is Making a Murderer

  • Zachary Young
    Zachary Young 5 days ago

    Okay why is bones not reviewed in this

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey 6 days ago

    11:06 - Not to mention, you press on the casing, not the actual projectile.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey 6 days ago

    4:38 - this is a parody of cop movies!

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey 6 days ago

    You can't really analyze a superhero can you? They have abilities we don't, like seeing lines appear no one else can see, which give computer level observations.

  • Devin Crum
    Devin Crum 7 days ago

    I love these videos! What a great idea for a series.

  • Justin Myers
    Justin Myers 7 days ago

    Did they even have DNA testing when the Zodiac killer was active?

  • Whiteytheripper
    Whiteytheripper 7 days ago

    I guess The Flash is supposed to be a little over the top, especially since it was the pilot and they needed to be clear about how clever (and out if touch) Barry is before he gets his powers

  • mrblonde432
    mrblonde432 8 days ago

    Don't think they they had to worry about DNA contamination with regards to the shell casing and the pen in Zodiac since they scene took place in 1969!!! DNA evidence wouldn't become possible foe another 20 years.

  • Asyrul Sony
    Asyrul Sony 8 days ago

    They should show some detective conan scene

  • Saiph
    Saiph 10 days ago

    No bones?

  • yonderTheGreat
    yonderTheGreat 10 days ago

    I love how each sentence has just as many cuts as a Marvel Fight Scene's punch. Beautiful.

  • okuplok
    okuplok 11 days ago +2

    they uh, swore quite a lot on that first clip didn't they?

  • Ahmad Alfi
    Ahmad Alfi 11 days ago

    The Wire : F.. F... FF..F FFF... ffffff

  • gfarrell80
    gfarrell80 13 days ago

    Thank you for knocking the Dark Knight bullet reconstruction nonsense. That was so absurd it hurt.

  • Dilris Langte
    Dilris Langte 13 days ago

    What about the series BONES

  • Shut Up Pabs
    Shut Up Pabs 13 days ago

    This guy can tell us how ridiculous some of these scenes are but he can say sammich instead of sandwich without flinching? 😂

  • Ordin hetland
    Ordin hetland 14 days ago


  • azraelbatosi
    azraelbatosi 15 days ago

    The stampede of people within the crime scene is horrible procedure, but, unfortunately, realistic. Departments screw up sometimes e.g. Jonbenet Ramsay case...

  • saturrrnes
    saturrrnes 15 days ago

    Please i need this i need MORE

  • Alen Rocha
    Alen Rocha 15 days ago

    It's like an amateur edited this

  • N T
    N T 16 days ago +1

    Who else checked which kind of finger print pattern you have? 😂

  • TheRealMetalmeal
    TheRealMetalmeal 16 days ago

    It's cool that you guys got Macklemore on

  • Aiellofficial
    Aiellofficial 16 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice how much this guy is blinking?

  • Cryptonymicus
    Cryptonymicus 16 days ago

    So basically the main thing Dragnet got right was, "Just the facts, maam," which is not exactly what they actually said.

  • aBigButterStick
    aBigButterStick 18 days ago

    No sherlock?

  • Jeffrey Salvador
    Jeffrey Salvador 19 days ago +1

    " the other guys" is an underrated comedy

  • Giving Present
    Giving Present 19 days ago +1

    I’ve always wanted to become a forensic scientist it starred with the flash tv show then forensic files and murder shows like dexter, mr brooks and documentaries about murders

  • czechking
    czechking 19 days ago


  • Smokey McJoint
    Smokey McJoint 20 days ago

    This is all very interesting but the editing it so the movie/show is replying to things the analyst says is stupid.

  • ChillWeeb
    ChillWeeb 20 days ago +1

    Came here for dexter

  • MamaRoach 75
    MamaRoach 75 21 day ago

    He's cute 😍

  • Vicky Robinson
    Vicky Robinson 22 days ago

    How did they miss Bones

  • Thaddeus Thicc Thighs
    Thaddeus Thicc Thighs 22 days ago

    What about hot fuzz?

  • blazin4 glory
    blazin4 glory 22 days ago

    In evil genius documentary They sawed off that guy's head for the cuff bomb that was around his neck.

  • saintsfisherman
    saintsfisherman 22 days ago


  • conner lamb
    conner lamb 23 days ago

    SAW. OFF. HER .HANDS. hahahaha wtf Denzel. . .

  • The Cat Man
    The Cat Man 23 days ago


  • Stephen Vaughn
    Stephen Vaughn 24 days ago

    Its odd talking about inaccuracies in Zodiac, a movie set in the 60's and 70's with a modern forensic eye seeing as they didnt have forensics back then but, okay, going to critique the way 19th century cops act in a jack the ripper movie next?

  • Mike Barton
    Mike Barton 24 days ago

    The thing with the Flash that they didn't tell this guy is in that episode, if I'm recalling this episode correctly, the Flash was at that crime scene then later showed up as the CSI guy to solve the scene. That's how he knew all the stuff about the scene before "being there".

    • minihalkoja
      minihalkoja 14 days ago

      Nah that's the pilotti episode.
      Barry wasn't a speedster yet and he wasn't there when the crime happened.

  • Chantell Roberts
    Chantell Roberts 24 days ago

    In regards to The Bone Collector, you mention they wouldn't cut the hands off. I'd imagine she didn't try removing the handcuffs since the surface space is quite limited and there's a chance of damaging evidence.
    I also remembered in the documentary Evil Genius, they did remove the man's head (on scene, not even in a sterile environment) in order to remove the headwear for the bomb that was attached to him so they wouldn't ruin any evidence.
    What would be the difference between these two situations and why would it be ok to remove one and not the other?

  • ezra delgado
    ezra delgado 25 days ago +1

    this man has the most beautiful eyes i’ve ever seen

  • isaidicanshout
    isaidicanshout 26 days ago

    They didn’t have DNA forensics in the time of Zodiac

  • The Time-Lost Techpriest

    ...The fingerprint on the Batman bullet is on a place that's covered by the bullet's casing before firing. It is in fact completely impossible.

  • Cody Mireles
    Cody Mireles 26 days ago

    The Wire editing in this video is priceless

  • TNH
    TNH 26 days ago +1

    Oh dexter. We deserved so much more. Deb deserved so much more

  • Crazy TawnyCat
    Crazy TawnyCat 26 days ago

    You need to review Blue Bloods’ crime scenes.!!!

    ZIR JAGER 26 days ago

    i personally think the thing they do with pausing and playing the movie to make it seem like the characters are talking with the critic is annoying and disrupts the flow of the video

  • 13myrrh
    13myrrh 26 days ago +3

    No "Bones"? That show might as well be Sci-fi

  • Tianaz Bryant
    Tianaz Bryant 26 days ago


  • JJ C
    JJ C 27 days ago

    Video editor is on point

  • Caden Petty
    Caden Petty 27 days ago

    Should’ve had Psych on here, would’ve loved to see that

  • Lance Pena
    Lance Pena 27 days ago

    4:55 that police tho lol

  • Bilboes
    Bilboes 27 days ago

    A movie is unrealistic...NO WAY!? These movie analyses are ridiculous. /facepalm
    Anyone with half a brain can figure out through google that movie's are exaggerated. I didn't think humanity was going down the I do

  • The Dear Leader
    The Dear Leader 27 days ago +2

    The editor really thinks he's funny with distracting the expert with video clips

  • dyscea
    dyscea 27 days ago

    Great video, great subject matter. Need to forget all of it or ruin my fun with forensic shows :D I already take apart scenes I know a few things about. This just adds to it. I can annoy myself.

  • Hikaru Katayamma
    Hikaru Katayamma 28 days ago +1

    Swirl vs Whirl: When I studied fingerprinting as a Police Explorer, they used the terms equally. It was a personal thing.
    Revolver vs automatics: Automatics can be equipped with shell catchers, but that's usually just on a range.

  • Linkman95
    Linkman95 28 days ago

    I absolutely love the clip quotes responding to the critique. Made the entire video.

  • Liam Ray
    Liam Ray 28 days ago

    I think at 7:40 he says "This Whorl pattern" instead of "The Swirl Pattern"

  • Potassium Cyanide
    Potassium Cyanide 28 days ago

    Hope of seeing csi

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 28 days ago

    All those dudes in the first clip were doing was dropping f-bombs left and right 😂

  • John Smith
    John Smith 28 days ago

    What about sherlock... He does forensics science too

  • AThomas Mathew
    AThomas Mathew 28 days ago

    Once again.. it's a comedy movie that's more realistic (check out the Explosive expert one) than the so-called detective/ crime movies !!

  • That Guy In Green
    That Guy In Green 28 days ago

    The editing of this was gold

  • That Guy In Green
    That Guy In Green 28 days ago

    Alright, this is interesting

  • sultanabran1
    sultanabran1 28 days ago

    basically tv is full of crap

  • xWorthy OTF
    xWorthy OTF 28 days ago

    Can you stop using the movie to respond to guest it’s fuckin stupid, cringy and repetitive

  • Elias Castillo
    Elias Castillo 29 days ago

    When I saw the guy point a gun at himself. I figured that wasn’t how they really did it

  • Danielle Coombs
    Danielle Coombs 29 days ago

    Person of Interest did an episode around that shot analysis system.

  • xLonely_Goatx
    xLonely_Goatx 29 days ago

    Wonder if he ever played L.A. Noir?

  • Just_Another_Art1st
    Just_Another_Art1st 29 days ago

    Was only here for the dexter part

  • reiner werner
    reiner werner 29 days ago

    this guy looks like a fish.

  • donshawnthomas
    donshawnthomas 29 days ago

    I think the Boondock Saints crime scene investigation of the 2 russian mobsters would've been better to analyze, they take a little more of a realistic approach for that one

  • Vishwajit Hampiholi
    Vishwajit Hampiholi 29 days ago

    Dexter comes at 11:10

  • Suncho
    Suncho 29 days ago

    why did he even talk about minority report? it's kind of ridiculous. was anyone expecting to for him to say, yeah, this is totally possible, and accurate

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster Month ago

    I saw Dexter and came

  • Ese Callum
    Ese Callum Month ago

    many people are wrongly in prison because of these evil people.Did you know that hsir analysis has been shown to be FAKE SCIENCE? YES THAT RIGHT. you can get a 100 hair samples and match it to any other 100 people at random and get a match.Also DNA can be easily be planted.

  • Jakkjakk123 ?
    Jakkjakk123 ? Month ago

    All of these cookie cutter crime shows, and not even a nod to Psych. Smh.

  • twilight7723
    twilight7723 Month ago

    16:22 Criminal Minds

  • corhydron111
    corhydron111 Month ago

    Have a military commander of some sort talk about war portrayals

  • Guilherme Gois
    Guilherme Gois Month ago

    if you are a real car freak you could kinda guess the type of car that left the tire impression

  • Aka Best One
    Aka Best One Month ago

    If you are trying to get away with murder this is a good 20 min educational video for you

  • Aka Best One
    Aka Best One Month ago

    Thanks for the insight daddy Yankee 😂😂😂

  • John Galt
    John Galt Month ago

    About that thing that there should not be so much people in the scene, you should check the forensics team in argentina when they found a fiscal with a bullet shot in the head in his apartment. They were like 20 people walking arrownd without a suit or masr, or anything like that. (i know this cause they make the video of the analysis public)

  • Brodha Sattva
    Brodha Sattva Month ago

    Yay I get to be an expert for a second! 4:21 "I dont know how hed tell the different between human and animal excrement".
    Well sir, actually they are distinctly differently. Given human diets consist highly of both processed foods and fats far higher than any animal diet, human poo has a much different consistency and is usually far smellier than any animal poo.

  • Vinit Sankhe
    Vinit Sankhe Month ago

    Awesomeness at the expense of stupidity.

  • Alexander Wreford
    Alexander Wreford Month ago +1

    Thus guy could easily kill someone

  • paulo vieira
    paulo vieira Month ago

    I only care that they allways catch the killer, does the expert? #Caseclosed

  • bigkami_ 777
    bigkami_ 777 Month ago


  • aalever
    aalever Month ago

    9:10 "We have the suspect inside the scene, that's not reality at all." What about in the Steven Avery case?