Stranger Things 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • One summer can change everything. Watch the official trailer for Stranger Things 3. Premiering July 4. Only on Netflix.
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    Stranger Things: Season 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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  • Netflix
    Netflix  3 months ago +193132

    ǝɹǝɥ ʎllɐuᴉɟ sᴉ ʇᴉ

    • My Channel
      My Channel 23 days ago +2

      ¿Ɛ sɓu!ʮʇ ɹǝɓuɐɹʇS ‘oS

    • Donna Hall
      Donna Hall 27 days ago

      So the mind flayer dead
      Bob dead
      Nancy and Steve broke up
      Please don't tell me Steve dead in season 3

    • walter Ming
      walter Ming Month ago +1

      Netflix can you make a hot avengers endgame

    • NutNutt
      NutNutt Month ago +1

      Netflix thank you for made it

  • Peter Shanedling

    Oh my god

  • Nancy Raley
    Nancy Raley Day ago

    I’m out here in fields 🤣😇

  • Paolo Valenciano


  • Calina Jensen
    Calina Jensen Day ago


    DFツ REAPER Day ago

    2:18 yeah boiiii

  • Khadija’s daily Day


  • ThEmajyobE x
    ThEmajyobE x Day ago

    So exited bruh

  • Resül ŞİMŞEK

    Kurtlar vadisi

  • Linda Persson
    Linda Persson Day ago

    PlS after this season do the season 4 i pray

  • A7md 3ed
    A7md 3ed Day ago +1

    very nice

  • Vin'c Real
    Vin'c Real Day ago

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones Day ago

    So looking forward to watching this on my Birthday, Amazing show!.

  • Thijs NL
    Thijs NL Day ago +1

    Ooohhjajsjajjajaja lekker smiekelen

  • Some guy
    Some guy Day ago

    Its so long ago that i forgot all thr names

  • Golden Brain
    Golden Brain Day ago

    Sub if you love stranger things

  • Infinity Gaming
    Infinity Gaming Day ago

    Steve has gone through so much character development and has become such a good character that im 90% sure that he is going to die in season 3.
    Im going to cry if that happens.

  • Nutella0208
    Nutella0208 Day ago

    Why do i find it hilarious when Dustin sprayed Lucas with hairspray and then that scream 😂

  • Neptune Stone
    Neptune Stone Day ago

    Elmax all the way sorry mileven shippers and lumax shippers!

  • Peter Tsaltas
    Peter Tsaltas Day ago

    Can’t wait

  • Lyrim
    Lyrim Day ago

    Why does Steve always has to get beat up atleast once per season? lol

  • bigEric3542002
    bigEric3542002 Day ago

    The wait is almost over my fellow stranger things fans as of this post we are down to 11 days and counting

  • Glitz Garcia
    Glitz Garcia Day ago

    I can relate to Steve, the only frends I have are kids cuz i hav not grown up yet even though im in my early 20s

  • Amirah Bawa
    Amirah Bawa Day ago

    Ok that shit was not a Demogorgon

  • Soham Biyani
    Soham Biyani Day ago

    Stranger things villain be like venom

  • sourcreamdonuts
    sourcreamdonuts Day ago

    please oh please tell me what the first song is i cant get it out of my head and its on the tip of my mind bruh

    • Ava Bruno
      Ava Bruno Day ago

      sourcreamdonuts the first one is Home Sweet Home by Motley Crüe and the second one is Baba o’ Riley by The Who😀😌

  • Ellen CB
    Ellen CB Day ago

    July 4. The day I have my thesis exposition. Awesome! :'(

  • Kiera Carman
    Kiera Carman Day ago

    “How many children are you friends with”
    “ no it’s okay I’m their mom”

  • *kicks down door* HOLA AMIGOS

    Its always the black guy who gets sprayed

  • Just Nick
    Just Nick Day ago


  • Elaine Marie
    Elaine Marie Day ago

    That's my favorite broccoli 0:41

  • chase h
    chase h Day ago

    who else still gets cold chills while watching this

  • Norman Gree
    Norman Gree Day ago

    I just peed my pants

  • My Channel
    My Channel Day ago +1

    Who is here after watching Stranger Things 3 Final Trailer?🔥🔥

  • Christian Romeo
    Christian Romeo Day ago +1

    Friendships I want to see more of in ST3: Will and Mike, Will and Eleven!!

  • A Dill
    A Dill Day ago

    season 3 soooooooon me now

  • The Pixel World
    The Pixel World Day ago

    I like Steve’s and dustin’s frieandship

  • Alvin Chowdhury
    Alvin Chowdhury Day ago +1

    this one is so much better than the latest trailer...

  • Squidly
    Squidly Day ago

    This trailer: Happy 80s fun time yay!!

    FOR HUMAN Day ago +2

    Eleven days to go

  • crazybooklover21XX
    crazybooklover21XX Day ago +1

    More credit needs to be given on how much the CGI has improved throughout the years!

  • garraouiaziz
    garraouiaziz Day ago

    time to drama

  • •Reveluv Trash•

    Pause ur video and press here-> 2:17
    😬😬😬 istg I cannot deal with another character dying this season or imm jump out a window ESPECIALLY Steve and Dustin I JUST CANT,or any of the squad members YOU KNOW WHAT NO ONE I DONT WANT ANYONE TO DIEEE AAAHH NOOOOO I aM nOt reAdY hssbiwke dksksksksbhshd But the dude in that time stamp I think that’s billy so I think imma be okay then :)

  • Jason Beard
    Jason Beard Day ago

    That hodgepodge monster is kinda crazy...

    • Jason Beard
      Jason Beard Day ago

      Also, if it's not called that, they've failed...

  • A N A B A N A N A
    A N A B A N A N A Day ago +1

    Anyone realize that Dustin/Gaten didn’t have front teeth when he sprayed the can??🤔

  • PKS
    PKS Day ago

    This trailer is better than the final trailer in my opinion. It has that 80's feel ^_________^

  • Spade X
    Spade X Day ago +1

    How many people like strangerthings

  • Spade X
    Spade X Day ago +1

    July = 7 | July 4th = 4 | 7 + 4 = 11 😁

  • r4ge09
    r4ge09 Day ago +1

    Consider my interest piqued

  • Miollie Ravioli
    Miollie Ravioli Day ago

    I believe that bob is still alive because you know how that if you get eaten by a demogorgon you get brought to the vale of shadows “The Upside Down” and not killed so Bob still has a chance of being alive, BTW I love the character ted because he acts so innocent

  • Zayden The Funko Pop Collector

    I thought Dustin’s Turtle Died.

  • Copycat Billie Eilish

    I confused I got the notification yesterday wtf

  • Giovana Engelke
    Giovana Engelke Day ago

    O M G

  • Sofia Andrade
    Sofia Andrade Day ago


  • pamela hp
    pamela hp Day ago +1

    ooooo for god and I want it to come out

  • Bossungen
    Bossungen Day ago +1

    Where did Dustin’s teeth go

  • katie coughlan
    katie coughlan Day ago

    the way that weird deformed Demogorgon thing is separating Jonathan and Nancy is sad but scary because its gonna go for one of them maybe

  • katie coughlan
    katie coughlan Day ago

    if anybody hurts hopper or steve i will die

  • Maleni Garcia
    Maleni Garcia Day ago

    i have a theory. pause at 2:10 and you'll see a guy that looks like he's insane. Maybe this is the guy in the final trailer that's saying stuff like, " we're going to end you ".

  • WildClips
    WildClips Day ago +2

    I just posted leaked footage but it contains spoilers so if you don't wanna see it don't click!

    • WildClips
      WildClips Day ago

      @Serkes Theres no way he's coming back lmao, he legit got ran over by the car

      3.4M views Day ago

      damn. RIP

    • Serkes
      Serkes Day ago +1

      holy shit... theres no way he's dead though. He's like the biggest character

  • Keeano Agustiadi

    Coolest handshake ever

  • Bruce
    Bruce Day ago

    0:43 “yup that’s me, you’re probably how I got into this situation.”

  • Lilybug 137
    Lilybug 137 Day ago

    Me on fourth of July: watching s.t.
    My bff: your not my friend!
    Me: whyyy?
    My bff: for watching it without me

  • DJC
    DJC Day ago


  • imaweirdo #camilizer

    Dont worry it's just 11 more days I'm just counting the days down

  • Alex Rojas
    Alex Rojas Day ago

    Im curious to see what new ways will will get tortured this season

  • Lily Motherwell
    Lily Motherwell Day ago

    I love the scene with eleven and max

  • Cute Demogorgon
    Cute Demogorgon Day ago


  • wayla 1812
    wayla 1812 Day ago

    l will wait for this . sure :-)

  • Swagminigamer simard

    ‘’How many children are you friends with’’

    Steve: What makes you think I’m their friend

    Also Steve: Beloved mother of 4

  • Nermin Kaçan
    Nermin Kaçan Day ago

    Çıkmasını sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum 💓💗💖

  • Minechinima Animations

    100% that Steve is going to get beat up again and lose to a fight.

  • MeshKat / Déjà Entendu ?


  • HimynameisKatrina _4509

    who else already watched this like 5 times but is watching it again

  • Mr man Guy
    Mr man Guy 2 days ago


    Netflix: Oh yeah remember Stranger things

  • Hybrid brid
    Hybrid brid 2 days ago

    Whats name of that song in backround

    • Dávid Mrižo
      Dávid Mrižo 2 days ago

      The Who - Baba O'riley (Confidentialmx Remix)

  • Joey S
    Joey S 2 days ago +2

    Noice only 12 days away

  • the giraffe 2 mars
    the giraffe 2 mars 2 days ago

    Dustin: *is happy*
    Eleven and the robots: *I’m about to end this whole mans career*

  • Elliot Corte YT
    Elliot Corte YT 2 days ago

    Home sweet home

  • Ciena Angel
    Ciena Angel 2 days ago

    Did anyone else see Elle hug mike at 0:40

  • Super_Mario HD
    Super_Mario HD 2 days ago

    Omg i want to die 😍😍😍😍

  • fawu
    fawu 2 days ago +2

    Dustin: sprays Lucas
    Also Dustin: and I oop-

  • Nguyễn Anh Phúc
    Nguyễn Anh Phúc 2 days ago

    Flim verry good

  • Pink Crystals
    Pink Crystals 2 days ago +1

    Here’s my theory based on all the teasers and spoilers.
    1.Billy has a car crash and crashes into the Brimborn steel factory (leaked video from Australian tv show with Dacre as guest proves it)
    2.He then encounters the mind flayer in the factory and becomes possessed by it.
    3.The mind flayer orders Billy to kidnap and bring Heather the lifeguard to the factory for some reason so Billy does as he is told (see 1:20 on the final trailer and you can see Heather tied up and lying down at Billy’s feet while she is still breathing and alive)
    4. Heather ends up in danger and drowns possibly at the Hawkins pool as she is wearing her lifeguard swim suit (see 2:18 there is a split second of Heather drowning in the void, I assume Eleven or Billy, is watching her from above)
    5. Eleven tries to find Heather’s location in the void by using a photo of her and blindfolds with Max by her side at the pool locker room (this is one of the newly released still photos)
    6. Either Eleven finds Heather or someone else rescues her but she somehow manages to get out of danger and survives as she is seen at 2:14 for a split second at the carnival and the Hawkins carnival occurs at the same time as the star court battle, which is the last episode of season 3
    P.S. A person I know who was an extra on season 3 told me that Billy’s car gets smashed in half at the carnival, while the battle at star court occurs

  • BulletPro
    BulletPro 2 days ago

    Let's goooo

  • Terra Oehler
    Terra Oehler 2 days ago

    Lol Steve and Dustin together forever

  • CBI_Killer
    CBI_Killer 2 days ago +1

    From Fortnite Like:)

  • demencia dem
    demencia dem 2 days ago


  • Celeste Robbins
    Celeste Robbins 2 days ago

    oh my goodness

  • Colin Blakeslee
    Colin Blakeslee 2 days ago

    The mayor looks too much like Brenner for comfort.

    ARMY GIULIA 2 days ago

    im so happy :)

  • Oaie De Pe Câmp
    Oaie De Pe Câmp 2 days ago


  • ricostunna
    ricostunna 2 days ago

    The Who !!!!!! Great intro music.

  • Ramauld Ramharack
    Ramauld Ramharack 2 days ago

    You don't got your 1:08.

  • EditingGeek
    EditingGeek 2 days ago +1

    everyone when the first trailer came out: OMG THIS TRAILER IS AMAZING NOTHING CAN TOP IT!!
    Netflix when the final trailer came out: Hold my proton pack

  • hi sisters
    hi sisters 2 days ago +1

    Max and Eleven are finally friends and I’m LIVING FOR IT

  • zion hicks
    zion hicks 2 days ago

    girls when Mike and Eleven kiss:😄😄😄😆😆 Boys when Mike and Eleven kiss:she deserves better

  • Brandi lemmers
    Brandi lemmers 2 days ago

    What did Dustin spray Lucas with?

  • Jake Skov
    Jake Skov 2 days ago

    ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Fridge
    Fridge 2 days ago

    did they actually need a season 3?

    • EditingGeek
      EditingGeek Day ago

      troyes better than you well get ready because the duffers have planned a 4th or 5th season to end the show

    • Fridge
      Fridge 2 days ago

      EditingGeek i mean don’t get me wrong i fucking love this series but the storyline was finished at the 2nd season, but i guess S3 is just like fillers and what’s happening in their lives since all the hectic stuff is over, i personally don’t think they needed a season 3 but hey who am i to complain

    • EditingGeek
      EditingGeek 2 days ago

      yes of course wth are you talking about