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    JCNTX C 36 minutes ago

    The result of entitlement and not being told no as kids or honest criticism when they were younger. Tell people what they want to hear is no good. They were all awful

  • John Petrus
    John Petrus 59 minutes ago

    Number one is winner of Autism Idol

  • FlowerCrownJesus
    FlowerCrownJesus Hour ago

    Death toned

  • Cyrus Sagucio
    Cyrus Sagucio Hour ago

    He looked like a super saiyan 4.

  • Lancey Lance
    Lancey Lance Hour ago

    I love Simon so much 😂😂😂😂

  • Emily Whyyy
    Emily Whyyy 2 hours ago

    “Whyyy, whyyyyyy, WhyyYyYyyyYyyYyyyYyy”

  • Lydia Robertson
    Lydia Robertson 2 hours ago

    Delusional people on display here...

  • Martin D
    Martin D 4 hours ago

    Derek didn't really malfunction completely, there were brief groupings of syllables where he sounded uncannily like Elton John: it is entirely possible he sang correct notes at that time too. I think the Central Intelligence Agency should abduct Derek and do experiments on him to learn about the nature of talent.

  • qis2spent
    qis2spent 8 hours ago

    Randy giggling is hilarious!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Sirius Lee
    Sirius Lee 8 hours ago

    Holy crap that was ALL AWFUL AND FUNNY AS HELL

  • Sweetie Cartoons
    Sweetie Cartoons 9 hours ago

    The blonde guy was actually good.

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell 9 hours ago

    Number 2 just talks nonsense

  • msndrstdwlf BB
    msndrstdwlf BB 10 hours ago

    Are these people so stupid and shameless to get on national TV to sing in front of professional singers and they are totally tone deaf and ridiculous. Douglas is probably the worst and stupidest singer I've ever heard. i love to sing but I'm horrible. What strange people there are.

  • msndrstdwlf BB
    msndrstdwlf BB 10 hours ago

    Poor Derek actually had a good powerful voice but instead of using his own style he ruined it trying to mimic other people and has no soul.

  • Numba1TeddyBear
    Numba1TeddyBear 10 hours ago

    its all an act...

  • R3PTIL3
    R3PTIL3 11 hours ago

    7:24 drinks water *clears throat* starts singing worse

  • TA Lindsay
    TA Lindsay 11 hours ago

    Douglas Douglas....annunciation honey.

  • TA Lindsay
    TA Lindsay 11 hours ago +1

    "That's a note I have never heard" by Paula....I died.

  • momof2
    momof2 13 hours ago

    FYI Randy can't sing either....

  • DVincentW
    DVincentW 15 hours ago

    Douglas has a breathing disorder, he may have had a lung punctured previously.
    Its sad .

  • Mathea Charles
    Mathea Charles 15 hours ago

    Oh poor Derek. I feel so bad

  • gaylee mendenhall
    gaylee mendenhall 16 hours ago

    There’s no way these people think they have talent!

  • Cotton Boxer
    Cotton Boxer 16 hours ago

    holy shit douglass should have got his ass humped into a gang on stage after doing that shit.

  • Sharlot E.
    Sharlot E. 17 hours ago

    This is why Simon has attitude.

  • Keith McCaslyn
    Keith McCaslyn 17 hours ago

    Wow!!! its incredible that these people are even ALLOWED to drive &vote,much less be allowed on the premises!! Yes being taken to a safe place is imperative. comfortable 'padded'room! Yikes! Ouch!! LMAO!!

  • Kris Quigley
    Kris Quigley 18 hours ago

    I'm glad I found this right before Halloween - truly terrifying.

  • Sarabjeet Kaur
    Sarabjeet Kaur 18 hours ago

    Who gave the first singer a degree. Jail that person😲😲😭😫😓

  • Brian Hetzel
    Brian Hetzel 19 hours ago

    These kind of people piss me off. I mean music is special to me. It takes talent and spirit. Theae people trying to audition make a mockery of it. They think they can just walk in and do it. They suck like simon says its the parents fault for building there hopes up like that

  • DGalacticMan
    DGalacticMan 20 hours ago

    0:29 did I audition, trying to hit Freddie Mercury's highest known note, in the original key.

  • Shara A.
    Shara A. 21 hour ago

    Simon told Douglas to "Get out"...Poor Douglas!

  • Shara A.
    Shara A. 21 hour ago

    "What the bloody hell was that"? Simon is rude but I have to laugh!

  • Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen

    The Douglas one 😂😂😂

  • Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen

    The black guy that went out to get water has a lovely voice in there he just needs to learn control and range is not there.

  • Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen

    10 yrs in training?! Wth?! 🤔🤣

  • SCD4
    SCD4 21 hour ago

    What does Spice shit know???

  • Arctic Wolf Official
    Arctic Wolf Official 22 hours ago

    LOL 0:30 He's like "Oh hell naw"

  • Mizz Meow
    Mizz Meow Day ago

    Multi Derek 😂

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Day ago

    These contestants completely misunderstand the competition. It is not for beginners. It does not exist to make your dreams come true. Your level of passion means nothing if you don't have polished, vocal talent.

  • Specialized 29er

    I don't know WHY they even bother, heard of a recorder.

  • Nunya Biznis
    Nunya Biznis Day ago

    These are so fake. AI has a pre-screening process. None of these would even pass that, especially the last one. These vids are made just to get followers.

  • Bexo
    Bexo Day ago

    i like the fourth one but he needs more control over his tone he could be an ok singer

  • Sean Walsh
    Sean Walsh Day ago

    The last guy will give you brain damage, Just a heads up.

  • Ubu987
    Ubu987 Day ago

    "Wogga-wah dhoo-khuh gmeekyah wonkhmehWogga-wah dhoo-khuh gmeekyah khyeeh"

  • blue shade
    blue shade Day ago

    To me these people are the best. How much more balls does it take to be a ridiculous moron than to do this if you're good? These people are actual shit.

  • Preciousbaby Face

    The judges are rude and the people are stupid.

  • Lightning Brigade
    Lightning Brigade Day ago +1

    The reason why I'm not up there auditioning in front of three judges on national Television is becuase I know I can't sing. LOL!

  • Oliver Kalamata
    Oliver Kalamata Day ago

    ...I mean, they are fake...right? 😩

  • Kelli Phelps
    Kelli Phelps Day ago

    I love Simon lol 😂

  • Mymy Tong
    Mymy Tong Day ago

    3rd person makes me cringe, my favorite song butchered

  • Priscilla Perry
    Priscilla Perry Day ago

    Idk how I forgot how much of an ass Simon was

  • ramO zaP
    ramO zaP Day ago +1

    An ad came on I was like...


  • Ani Bell
    Ani Bell Day ago

    This is so sad. I wish these folks had more self awareness, & I wish the judges could treat them with more respect. :( They're really delusional about whether they can sing, but still. Don't be mean to people, especially when their hearts & dreams are on the line.

  • kim nya
    kim nya Day ago

    bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....."dressed like a 3 y rold , dressed like latoya " ....................... ok thats enough to get me to go learn how to do something and decimate this cooning n bufooning..............

  • Katy Geary
    Katy Geary Day ago +1

    The douglas kid makes me wanna rip my own throat out lmao

  • terence
    terence Day ago

    the last one deserved a punch in the face

  • Shane Stephen
    Shane Stephen Day ago

    You stupid's all a show it's all staged yes idiot it's like Jerry Springer because they know how stupid you people are. Congratulations AMERICA the devil loves you

  • Shane Stephen
    Shane Stephen Day ago

    Only pathetic asleep dumbed down idiot AMERICAN sheep watch TV like this

  • ChiefQc
    ChiefQc Day ago +1

    The second guy was actually good shii I would’ve said yes 😂🔥

  • Julia Cole
    Julia Cole Day ago

    randy laughing has me dead. why ppl keep lying to them telling them they can sing

  • Pershard Owens
    Pershard Owens Day ago

    The second dude actually sounds like Shawn mendes....listen again.

  • Madison Carter
    Madison Carter Day ago

    Douglas Sounds Like He Isn’t Breathing It’s Terrible He’s Sweating Cuz He’s Suffocating

  • Kevin McLayne
    Kevin McLayne Day ago

    Simon... man... Simon, kinda cruel, but at least he's straight forward 😭😂

  • KiKi Poet
    KiKi Poet Day ago

    #3...who does his hair??🤣

  • Bernard Simon
    Bernard Simon Day ago +1

    I think this is the one loveliveserve watched

  • Jangan lupa makan ikan


  • Kritty Kushsparkle
    Kritty Kushsparkle 2 days ago

    I know derek lmao

  • George Diaz
    George Diaz 2 days ago

    You sound like the eagles and Chris brown with b$lls on your chin lol

  • JovianEmpress
    JovianEmpress 2 days ago

    Contestant: Whyyyyyy!! Whyyyyy!! Me: Why indeed. Smh.

  • John Ross
    John Ross 2 days ago

    Just record them and play back 2 or 3 seconds and they'll understand, so many people don't listen to themselves and when they hear themselves they are often absolutely shocked

  • Filet-O-Fish Burger
    Filet-O-Fish Burger 2 days ago

    Why, why, WHY, WHY, WHYYYYYYY am I watching this crap?

  • Marshall Collins
    Marshall Collins 2 days ago

    Call the nervis hospital Dougles has excaped again

  • hazed
    hazed 2 days ago +1

    it took me a solid minute to realize she was singing under pressure.

  • Patrica Dyson
    Patrica Dyson 2 days ago


  • Angelina Thompson
    Angelina Thompson 2 days ago

    hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

  • Cute Puppy Girl Gaming2008


  • pert donalz
    pert donalz 2 days ago

    These videos are awesome I like them😁😁😁😁

  • Jay_ Animates
    Jay_ Animates 2 days ago

    Ya but I have a degree in vocals
    Simon: Ya BuT i HaVe A dEgReE iN vOcAlS

  • Claudio Bisraoui Huaman

    12:11 The Lambily knows

  • Tainowarrior00707
    Tainowarrior00707 2 days ago

    Douglas there going to take you to a better place aaaah the looney bin.

  • Slime Girl101
    Slime Girl101 2 days ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Jay Rivera
    Jay Rivera 2 days ago


  • sssniper wolf
    sssniper wolf 2 days ago

    you just murdered three songs in a row what a savage mr simon😍😂😂😂

  • Andy PixeLu
    Andy PixeLu 2 days ago

    I hate it when people claim they can sing because they “can hit the high notes”. It doesn’t show anything, it doesn’t impress judges with years of musical experience, and it means nothing if you sound horrible singing them.

  • Hank Acuff
    Hank Acuff 2 days ago

    Paula acts like she could ever sing, too

  • Hank Acuff
    Hank Acuff 2 days ago

    Randy Jackson and that Spice Girl act as if they can actually sing, and judge others

  • Hank Acuff
    Hank Acuff 2 days ago

    No! berto

  • Hank Acuff
    Hank Acuff 2 days ago

    blonde acne guy derek is totally delusional about himself

  • Hank Acuff
    Hank Acuff 2 days ago

    why why why brinna?

  • Sarah Hess
    Sarah Hess 2 days ago

    Douglas looks like he's about to vomit after every breath 👀

  • Templar blood slovkia

    The same people who think they can sing and are soo bad are the same people who think Hillary is a good person lol

    • Offbrand Dorito
      Offbrand Dorito 2 days ago

      why. why do you have to bring politics into this? there is no correlation to that. I'm not trying to fight, but it's a bit unnecessary.

  • Toldyaso
    Toldyaso 2 days ago

    I used to laugh at these poor people, now I just feel bad for them. I don't think anybody ever told them they couldn't sing.

  • zerohour now
    zerohour now 2 days ago

    the last one is fake as fuck

  • renee rivera
    renee rivera 2 days ago


  • renee rivera
    renee rivera 2 days ago


  • Anjoum Twins
    Anjoum Twins 2 days ago


  • TaSK
    TaSK 2 days ago

    Who ever gave her a degree in vocals was having the laugh of the century.

  • Raceloverrr 0505
    Raceloverrr 0505 2 days ago

    “Douglas their gonna take u somewhere safe”🤣💀💀💀

  • Julia
    Julia 2 days ago

    "You just murdered three songs in a row"

  • FlyBaby
    FlyBaby 2 days ago

    "I don't understand. Why didnt anyone tell me ten years ago?" Umm, Because they were making money off of you.