Food Emoji Food Challenge

  • Published on May 31, 2017
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    Today I'm taking on Emoji's! My top 10 favorite food emoji's brought to life in a food challenge.
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  • ぱぱボブくん
    ぱぱボブくん 20 hours ago


  • Margo Kelly
    Margo Kelly 20 hours ago

    Mine when it oto corrects me

  • crispy LEXIS
    crispy LEXIS 20 hours ago +1

    you gotta eat the emoji as it is

  • Thiên awesome
    Thiên awesome 23 hours ago

    It’s painful to look 👀

  • Crunchy Lxrd
    Crunchy Lxrd Day ago +1

    Don’t bite off your fingers now

  • Mahdi Yazbeck
    Mahdi Yazbeck Day ago

    I will never invite you to my birthday

  • Corron White
    Corron White Day ago

    He didn’t eat the kernels HE CHEATED

    If you didn’t ’t already tell I’m kidding

  • Debbie Reel
    Debbie Reel Day ago

    how is he not chubby

  • Matilde Caballero
    Matilde Caballero Day ago +1

    How he eats so much food and is still skinne

  • One Eyed King
    One Eyed King Day ago

    ive never seen a nigga eat a cake like a hamburger

  • itz_ GirlynPlayz

    You forgot the others

  • CreeperXPixar
    CreeperXPixar Day ago


  • Dragonite Master

    Your dog is so cute

  • I play ROBLOX
    I play ROBLOX Day ago

    Uh, where’s the intense music when you unpause.

  • Mouna channel
    Mouna channel Day ago

    وينكم يا عرب؟

  • Doris Cardona
    Doris Cardona Day ago

    The cake 🍰 looks so good 😊! I am getting hungry 😋

  • Ivana Toledo
    Ivana Toledo Day ago

    00:01 no se porque me recordo al gta san andreas

  • Hiabu Geberlibanos

    that is just scary how fast he eats

  • Diwan- Gamer
    Diwan- Gamer Day ago


  • Youba Menaa ouficielle

    Art of eating
    Love you frome Algria

  • youssef mokadem
    youssef mokadem Day ago

    when you die I'll understand why

  • max noah
    max noah Day ago


  • Shashank Narayan

    Is that a dog or wolf???

  • Ona Ilime 2004
    Ona Ilime 2004 Day ago


  • LILIA lilia
    LILIA lilia Day ago


  • David lets Play 22
    David lets Play 22 Day ago +1

    5:20 ist not fair you Five you dog ohne of pommes

  • mohit kumar
    mohit kumar Day ago

    He just had like 10,000 calories Matt : not that bad

  • dragon slayer
    dragon slayer Day ago

    It's cool and disgusting desame time how he eat

  • Dead poom
    Dead poom Day ago

    I 😘❤🍨

  • Crazy Hunters
    Crazy Hunters Day ago

    Every asian parent wants a kid like him

  • Bailey Dickenson

    Iv had facemoji ages my favorite ft. Is being able to custamose your own key board and the auto correct enojis

  • piruleta crazy
    piruleta crazy Day ago

    I 💝 ice cream and pizza 😋

  • Tam ara
    Tam ara Day ago

    I love it

  • Tam ara
    Tam ara Day ago

    I ♥ 🍕

  • 김보윤
    김보윤 Day ago


  • iftekhar m Bohra

    In the thumbnail the is no dice bowl like if you noticed

  • Monster TV
    Monster TV Day ago

    what is your kg

  • Glory And Lory
    Glory And Lory Day ago

    4:39 When the school bus is coming after 1 min but you hungry af

  • Redwine Samaria
    Redwine Samaria Day ago

    Give a like if u saw a husky and it was cute

  • Redha Al mayahi
    Redha Al mayahi Day ago

    U failed because you fed the dog. Kill it and eat wats inside 🤣🤣🤣 haha

  • جنه جنوب
    جنه جنوب Day ago


  • Критик
    Критик Day ago

    У меня аш живот заболел после этого видео

  • Mr Poop
    Mr Poop Day ago +1


  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Day ago

    Omg, you really pig xD

  • Uniconarmy22
    Uniconarmy22 Day ago

    🍗🥓🍖🧀🥞🍳 and this?

  • Anacate Dazo
    Anacate Dazo 2 days ago

    In your all videos why all you eating food if the food you eating is gave in the homeless you help them not eating all food to be fat

  • Phat Mops
    Phat Mops 2 days ago

    How great would it be to eat that much food and not get fat

    NIGHT FURY 2 days ago

    matt stonie that 🚽 dough

    GALAXY 2 days ago

    When he eats the cake is low key me when I’m trying to eat a piece of cake in secret and I hear my mom coming down the stairs

  • Michael Haes
    Michael Haes 2 days ago

    How i got fat 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😄😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • sokrit sim
    sokrit sim 2 days ago


  • Nathan Gonzalez
    Nathan Gonzalez 2 days ago

    1v1 pete

  • ElPistachoGamer :v
    ElPistachoGamer :v 2 days ago

    Mi Pregunta es porque el se puede comer unas 10 pizzas y no engorda en cambio uno engorda hasta respirando. -. :v

  • ElPistachoGamer :v
    ElPistachoGamer :v 2 days ago

    Porque no engorda :v

  • Elixir23 fall
    Elixir23 fall 2 days ago

    Imagine when this boy go to the WC

  • Maikha Thao
    Maikha Thao 2 days ago


  • Rania BAbar
    Rania BAbar 2 days ago

    Matt: takes 20 minutes to eat 10 things
    me: takes 3 days to eat 10 things

  • Mausbrot
    Mausbrot 2 days ago


  • Malix
    Malix 2 days ago

    Hey you cheated 5:20

  • Mr. Chomps
    Mr. Chomps 2 days ago +1

    Welp donate someone the toilet pipe will be covered with shit

  • Reaction Guy
    Reaction Guy 2 days ago +1

    My favorite thing of the app is the Emojis!

  • Reaction Guy
    Reaction Guy 2 days ago +1


  • Mausbrot
    Mausbrot 2 days ago +1


  • Gita Kadian
    Gita Kadian 2 days ago +9

    Cake (inside Matt's stomach) : wow so many food friends 😂😂

  • Gita Kadian
    Gita Kadian 2 days ago +2

    His dog: oh my lord ! My owner is a foodie, I should hide my food .
    😂😂 Btw he is lucky everyday a stack of food....

  • Bharti Verma
    Bharti Verma 2 days ago

    Kitna khata h mr jaega

  • Bharti Verma
    Bharti Verma 2 days ago

    Sala pagal

  • julie engebretsen
    julie engebretsen 2 days ago

    He cheated he got his dog to help him with the 🍕round about ten minutes in on his timer

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 days ago

    How is this a challenge? Emoji food ins't exotic, it's just normal everyday food.

  • Draven Jart
    Draven Jart 2 days ago

    I like how theres a music i liked it

  • Kako Zalam
    Kako Zalam 2 days ago


  • random meme
    random meme 2 days ago

    Do a chalange popcorn chalange

  • Kurd Chanal
    Kurd Chanal 2 days ago


  • RafSky
    RafSky 2 days ago +1

    The rice doesn't use side dishes, Right?

  • Peruna pää
    Peruna pää 2 days ago

    Matt stonie is like bitch when african is so hungry. Ps im not very good at speak english

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 2 days ago

    6:22 jajaja

  • Napat Rengron
    Napat Rengron 2 days ago

    Very very Carzy
    LOL 😂

  • Arturo Milagrosa
    Arturo Milagrosa 2 days ago

    im addicted to pancakes😁😁

  • BT-7274, vanguard class titan

    He summons Azarath to open a portal in his throat so he can do these challenges so easily!

  • Fatma Tariq Mohd Abdulla Malalla Alsumaiti

    I have this app😂

  • Mr GreenGeko
    Mr GreenGeko 3 days ago

    4:27 *T H A T S W H A T H E S A I D*


    K I stopped the vid cuz it loky made me hungry :P

  • Omteen Parody Creative
    Omteen Parody Creative 3 days ago +1

    *BOI FOOD*

  • 8374636 ABBAS
    8374636 ABBAS 3 days ago

    VO BIG

  • Hamzah Khan
    Hamzah Khan 3 days ago +1

    He probably went to bathroom in that pause😂😂😂

  • Котяра😸😺😼

    Я бы это за месяц не съел бы

  • Peewees Playhouse
    Peewees Playhouse 3 days ago

    You Goku'd that rice like nothing Matt!!!!!

  • doge minecraftiano
    doge minecraftiano 3 days ago

    Bruh, how much you weight?

  • SoulwindSlayer
    SoulwindSlayer 3 days ago

    How is he not obese af

  • Ava Carry
    Ava Carry 3 days ago

    That dog was probably thinking out of all dat food you give me this little pepperoni

  • Ava Carry
    Ava Carry 3 days ago

    Could you imagine going to a restaurant and seeing someone order some pancakes and eat it it like that lol 😂

  • Chunky Money
    Chunky Money 3 days ago

    You must be those skinny fat people and this is not a hate comment

  • Gisella Sotomayor
    Gisella Sotomayor 3 days ago +1

    I saw a add saying i have diabetes. XD

  • Helaman Mausia
    Helaman Mausia 3 days ago

    I downloaded the bit emoji app

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 3 days ago

    did you make that massif cake

  • mustafa khateeb
    mustafa khateeb 3 days ago

    can you eat this emoji 💩 ?

  • Bradley’s gaming and vlog channel

    He must have diabetes at this point

  • Asian Boy
    Asian Boy 3 days ago

    That is
    That is a
    That is a l
    That is a lo
    That is a lot
    That is a lot o
    That is a lot of
    That is a lot of f
    That is a lot of fo
    That is a lot of foo
    That is a lot of food
    That is a lot of foo
    That is a lot of fo
    That is a lot of f
    That is a lot of
    That is a lot o
    That is a lot
    That is a lo
    That is a l
    That is a
    That is
    That I

  • sergio eid
    sergio eid 3 days ago

    you forgot to eat yourself