MKBHD on the new Roadster, Space, and his Favorite Tech

  • Published on Nov 23, 2017
  • Marques!
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  • David Baer
    David Baer Year ago

    I am not a fan of this lens. Distortion to high hell. Also: MKBHD got RACKS! Quarter mil down payment 2 years out. :O

  • Betternet
    Betternet Year ago

    Id have got a founders edition, wont depreciate

  • Nielo Teger
    Nielo Teger Year ago

    I'm dying to know the name of that modular couch

  • Aryann Sharrma
    Aryann Sharrma Year ago

    I don’t want 2018 trends to FOLLOW trends of 2017... They should be very different, Same footprint but every style & feature should be DIFFERENT ✌️✌️

  • J-N-H-M
    J-N-H-M Year ago

    the Internet is not DIFFERENT on Mars ... it would just be delayed by the speed of light ... lol he says the internet would be different over like , humans , water or AIR .. LOL

  • ILL
    ILL Year ago

    A christmas roadster

  • krishna pal
    krishna pal Year ago

    There is one clean setup behind them.

  • krishna pal
    krishna pal Year ago

    Thumbnail Looks like you both are at some airport

  • Fals3Agent
    Fals3Agent Year ago

    lol tablets ARE dead, even the iPad. Literally every single tablet I see today are 2-in-1 PCs.

  • Joar Varpe
    Joar Varpe Year ago

    A cristmas miracle to you from me ❤️

  • The Don in London

    Sam! I just left the cinema watching jumanji and the two of you in this video remind me of the two in jumanji! If you agree you can just give me a shout out for my channel like casey did for you :) haha

  • Lucas Paschal
    Lucas Paschal Year ago

    I love you

  • shael madorsky
    shael madorsky Year ago

    road to 100k a Christmas miracle 😁 @casey

  • Friedon HD
    Friedon HD Year ago

    Casey sent me and I'm happy he did. Your work is amazing keep it up.

  • Zac Design
    Zac Design Year ago

    A Christmas miracle 😍

  • Chinito
    Chinito Year ago

    Miracle Sub! with a Dub!

  • sagar k
    sagar k Year ago

    A Christmas miracle😎

  • Nikola Ger
    Nikola Ger Year ago

    Christmas miracle

  • Sharaf Motayne
    Sharaf Motayne Year ago

    Just Subscribe to the Sheffer Family 🎬 100k Soon reach bro...

  • jawad soliman
    jawad soliman Year ago

    Casey's Claus elfs came with gifts
    Nice video

  • Gurudarshan Anvekar

    Christmas miracle :)

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez Year ago +11

    A Christmas Miracle 👌Sub

  • Mohammed Uzair
    Mohammed Uzair Year ago +3

    A christmas miracle to you Sam courtesy Casey Neistat, oh i like you and i definitely love MKBHD

  • Robert Casteline
    Robert Casteline Year ago

    A Christmas miracle for sam

  • Vojtěch Hodek
    Vojtěch Hodek Year ago

    Airpods are the ugliest tech of the year.

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    Some fun questions - thanks for sharing!

  • Mike Lam
    Mike Lam Year ago

    This was so interesting to watch. Those thought-provoking questions!

  • Anindya Ganguly
    Anindya Ganguly Year ago +2

    The sound was very low.

  • Delvano Graham
    Delvano Graham Year ago

    I could have predicted that the Pixle 2 would have been your favorite Phone

  • Moment
    Moment Year ago

    Such a solid interview! Sam you're great at this 👍

  • Ernest Logvinov
    Ernest Logvinov Year ago

    "You ordered the Roadster" - immediate Like.

  • Tomo Ljujic
    Tomo Ljujic Year ago

    Very smart talk!

  • Javier Morantes
    Javier Morantes Year ago +1

    50k down for a car you know almost nothing about? 250k in total? Holy fuck Marques how rich are you?

  • S G
    S G Year ago +1

    i wish he would stop teasing us about that Hasselblad

  • Jake Blitch
    Jake Blitch Year ago

    moto 360 v2, wear it everyday...

  • Myles Ross
    Myles Ross Year ago +1

    I feel very bad for you Sam, you are working really hard and not making much money with your low youtube view-count and demonetization issues.

  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel Year ago

    Been awhile since I watched but I am here now.

  • Dani del Real
    Dani del Real Year ago

    I just became subscriber number 76,958... You're welcome for the milestone 😉

  • Eli Santiago
    Eli Santiago Year ago

    We definitly know who he is, but who the fook are you? LOL

  • vivek vishal
    vivek vishal Year ago

    Looks like Sam was expecting iphone x as the reply for his goto phone question. He looked bit disappointed. Most Americana are seriously inclined to Apple without much of reasons.

  • TechPlace
    TechPlace Year ago

    interesting to watch!

  • Mharti McDonhalds

    Nah, I dont wanna go to Mars cause the internet is different.

  • Garrett
    Garrett Year ago

    Your audios trash, but still a great video nonetheless

  • Amr Ayad
    Amr Ayad Year ago

    Who the fuck it that guy and why is he in so many videos with marques? Is he his boyfriend or something?

  • who create GOD?
    who create GOD? Year ago

    roadster is fast soo safe drive marques

  • mac berry
    mac berry Year ago

    Smartphone in its final form sounds like a Dragon Ball reference. Somebody needs to dub a video with dragon ball z effects with phones going from flip phones to smartphones

  • Jason Turner
    Jason Turner Year ago +2

    I see lots of people complaining about the audio, and I agree, it’s a bit low at times.
    Possible solution instead of using different/additional mics: run your audio thru a compressor. That should even out your levels, as well as boost the overall volume of the audio without any distortion. Cheers!

  • Skills With Phil
    Skills With Phil Year ago

    Both of you guys are very fun to listen to!

  • Weston Clark
    Weston Clark Year ago +1

    Can anyone identify what couch this is? Maybe a link?

    ATHLANTEAN Year ago

    You, I and we all cannot leave marques without saying PEACE

  • AJ Wendel
    AJ Wendel Year ago

    Different Internet on other planets just made my mind explode.

  • General beastmode
    General beastmode Year ago +3

    Samsung Gear s 3 is better than the apple watch imo

    • mac berry
      mac berry Year ago

      General beastmode Samsung would put a dent in Apple if more people knew how much better Samsung pay was compared with Apple Pay

  • harsh panchal
    harsh panchal Year ago

    Want more....

  • trever pitts
    trever pitts Year ago

    who think MKBHD tech talk podcast would be awesome

  • Salim N
    Salim N Year ago +3

    MKBHD needs a podcast.

  • Vinay S. Shah
    Vinay S. Shah Year ago

    Thumbs up for making the pixel XL 2 your phone for the rest of the year

    RBN VLOGS Year ago

    Both of you wearing the same design apple 🍎 watch...Marques red strapped and Sam gray strapped!! I want the red one 😀😎

  • Quinten Verniers
    Quinten Verniers Year ago

    Buying a special car without seeing it is kinda normal... Especially with really high end luxury cars. Like the hypercar trinity and other expensive super cars they are all sold out before anyone has seen them!

  • Daniel Jiang
    Daniel Jiang Year ago

    can u do a studio tour on "everythingapplepro" or "Austin Evans"?

  • Jack McCarthy
    Jack McCarthy Year ago +7

    Sam. I've noticed a lot of people commenting criticising and feedback they you may not want to hear only to see you reply and tell them they are wrong or "turn your volume up". You need to learn to listen to the people who are watching your videos and adapt. You can barely hear MKBHD. Your content is fine but you need to improve your production if you want to retain your fan base. And stop whining and thinking people are wrong just because you receive criticism.

  • Elvis Nwaba
    Elvis Nwaba Year ago


  • Roberto Blake
    Roberto Blake Year ago +28

    Loving this. Dig the on screen chemistry and of course the aesthetic of the studio. Also love seeing your climb Sam!

  • A. Random
    A. Random Year ago

    Depending on where Mars is in relation to Earth, there is between a 12 minute and 36 minute TCP/IP handshake just to initiate a TCP/IP connection with Earth's Internet if using a standard protocols. Then you can start sending the first segment of video.

  • Louis Kévin
    Louis Kévin Year ago

    Note 8 over Pixel 2 XL for me any day.

  • Christer C
    Christer C Year ago

    New subscriber here.. am a small USclipr also.. i hope you can check my channel too and subscribe thanks so much

  • Gavin Remme
    Gavin Remme Year ago +94

    I could watch a 10hr version of this. I love what marques has to say.

  • Anthony Schoggins

    but is it demonetized? BEEF

  • Josh Baesal
    Josh Baesal Year ago +17

    Dude, according to your description, you used Sennheiser MKE 440. Which is a stereo microphone and not ideal for dialogue. It is made for recording ambient sound. For dialogue, you have to use a shotgun microphone like the Rode Videomic Pro+ or Sennheiser MKE-400. Your content is great. Footage with 1DX mkii is awesome as well. I love your channel. But, the audio is making the experience kind of bad. I hope you understand this.

    • Josh Baesal
      Josh Baesal Year ago +3

      This ain't any story

    • hokayleesan
      hokayleesan Year ago +1

      Josh Baesal cool story bro.

    • Josh Baesal
      Josh Baesal Year ago +4

      You can use the MKE 440 in sound treated space like your studio. But in untreated studio like Marques's studio. Use of a shotgun mic/lav is ideal.

  • Jobson John Thomas
    Jobson John Thomas Year ago +3

    Het, s3 frontier is pretty good

  • nayar
    nayar Year ago

    4:05 dat vocal fry!

  • AbhiSHAKE
    AbhiSHAKE Year ago

    I wanna see more videos like this

  • Tanurjyoti Bala
    Tanurjyoti Bala Year ago +1

    Just buy a regular roadster and keep the money you save from not ordering the founder's edition in a fixed deposit account for 2 years. Because: Tires!

  • Swapnil Verma
    Swapnil Verma Year ago

    Sound levels are low but it's not bad at all
    and reduce bobble-heading a lil (Not saying to turn it off but definitely don't do it as much)
    hope to see more good stuff

  • Ron Schaefer Jr
    Ron Schaefer Jr Year ago +5

    Is it just me, or are MKBHD's hands huge?

    • Betternet
      Betternet Year ago

      Ron Schaefer Jr big hands big gloves

    • Rex Boateng
      Rex Boateng Year ago

      Hhhe always mentioned in his phone reviews that he has "huge hands'.

    • Ron Schaefer Jr
      Ron Schaefer Jr Year ago

      lsaye Cool, I’m exactly 6’ 3”. Think the other guy was right, prob some kind of wide angle effect.

    • lsaye
      lsaye Year ago

      hes 6'3

    • Julian Warren
      Julian Warren Year ago

      Ron Schaefer Jr camera angle I think...

  • GamerPalmSweats
    GamerPalmSweats Year ago

    2018 Pixel Watch

  • Alan Tom
    Alan Tom Year ago

    Volume is low again.

  • Atharva Deodhar
    Atharva Deodhar Year ago


  • Miss Messy Diagnosis

    luv youse guys

  • Anunay Chauhan
    Anunay Chauhan Year ago +4

    Why don't you add some background music? Might make the quality better!

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago +12

    Bro have you heard of a lapel mic?

  • Oreo Bug
    Oreo Bug Year ago

    Omggggg where did u get that minion batman fav!!!!!!! Ooooo yea the video was cool to, got distracted lol

  • Bob Sarmiento
    Bob Sarmiento Year ago

    I think the new roadster will change a lot of things including highway rules 🤔

  • Dominic Darpino
    Dominic Darpino Year ago

    +samsheffer awesome collaboration you work with some of the best in the industry

  • Noah Tondari
    Noah Tondari Year ago

    Love these sit down conversations!

  • Tatar More
    Tatar More Year ago

    Great video loved every bit of it thanks

  • Raphael
    Raphael Year ago

    Sam buy 2 bitcoin and wait till 2020 to get a roadster. It'll cost you only 16k then

  • Andy Martinez
    Andy Martinez Year ago

    Idk Why Sam doesn’t buy a Tesla. ?

  • thephotocollective

    Dude loving all these videos keep it up man

  • Shimmer
    Shimmer Year ago +13

    Nice Sam! You're actually a really good interviewer! Would love to see this with other people as well!
    But I'm sure you've already heard this, the audio levels were slightly too low! Other than that, great! :)

  • mrlithium
    mrlithium Year ago +17

    Watching this only makes me realize how broke I am

    • haudace
      haudace Year ago

      i have a savings account with substantial money in it but this makes me realize how broke i am :/

  • Reid Nantes
    Reid Nantes Year ago +1

    Great vid man. You should consider doing a weekly podcast about Apple, Tesla, future tech etc.

  • chrismas
    chrismas Year ago +1

    I love this. I would love this to be a weekly thing. Q and A or a weekly tech round up. Great job Sam.

    EMMETT MAC Year ago

    love the videos

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis Year ago +32

    MKBHD is the best tech reviewer period, unboxed therapy is a bitxh!

    • Tike
      Tike Year ago

      Mr_Chukes yea like guy above me, I don’t mind his vids but legit a fucking scum bag cuz of his fake giveaways just sad not enough ppl calling him out on it

    • Josua Stangl
      Josua Stangl Year ago +2

      Mr_Chukes you like those fake giveaways and clickbait titles/thumbnails?

    • Mr_Chukes
      Mr_Chukes Year ago +1

      Unboxtherapy is awesome too.

    • condenador
      condenador Year ago +2

      Why te period then?

  • Dominic Fielding
    Dominic Fielding Year ago +4

    Super quiet again

  • Sergey
    Sergey Year ago

    Great stuff. 👊

  • otr
    otr Year ago +3

    Great video as usual Sam. Just boost that audio. Levels are def low.

    • Deco Infinity
      Deco Infinity Year ago

      How the fuck is it low, I have one earphone piece in my ear and I can hear everything I swear you all just bitching, and the ear piece I'm using is shit

  • PerisK4
    PerisK4 Year ago +2

    Is this the secondary channel of MKBHD?


  • jarpipz
    jarpipz Year ago

    Been bingeing your videos as of late. Great content keep it up man.

  • owen33
    owen33 Year ago +4

    please stop uploading in this awkward aspect ratio, it triggers the fuck out of my ocd