Irish People Watch GLOW For The First Time

  • Published on May 2, 2018
  • "They really got the coke element of 80's wrestling down."
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    More Information:
    GLOW is a Netflix show based on the 1980's syndicated women's professional wrestling circuit GLOW, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. With the return of GLOW Season 2, we thought we'd show our Tryers the pilot episode to show them what it's all about!
    The Tryers featured in this video:
    Ryan Cullen: TRY.Media/Ryan
    Éadaoin: TRY.Media/Eadaoin
    Jamie Jay Car: TRY.Media/Jamie
    Anne Doyle: TRY.Media/Anne
    Davey Reilly: TRY.Media/Davey
    Bláithín de Burca: TRY.Media/Blaithin
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Comments • 264

  • Andy Young
    Andy Young 3 days ago

    "I'd let him do anything he wants to me" Shout out for Marc Maron

  • Fyrecide
    Fyrecide 16 days ago

    Ryan, when he's not hating on good food for no reason, is amazing.

    ...alright, even when he's shitting on obviously good things, he's still quite funny. Even with that dull pallet of his.

  • -Belue- -Myst-
    -Belue- -Myst- 4 months ago

    OK! I'm from the 80'S...I heard GLOW (GORGEOUS LADIES OF WRESTLING)...I was disappointed when it wasn't the ACTUAL old wrestling show with only female wrestlers in cheesy costumes and characters! 😋😕😔😢...BIG BERTHA (LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS FROM A TRAILER PARK IN THE SOUTH), THE LINGERIE TWINS, UMMMMM WHAT ELSE?...Some HUGE SAMOAN CHICK THAT WORE HULA CLOTHES...THAT show was classic cheese at it's best! 😍😎😍😎😍
    80'S wrestlers were the cheesiest, but really awesome too! The costumes alone! 😋😍😎

  • Jo Withrow
    Jo Withrow 4 months ago

    Growing up there was real G.L.O.W. and it was amazing. It was just wrestling, not that weird movie. Funniest wrestling ever.

  • Lanette Russell
    Lanette Russell 5 months ago

    Watch the golden girls

  • Returning Shadow
    Returning Shadow 5 months ago

    I am disappointed that they aren't watching the ORIGINAL GLOW... Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling!!! That's the GLOW we had in the 80s.

  • gerry mckown
    gerry mckown 5 months ago

    The sweety girl with the black n white polka-dot top is a ringer for Scully on X-files!.....I want to believe! G>

  • Sour Skiddlez
    Sour Skiddlez 6 months ago

    2 seasons 2 days Loved Glow it was so 80's classic era cinematogrophy

  • Ellie morris
    Ellie morris 7 months ago

    Tough choice to either subscribe and see more ryan or not subscribe and then ryan will come for me in my sleep... decisions decisions

  • EOATuco
    EOATuco 7 months ago

    Now watch the original show, it was awesome!

  • MG Wray
    MG Wray 9 months ago

    "did he say 'cunt punches'?"

  • Aimee Jodoin
    Aimee Jodoin 9 months ago

    "Strong feminist rhetoric and top notch breasts" XD

  • Holly Trout
    Holly Trout 9 months ago +1

    While the show has been running on and off for over a decade, I'd really like to see the TRY Channel react to Arrested Development.

  • Adam Guarnella
    Adam Guarnella 9 months ago

    Mark Marron is the Dad lol

  • Lefty Conspirator
    Lefty Conspirator 10 months ago

    When will we be getting a Try channel wrestling video? And who'd win?

  • Edward Hannah
    Edward Hannah 10 months ago

    I’m so happy you cute adorable Irish people are back!!! I wish someone can make a reality show about this. What it takes to put this together. The audition process if there is one or is it just telling a friend. All the background stuff. Please someone if you’re listening make it happen!!!!

  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurus 10 months ago

    keep watching you'll see more wrestling!

  • bigmassivebrid
    bigmassivebrid 10 months ago

    Why is this call the Try channel cuz they try to be funny?! GLOW is brilliant though. Season 2 is even better.

  • beverly crusher
    beverly crusher 11 months ago

    YEAHHHH, I remember watching the show back in the 80's, I had stopped watching wrestling , because, aside from my sisters point out that it was all faked, I wasn't in to beef cake, this was about as close as I could get to porn, until I got the playboy channel for the first time , then I discovered a secret way of getting the cupid channel that had REAL porn on it.

  • grytlappar
    grytlappar 11 months ago

    Glow is awesome. The 2nd season just out, yeah!

  • L33 1
    L33 1 11 months ago

    Finally you guys are back yay

  • HappyKit
    HappyKit 11 months ago

    "Strong feminist rhetoric and top notch breasts." YASS BEETCH. Put this on a freaking t-shirt.

  • verydrarry85
    verydrarry85 Year ago

    The Apocalypse is upon us Ryan smiled in a video 😂😂

  • Ghost8386
    Ghost8386 Year ago +1

    Bad Brains awesome band.

    THE_GHOST_RICAN Year ago

    NetFlix is killing it with their original programming right now a lot of good series.

  • Jeff Nettleton
    Jeff Nettleton Year ago

    "Swimsuits...." Now, ye can't be tellin' me they don't have leotards in Ireland. Leotards; 80s aerobics workout clothes.

  • Alexandria Robinson

    I’ve missed Ryan

  • eliza washington
    eliza washington Year ago

    "I like everything bad that happened to her."
    I missed you, buddy!

  • nuttypagal
    nuttypagal Year ago

    Wow, 5 minutes vs 3 minutes makes a huge difference (seriously)

  • Sil Banuelos
    Sil Banuelos Year ago


  • Thesteadfast
    Thesteadfast Year ago

    GLOW is awesome! I hope there's another season. Made me understand wrestling a bit so I could relate to some of my friends who are super into it. Characters are great.

  • tbtltltd
    tbtltltd Year ago

    Ryan is the man. never change you angry fuck

  • michael mclean
    michael mclean Year ago

    Irish people watch WWE's Finn Balor for the first time...

  • Love Hunter
    Love Hunter Year ago

    I’m so glad all of you are back!!!!!!!!

  • Jesscaaaa0
    Jesscaaaa0 Year ago

    Ryaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn...boy you can come for me awake or asleep, but I promise I never hit a subscribe button so fast. I was pissed that it took me this long to get here. Fucking youtube.

  • DISnut
    DISnut Year ago

    So... is the show any good? I've got Netflix.

    • anne smith
      anne smith Year ago

      DISnut it’s really good, and funny

  • Michael Hilliard
    Michael Hilliard Year ago

    is this the version of GLOW that is on Netflix?

  • Leiser
    Leiser Year ago +2

    Irish People watch Twin Peaks (Original Series, FWWM, Missing Pieces, Season 3)

  • Hannah Cruse
    Hannah Cruse Year ago

    When is this show coming back?!?!?!

  • Tia Lee
    Tia Lee Year ago

    I missed you guys so much! So happy you're back!

  • Santiago PoopPee ScatVore

    Ryan wearing a Bad Brains shirt! 🙌
    Anyway, love the video and just all around love you guys, awesome people 👏

  • Emily
    Emily Year ago

    I want to know who has fucked who in the group. lol

  • G Robinson
    G Robinson Year ago

    lol little ryan...still a bitch of a character

  • Allie Powell
    Allie Powell Year ago

    I love this show! I watched it pretty soon after it came out because the promo photo on Netflix made it look intriguing and it was so much better.

  • Papa Diggles
    Papa Diggles Year ago +1

    SO happy y'all have returned!

  • Vitani B Mamba
    Vitani B Mamba Year ago

    This is actually my favorite show

  • Nous Numen
    Nous Numen Year ago

    Anything he wants, that's oftem what they claim but!!!!!

  • Chet Dafett
    Chet Dafett Year ago

    As a young kid i remember watching GLOW every now and again late at night. ./hugs glad you are back together!

  • cerberus144
    cerberus144 Year ago

    Hey guys! Like the new channel! Love from California, USA

  • Cirrus Tate
    Cirrus Tate Year ago

    I am SO happy they did this. THANK YOU!

  • pardotkynes1
    pardotkynes1 Year ago

    OOO KKK soooooo a show about shit people, doing shit things, to each other for the glory of a shit mans entertainment. ill pass. it always amazes me that you can make a show where none of the characters are even remotely decent people and someone will like it. i spose arsholes need something to watch they can relate to.

  • Alexx Conroy
    Alexx Conroy Year ago

    Ryan made me do it... he is so right...

  • Brydie Bray
    Brydie Bray Year ago

    So freaking glad you guys are back!! This has been missing in my life!

  • Shady Bear
    Shady Bear Year ago +1

    "I'd come for you when you are awake"
    -Ryan 2018

    SO GLAD u guys are back!! =D

  • Heidi Williamson
    Heidi Williamson Year ago

    so glad you are all back

  • polarbear/raven ak

    I missed all you gals some of the guys lol jk this channel makes me happy i love you irish folk i wpuld love to check out Ireland and im from alaska!

  • bothefallen
    bothefallen Year ago

    I watched GLOW as a teenager. Palestina was hot!

  • alan bray
    alan bray Year ago

    You saw some wrestling at the end of this video, only it wasn't between two women. It was sexy wrestling between a man and a woman.

  • McPhunk
    McPhunk Year ago

    i was convinced by Ryan......subscribed

  • Rob Elliott
    Rob Elliott Year ago

    what is this? This is nice to see...

  • Rafael Cárcamo-V

    So glad to see everyone back!
    Reacting to GLOW...I remember when GLOW would come on TV way back when I was a kid. It was the WWF and then GLOW. MAN! There's no accounting for taste when your young. 😊

  • Bobby Hood
    Bobby Hood Year ago +1

    Ryan pissed all over it ,ha ha ha he's back and bitter as ever! That's grand! Lov from America

  • 7g6f5e4d3c2b1a
    7g6f5e4d3c2b1a Year ago


  • scarlett bazah
    scarlett bazah Year ago

    Ryan is a must in every video

  • robert samuelson
    robert samuelson Year ago

    How could they do female wrestling and not include Harker? TOO CRUEL

  • JuanitaD1968
    JuanitaD1968 Year ago

    I’m so glad y’all are back! I couldn’t make it through one episode of leather jacket guy and his drawn out shit show of farts and halfwittedness. I missed you!

  • TheBonzomatic
    TheBonzomatic Year ago

    YAY!!! The Irish kids are back! I like this even better because you actually tell us who the people are. Great job!

  • decuervo
    decuervo Year ago


  • Michael Monroe
    Michael Monroe Year ago


  • Miss Mercury
    Miss Mercury Year ago

    Sooo disappointed when I realised this wasn't the Scottish reality show, GLOW.

  • Anais Nin
    Anais Nin Year ago

    The man bun would get you a judo chop to the throat (translation: trote) in America

  • Deeznutz !
    Deeznutz ! Year ago

    I used to sneak down stairs at 2am to watch G.L.O.W. when I was a kid. Got caught one time, no more G.L.O.W.

  • Randy Hodges
    Randy Hodges Year ago +1

    Did you ever unexpectedly meet an old friend? SUBSCRIBED!

  • Lazy Perfectionist

    1:06 What's with this lady's eye-shadow? Is she looking for the _Cats_ rehearsal?

  • Enrique salcido
    Enrique salcido Year ago +1

    Love longer videos

  • Gina D. Torres
    Gina D. Torres Year ago

    I've so missed Ryan Cullen 😊

  • Jon Vecellio
    Jon Vecellio Year ago +9

    Maybe NOW you guys can give 'Sean M' his Abstract Art video.

  • Kotaco
    Kotaco Year ago +1

    Glow is an amazing series. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it.

  • Storytime
    Storytime Year ago +2

    We also subscribed! ✌🏻G'wan Jamie! 🙌🏻

  • Clisare
    Clisare Year ago


  • Victor Bazan
    Victor Bazan Year ago

    Try smelling salts

  • Ollie K.
    Ollie K. Year ago +4

    Since I haven't seen it mentioned before Irish people react to Abstract Art

  • Chelsea K.
    Chelsea K. Year ago

    “come on, lady macbeth” i howled at that 😂😂😂
    i think this is one of my favorite videos y’all have ever done (on this channel and the one that shall not be named). idk if it’s the combination of contributors or just that i’ve missed seeing you guys, but i’m so glad you’re back! keep up the good work 💖

  • Daniel Dunlap
    Daniel Dunlap Year ago +4

    Welcome back guys. USclip was kind of empty without you.

  • Lex
    Lex Year ago +3

    *Irish people critique abstract art.*

  • Steven Ruvolo
    Steven Ruvolo Year ago

    irish people watch beavis and butthead

  • Dudeonwheels
    Dudeonwheels Year ago

    For some reason these first few videos didn't show up in my feed until just right now. I guess I'll have to rely on the Facebook page to know when videos get uploaded. Once again the USclip subscriptions page has failed me.

    • The TRY Channel
      The TRY Channel  Year ago +1

      if you click the bell you'll be notified when we upload :)

  • Ann_0nymous
    Ann_0nymous Year ago

    I really like that the first couple of Try videos have been 5+ minutes. I subbed to facts at the time of the Anaconda video, and I always wanted the videos to be longer than that sub-4 minute mark. I'm sure that statistically, short videos get more views, but I'd personally love 15 minute cuts. Thanks for all that you do.

  • shadowsgirl
    shadowsgirl Year ago

    Oh God Ryan is back lol

  • Marte K
    Marte K Year ago

    Can't put in words how much I've missed these people, glad you're back! 😁 ... yeah I'm also slightly worried now about my social life 🤣

  • Tim Eaglesham
    Tim Eaglesham Year ago

    Love that u guys are back. Watch the original GLOW from the 80s tho..... Try channel 4 life. #shannonkeenanIsHot #f@ckfacts

  • Jonny Rager
    Jonny Rager Year ago +3

    Oh god I’m glad to have my Irish family back

  • Fredde jpg
    Fredde jpg Year ago +5

    Ryan & Davey are back! All is well.
    Do Irish people watch "Kung Fu Hustle"!

  • County Kowloon Boyz
    County Kowloon Boyz Year ago +4

    Don't objectify women
    Objectify mark marron

  • Anthony salmon
    Anthony salmon Year ago +1

    Love it!!👌👌❤️

  • The Dude
    The Dude Year ago


  • JanderVK
    JanderVK Year ago +1

    Cunt Punch opened up for L7 & Bikini Kill in the early 90's. XD

  • Clisare
    Clisare Year ago +74

    I'm not here for GLOW, honestly, but I'm here for TRY! I was so excited it was video day, hurry up friday!!!

    • JanderVK
      JanderVK Year ago

      I like your Livejournal avatar XD I should try to find mine.

  • Taylor Bublitz
    Taylor Bublitz Year ago +4

    "Put yourself out of your misery and just do it."
    -Ryan Cullen 2018.
    I missed this so much.

  • Taylor Bublitz
    Taylor Bublitz Year ago +13

    Oh my god this editing. The quality already puts Facts to shame, and the names are just a really nice personal touch.