Bird Box: Netflix at its Worst

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Just watch Roma instead
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Comments • 7 976

  • Tunisia Oliver
    Tunisia Oliver Hour ago

    lololllololol "incestuous editing" I didn't even notice this. So bad.

  • Jess Gillis
    Jess Gillis Hour ago


  • Prophet
    Prophet Hour ago

    Sheep will be sheep.

  • Rob Chandler
    Rob Chandler 2 hours ago

    Wasted two hours of my life on this crap. NEVER getting those two hours back.

  • Tarek Sadaka
    Tarek Sadaka 4 hours ago

    Just another USclipr speaking a in monotone voice. The problem is not the movie as much as it is your hair

  • Susan Fudge
    Susan Fudge 5 hours ago

    Sure it was stupid, but it had such a huge agenda. All white men are evil. Only blacks, gay Asians, and liberals are good. Of course, the only person of reason was the bald white man with the gun, but he was called a racist Trump supporter.

  • Kaergaard
    Kaergaard 6 hours ago

    isnt the nto-naming of the of the kids because the monsters can call names and lure people to do stuff - So not giving them names protects them..? Is that a reach? :D
    Other than that I agree on the rest:)

  • Funky Daddy
    Funky Daddy 6 hours ago

    Yeah, I don't much jive with extreme left-wing ideologues, social justice warriors, or anyone who is overly obsessed with political correctness, identity politics and virtue signaling, just to name a few. But the far-left loons still control many aspects of society. They want to do away with Christianity, guns, and straight white males... no wait, all straight, masculine males, not just white. They want to have all the wimmins for themselves and rule over the world, like they already do, only more so, with no risk to them at all, and without any masculine men, nothing will stop them, and I mean no offense to the butch dykes or anything - I mean, strong females, is that more PC? I know there are strong women that are not even lesbian at all, I'm not saying that. We all gotta wake up and be on the same team or it's a done deal! Men, women, straight, gay, black, white, Muslim, Christian. We got to band together and put the differences aside, or we are screwed and they know it. It is so easy to see how they have pitted us against each other with the PC bullshit and all. Have you noticed how each generation of men are weaker than the previous, and I am talking as much about myself as anyone - not trying to offend anyone! (even though I probably am, and I apologize). My dad was always so much stronger and tougher than I ever was. I mean like when he was the same age, etc. I guess I was stronger when I was 40 and he was 68 or so, but you know what I mean. Each generation it gets a little worse. You think this is crazy talk but if you think it is, then you took the blue pill my friends, and you bought into the lies. These globalist elite, ruling class, power-starved Luciferians are putting something in the water, poisoning the food, or something... God help us.

  • kung Few
    kung Few 7 hours ago

    Another white men are evil message wrapped in a science fiction fortune cookie.

  • Sidecar Hero
    Sidecar Hero 7 hours ago

    I don't care, I liked this movie, It coulda done with less SJW shit but other than that it was great.

  • Devill Spankalot
    Devill Spankalot 7 hours ago

    Haven't watched this movie but thanks for the head up. So the black guy is the good guy, gets to fuck the white girls? When will Hollywood ever learn? Asians are very reluctant to accept black guys as heroes in a movie. So they also wanted to make James Bond character played by a black man?! YUCK!!!!

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 8 hours ago

    If you didn't like this, you better put on a blindfold if anyone tries to show you Netflix' The Open House.

  • J. Sanchez
    J. Sanchez 9 hours ago

    So this guy is angry because its a popular film? Ight I understand

  • Pablo Ortega
    Pablo Ortega 9 hours ago

    The soundtrack elevated the movie to another level.

  • Locke Eckhart
    Locke Eckhart 12 hours ago

    Poor Dumlpin', 😭😭😭

  • Locke Eckhart
    Locke Eckhart 12 hours ago

    Dam, he fine. Still liked the movie though.

  • Kamil Jurewicz
    Kamil Jurewicz 12 hours ago

    I think the whole premise of people survivng, driving and going down the river blindfolded is....dumb.
    Thwy would not get 1 mile down that river or 500m in that car.
    I do understand that this is sci fi movie...but it tries hard to anchor itself in ever tried to run through forest with your eyes closed? Rotfl

  • Non-Pupolar Newsreel
    Non-Pupolar Newsreel 14 hours ago

    This movie is anti-white. All white male characters are portrayed as evil or weak and miscegenation is promoted between a white woman and a black man, who is of-coarse a male Mary-Sue.

  • CommunistKiro
    CommunistKiro 14 hours ago

    All these salty people unable to take critique to something they like. Ha.

  • davidbrun
    davidbrun 15 hours ago

    Totally agree, this movie sucks ass terribly and I can't believe so many people actually liked it, many even loved it... Movie quality standards have fallen tremendously and a big part of it is because people are willing to suspend all kind of critical thinking while watching a hyped up piece of garbage, people are willing to accept the most absurd situations just to be able to be part of the hype, so these filmmakers get away with the most ridiculous stories, the wackiest characters, the weirdest character reactions. It's amazing.

  • Lorem_64
    Lorem_64 16 hours ago

    What are you on? This is a good movie smh

  • skulptor
    skulptor 17 hours ago

    Suzanne Bier.. one must simply support her uncritically.

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera 18 hours ago

    Deadass saw a meme the other day that resonates so hard w this lmao "Hating on trendy things doesn't make you an interesting person." This vidoe was so unnecessary it actually hurts. It also sounds like you barely even watched it or payed attention with how many things you said that just DON'T add up lol. Go ahead, it's your opinion, but a simple "I don't think it was as good as people claim it to be" would be enough.

  • VladdyMeal
    VladdyMeal 18 hours ago

    I don't think it was that horrible,I think it was mediocre like most horror films nowadays

    -Go watch Hush you won't regret it-

  • NPC 1138
    NPC 1138 19 hours ago

    Just pressed the red button. I like you. I like your passion. And your intelligence.

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 20 hours ago

    All the complaining reminds me of my ex girlfriend.

  • MegaMalban
    MegaMalban 21 hour ago

    You thought The Room and Bird Box were on the same level? OK bud. Bird Box was not great but that's a bit silly

  • sean rh
    sean rh 21 hour ago

    I think you missed a point. This movie is an Anti White Propaganda movie.

  • Caged Birds
    Caged Birds 21 hour ago

    lol Bird Box is pretty flawed, but it's not Netflix's worst film. You'll be surprised how far they can drop low with Death Note and Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

  • partyrocker105
    partyrocker105 Day ago

    "and it's probably the only time i'll defend the happening". for real🤘

  • joel kunstman
    joel kunstman Day ago

    Dude, just stop. It was a good movie. It was entertaining for sure. Just realize, it was a movie. If nobody gave a shit about it, you and other hipster idiots, would say it was a masterpiece. But because it’s popular, you need to pick out every flaw in it. I cant stand when people cant admit that they enjoyed a movie just because it has mass appeal.

  • Ranjit Sandhu
    Ranjit Sandhu Day ago

    They had to have the other pregnant lady because that's one more group that has to be represented - black guy(make sure he's not a bad guy) check - latina check - gay/asian check and check, white guy(make sure he's bad) check - fat lady check

  • Hit Dog Report
    Hit Dog Report Day ago

    Well atlest the guy didn't say this is an anti-white proganda film, and wasnt triggered by a big perfect black character screwing sandra bullock.......

  • Urszula Dobrowolska

    calm down. its just a movie.

  • Hit Dog Report
    Hit Dog Report Day ago

    i wonder how people even release movies with smarmy assholes like this guy!!! smh... heres a hint why dont you film a documentary on sentinel islands......smh... big up to the corageous...

  • Hit Dog Report
    Hit Dog Report Day ago

    i liked the movie... where the fuck are your films at????

  • surferoza
    surferoza Day ago

    The movie has so much inconsistenties and nonsense. I did not expected a ground-breaking movie, but at least something a bit original and with creative ideas like Netflix has sometimes. But even when I tried my best to just enjoy what I was looking at, even as an "okay" or decent but forgettable movie, it didn't worked. I don't even want to dissect or analyse any technic details, it just has no soul.
    Sure, the thing with the kids being called "Boy" and "Girl" is interesting because of the whole Malory being afraid of having kids situation, but it ends here. It's just a basic zombie movie, with threatening news reports and riots and a bunch of people stacked in a room and going into a safe place, but zombies are replaced with something else.

  • CobraDove
    CobraDove Day ago +1

    Because it's LEGAL DISCLOSURE on how to not identify as your legal person and claim your inheritance, debt free status. The public will never wake the hell up...SMDH

  • Andrew Foster [Matthew 5:43-44]

    Rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!
    Revelation 12:12
    The demons are getting desperate, VERY SOON, NOTHING will make sense!

  • Hugo Targa Almeida

    I think this video is very nitpicky, and could focus on more important problems of the movie, but I think that those are really apparent, and most of the people who watched it should have noticed all of them. Here are some (in my opinion): the characters are shallow and you don't care about most of them, the dialogue is passable at best (and really shitty sometimes), there's a lot of unnecessary or stretched out scenes (probably because the plot itself doesn't have much content to work with), the relationships and interactions between the characters are dogshit, and they even fuck up John Malkovich's interpretation by giving him a completely shit character (also they put Sarah Paulson in it the movie and kill her within 15 minutes of it). All of this gets worse when the premise of the film isn't all that great, and it has to stretch itself into a 2 hours movie; it could have 30 minutes and still tell the same story.

  • Ivan Kolić
    Ivan Kolić Day ago

    I hate these new Netflix movies.
    They just thought of the premise, not bothering to explain it, and made a movie around it.
    In the Bird Box it's just one throwaway line from a side character and it's done.
    In How it Ends we get nothing, absolutely nothing to explain us what is causing all of the cataclysmic events.
    Apostle, Ritual all have just simple plots, nothing special, you can easily guess the plot twists in them if you can even call them plot twists.
    It's just a machine for making movies, think of a simple premise, and build a movie around it. Just throw a bunch or money to get good production quality to hide the fact that the story is overly simple and not there in the end.

  • First name Last name

    Many dislike

  • EmoFinn6
    EmoFinn6 Day ago

    Netflix at its worst? You think the vhs horror movies are better than this? Smh my head

  • Williamtipq
    Williamtipq Day ago

    I’m 20 times more disgusted after watching some bad reviews of bird box on USclip than after watching the movie itself.
    I am so repulsed right now.
    You people are fucked.
    You sick fucks.
    You deserve to be raped if you didn’t notice how socially sick that movie was.
    How it was propaganda ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

  • justin william salter


  • Jennifer Leanio
    Jennifer Leanio Day ago

    The bird box was the place they ended up at the end.
    I liked the movie but I also agree with everything you said. There were jarring edits, lots of things made no sense, and making into a three part-er probably would have been great. In the book the sisters hide out for a few weeks before moving to live in the group house so we would have had more Sarah Paulson. I also thought she might be her girlfriend from the poster, because they were kinds of girlfriends in Oceans 8.
    I really didn’t like how the “crazy people” just pulled up to the house and knew they were in there, and Tom is like “ok I’m gonna die”. He lasted 5 years out there and then he just gives up when they’re almost to safety!? Wtf!??!

  • Gunji
    Gunji Day ago

    reee you normie

  • `
    ` Day ago

    Netflix pick up dark matter 🤘

  • Williamtipq
    Williamtipq Day ago

    Worst movie of all time

  • lostro one
    lostro one Day ago

    the .. Happening .. was a good movie..

  • StephenRahrig
    StephenRahrig Day ago +1

    I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!!!! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. I read the synopsis and said “oooook, so Quiet Place but with vision instead of hearing?! Uhhhh”. Netflix does this constantly. They make B-version ripoffs like you see at the video store (like “Mars” put right next to “The Martian” on the shelf) and somehow people fall for it because of the Netflix brand!!!!

  • Living The Dream

    Is anyone saying this was a great film? The popularity is over the idea of blindness, you could even say that the memes mock the stupidity that the characters found manoeuvering so easy.

  • Julia 6
    Julia 6 Day ago

    I think what he doesn’t get it’s that it’s not a masterpiece like pulp fiction or a clockwork fucking orange. It’s just a movie to watch and then move on.It will be forgotten. He’s just analyzing it too much

    TUTMENA Day ago


  • IAmThatIAm
    IAmThatIAm Day ago

    This movie tried to cram as much foreshadowing into it as possible. I can go on for days but the bottom line is: only the blind will survive.🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Bob
    Bob Day ago

    Good stuff. You caught some things I missed like the wind chimes. Knew something felt off there I noticed bird volume levels didn't seem right a couple times. 3/10 gets an extra from me for the cthulu monster idea. Liked it better in the happening tho.

  • Joe Doty
    Joe Doty Day ago

    ADVICE: Dont show your face when dping a review...

  • Erick Alex
    Erick Alex Day ago

    For every movie that is well received by critics and public, there will always be one pretentious guy to say he hated it, even if his "arguments" are very weak.

  • Rusty Raccoon
    Rusty Raccoon Day ago

    get your audio sorted dude

  • Helen Hines
    Helen Hines Day ago

    I thought the exact thing and I was like bullshit. There's no way these people would be able to maintain reason and live together and relative harmony. Not to mention the myriad of simping and white knighting. It's also impossible for a lone female to row a shitty ass boat with two kids for 2-3 days down a river especially during the rapids. You need a fucking raft not a shitty tin row boat! Not to mention that car scene was completely unbelievable. There was so much debris in the road. Thank God they had that car with all that tech right?

  • LateinCecker
    LateinCecker Day ago

    And I thought I was the only one who didn't like it.

  • insertaghere
    insertaghere Day ago

    U r a pretentious turd

  • Morgan Bmgtow
    Morgan Bmgtow Day ago

    I agree with simp doing this video; seeing that brother fucking Sandra was bad for Americans; I love me some Sandra but why is a Black man getting that pussy; where are all the white women??? Over privileged bitch he fucked her; he protected her..what' s the fucking problems.

  • yellowducky101
    yellowducky101 Day ago

    Another great video Taylor! Rip it apart! Eat it alive!

  • xxx920
    xxx920 Day ago

    This guy is fucking cancer x.x

  • Please Karen can I see my kids

    fuck bird box they put every indiana jones on netflix 😍

  • Please Karen can I see my kids

    yep i don’t get the hype

  • edward karem
    edward karem Day ago

    in these video essays it's always clear when someone is trying WAY too hard, you are one of those my friend..

  • Martin Garcia
    Martin Garcia Day ago

    also … conversationally seems like a bad word to use … people like your sister talking to you about your problems is definitely not unnatural

  • Martin Garcia
    Martin Garcia Day ago

    um, I actually liked that Mallory wasn't dumb as fuck like other horror film characters and put two and two together that shit was hitting the fan ...

  • Skankhunt42
    Skankhunt42 Day ago

    Just another piece of SJW garbage. Movie was total trash

  • Scarack Truther
    Scarack Truther Day ago +1


  • SavantArcade
    SavantArcade Day ago

    This video is 5 minutes too long, it felt like you were just complaining too much about something is really no worth investing time.

  • Sebat Hadah
    Sebat Hadah Day ago

    this movie is racist.

  • Gia Richarte
    Gia Richarte Day ago

    I like this guy. I could talk to him.

  • Dee Wigs
    Dee Wigs Day ago

    I saw Bird Box for the jungle fever between Moonlight and Ms. Congeniality.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 2 days ago

    Mk Ultra Mind Control

  • Anastatica XXIV
    Anastatica XXIV 2 days ago

    Why does he put on pant to answer the radio XDDD

  • Angeline Productions

    I haven’t seen it, and though I have Netflix, I really have no desire to.

  • Rei Joon Y
    Rei Joon Y 2 days ago

    I agree with mostly everything, except the “Boy & Girl” thing. I mean “don’t name the puppy”
    If there’s this threat that the children are going to die at any time then why would you name them; names are supposed to be meaningful, filled with the future promise of who those children will become. If there’s a high chance that you’re going to lose them, then why would you torture yourself by giving them an identity aside from their existence as a living thing that you’re already doing your best to protect

  • Tam Tam
    Tam Tam 2 days ago

    The entire movie is Masonic

  • K Bee
    K Bee 2 days ago

    Leaving Greg all by himself - that scene was crazy-like why leave him alone

  • Cartoon Critique
    Cartoon Critique 2 days ago

    0:20 Because most people are gullible and will generally buy whatever slop you put in front of them.
    1:18 It's everywhere, yet I think I only started noticing stuff about it around the middle of last week. XD
    ...but then again I usually don't pay that much attention to "popular trends".

  • steve denis
    steve denis 2 days ago

    bird box =chick vagina?

  • iridescentblackhole
    iridescentblackhole 2 days ago

    message from birdbox: white people are evil!

  • Johnny Ringo
    Johnny Ringo 2 days ago

    You're not nearly as deep as you think you are.

  • Justin Shalu
    Justin Shalu 2 days ago +2

    I hated the movie but I love the memes

  • Seraph Creed
    Seraph Creed 2 days ago

    It is supposed to be a take on approaching the responsibility of motherhood. I didn't exactly think the movie lacked a political message, but I think that it was more of a choice film than a racial film.
    I think the biggest flaw was not just holing up in the super market as well. Would have been an ideal place to build a safehaven.

  • Lexi Lee
    Lexi Lee 2 days ago

    Bird Box: the most anti-white movie ever made.

  • Lexi Lee
    Lexi Lee 2 days ago

    What do you mean Olympia didn't hurt anybody?
    She really killed everyone. Might have been indirectly but she's the reason they all died ffs!

  • Jumbledbyrd
    Jumbledbyrd 2 days ago

    Imma be honest, and this comes literally after just watching Birdbox and then this video immediately after, Birdbox was alright. It definitely wasn't movie of the year material, by any standard, but, I thought it was okay. The theme that I took away from the film was different, I thought it was more focused on Malories (and to a lessor extent, other characters) ability to form relationships with other people, or lackthereof. In this case, Malorie had a pretty clear arc, where she went from unable to form healthy relationships (her mother, her father, etc.) to having two children who she clearly loved. Other characters didn't so much have arcs, as show different facets of this theme (with the exception of Cheryl, who I agree, was 100% there just to hit that guy over the head). That's my take on it anyway. I pretty much agree on the cinematography stuff, but it didn't bother me as much, because I'm not as aware of it.

  • Alithia Euangelion
    Alithia Euangelion 2 days ago

    I can guarantee that this would’ve been a serious “dud” of a movie if trump were not president. I’m not a Democrat or Republican but the americrazy reaction to this really terrible movie is a reflection of what we all “don’t want to see and hear” about the present and future cultural and political climate. So each side engages in a self-imposed blindness: to do so is to equate surviving with living-at least from one momentary crisis to the next. (I know why the caged birds sing.)

  • Alithia Euangelion
    Alithia Euangelion 2 days ago

    Agreed; Bird Box was terrible. All it takes is for some big name to say a movie is “phenomenal “ and suddenly you’ve got a lot of “bird doo.” Someone has been paid some serious $$$$$ to hype this “movie.” But after all, many American people bought Pet Rocks in the 70s. Go figure.

  • Rick Hand
    Rick Hand 2 days ago

    Watch the happening for a good laugh

  • JMandy
    JMandy 2 days ago

    I was very early in the movie when I ended up thinking "it has the same feeling as a quiet place but not nearly as good"

  • Bitter Clinger
    Bitter Clinger 2 days ago

    Bird Box summed up: "White man bad, black man good." Saved you 2 hours of wasted time watching this SJW wet dream.

  • Moksum
    Moksum 2 days ago

    Yeah the bird box memes were staged by Netflix. It just didn't feel natural. It wouldn't have taken off if they didn't spam bird box memes and it once it did, it died almost immediately.

  • R G
    R G 2 days ago

    This is what a rotten tomato reviewer looks like. Lol the shit he complains about. This is like the gamers that complain about shitty game graphics because its not realistic enough. Oh brother..

  • A Singh
    A Singh 2 days ago

    Stop whining and learn how to watch a film - it is not a science project u pretentious bastard

    WE WATCH MOVIES 2 days ago

    So deep dude lol