• Published on Sep 14, 2017
    Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix
    Sleep & Rain mix
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    0:00 Stian - ghost of you
    2:03 importmedia - depression process number 4 (w/Ekaj)
    4:15 Jay-Lounge - Breath Of Fresh Air
    7:21 stream_error - u & me @ the end of time
    8:59 barnes blvd. - cody banks.
    10:44 furino - late night thoughts (w/ Ekaj)
    12:59 dominus - crixus
    15:10 High Noon Rush - L e n d e m a i n
    Artwork by Jake Mairet

    Inspired by Atey Ghailan
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  • the bootleg boy
    the bootleg boy  Year ago +816

    The second episode of the RAINING series 💕
    listen to RAINING IN TOKYO here - usclip.net/video/XKDGZ-VWLMg/video.html

    • Camari McGill
      Camari McGill 15 days ago

      Loll.l,lu.uhly.lu.loluuhl.luhuh.l.u.l.l.llj..ugly.ulululhulll July Imani Blessitt

    • Gage B-Bird
      Gage B-Bird 20 days ago

      This music is helping me emotionally!

    • Maks Wargocki
      Maks Wargocki Month ago

      please do raining in warsaw

    • Nisa İpek UMUR
      Nisa İpek UMUR Month ago

      Any chance for the RAINING ISTANBUL? That would be great, i think. Anyone?
      Btw this video really helps me to make the best atmosphere for study thank you guys, a lot :)

  • Jay Paul
    Jay Paul 3 hours ago

    When I was younger I lived in London and in my spare time at evenings and weekends would go for long walks down streets and in parks and would always hope that one day I'd meet someone in a cafe or pub and we'd fall in love. This music reminds me of that time in my life.

  • Lorenzzo Klein
    Lorenzzo Klein 9 hours ago

    Why not use french in a Paris mix ? :(

  • Daniela Martinez G.
    Daniela Martinez G. 16 hours ago

    I always have a fake smile on my face. Do you? I just wish everyone knew who I am actually. I pretty much act very shy. I just wish like seriously wish they knew me. How I am actually....I laugh a lot. They think I don’t laugh at all. I talk a lot and try to make them laugh. But, in school all of that goes away. I try to do my best and try to make my crush laugh. But because I am shy I can’t do nothing. I think I’ll just be the one laughing the only one...and the rest will just look at me like I am crazy. I hate being shy :( do any people feel the same I feel?

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 19 hours ago

    Those first words just struck some strings

  • Simone JANJUA
    Simone JANJUA 23 hours ago

    You used the wisp sings - winter aid in this!!

  • Joel Reyna
    Joel Reyna Day ago +1

    |13/06/19 11:30.pm|

  • Armyosk
    Armyosk Day ago

    2:34 AM
    I'm here straight chilling :) Love the music

  • Kanyesigye Akbr
    Kanyesigye Akbr 2 days ago

    Yo eddy i agree

  • L A D
    L A D 3 days ago

    This type of music really soothes you down.

    I'm not "depressed"...well at least not anymore. I've been through some realization process and I hope I don't have to cope with the stupid shit that traumatized me

  • denenen
    denenen 3 days ago

    the first sentence/conversation hit me hard because it is exactly what Im going thru and im not happy about it .

  • kj 0000
    kj 0000 3 days ago

    people around me are always complaining and telling me all the problems they have and all I do is my best to help them. Yet I never tell a soul about my issues so at the end of the day who really knows me ? sometimes I wonder if I know myself.

    • Alexander Peine
      Alexander Peine 3 days ago

      @kj 0000 ok then

    • kj 0000
      kj 0000 3 days ago

      @Alexander Peine no, the music jus made me realise it. not lookin for any attention or for anyone to read

    • Alexander Peine
      Alexander Peine 3 days ago

      Do you want to write about your problems?

  • theStonedWolf
    theStonedWolf 4 days ago +1

    "she never noticed...."

  • kj 0000
    kj 0000 4 days ago

    You're okay, for now.

  • Søul_Thursby
    Søul_Thursby 5 days ago


    I know how you feel.


    Like you just wanna scream

    Well. There is a point that your here
    Dont just waste your life
    It may not be great, but thats ok. There are people like you.

    It will be hard. I know- ive been there.

    But whoever you are.

    I love you.

    And its gonna be....ok

  • RogelynMay Agustin
    RogelynMay Agustin 5 days ago

    The Perks of being a Wallflower

  • Alexiodas
    Alexiodas 5 days ago

    the people who come to videos like this and think one contrived patronising comment will make someone's actual depression go away really make me upset.

  • kim taehyung is my aesthetic ôヮô

    lo-fi makes me feel safe and cozy, I forget all the things I'm stressing over...

    • Gabriel Dias
      Gabriel Dias 4 days ago +1

      Lo-fi leaves me reflective about things that should be natural, consequently I become more and more alone

  • Katelyn Knight
    Katelyn Knight 6 days ago

    It's a quiet and cool, autumn morning. Dew sticks to the grass, clinging to it for comfort as the smell of coffee is swarming through the air. All to be heard is the drips of the coffee pot and the chirping of birds. You peer through the window just to look at the ranging colors of the sky, to pink, to orange, to blue... it was as if time stopped and everything was staring at you, the clouds, the sun, the tiny droplets of water on the grass. It is a new day, after all the raining and the solemn stormy night, it's a new day. As you ponder and pour yourself a cup of coffee and add the sweet, sweet creamer there is a sudden rush of calmness and everything seems to be as you wanted it. You aren't lonely, there is the birds and beautiful colors that fill your mind. Taking small sips from your coffee you find yourself happy... you found happiness and that is hard to come by in this day and age...
    Thank you

  • Jeffery Woods
    Jeffery Woods 6 days ago

    Anyone ever just want to reset their life just go back and start again

  • Alex Binkley
    Alex Binkley 7 days ago

    You ever feel no matter how much effort you've put into something, people just seem to overlook you and not give you a chance?

  • Kristianto Seran
    Kristianto Seran 7 days ago

    Yo yo

  • Faris Farhan
    Faris Farhan 8 days ago


  • Аликсей Москалёв

    Американская фигня

    • Kee Pz
      Kee Pz 7 days ago

      pasol ty naxui dalbajob suka ja jebal

  • Аликсей Москалёв

    Видео г

  • hulk eye
    hulk eye 8 days ago

    just listening and in my head thinking “FUCK”

  • Bluckstack Hub
    Bluckstack Hub 9 days ago

    oH aim, sAd, i brouk ap wit my gf :,,,CC
    I Am gOingh TO lisTen to SaD sOngZ coz Iam sSad :;;,,vC

    For real, u all guys look so dumb when u listen to this and think u have depression

  • Sandra Jovic
    Sandra Jovic 9 days ago

    Hi, sub here. Does rain sound different in different countries? Also, wouldn't it be more French if spoken in French (and no other language)?? Just a suggestion. I'm digging your channel, play on ! ♥

    • Alexander Peine
      Alexander Peine 7 days ago

      I think that rain is different for every person. Like voices...

  • Bronte Pickering
    Bronte Pickering 9 days ago

    did anyone else only just notice the bird squawking?

  • chanel anderson
    chanel anderson 9 days ago +2

    here you are.
    ive been on almost every post commenting something, but this one is for the person who is looking for some sort of sign. hey, its me. your sign. tell them. do it. go there. ask for help. speak up. forget them. think for you. go to bed. do something productive. whatever it is youve been asking, the answer is right in front of you. now take action.

    • haben wir noch pepps?
      haben wir noch pepps? 4 days ago

      Well I don't have any action to take. I don't have a reason to be sad. Or to be happy. I'm just alone and I feel empty. I'm not in love, I don't have anyone to think about. I liked the times when I had someone to think about. I liked the times when we were together, and I liked the times when we were not and I was just thinking about her. But now that's all over and I'm just completely empty inside.

  • Living lonely
    Living lonely 10 days ago

    No one will probably ever see this. 2019 has been the worst year of my life. Christmas of 2018 on December 24 we found out my mom has cancer. It was devastating to me and my family. You don’t know what it’s like unless it’s Happened to you. I didn’t know how to feel I gave up on god I didn’t know what to do. My feelings were non existent and to this day I don’t feel anything I have very short glimpses into happiness but it fades so quickly. Then my grandpa died he was the only grandparent that cared about me the rest were never around in my childhood. Watching the two people that you care so much about being taken away slowly I don’t know how to feel that’s the problem I can’t feel. tonight was the first night I’ve cried in a year it was a night that I contemplated suicide. But to anyone who has read this far you got this. life fucking sucks but you can get through it. I have and I will continue to do so. But till this is all over put on some music and let it take your pain away.

  • uwu
    uwu 11 days ago +3

    it genuinely makes me cry to see how supportive people are in the comments

    BIG FAT FISH 11 days ago

    Why is there so many negative comments

  • sugarhoney bear
    sugarhoney bear 12 days ago


  • Raveena Appadoo
    Raveena Appadoo 12 days ago

    And in the end. Despite everything. It was going to be OK. Just sit back and ride out the storm X

    This isn't the end

  • Charlotte Bratteli
    Charlotte Bratteli 12 days ago

    Raining in NORWAY because it is always raining here!

  • Jade Dodge
    Jade Dodge 13 days ago

    Isn't it funny how the only person who can make you feel better again is the same person who brought you to tears... 💔

  • Jade Dodge
    Jade Dodge 13 days ago +2

    If you feel like giving up again just remember you ARE here for a reason. You have a purpose. 💖

  • Ellie Simpson
    Ellie Simpson 13 days ago

    4:22 Life is strange❤

  • Seleina Flores
    Seleina Flores 13 days ago

    I'm at target feeling some type of way

  • Excalibur The 2nd
    Excalibur The 2nd 14 days ago +2

    Why does no one love me?
    Why do the ones I love despise me?
    Why does my body look like something a little kid would draw as a monster?
    Why does no one accept me for who I am?
    Why do I want to die so badly?
    Why do I ache for some one who thinks of me as an annoyance?
    Why am I alive? We all die someday and no one will remember us in a dozen of decades.
    Why do people assume what type of life I live?
    Why doesn’t anyone understand me?
    Why do people think my depression is a self made choice I had cuz I desire attention?
    Why do people think of me as an alien because of my sexuality?
    Why does no one care that I exist?
    Why would I be considered weak for seeking help?
    Why am I so self conscious about what people think of me?
    Why can’t I die already?

    • Mark Ivan
      Mark Ivan 13 days ago

      We love you mann, mmmmmnyaaaaa!!!!!!!
      watch this

  • Uzile Zinzi Mbambo
    Uzile Zinzi Mbambo 14 days ago

    :) thank you

  • Мошни Гаја
    Мошни Гаја 14 days ago

    try switching from this to this /watch?v=qeVIMi5GgB8

  • Lachlan Edwards
    Lachlan Edwards 14 days ago +2

    One of the best lofi mixes. Listening to this late at night walking through a Paris street. Lotta love to everyone tonight. Everything’s gonna be ok.

  • Rawan Alafandi
    Rawan Alafandi 15 days ago

    is it just me or the cat feels like it's Tom from Tom & Jerry?
    ( the photo in general )

  • DJFaNaTiiC
    DJFaNaTiiC 15 days ago +1

    This comment sections Lowkey dark. But it’s real. I see a lot of ppl venting about a lot of shit they got on their minds. Hope y’all doing okay man

  • scoogleywoogleypoogley


  • YLlVargas Vargass
    YLlVargas Vargass 16 days ago

    B R O K E N F E E L I N G S

  • ai ortega
    ai ortega 16 days ago

    i love rain sm

  • Sammynater
    Sammynater 16 days ago

    it's crazy how this music is making some people in this comment section to start writing some depressing ass stuff. The influence music has on people is crazy

    • Sammynater
      Sammynater 15 days ago

      @nubes シュガー fr music is a crazy thing

    • nubes シュガー
      nubes シュガー 16 days ago

      spot on! this certainly proves that music can change your thinking. the power of music is underestimated!

  • Sophie van der Heijde
    Sophie van der Heijde 18 days ago

    Live like there is no tomorro.
    Just do it.
    Don't care what people think about you.
    Imagine its your first day in college and you're really nervous.
    What if no one wil accept you?
    In only 5 seconds 33.3% of the people don't like you 33.3% is neutral and 33.3% like you.
    But how??
    They don't even know you...
    It is okay to be different just smile a little bit more.
    You're beautyful.
    ♡ Hakuna Matata ♡

  • Sanstitr
    Sanstitr 18 days ago

    All these stupid, selfish, horrible thought that I have
    I can't get rid of it
    But I need to change
    For her
    Because all I want
    Is to protect her.

    But if I'm afraid of what I could do
    How can I ?

  • danna tyshaa govantes castellanos

    Ser deseado estás aquí porque el universo lo quizo y contribuiras con el al desarrollo de la conciencia. ❤️

  • Je D
    Je D 18 days ago

    Hey does anyone wanna make a group chat jus to talk and vent if so drop your number

    • Je D
      Je D 17 days ago

      LikoSubliminals all g man at least there’s ppl that care

    • LikoSubs
      LikoSubs 17 days ago

      Je D
      I rlly need to find a life and stop going trough comments but hey
      Found you again
      I’d love to talk to you but as dumb as it sounds
      I don’t use my phone to chat with people
      On youtube there is this fiction where you can chat with others tho

  • Luzia Blaudt
    Luzia Blaudt 19 days ago

    i seriously doubt that a cat is going to stay in the roof while raining i really doubt

  • laurora
    laurora 19 days ago +4

    aw man. me and these two boys used to stay up every night to listen to lofi beats on discord and discuss theories on reality and the universe. we still do and always will but, there's just something so memorable about going back to the mixes we listened to. thanks bootleg boy

  • Dillan Taylor
    Dillan Taylor 20 days ago

    Loving this compilation. I don't know about the other listeners but I find this incredibly soothing.... Looking forward to more uploads!!!!

  • Dragon Lowe
    Dragon Lowe 20 days ago

    Do you stay?
    What are friends?
    Do they stay?
    What is love?
    Does it stay?
    Im sorry to say
    But life doesnt always go your way.
    Maybe some day
    You can find yourself
    Like I have alone.
    Break free from the chains
    Make sure yourself still remains
    Passion is love
    at least to me
    Have you ever seen a dove?
    They are so beautiful
    But they act hostile sometimes.
    What about a cat?
    Curling up around you.
    Making you warm.
    Comforting you, and people who need calm.
    One of these days.
    Maybe I can stop.
    I search for love.
    Is it ever found?
    Yes. Everywhere around.
    Is it visible?
    Maybe, maybe not.
    Sometimes you have to dream to feel alive.
    But nothing ever matters in the end right?
    No you know that isn't true.
    It is special for me and you.
    Everyone around.
    Are we here for a reason?
    Are there others?

  • katybug 82
    katybug 82 20 days ago +1

    I feel like I fell in love in Paris and then they parted ways with me and now I’m sad in Paris.
    I don’t really know anymore.

  • İdil Sirius
    İdil Sirius 20 days ago +1

    im not depressed or anything i just like the music for studying man

  • brzydka reka
    brzydka reka 20 days ago +1

    If I can try, then you can. Never give the fuck up, hate will never win...

  • Cata Fontan
    Cata Fontan 20 days ago

    I love you the minute 13:00 is the best

  • Gage B-Bird
    Gage B-Bird 20 days ago +2

    First couple of seconds and I liked!!

  • Marvelous184
    Marvelous184 20 days ago

    Any girl I meet and gets close enough to me always realizes something is wrong. And I never know how to put it because even I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I am a fool for ever thinking I wasn’t one and that one day the pain from yesterday would relinquish itself from me. Where has my ambition gone?

    • LikoSubs
      LikoSubs 17 days ago

      Hey man if u ever need to talk to someone about what ur goin trough then know that I’m here for you and that I’ll try to help U out

  • •Moon- Ster
    •Moon- Ster 21 day ago

    This make me feel free

    IMJUSTHERE OK 21 day ago

    I smile can hide a lot of things
    #wasn’t me who wrote this one

    IMJUSTHERE OK 21 day ago +1

    Raining right now need a little light to see. Sometimes you like someone and you try your best not to think about her/him. You can’t resist thinking about her/him. Then you ask her/him out then fail then if you like her/him as a friend your relationship is ruined it’s unfulfilling


  • Bailey Banks
    Bailey Banks 21 day ago


  • RedireKouta
    RedireKouta 21 day ago

    This calmed a mind that's been, well not calmed

  • FromTheTeensMind
    FromTheTeensMind 21 day ago

    The first quote hit me hard.

  • Clowed Twice
    Clowed Twice 22 days ago

    Hello motherfuckers, it's raining in P A R I S

  • Nathan Lindsey
    Nathan Lindsey 22 days ago

    My girlfriend of 6 months left me today.. she felt as though she wasn't worthy of the love I have. So she left, to be with another guy who will most likely use, and hurt her. It breaks my heart, but because I love her... I'll let her go, she's been there for me, when my dad died, and I've been at my lowest, and I always wanted to make her feel loved and respected. The first 30 seconds of this video describes what I'm feeling completely.

  • Anastasia Alfonso
    Anastasia Alfonso 23 days ago +1



    • Je D
      Je D 18 days ago

      Anastasia Alfonso :,)

  • 9.16 Ara
    9.16 Ara 23 days ago

    I love lo-fi so much. But it really makes me feel like I have a memory that I don't remember and that it's supposed to be very important and a happy one... I'm afraid that there might really be a memory like it, and it's gone. Lo-fi makes me relax... sad... ask too much question about existence and all...

  • elli shortbread
    elli shortbread 23 days ago +2

    i wish i knew people that see the world the same way i do.

    • Je D
      Je D 18 days ago

      elli shortbread I wish there was just one one to chat with, that knew and understood everything that cared ya know

  • Sharkbait Hujaja
    Sharkbait Hujaja 24 days ago +2

    I looked into my mirror today
    I saw an empty vessel staring right back
    With no emotion, just staring.
    I stood there and understood what was wrong.
    Love was gone.
    In fact, love was never there to begin with.
    My whole life I've been on my own.
    Nobody to lean on,
    Nobody to love.
    I've never understood feelings and emotions
    Nobody ever taught me to show affection
    I'm alone.
    Maybe things will change for the better, I don't know.
    Maybe along the way I find someone who gets me
    Maybe I don't
    But for now I'm the empty vessel staring back with nothing to say.

  • RealDjfunkeedee ( Michael H. Hillger )

    Super Dope Dude !

  • Gabriella Sutton
    Gabriella Sutton 24 days ago

    So, i know i'm late to the party, but, my crush finally confessed he liked me~! We talked over text for a while until today he said he did't feel the same..and that he.. didn't like me the same..this is my first experience of a heart break.. I'm sorry to all of you out there... Just try to have a good day~!

    /} _ /}
    | -w-|
    ~ ~
    | . |

  • TrueX Killz
    TrueX Killz 25 days ago

    This music makes me sad, but senseless

  • Alyan Khan
    Alyan Khan 25 days ago +1

    I have a lot memories with this song, listening it brings them all back.

  • Azure Angel
    Azure Angel 25 days ago

    When life gives you lemons just listen to lofi

  • MLG-all allong
    MLG-all allong 25 days ago

    piano keys please?

  • Kimberly Gaytan
    Kimberly Gaytan 25 days ago

    If I ever want to read supportive comments, I’ll always remember to come to bootleg’s videos.

  • laura stefani
    laura stefani 25 days ago

    I feel like this is a phase in life where you always feel sad and i'm not liking it

  • bean17magic
    bean17magic 25 days ago


  • Joesus Cult
    Joesus Cult 26 days ago

    the perks of being a wallflower hits my heart some way that nothing else can.

  • Estherrr Totorooo
    Estherrr Totorooo 26 days ago

    is it normal to feel completely left out by friends that has been by your side since day 1 of all the bullshit you’ve been through?

  • izzy
    izzy 27 days ago

    wow. i never really read the comments of lofi videos or really watched them in the first place and it's amazing because people come here to vent. i love how supportive everyone is. for all the people who see this and are feeling depressed, you matter.

  • Mzëllë SÿSsÿ
    Mzëllë SÿSsÿ 27 days ago

    Am I the only person who like this type of music, but I’m great ?

  • Julie Hachiko
    Julie Hachiko 28 days ago +3

    we're all broken at some point in life, but after rain always comes the sun, so never lose hope! The universe gives us all the things we need and it makes us go through storms so that we can grow and become better versions of ourselves. Regarding the video, what does it say at the begining, after "why do good people date wrong persons?" I couldn't hear very well. Peace y'all

  • Idealism.
    Idealism. 28 days ago

    10:24 whale noises 100

  • Mariamm Medeiros
    Mariamm Medeiros 29 days ago

    "Everything Will be fine in the end, And If is not fine, is not the end"
    - Unknown

  • 誰か someone
    誰か someone 29 days ago

    damn these comments are making me sad.


  • KuanWiin Lee
    KuanWiin Lee Month ago


  • EcoZones2D6
    EcoZones2D6 Month ago

    USclip is the bullshit, but there are places like this...

  • Cal the Goat
    Cal the Goat Month ago

    Spinal drills I'm getting a sudden chill heart turned cold like steel so numb I don't what's real fantasize all day till a nigga feeling ill face turned red from the pills blood on my jacket from the wound from the tomb I assume that's my doom trapped in a box called my room only leads to destruction chaos from whom

  • N I G H T V I B E S ツ

    Check my songs out they are this type I enjoy making them leave a sub

  • deerlife35
    deerlife35 Month ago

    Extremely relaxing to listen too, I love to play this while I work it keeps my mind clear and relaxed so I can focus on what I'm doing, anyway love your channel keep at it

  • Alex Srv
    Alex Srv Month ago +1


  • Cassy Sida
    Cassy Sida Month ago

    omg i didn't even notice that the wallflower quotes, ahhhh all the tears, it okayyyyy