iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!


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  • noname22541
    noname22541 12 hours ago

    Isn't me, or is she biased?

  • Nina Neenaah
    Nina Neenaah 12 hours ago

    1449 that’s definitely 2000 in Kenya. Nah I’m good. I’ll stay with my 6 till the day it dies :(

  • HoNey nUt
    HoNey nUt 12 hours ago

    Aye putas im looking to get my first iphone so is the xr a good choice im 13 btw

  • Kalen1457
    Kalen1457 13 hours ago

    Ijustine is the epitome of shallow materialism. Just Look how many laptops and iPhones she has...I understand she reviews tech for a living but the way she talks and raves about these gadgets comes across as a bit spoiled (typed from my 3 year old iPhone 5s)

  • Zoey Uriarte
    Zoey Uriarte 13 hours ago +1

    I’m going the IPhone X s max also I have a IPhone 7

  • Emily ___YourMom
    Emily ___YourMom 13 hours ago

    I just got my IPhone X yesterday lol.

  • Jonathan Quesada
    Jonathan Quesada 13 hours ago

    I just came to watch the beautiful Justine, because prices of this phones are out of control

  • HB 1733
    HB 1733 14 hours ago

    People are obsessed with their phones. I paid under $100 for a phone and it does everything I need from a phone. I don't carry my phone in my hand everywhere I go like a lot of people.

    BASIL ELDHOSE 14 hours ago

    Xr display looking good?? Are you cazy.
    Xr display is shit btw

  • Games&Electronics G&E
    Games&Electronics G&E 14 hours ago

    Typical female likes her iPhone. Thank Samsung the king of innovation for that oled display

  • Future Senator Karl Pilkington

    Android > apple

  • Angelica Samiano
    Angelica Samiano 15 hours ago

    Pls...give me a....iphone x max.....pls.................notice me.....pls.....i like phone ...bacause i have no phone

  • Kathmandu N
    Kathmandu N 15 hours ago

    You are like the H of USclip

  • Lissette Rose
    Lissette Rose 15 hours ago

    I definitely want the iPhone Xs Max in gold

  • Chavion Hines
    Chavion Hines 16 hours ago

    We are both left handed. Save the left handed people Queen iPhone

  • Thechannel
    Thechannel 16 hours ago

    749 "less expensive" they said........

  • arthur ryszko
    arthur ryszko 17 hours ago


  • Jacob Higdon
    Jacob Higdon 17 hours ago

    Good review but check the specs for iPhone xr can’t even use 1080p60

  • Alberto Abelgos
    Alberto Abelgos 17 hours ago


  • DC Gaming
    DC Gaming 17 hours ago

    I have a 7 should I get a new one contract ends next year?

  • Ramen Skittles
    Ramen Skittles 17 hours ago

    *meanwhile i have a perfectly working iPhone 7*

  • Daniel Santalucia
    Daniel Santalucia 17 hours ago

    What a load of shit lol

  • sentino68
    sentino68 17 hours ago

    Wait... u put your iPhone 10 on a drone!!?? Love your show!

  • Child Star
    Child Star 17 hours ago

    the resolution of iphone Xr is the same as iphone 4.....
    they downgraded the screen and raise the price....
    what an innovation
    congrats to apple

  • Shema Greene
    Shema Greene 18 hours ago

    Do the iPhone XS take the same case as the iPhone X?

  • K E E P I T R E A L
    K E E P I T R E A L 19 hours ago

    i really wish i have an iphone even if it just 4s

  • mY baG iS HeLLa THicK
    mY baG iS HeLLa THicK 19 hours ago +1

    I got my phone stolen and out of nowhere I got lots of phone ads 😐😑

  • Moonchild
    Moonchild 20 hours ago

    I was going to buy the iPhone 8 Plus in silver last night but I ended up wanting to Preorder the iPhone XR in white because they’re nearly the same price

  • Bernie Atacador II
    Bernie Atacador II 20 hours ago

    Its really diificult for people to choose the phone they want becuz its the wors

  • Bernie Atacador II
    Bernie Atacador II 20 hours ago

    They just made an iphone worse.... An iphone 4 has more ppi than that and was realeased 8 years ago.... Dont waist your money in this iphone buy a 300 dollar flagship smartphone instead like pocophone f1

  • Chinedu Uchu
    Chinedu Uchu 20 hours ago

    She says the Xr is at a great price point?
    What level of retardation is she at?

  • Joe Antonicci
    Joe Antonicci 20 hours ago

    That phone sucks same old same old and that NOTCH OMG steve jobs from the grave, same bullshit home page .......................

  • Mr. Pro
    Mr. Pro 20 hours ago

    Apple becoming shit

  • Herman Grobbelaar
    Herman Grobbelaar 21 hour ago

    Iphone XR has the same screen ppi than iphone 4...? resolution isnt as good also for 750? lol okay...

  • Bruno Fernandes
    Bruno Fernandes 21 hour ago +2

    14 minutes of vídeo for 2 minutes about the device itself.

  • jaime samuel jaime soto

    This lady sucks with her videos 💩🖓

  • Mona_ma Jewelry
    Mona_ma Jewelry 21 hour ago

    i have 8+ and i’m probably not gonna change it for like a decade 🙂

  • Cita Tibrea Andrei
    Cita Tibrea Andrei 21 hour ago

    "The starting point is 749 !!!!!" WOW.
    How brainwashed can some people get...
    P.S. Really nice how Apple masked out the notch in their presentations with top black wallpaper. As lame as is gets...

  • JP Flores
    JP Flores 21 hour ago

    You are really stupid if you buy these phones!

  • NoDeathforDinner
    NoDeathforDinner 21 hour ago

    That is not rose gold. 🤦‍♀️Also omg so expensive for what you're getting. You can buy an android with similar specs for so much cheaper.

  • Apoorv Bajpai
    Apoorv Bajpai 21 hour ago

    i phone x R (retarded)!

  • Papon Pro
    Papon Pro 21 hour ago +1

    What Steve jobs vision was and what apple is selling right now 😪
    R.I.P Steve
    R.I.P Apple

  • Banloaed
    Banloaed 21 hour ago

    This girl is talking about tech like a girl talks about shoes... nothing really matters but the colors does... GIRLS

  • Papon Pro
    Papon Pro 21 hour ago

    If you idiots are deciding to buy the new iPhone XR then just to let you know , iPhone XR has the same pixels as that on iPhone 4
    So think before purchasing

  • Antoine Spiteri
    Antoine Spiteri 22 hours ago

    *cough cough* iphone XR low-resolution then a 1080P display *cough cough*

  • Axis
    Axis 22 hours ago

    You guys are such incredible suckers! lol Such a scam... usclip.net/video/rpeFbaf6XkM/video.html

  • Che M
    Che M 22 hours ago

    1500 for a phone and 750 for a iPhone 4 remastered....

  • Zimbabwe Sickest
    Zimbabwe Sickest 22 hours ago

    And they say money cant buy happiness

  • Shady Fellow
    Shady Fellow 22 hours ago

    i think i came to the wrong place, youtube help, please

  • Alizah Arreaga
    Alizah Arreaga 23 hours ago

    I’m getting a new phone but I don’t know what to get helppp!!! IPhone Xs or just the IPhone X or Xr pls comment

  • Yohann Kokora
    Yohann Kokora 23 hours ago

    It's very nice

  • Chime Tashi
    Chime Tashi 23 hours ago

    Tim cooks cocksucker😂😂

  • Praew Pakanan
    Praew Pakanan 23 hours ago

    *After watching this with Iphone5....*
    "Wait..What year is this ?
    How long have i been sleeping?"

  • deena douai
    deena douai 23 hours ago

    i want the XR in black it looks so good and pretty cheap

  • Kayla Marie
    Kayla Marie 23 hours ago

    I have been binging these videos...I can't wait for my new XS Max to come in! I have the 7+ right now, and i'm so excited to upgrade!

  • lupodelpollino castro
    lupodelpollino castro 23 hours ago

    Bellissimi come te!😉

  • the minecraft cat

    Still with a nokia lumia 635 😎

  • Hurrayrah Rahman R

    Need ur No.

  • wei yang
    wei yang Day ago

    what does xr mean

  • Leohan Agustlim
    Leohan Agustlim Day ago

    What makes it expensive is an apple logo. Imagine if this phone is from nokia? Nobody care!

  • cherry msp and roblox

    My mom only takes 2 weeks to make enough for a iphone x but she is only getting me a phone 6 soon she says it's expensive but I agree

  • Magic box Collector

    Not your phone.#you are very beautiful

  • Juan Veneroso
    Juan Veneroso Day ago

    Apples lil bitch.

  • Taf - your sarcastic ray of sunshine

    I’m getting this for my birthday!!! Maybe it’s not worth it but I love it🤷🏽‍♀️

  • ubilive7
    ubilive7 Day ago

    so much bigger? please not really

  • Derek Cabrera
    Derek Cabrera Day ago

    Who ever buys any type of iPhone X got finessed

  • sadeem ftais
    sadeem ftais Day ago

    hi justine i have a question pls answer me
    which iphone is better iPhone XS or iPhone XS MAX or iPhone XR

  • Lily Alcantar
    Lily Alcantar Day ago

    I NEED that yellow one to officially complete my yellow addiction

  • IFFY786x
    IFFY786x Day ago

    Ur 🔥

  • shaunie sullivan

    I’ll just wait until the iPhone 10 counts as an “old phone”and its cheap

  • SBreeze 115
    SBreeze 115 Day ago

    For a little bit more money you can buy a Mac book pro which is crazy...you want a laptop or a phone more? I’ll get the Mac

  • karen liu
    karen liu Day ago

    my cousin is so spoiled... she's getting the iPhone XS Max because she wants a bigger screen, and all the money is from her mom 😒😒😒

  • Peerote Muiee
    Peerote Muiee Day ago


  • Beymaster7
    Beymaster7 Day ago +1


  • Gabriel Elezaj
    Gabriel Elezaj Day ago

    It’s like the iPhone X
    Just rebranded

  • Whit 350z
    Whit 350z Day ago

    Your camera is the only one that pics up the true gold color , I’m glad I ordered it it looks amazing

  • Mr. C2aziest C2ab

    I have a iPhone X AND O BOY I JUST SAW IOS 12 And I’m like apple You ain’t serious why did You make a new phone I get a new phone each 5 years it’s fine 😝

  • kathryn davis
    kathryn davis Day ago

    formula rage prisoner dilemma pay ideology west creative desk range.

  • Nina Bilenko
    Nina Bilenko Day ago

    The names are so confusing....

  • robert tarantino

    Wow does everything a Samsung does,only 4 years later 🤭🙄

  • Losers Club Texting story

    Wow.. now I really think I have a small phone.. (IPhone SE VERY small phone..)

  • Ivan Nava
    Ivan Nava Day ago

    If you put an apple sticker on your dick, this bitch will suck it

  • TubeDroid Channel

    Cadê os brasileiros aqui no comentário?

  • TubeDroid Channel

    Eu nunca vou ter esse aparelho 😢

  • paddypunchaero
    paddypunchaero Day ago +1

    I'd take a Samsung s9+ or a note 9 anytime

  • Sdoeung Chor
    Sdoeung Chor Day ago

    How much

  • iAmPabl0
    iAmPabl0 Day ago


  • Dante YANG
    Dante YANG Day ago


  • Andrea
    Andrea Day ago

    yeah baby, your mouth is bigger than Iphone Xr...good

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker Day ago

    just another crappy phone, little liberals will flock to get one hahaha

  • Rahaf Khaled
    Rahaf Khaled Day ago

    0:14 lol the lady reflection in the Xs phone

  • Kimberly Hernandez

    When you finally get the iPhone X but then these come out🙃. Then again I don’t have 1,200. So I think I’ll suck it up. Cause I like the X

  • papi papi
    papi papi Day ago

    Has she admitted the price is ridiculous I don’t hate not trying to hate on ijustine but who thinks the price is ridiculously high for what’s in the box 📦

  • Aye Hi
    Aye Hi Day ago

    The Xr looks just like the 8😐. Who tf pays1500 on a phone

  • Kristina Feng
    Kristina Feng Day ago

    hey! you should try out oneplus 6

  • Angel Bethany Hernandez

    I want one toooo 😔

  • purplegal05
    purplegal05 Day ago

    10r camera only does portrait mode on people. It doesn't work on things/landscapes

  • Kristy Chapa
    Kristy Chapa Day ago

    ‘The display wow!’ It’s the same display as the other phones

  • Yumi Phạm
    Yumi Phạm Day ago

    Wow 😮😮

  • Ops Gamer
    Ops Gamer Day ago

    i got X 2 month ago now new iphone comes out