EPISODE 1: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
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Comments • 6 417

  • The best Music
    The best Music Day ago

    Different change of art h ut it's still great!

  • Jueleti
    Jueleti 3 days ago

    btw the story got shittier the more you read it, the more it emphasizes about sex. great job to the author, looks like the character has some lust problems

  • vanessa perez
    vanessa perez 3 days ago

    He looks like keith...

  • Mika Galaxy
    Mika Galaxy 5 days ago

    Am I the Only one who fangirl over Bowser's cuteness??

  • Kaelin Middleton
    Kaelin Middleton 5 days ago


  • Kristen Palkovics
    Kristen Palkovics 9 days ago

    Dude these voices are so on point. Especially Marshall's. That is exactalyy how I imagined his voice. This is gonna be a great series.

  • ItzThatOneGeminiGacha
    ItzThatOneGeminiGacha 12 days ago


  • Clarisse 1319
    Clarisse 1319 13 days ago

    very well animated but the voice acting~ feels unnatural

  • Liliana Pille
    Liliana Pille 14 days ago

    I just realized I’ve been reading “Ruminate” as “Runimate”

  • Luv Akatsuki
    Luv Akatsuki 15 days ago

    She looks like a better looking Velma anime style velma 😂 actually she looks like a mix of Velma and Dora

  • Sakura Elizabeth
    Sakura Elizabeth 19 days ago

    Wish there's more ruminate!

  • Amari Hooker
    Amari Hooker 20 days ago

    The intro music sounded like fireflies by owl city

  • Snow Mallow
    Snow Mallow 21 day ago

    I wonder who animates it

    • Evelyn
      Evelyn 18 days ago +1

      @Snow Mallow No. The creator of Let's Play is Joe. The animator is Yuri.

    • Snow Mallow
      Snow Mallow 18 days ago

      Evelyn is yuri the creator of the lets play?

    • Evelyn
      Evelyn 19 days ago

      Yuri animates it.

  • Irritable Down syndrome

    "Ruminate: a puzzle adventure game"
    Well it seems like someone doesn't know what an adventure game is.

  • Ruby Castillo
    Ruby Castillo 26 days ago

    Not to be mean but like where did Sam's lips go?

  • Critter Whisperer
    Critter Whisperer 28 days ago

    I would love to play an adventure puzzle game like ruminate irl!!!

  • Sophia Otero
    Sophia Otero Month ago


  • Josie Casalino
    Josie Casalino Month ago


  • Tanesiha Richards
    Tanesiha Richards Month ago

    Animation reminds me of Martin Mystery

  • quazinc
    quazinc Month ago +1

    Holy SH-

  • GalaxyDaisy101
    GalaxyDaisy101 Month ago

    0:32 why is June 24 is circled

  • Ashy Stars
    Ashy Stars Month ago

    Marshall Law remind me of Lance from Voltron Legendary Defender😅

  • Cherri Blossm
    Cherri Blossm Month ago

    Anyone else get Jay from the Kubz scouts vibes?

  • G. J. Brown
    G. J. Brown Month ago

    Want... entire... anime series NOW!

  • Cameo Fiasco
    Cameo Fiasco Month ago

    Streaming services adopt hundreds of titles so tell me.....Why isn't this on Netflix or something? !😦

  • Alphonse Elric x May Chang

    When a USclip channel can make a better quality cartoon than Cartoon Network.

  • B GT
    B GT Month ago

    Binged the whole comic found out this existed. Very happy at this moment. That is all

  • Catarina Sousa
    Catarina Sousa Month ago

    Who the fuck did this ???? It’s brilliant, thank you ❣️

  • Ethan Vo
    Ethan Vo Month ago +1

    Marshall just ruined her career.

  • StealthyNinja81
    StealthyNinja81 Month ago

    Why is this not an anime?!?!

  • Jemherka Chen
    Jemherka Chen Month ago

    Well, not what I had expected. Honestly, I prefer the original artstyle and the voices weren't what I thought it would be.

  • EnabledSeal
    EnabledSeal Month ago

    Yo why does Marshall turn into Lance for a second

  • Iva Sanchez
    Iva Sanchez Month ago +1

    Not at all the voices I've had planned for them

  • Gabrela Moon
    Gabrela Moon Month ago

    They made my Marshall Law a dickhead.

  • Gabrela Moon
    Gabrela Moon Month ago

    I see I LOVE YOO right there!

  • Lotus Blue
    Lotus Blue Month ago

    I prefer the original art style from the comics. Hopefully, when they animate Lore Olympus, they’ll do that. I’m not too keen on the voice acting but who knows? Maybe they’ll up their voices later???

  • Delta !
    Delta ! Month ago +1

    That 224 dislikes on Marshall's video, tch, I approve

  • KelpyART
    KelpyART Month ago

    Gosh, I just started reading Let's Play a few days ago and now, being all caught up- it's fantastic!! It's awesome to see this being made into an animated short!

  • Nurul Azyyati
    Nurul Azyyati Month ago

    I want dice became anime!!!!!!

  • Maranda Breen
    Maranda Breen Month ago

    This is amazing I didn’t know they made the comic animated I’m so excited for this!

  • MaeganE
    MaeganE Month ago

    Love this webtoon, didn't know there was short videos for some of the bigger Webtoons!!!! Seriously made my day to see that 💖💖💖

  • Eternal Loneliness
    Eternal Loneliness Month ago

    if you ever see a person claiming that they're a "gamer" and they said this 2:45 burn them alive

  • Justin Koker
    Justin Koker Month ago

    *anime gasp* I NEED TO READ THIS NOW 3:51

  • Austen Belongie
    Austen Belongie Month ago

    😭😭 I read all available chapters during my kids nap time. I absolutely need more of this! Hot hell I'd fund it if I had any sort of money to my name😂🤣

  • RandomCallMeNobody
    RandomCallMeNobody Month ago


  • dylandrin
    dylandrin Month ago

    yo, the animation style reminds me of the last airbender

  • edgy link
    edgy link Month ago


  • Guera
    Guera Month ago

    i just realize that Lore Olympus and Love Me too is in her VIEWTUBE page!!! WHAAAAT! I
    its awesome to be able to hear their voices and match it with the series!

  • Swiggle
    Swiggle 2 months ago

    She got rolled and smoked in the comments.......most likely it was on reddit

  • Small Gaming
    Small Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Marshall’s voice: I thought it would’ve been more squeaky

  • Unoriginal 156
    Unoriginal 156 2 months ago

    So wait... if Marshall has “over three million subscribers” why do his videos only have tens of thousands views?

  • Tina Moss
    Tina Moss 2 months ago

    Bowser is still best boi! 💖💖💖

  • Unoriginal 156
    Unoriginal 156 2 months ago

    I didn’t imagine Marshall’s voice sounding like that, but I’ll roll with it

  • Mercedes Rubiera
    Mercedes Rubiera 2 months ago

    *Depressing music*

  • awesome_gamer
    awesome_gamer 2 months ago

    Isn't the term Martial Law meaning that the government has full control of something?

  • GG
    GG 2 months ago


  • joshua sayles
    joshua sayles 2 months ago

    It’s still to complaceted for a player to enjoy at

  • Ericka Morales
    Ericka Morales 2 months ago

    Thanks for the animations, your work is hard but I like it

  • Midnightpintowolf
    Midnightpintowolf 2 months ago

    This is absolutely fantastic!!!!!

  • Me me big boi
    Me me big boi 2 months ago

    What a bitch not gonna lie tho