9 CREEPIEST True Scary Stories Found On The Internet | Best Classic LetsNotMeet Horror Stories

  • Published on Mar 2, 2017
  • Taking your average everyday situations and ruining them for you.
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    A lot of people ask me what video they should show their friends who they're trying to get into these kinds of videos, and I hope that this video can be it.
    I figured what better way than to start with some of the classics that made people originally fall in love with this type of content.
    Story Start times:
    Story 1: 0:28
    Story 2: 5:02
    Story 3: 16:03
    Story 4: 19:00
    Story 5: 28:45
    Story 6: 32:32
    Story 7: 40:22
    Story 8: 52:00
    Story 9: 57:07
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  • Corpse Husband
    Corpse Husband  2 years ago +2446

    Let's try this again.
    Can't thank you all enough for the amount of love i've recieved even though I hadn't uploaded in 2 weeks since video was so long.
    I also had a fun time livestreaming with you guys, and plan on maybe doing one once a month. If you missed this livestream, please turn notifications on by clicking the bell next to the subscribe button so that you're notified when the next one starts. Or, follow me on one of my social media's below where i'll let you know ahead of time when the next one is;
    Story Start times:
    Story 1: 0:28
    Story 2: 5:02
    Story 3: 16:03
    Story 4: 19:00
    Story 5: 28:45
    Story 6: 32:32
    Story 7: 40:22
    Story 8: 52:00
    Story 9: 57:07
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    • Jordan Davis
      Jordan Davis 17 days ago

      Dr ramsey is a fucking psycho

    • A_DRI_an_tv
      A_DRI_an_tv 22 days ago

      @Spaghetti he didnt

    • Ayden Pitka
      Ayden Pitka 5 months ago

      Ty Ty

    • Brent Gogel
      Brent Gogel 6 months ago

      Yeah. The Smiling Man would gotten ventilated

    • Brent Gogel
      Brent Gogel 6 months ago

      Whew! That violin man story was a trip. That just wouldnt do. Man i am a gun nut. Always have been. I keep a 870 12 gauge w a riot tube extension loaded w 00 BUCK and through out the day i keep a small 5 shot Smith and Wesson BODYGUARD in 38 caliber w a laser in me at all times w a speed loader and a knife in my pocket. It's so comfortable you barely notice it unlike my Glock or my 357magnum or Canik. It would still be crazy and scary as hell but i will put my 38 against that violin any day lol

  • demolisher1287
    demolisher1287 6 hours ago

    The dude in number 4 made so many sex jokes, but she didn't even realize it smh

  • assclown
    assclown 19 hours ago +1

    dr ramsey would get fucked up by myself

  • Bernice LL61
    Bernice LL61 Day ago

    Story 4 is really scary in a De'javu sort of way for me! With a few differences, and I'm a child born from the (60's) 61 to be exact! It is a cautionary tale! If something like a stalker type situation happens, don't be afraid to tell someone that you trust and know they would know what to do!💕👆💫

  • iKatOverLord
    iKatOverLord Day ago

    Woo 😼

  • icemagez the boss
    icemagez the boss 3 days ago

    On the hiking one when they were leaving and the guy walked out i wouldve BIG FUCKING BET and whipped my gun out aimed at him and if he didnt move id shoot at the ground next to his feet

  • melissabelton
    melissabelton 4 days ago

    Dr. Ramsey needed a bullet. Bitch, please....

  • Dawna Kern
    Dawna Kern 4 days ago

    Hey! I LOVE Fall Out Boy (and I'm 60)

  • Peter Raab
    Peter Raab 4 days ago

    Carry a gun

  • user18
    user18 4 days ago

    If DR Ramsey ever tried this with my family or even stumble across my home , I would have mauled him with my AR-15 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • P K
    P K 4 days ago

    Why every story that has a title with “THE” so scary/creepy

  • wunderful
    wunderful 4 days ago

    I love the music in the background. So immersing.

  • Bleak Ambition
    Bleak Ambition 5 days ago

    If I ever meet those kids, I'm snapping their necks and killing them.

  • rohver
    rohver 5 days ago

    Part of me is convinced the dad actually did kill Dr Ramsey, somewhere down the line, after that night when he stayed up. I hope that fucker is rotting in a ditch.

  • Lil Charcoal
    Lil Charcoal 6 days ago

    6:32 a meth lab in Iowa, no way! I just don't believe it😂

  • Cody Welsh
    Cody Welsh 7 days ago

    Well come to the comments we have hot coco lights and a bunker shotguns

  • M D
    M D 7 days ago

    Damn, ragù got a shout out

  • Kingston
    Kingston 7 days ago +1

    Dr Ramsey was stalking that girl because she bought Ragu instead of lamb sauce

  • MiSs TiLly RoSe
    MiSs TiLly RoSe 8 days ago

    The only person I'll listen to when it comes to scary creepy stories you are truly the best

  • Connor Robinson
    Connor Robinson 9 days ago

    Im here from BHD

  • Molly Selvaggi
    Molly Selvaggi 9 days ago

    Rational explanation for neglected children and meth labs..?

  • biscuit launcher
    biscuit launcher 10 days ago

    *_let's play rape_*

  • Jay Doscher
    Jay Doscher 10 days ago

    The first one if I was in the car I'd be like go go go

  • tutuca
    tutuca 11 days ago

    good god the first story is so cringey first of all how tf is that scarey second of all why are you crying and SCREAMING the whole ride home, like i just imagine "sobbing,sobbing,sobbing, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, sobbing,sobbing,sobbing, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" like wtf

  • Lord Sheerak XD
    Lord Sheerak XD 11 days ago

    Dude, I live in rural MO, if any of these creeps came to me I’d either shoot them with the 12GA, the .45, the M14, or the magnum. To hell with these creeps

  • _xv3nu3 X
    _xv3nu3 X 11 days ago +1

    Bro what type of a fucking idiot would think reporting shit instead of calling the police would work? Tell me that please

  • Mac123 Gaming
    Mac123 Gaming 13 days ago +1

    1:31 so you’d rather me scratch my balls in front of you?

  • Vermont Hippie
    Vermont Hippie 13 days ago

    Autism the guy in the basement or trets

  • Barter2735
    Barter2735 13 days ago

    His voice is creepier than the video 😂😂

  • RetroSimon
    RetroSimon 13 days ago

    Read the meter each month really ?

  • Jeffy Jeffy From Jeffy street

    The next 2 serial killers

  • 1_12_5_23
    1_12_5_23 14 days ago

    What is the background song / music name at 34:45 ?

  • scarface Topeka
    scarface Topeka 14 days ago +1

    Damnit Gordon Ramsay

  • Jeffy Jeffy From Jeffy street

    Wasn’t the violin and babysitting story told before too?

  • S7xQSYT
    S7xQSYT 15 days ago +1

    11:44 Leatherface aka Texas Chainsaw feelings bro...

  • Dylan Eklund
    Dylan Eklund 15 days ago

    Damn all you did was stop at a red light your holiness

  • Kelley Condon
    Kelley Condon 17 days ago

    if I'd been the babysitter I would have written the parents a letter about the incident and handed it them in front of the kids as I was leaving

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown 17 days ago +2

    I've heard the violin story on another channel but it's details were different so Idk... fishy to me lol

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown 17 days ago +2

    Just letting u know the story of them trying out Virginia's trails, its pronounced Pearisburg and Giles county is pronounced different too... No biggie just saying☺️ I love ur videos! Thanks! - your SW Virginia Subbie!

  • Mr. sythe
    Mr. sythe 18 days ago

    Story 4 steven d's channel

  • 1-800 no one cares
    1-800 no one cares 18 days ago

    How the fuck can the cops rule a dog hanging from a porch "accidental"? Cops are so fucking useless.

  • xtswarzone
    xtswarzone 21 day ago

    the first one made me laugh.... on a S C H O O L night... heavens what are we to do. Scariest part of this video

  • RoidWatch
    RoidWatch 22 days ago

    These are all lame as shit.

  • Mason Fernandez
    Mason Fernandez 22 days ago +1

    I’m still tryna n progress watching this but I think I heard all of these already

  • 2-D is god
    2-D is god 22 days ago


  • 2-D is god
    2-D is god 22 days ago

    “Head to the basement”
    Lol I don’t have a basement

  • My High School Spanish Teacher

    I have a scary story. In 1994 I saw The Exorcist. The end.

  • Carrie Lee
    Carrie Lee 24 days ago

    I have herd the stalking doctor one.

  • M4SH3D P0TAT0
    M4SH3D P0TAT0 24 days ago

    Dr. Ramsey is a fucking creep

  • Nytowl 0811
    Nytowl 0811 24 days ago +1

    Welcome to the comments!!
    Here we have food
    Self defense weapons
    Fun n games
    And valuables

  • spam spamial
    spam spamial 25 days ago +2

    maybe the guy just had tourettes

    • 2-D is god
      2-D is god 22 days ago

      spam spamial yo that’s what I’m sayin

  • Jesper Sørensen
    Jesper Sørensen 25 days ago

    Someone need to make an animated story of Dr Ramsay

  • Mark Tester
    Mark Tester 28 days ago

    34:19 fuck yeah!! Finally a story with someone who is fucking armed!

  • Roberts Smilgainis
    Roberts Smilgainis 28 days ago

    She said the 5 words that still haunt me: “Curse you Perry the Platapus”

  • Pet Me Bobby
    Pet Me Bobby 28 days ago

    I fucking love your voice narrating these videos

  • henrieastern
    henrieastern 28 days ago

    Ramsay frantically taps on the windows "WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE!!"

  • Kon Kanivalaki
    Kon Kanivalaki 29 days ago

    I have heard the last story two times before, this is the third..

  • Saveurital
    Saveurital Month ago

    In the Violin Hill, is the person male or female? The person sounds like a female....because the person sounds so wimpy and panicky. Babysitting story is not just creepy but very very scary, disturbing! I hate to hear evil children's story. I want to believe all children are innocent and pure.

  • Leslie Mellott
    Leslie Mellott Month ago

    I was led here after binge watching Unit's channel..now i am binge watching this channel:) i really enjoy your videos!!

  • Exo
    Exo Month ago

    The waltz type walk seems to be a popular walk for creepy people. First the smiling dude, now this dude. Smh, soon imma become afraid of the dab

  • GamingToMakeGamez
    GamingToMakeGamez Month ago

    -mr ramsey kills the dog
    *"it's time for a fucking crusade"*

  • Dick Maki
    Dick Maki Month ago

    Dude I'd bring x4 more

  • Dick Maki
    Dick Maki Month ago +1

    Lol she just bought a house with a crazy guy in the basement lmao. Better writing than that lol

    • luke.
      luke. Month ago

      Dick Maki it’s an apartment every level is a separate unit he said her unit was the attic

  • Dick Maki
    Dick Maki Month ago

    I do SVC for a basement company
    ...never had problems lol (just the creatures). Going into the basement is just what we do

  • Yvonne Norsen
    Yvonne Norsen Month ago

    #6 reminds me of all the Wrong Turn movies

  • Main Man
    Main Man Month ago

    I don't know why they were so lenient with the stalkers in the hiking story. I'd have been shooting them after the first warning.

  • winter killer
    winter killer Month ago

    I think 14:13 the guy haves turrets when you have out burst you can’t control it probably drove him crazy

  • Brodie Cook
    Brodie Cook Month ago +1

    Man this guys story’s are like almost better than mr nightmare like his voice is so scary

  • Elle Mass
    Elle Mass Month ago

    I assumed the man in the basement w me meter reader just had turrets but then I heard he attacked someone lol

  • CMT777
    CMT777 Month ago

    Mr. nightmare also told the baby sitting one hmm

  • Scoutz Marks24
    Scoutz Marks24 Month ago

    This didn’t seem like a hour and 2 minutes

  • Bleak Ambition
    Bleak Ambition Month ago

    *Violin Hill*

  • A Up
    A Up Month ago

    Hello babysitter let’s play r**e

  • jersey boiii Channel

    AA slogan you are who you are when no one's looking cuz we're only as sick as our secrets

  • Nazmul Islam
    Nazmul Islam Month ago


  • Landon Powers
    Landon Powers Month ago

    34:15 my man a judge a hole 410 Gage in some a holes chest is the best

  • Landon Powers
    Landon Powers Month ago

    6:45 what a guy can't prepare for his own death

  • Sooner Gaming
    Sooner Gaming Month ago

    Dr. Ramsey was so thirsty to promote is business he threatened to rape and kill

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson Month ago

    The Mr Ramsey one always confused me

  • carly wall
    carly wall Month ago

    People who kill dogs are another kind of fucked up

  • Real_LiLGhost Official

    14:38 he probably has tourettes

  • Mr. Suhaib
    Mr. Suhaib Month ago

    Sometimes you have to choke a dog to get your point across. Ijs

  • Pangee
    Pangee Month ago

    I wish corpse would have kept making videos. Best voice in the horror community

    • GHost
      GHost Month ago

      Why did he stop?

  • Louis Dernie
    Louis Dernie Month ago

    The violin guy dancing is dance walking man story

  • Andrzej M
    Andrzej M Month ago +2

    Who's really into these kind of stories? I find them so interesting.

  • Mehtap Cosgun
    Mehtap Cosgun Month ago

    #8 that is why abortion is legal

  • waffen ss
    waffen ss Month ago

    Ya know half this shit could have been over with a gun

  • J. Co
    J. Co Month ago

    The guy with the dog has turrets

  • TTRaptor
    TTRaptor Month ago +5

    I'm sorry if someone kills my pet, He will regret it. Even if he is a crazy man he will regret it

  • iiJustARandomPersonii ?

    Gordon Ramsey.. wow.. you really let your integrity go..

  • Mr Memelord
    Mr Memelord Month ago

    Put glass in my sandwich = get beat bitch I would have slapped dem kids I don’t give a shit about your parents I would beat yo asses

  • Mehtap Cosgun
    Mehtap Cosgun Month ago

    #4 Dad must have killed the child rapist

  • SBB Heatstroke
    SBB Heatstroke Month ago

    I need a life I just sat through thins whole thing

  • SBB Heatstroke
    SBB Heatstroke Month ago

    When I heard the dog was hanged I wanted to beat the shit out of dr.ramsy 🖕🖕big big mad

  • Unlucky Friday
    Unlucky Friday Month ago

    The second story sounded like he may have had torrents syndrome (I think that's how you spell it. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry)

  • f3cktard
    f3cktard Month ago +1


  • Giovohni Sanchez
    Giovohni Sanchez Month ago

    This is why i say fuck cops if someone ever tried to do that shit to my kids theyd be dead the first day (dr.ramsey)

    MR. LOLOLOL Month ago +9

    Dr Ramsey meet my list of guns
    Bulldog revolver
    12 gauge shot gun
    And more

  • KAL0S619
    KAL0S619 Month ago +1

    Story 9 is from Mr Nightmare as well