$192 Desserts • Holiday Special Part 2

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • Worth It hosts a potluck! A three part series celebrating holiday food traditions and friends. Part 2: The Desserts. Featuring Google Assistant.
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    Bianca Molina
    Sean Brennan

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  • Eri Ca
    Eri Ca 3 days ago

    I am currently watching a lot of videos about sweet caloric foods from buzzfeed and I realized that I haven't eaten much sweet food since last year considering how much I love it. I hate my body right now, and I don't know what to do, I feel like restricting myself.

  • Galaxy Yandere
    Galaxy Yandere 7 days ago

    You don't say

  • Sandwich Cipher
    Sandwich Cipher 8 days ago

    when you see rie in the thumbnail, you already know it’s gonna be a good episode

  • ngoc sins
    ngoc sins 10 days ago

    I heard that when eating wasabi you open your mouth and chew or else it’ll burn your nose nostrils 💀

  • Coco Joon
    Coco Joon 11 days ago

    The pie hole is gross. 🙂

  • Sean Courtney Films
    Sean Courtney Films 12 days ago

    Hey guys! Me and some buddies of mine made a Worth It parody and we think you’d dig it! Check out the vid and subscribe to the channel if you’re interested! For anyone that checks out the channel thank you so much.

  • Garrett Porter
    Garrett Porter 13 days ago

    The cone is cheating.

  • Emilee Borowski
    Emilee Borowski 16 days ago

    What is “college” and “saving up my money”? I want some damn good pies!

  • Kieran O'Connor
    Kieran O'Connor 20 days ago

    lmfao... "It's a fun game!" *Watches Grandma have a heart-attack after eating a mouthful of Wasabi*

  • Kieran O'Connor
    Kieran O'Connor 21 day ago

    I heard pi-hole, not pie-hole...

  • Chomppow 101
    Chomppow 101 29 days ago

    Big Mom is on a rampage now

  • korean at heart
    korean at heart Month ago

    saw rie in the thumbnail, and i never hesitate to click

  • Snap Dragon
    Snap Dragon Month ago

    do coffee in Perth

  • Lorena Castro
    Lorena Castro Month ago

    That tune when the girl was describing the pies matched so well!! What done is it? 2:25-2:40

  • Mark World
    Mark World Month ago

    Big mom joins the group

  • Aditi Adurkar
    Aditi Adurkar Month ago

    I love the music in to this video

  • Aditi Adurkar
    Aditi Adurkar Month ago

    Come to India for a video

  • Diane Michelle
    Diane Michelle Month ago +1

    Later career:
    In 2016, she appeared in Cat Out of Hell as the Kinsley Brown.

  • CaliLove
    CaliLove 2 months ago

    " it also have to impress your friend's who have high expectations"
    Bye friend's. Lol

  • Sillas Lucena
    Sillas Lucena 2 months ago +1

    I like the "suffering" of wasabi 😂😂😂😂 it's bad in the moment but fun afterwards... I also like the bitterness

  • Teddie Björn
    Teddie Björn 2 months ago

    In the picture 7:52 is that anna akana?!

  • Bryan Vidales
    Bryan Vidales 2 months ago

    Is she married???? Bruh I'll take her to make me cook me some cookies lol

  • Mizpah Martinez
    Mizpah Martinez 2 months ago

    season 6 please

  • Xiyuan Zheng
    Xiyuan Zheng 2 months ago

    wasabi / matcha cream puff

  • Muhd Zamez
    Muhd Zamez 2 months ago

    Rie for President!!

  • Maliq Sims
    Maliq Sims 2 months ago

    Dip and Stick. DipStick.

  • Sydney Rich
    Sydney Rich 2 months ago


  • Zubayer Rahman
    Zubayer Rahman 2 months ago


  • Karate Kid
    Karate Kid 2 months ago

    White guy seems so gloomy, I think he needs a gf.

  • Denis Profit
    Denis Profit 2 months ago +1


  • D.N.A Draw . New . Art
    D.N.A Draw . New . Art 2 months ago


  • DJ Luna X
    DJ Luna X 2 months ago

    Soo this is the last Rie related video.. i have watched every single one -.-

  • This channel is under renovation

    people: *gripe about pricing*
    same people: *are underpaid*

  • Violet None Of Your Business

    I'm sure they're delicious but those pies are way too expensive for me or anyone I know to ever buy.

  • Dilara A
    Dilara A 3 months ago

    A holiday episode should include Rie 😍🙌🏼

  • Saskia Black
    Saskia Black 3 months ago

    Half custard half cream is creme patisserie which is used in France as a filling for creme puffs...that cone should be filled internally fyi then tapped out off the mould once the caramel is cool and hard...its a pretty loved dessert in Australia...and a challenge they do every year...

  • Nate DeLeon
    Nate DeLeon 3 months ago

    Please stop putting scary adds

  • Blanco Fader
    Blanco Fader 3 months ago

    Gimme food.

  • Tyler DeAsis
    Tyler DeAsis 3 months ago

    Rie’s smile kills me every time. Too bright. Too beautiful.

  • loona b
    loona b 3 months ago


  • Aimee Huang
    Aimee Huang 3 months ago

    1:00 -Isn't that the har- important part?

  • Logan Bedell
    Logan Bedell 3 months ago

    Rie is a living goddess

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung 3 months ago

    love dessert

  • s o d o
    s o d o 3 months ago


  • Bryan Gutierrez
    Bryan Gutierrez 3 months ago

    Rie is so cute with her chef hat on

  • Stop Talking
    Stop Talking 3 months ago +1

    Does anyone else ship Andrew and Steven? 💀 I know I’m not the only one.

  • clmbheat.322
    clmbheat.322 3 months ago +2

    Are they going to have a season 6? Worth it is the only show i watch from fuzzfeed since the try guys left

  • clmbheat.322
    clmbheat.322 3 months ago +2

    Are they going to have a season 6? Worth it is the only show i watch from fuzzfeed since the try guys left

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 3 months ago

    Why does Rie look so sexy on the thumbnail for this vid? Damnnnnnn girl...

  • Amazed Skittle
    Amazed Skittle 3 months ago

    All I want are timestamps for Rie

  • Dan Cunningham
    Dan Cunningham 3 months ago

    I don't know about you, but I have a big crush on Rie

  • taiyona tiare
    taiyona tiare 3 months ago

    Rie is so adorable 😂

  • Allison Sim
    Allison Sim 3 months ago

    When you see Rie and Dessert on the same thumbnail, you know we ain’t messin’ around.

  • Abigail He
    Abigail He 3 months ago

    Guys 😂 7:37 captions on do it

  • gaspump
    gaspump 3 months ago

    Woo... What's the song during the pie creation?

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 3 months ago

    Anyone else think Rie mad cute? 😍

    Oh yeah yeah

  • sisnege licayan
    sisnege licayan 3 months ago

    Id have the creampie.

  • Juna Hong
    Juna Hong 3 months ago

    the only team that still gets buzzfeed views

  • Nway Nway Phyo
    Nway Nway Phyo 4 months ago

    who ships RIE AND STEVEN :">;".

  • Joseph Shields
    Joseph Shields 4 months ago

    Do they ever not like what they eat?

  • Alexisss
    Alexisss 4 months ago


  • jingcs bilob
    jingcs bilob 4 months ago

    best part is 4:41

  • DackxJaniels
    DackxJaniels 4 months ago

    Did she say they seep the tea over night?! That's got to be bitter as all hell!!

  • sunnydayforever1
    sunnydayforever1 4 months ago

    Andrew stares at Rie like he's madly in love with her,it's cute.I think they would make a cute couple!

  • Caroline Bescoby
    Caroline Bescoby 4 months ago

    ok but whats funny is a "bouche" actually does mean mouth so when steven said a croak in his throat and andrew said not in ur bouche ? um actually !!!

  • Jay Jay 1103
    Jay Jay 1103 4 months ago

    What the heck I know that place 7:52 I went there over the summer to begin cooking there I was watching her make the cream puffs and I knew that exact recipe then I saw the logo on her shirt and figured it out.

  • LBboarding b
    LBboarding b 4 months ago

    So can we give Rie her own show?

  • Raijinshi
    Raijinshi 4 months ago +4

    I lost it at the moment where Rie said “it’s fun” with a deadpan face. Looks like she’s got a dark side. 😂

  • Mary Keefe
    Mary Keefe 4 months ago

    i love how the girl from the pie hole says pistachios

  • kartikey kumar
    kartikey kumar 4 months ago

    3:19 she is a GHOUL

  • annabelle andrusko
    annabelle andrusko 4 months ago

    They should do worth it pedicures

  • labpleb
    labpleb 4 months ago

    "We came off of a terrible economy, so we gave the people $42 pies." Completely delusional, lol.

  • Paffen Päft
    Paffen Päft 4 months ago

    whats the title of the song in 00:51 ?

  • One Point in Thailand
    One Point in Thailand 4 months ago

    Now I need to find some pie to eat!

  • sean spence
    sean spence 4 months ago

    Learn to code soycucks

  • Anyonyomous ._.Kookie
    Anyonyomous ._.Kookie 4 months ago +1

    Hey! Your eating my paycheck!

  • who does
    who does 4 months ago

    Rie, Bigmom wants to know your location.

  • Boopidi Boop
    Boopidi Boop 4 months ago +2

    Dude when I sneezed he said bless you Σ(゜゜)

  • Charles Higley
    Charles Higley 4 months ago

    Do burritos

  • Coby Le
    Coby Le 4 months ago

    9:11 how it feels to chew five gum, stimulate your senses

  • Vitruvian Sports
    Vitruvian Sports 4 months ago

    PLeaseeeeeeeeeeeee what is this song?

  • Finna Woke
    Finna Woke 4 months ago

    big mom anyone? CROQUEMBOUCHE!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Hill-Helyar
    Jacob Hill-Helyar 4 months ago

    why do Americans pronounce pecan like peck CAAN

  • Ankit Khatri
    Ankit Khatri 4 months ago

    I haven't gone through comments and if der are no higene comments (7:45) then some of the Americans are a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Hadi zahedi
    Hadi zahedi 4 months ago

    rie is so sweet! just like her desserts

  • cita pratiwi
    cita pratiwi 5 months ago

    Rie's secretly a meanie >:)

  • Marveles holt
    Marveles holt 5 months ago

    Bouche means mouth in French, so you technically have had a croak in your bouche if you have one in your throat

  • yuki312039
    yuki312039 5 months ago

    rie is so evil with the wasabi surprise - I like her so much!! :D

  • EarliestBench66
    EarliestBench66 5 months ago

    How don’t they eat all the food they make, like I’d monch it as soon as it looked good

  • EarliestBench66
    EarliestBench66 5 months ago

    Damn I’m hungry

  • Katharina Fiedler
    Katharina Fiedler 5 months ago


  • Consultant ProAms
    Consultant ProAms 5 months ago

    I love Rie she’s nice

  • Odalys Rosa
    Odalys Rosa 5 months ago

    Y’all should do Hispanic food next and take me along as your guide 🤗

  • Todd Peucker
    Todd Peucker 5 months ago

    Great name for a dessert place....The pie hole.

  • encanta411
    encanta411 5 months ago

    Ok I'm not much of a sweet tooth person, but those pies...holy crap, those pies looked delicious, especially the salted chocolate pie!

  • aimee trudgian
    aimee trudgian 5 months ago

    At first glance (scrolling past not really paying attention), the lady in the thumbnail looks like emzotic

  • ichigofox
    ichigofox 5 months ago

    Guys 40$ for a whole pie isn't bad, its like 5$ per slice if you slice it into 8 slices. 30-40$ is normal for a whole high quality pie/cake which it was. They also used expensive ingredients like pecans and that not sparingly. (Maybe they could make the apple pie a little cheaper though I agree to that)

  • punpkin-314-pi
    punpkin-314-pi 5 months ago


  • Walphish
    Walphish 5 months ago

    The takoyaki wasabi game for cream puffs?? Eeeeeeevil 😂

  • Tavaman3
    Tavaman3 5 months ago

    People thinking the pie pricing is outrageous would probably feint seeing rent prices in big cities across europe/australia/canada/america