Ranking Top 10 NBA Point Guards | Through The Wire Podcast

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
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  • Jon McAtee
    Jon McAtee 11 hours ago

    Bro pierre's headband was upside down

  • Jackson Dedini
    Jackson Dedini 4 days ago

    “Steph Curry is the best player diangelo Russell ever played with” WHAT ABOUT KOBE

  • I AM J0K3R
    I AM J0K3R 11 days ago

    Pierre it’s called an opinion, other people can have them too.

  • Bronson
    Bronson 12 days ago +1

    Finally De’Aaron Fox gets some respect!

  • Archer Huang
    Archer Huang 16 days ago

    Yo, my boy Steph is an underrated defender. He isn't elite, but he isn't garbage

  • ogbmt
    ogbmt 18 days ago

    I'd go:
    1. Steph Curry
    (James Harden would go here if counted)
    2. Damian Lillard
    3. Russell Westbrook (happy to explain why if anyone replies to this comment)
    4. Kyrie Irving
    5. Kemba Walker
    6. Ben Simmons
    7. Kyle Lowry
    8. Chris Paul
    (D'Angelo Russell if counted as a pg)
    9. Jamal Murray
    10. D'Aaron Fox
    (Honorable mentions to Mike Conley, Jrue Holiday, Goran Dragic and Trae Young)
    (John Wall not even considered because there's no way of knowing how good he will be after 2 years out)

    - TTMTBWF 20 days ago

    My list is
    9-10 was tough you can mix it up with Fox, Bledsoe, DLO, Conley, Trae

  • Joshua Tjung
    Joshua Tjung 21 day ago

    My Top 10 PGs list:
    1. Curry
    2. Lillard
    3. Kyrie
    4: Westbrook
    5: Kemba
    6. Simmons
    6. (Tied) Conley
    8. Fox
    9. Lowry
    Honorable mentions: Murray

  • F HW
    F HW 23 days ago

    Top 5 kemba Russell kyrie dame curry

  • IsaacTheGamer TUT
    IsaacTheGamer TUT 26 days ago


  • Zachary Vandal
    Zachary Vandal 27 days ago

    Pierre talks way to much

  • Florian Renz
    Florian Renz 28 days ago

    Please get Pierre off there he is just not able to have a normal conversation. He makes himself look dumb as fuck

  • Randomspawn 11
    Randomspawn 11 Month ago

    So no John wall?

  • GageRice2629
    GageRice2629 Month ago

    (50:16) "Then drops to 69 percent"
    Kenny: "Nice"

    JAYMION COPPER Month ago

    Where is John wall

  • Ahmad Mansour
    Ahmad Mansour Month ago +1

    Sorry but Pierre is so damn annoying

  • Ballin4Life Dae
    Ballin4Life Dae Month ago

    I kinda agree with P because James Harden is usually playing against incoming freshman’s and he is not getting doubled team but Booker is.

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Month ago

    Dame at 2 🤨🤔🤣🤣

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Month ago

    I disagree heavily as hell with they list

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Month ago

    P intense asl 🤣🤣

  • Beast Mode103107
    Beast Mode103107 Month ago


  • Lalalalisa_m anoban

    where is lebron?

  • Temuri Kakachiya
    Temuri Kakachiya Month ago

    What? Now? Dame was shooting deep threes like since 5 years ago

  • Temuri Kakachiya
    Temuri Kakachiya Month ago

    Dame gets doible teamed the most....sometimes even triple teamed

  • Ramu Ayyaluru
    Ramu Ayyaluru Month ago

    This on spotify?

  • Camden Gregware
    Camden Gregware Month ago +1

    “How many teams got rings in the 90’s? Two!” Forget about the Pistons and Spurs in ‘90 and ‘99?

  • Camden Gregware
    Camden Gregware Month ago

    Not sure how y’all have Mike Conley that low, I got him at 6 on my list. He is an above average defender, a very solid playmaker and a great closer. If I’m trying to win RIGHT NOW, I’m taking Conley over Simmons, Fox and Dlo.

  • Camden Gregware
    Camden Gregware Month ago

    Trae Young is not top 10, his defense is terrible. I put Dlo, Fox, Murray, Wall, Cp3 and even Lowry over Trae. He could be a top 10 PG next year but from that one year he isn’t there yet.

  • Paul S.
    Paul S. Month ago +1

    Fire podcast

  • George Papaioannou
    George Papaioannou Month ago

    My man pierre is stubborn as hell

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez Month ago

    Pierre is this podcasts Ryan Hollins.

  • Marcus Smart
    Marcus Smart Month ago

    number 13 ? Kyle Lowry ? you're on drugs, hard drugs.

  • Conrad Graham
    Conrad Graham Month ago

    Where alex Caruso smh

  • Dakauri Terry
    Dakauri Terry Month ago

    Kot4q said “Little kids are chucking 3s Fran 4 feet away from the line “ hahA

  • Prtiz MVP
    Prtiz MVP Month ago

    Why does Pierre think he so smart? The other guy was literally right about everything about Dlo. Like comeon nigga you can’t win every argument. Take off yo AirPods. He shows no respect towards Kenny and the whole show. I hope he gets kicced.

  • Mystic X Riotz
    Mystic X Riotz Month ago

    Who was mike's 7??

  • Josiah Wilborne-charles

    Can y’all chill off piere he was talking basketball he’s passionate about basketball and he wasn’t even that mad

  • bowmanbryce _
    bowmanbryce _ Month ago

    Not hating cuz he was old but Pierre said Curry will be the best player D’angelo Russell ever played with but Kobe Bryant was his teammate for a year

    • Grrmy
      Grrmy Month ago

      bowmanbryce _ kobe was old

  • Drippy 3
    Drippy 3 Month ago +1

    pierre was actually right about the dbook situation he was getting double teamed in a open court game that's dump cuz hes trying to work on some new moves that he can add to his game but hes limited wit what he can do cuz hes getting doubled

  • Drippy 3
    Drippy 3 Month ago +2

    100% of comments: pierre is getting heated for no reason!!

  • Drippy 3
    Drippy 3 Month ago +1

    i just wanted to let yall know lonzo had a better 3 point % than trea young

  • DreamsComeTru50
    DreamsComeTru50 Month ago

    Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ Dame been top 2 for years now. Now niggas want to understand. Y’all same niggas that put John Wall over Dame and One ring Kyrie . Y’all niggas is stupid 🤣🤣

  • cR SlackeR
    cR SlackeR Month ago +1

    50:18 thank you KOT4Q. I was thinking nice as well 😂

  • Seo Plays
    Seo Plays Month ago +1

    Kenny is there

    KING ZEE Month ago

    What you will see in these comments:
    100% Pierre needs to chill/relax

  • Jpg. DubBeast
    Jpg. DubBeast Month ago

    Chill on my boy Pierre tho

  • Zach Stevenson
    Zach Stevenson Month ago

    Pierre chill out you acting like skip bayless

    • Daniel Li
      Daniel Li Month ago +1

      More like SAS with Carmelo

  • MenTaLisKing
    MenTaLisKing Month ago

    Wait so did none of yall have Luka or do you got him as another position????

  • Eskilate
    Eskilate Month ago

    I wish Kenny got into Pierre more, hes the only one Pierre would feel threatened in a debate with

  • dilld0r 45
    dilld0r 45 Month ago

    Alex Caruso gonna blow these bums out the water

  • Suprxme Steven
    Suprxme Steven Month ago +2

    1. Curry
    2. Dame
    3. Kyrie
    4. Wall (when healthy)
    5. Kemba
    6. Russ
    7. Simmons
    8. D’Lo
    9. Conley
    10. Fox
    11. Lowery
    12. Trae
    13. Murray
    14. Holiday
    15. CP3

  • Mo 76
    Mo 76 Month ago +2

    Curry ain't the best player dlo played with cuz he played with kobe

  • Alex Vandermeys
    Alex Vandermeys Month ago

    Pierre’s goofy ass needs to calm down. Take them AirPods and acknowledge defeat bc Mikes right abt DLoading touching the ball almost every possession on that warriors team

  • Tbfit Tbfit
    Tbfit Tbfit Month ago

    Oh my gosh, the guy with the headband is sooooo annoying, he argues with everyone and just gets louder to prove a point, GET HIM OUT

  • Benjamin Parsons
    Benjamin Parsons Month ago +1

    1:01:17 keep playing it😂

  • Benjamin Parsons
    Benjamin Parsons Month ago +1

    Why is this idiot wearing a damn head band and AirPods, your discussing basketball!?!?

  • Zack Flame
    Zack Flame Month ago

    Broooo they disrespected Mike Conley

    ENG - ENGLISH Month ago

    Lmao, Pierre was just passionate about his arguments. I feel that brodie. 😂😂😂

  • Luis Castro
    Luis Castro Month ago

    Pierre refuses to be wrong ever lol he always always right 😂you can’t debate with a guy like that

  • Aakaash narayannan
    Aakaash narayannan Month ago

    I agree with DMills' list the most just cause lowry is on there