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  • Published on May 17, 2018
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  • fire flo
    fire flo Month ago


  • Electra
    Electra Month ago

    They’re going to sell her

  • cgecastingagency
    cgecastingagency Month ago

    Mom can I sleep with you because snarled I'm 7

  • Rubie Peaty
    Rubie Peaty 6 months ago

    Hi doggie

  • Rhianna Eagleton
    Rhianna Eagleton 7 months ago


  • Andrea Ortega
    Andrea Ortega 7 months ago

    OMG, so like the parents sold the other older girl and when the money runs out they will sell her

  • omL bTs슈가
    omL bTs슈가 7 months ago

    I'm 6 months late -_-

  • Metallic Fox
    Metallic Fox 8 months ago

    Lol the first mom is the best!🤣

  • b o r e d c a l l a
    b o r e d c a l l a 10 months ago


  • Honor the Star
    Honor the Star 11 months ago

    I love you so much, I love your scary videos and stories too I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUUUCH

  • the heck kind of girl
    the heck kind of girl 11 months ago

    Hello I miss watching your vids

  • Kawaipotatos
    Kawaipotatos 11 months ago

    I’m like 10mintues late rip

  • ValThe Weirdo
    ValThe Weirdo 11 months ago

    I’m shook by the start of the video or live...It’s like she’s staring at a ghost or something

  • Jaiden Rosenbalm
    Jaiden Rosenbalm Year ago +3

    Wow am like a few months late

  • sLayoR
    sLayoR Year ago

    the dog looks line Bane from batman or smth

  • Fox Night Nightcore


  • Sparkling Champagne

    When she said Emma, I jumped since it’s my name.

  • The Plague Docter
    The Plague Docter Year ago +1

    Did you name your dog Iezu after the Coldfire Trilogy? Just curious.....I love that series! 😀😍

  • Rediatu Worknhe
    Rediatu Worknhe Year ago

    Im late😑

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  • Oscar Pope
    Oscar Pope Year ago +2

    Sorry for not being here I was afraid the park and left my phone at home

  • nn minn58
    nn minn58 Year ago

    I wonder if that person is an army, that person would tap the sound to save me, then, the adopted child gets the clue(ok sorry not funny)

  • Ma Qihao
    Ma Qihao Year ago

    Hi my name is maqihao I’m getting freeked our I just want tot know are those stores real

  • Bulb 1807
    Bulb 1807 Year ago +6

    Please Sapphire ...don't stop something scary ,it is the only thing that keeps me going the whole week with excitement for the next episode .School spirit will end soon and then there will be boredom on USclip if not for others then at least for me...Please promise that you will continue the series when you come back from your vacation!

  • m&m tub
    m&m tub Year ago


  • Miranda Warner
    Miranda Warner Year ago +1

    🙌🏻 hands up for Sudbury Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 I swear that entire city is haunted you just get those vibes there..

  • Janyne Ruth
    Janyne Ruth Year ago

    Can you still speak tagalog? Naiintindihan mo paba to?

  • chiydah edwards
    chiydah edwards Year ago

    hi hiuo

  • Jamie Bonchu
    Jamie Bonchu Year ago +1

    Good thing this wasn’t on Mother’s Day!

  • MOOD Films.
    MOOD Films. Year ago


  • MOOD Films.
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  • Malice
    Malice Year ago

    For something scary:

    Me and my 2 brothers were walking down the road and we heard something whisper my name in a quiet deep voice. “Alice, Alice” we didn’t think much of it. After 10minutes of walking we saw someone staring at us through a window with bright red eyes and black hair drizzling down their face, we started to get worried so we started heading home, we turned around and a figure was there
    Eyes bright red, blood dripping from teeth, black long hair and a 1600’s night gown, me and my 2 brothers ran, soon after a man got hit by a car, we was really scared. When we got home my grandfather told us that our grandmother was hit by a train and discribed her just as we saw the figure.

  • Slim Jadey
    Slim Jadey Year ago

    No more Rachel and now no more something scary? Thats all I watched Snarled for :( oh well I guess I'll miss this Channel

  • Whos your Fairy
    Whos your Fairy Year ago

    I don’t want something scary to end!!!!😭😭😫😫

  • Arcane Kids
    Arcane Kids Year ago

    And the wanna hear something scary so the makes four ahhhhh I'm so excited

  • Arcane Kids
    Arcane Kids Year ago

    I just bought three of your merch I bought the tall lady one the case and the slay

  • Julia Morris
    Julia Morris Year ago +1

    Don’t scroll...

    You just had to do it didn’t you....

    Karma is a major bitch☺️😊😁

    It keeps going....

    Still going...

    Thank you for participating in pointless activities👏🏻
    Edit: I liked my own comment

  • Darkix
    Darkix Year ago

    yes that is how science works. one half of your brain is dedicated to creativity

  • Lyon Vlogs
    Lyon Vlogs Year ago

    Hi I’m 9 can I have a shoutout

  • Tina Mendoza
    Tina Mendoza Year ago


  • Kawaii_N_Krazy
    Kawaii_N_Krazy Year ago +5

    I think the parents sold their daughter to prostitution and when they said; "we still have you" that meant that they would just send their other daughter to prostitution if the money were to run out. this was my guess at the riddle answer

  • skyler girlgamer
    skyler girlgamer Year ago

    vaphire's voice is soo low

  • isaac gold
    isaac gold Year ago

    Get you sisters to do this channle while your gone.

  • lilyrose mitchell

    When she did the doggy voice near the end haha aww

  • Kaycee
    Kaycee Year ago +3

    No don't quit I only subscribed because of you!!!

  • The Cräžÿ kids Life

    Lol I was here already

  • Neng Khup
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  • DatSaltySoap
    DatSaltySoap Year ago

    if hes chewing his feet take him to the vet he could be hurt

  • Max Teacup
    Max Teacup Year ago

    Im late i know, but hey Saphire how are you?

  • EXID Forever
    EXID Forever Year ago

    You sound like Mila Kunis

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  • Edward Pederson
    Edward Pederson Year ago

    Are you live steaming

  • Esperanza Gonzales


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  • Eric Encarnacion
    Eric Encarnacion Year ago +2

    I love your vids your the best😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Sakura Stafford
    Sakura Stafford Year ago +1

    When you purposely come late because you hate live chat.

  • SnowDraws
    SnowDraws Year ago

    I’m late srry

  • unknown fan time
    unknown fan time Year ago

    Your day going good or no??

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  • Infinity 666.666
    Infinity 666.666 Year ago

    They soled the sister

  • Deanna Foster
    Deanna Foster Year ago

    Yes take the summer off please don't stop doing videos I love your videos

  • Snow Theneko
    Snow Theneko Year ago

    Why are you quitting something scary

  • Avrilanna Beament

    My scary story: one day I was walking home I got inside then went to my bedroom like always I called my mom she was in the room next to me she picked up the phone I asked her to get me some chips from downstairs but she said no so I stayed in my bed and then i heard My mom call me by my full name I came out of my room. I look down the stairs I felt dome thing behind me it was my mom she said I heard that to...........

  • Rice Balls
    Rice Balls Year ago

    My god I got a shout out

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    Omg ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 😱😱😱😱😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😱😱😱😫😫😫😩😩😩😱😱😱😫😫😫😩😩

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    Awww 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

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  • Gatcha studios Mostly original

    I am literally 24 hours late

  • Danielle Anzalone
    Danielle Anzalone Year ago +3

    Something scary about my mom, she grounded me 😲😲

  • lovetolose
    lovetolose Year ago

    when you miss the live and trying to catch up 😟

  • Ariel Jampang
    Ariel Jampang Year ago

    I hope that you will continue something scary after you take a break and rest. I enjoy watching your live stream,ghost guide and something scary 😂😊❤️

  • Lux Crownguard
    Lux Crownguard Year ago +2

    I want animations :0

  • MVP
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    KEANE ALONTE Year ago

    Her face in the thumbnail tho

  • Laura S
    Laura S Year ago

    I'll do a story time about Yoko Ono:
    Once there lived a man named John Lennon, he was happily married to Cynthia Powell, they had a young son and John was part of a band called the Beatles.Then there was a woman named Yoko Ono. She later married John, broke up the Beatles and destroyed the dreams of all the Beatle fans for years to come, and they all lived sadly ever after.

  • Hedera Ivy
    Hedera Ivy Year ago

    Sapphire i love u so much, ur dog is so so so cute😍😍 Also, I’m going to cedar point on saturday!! Yay 😀

  • Hedera Ivy
    Hedera Ivy Year ago

    Do you hear yanny or laurel Sapphire?

  • Red panda Leila dook


  • Amy the Demon !!!


  • Amy the Demon !!!

    I'm new to this channel

  • Amy the Demon !!!


  • kawaii hime
    kawaii hime Year ago

    I’m sad that there’ll be no more something scary live after next week but I’m glad that it’s because you want to take a break!I think you’re overworking yourself Sapphire! Have a nice holiday & take care! :) Love you!

  • Shino Clan
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  • Dawn Speakman
    Dawn Speakman Year ago

    Say hi

    TECHPECK Year ago

    Please don't stop, something scary...It is the only thing that keeps me going the whole week. I wait for it very eagerly and when it finally comes out-I'm like whoa...gonna' watch it, again and again, the whole day...Please don't stop!

  • Jason Red Santos
    Jason Red Santos Year ago

    YASSSS!!!! QUEEN!!!! 23:52 YAAAAAASSS!!!!!

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    I was late for the stream T^T

  • I’ll shank you So fuck off

    I am late because I had to go to my sisters wedding 👰 love you 😍

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    Ho Socks Year ago

    I love sapphire's hair so much aaa

  • NoThanks :v
    NoThanks :v Year ago

    I understand that you need a break am I support that but Im kinda triggered because now I dont have anymore scary stories to tell my friends :(

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    Aw, I only come here for something scary. Oh well...

  • Lykos The Therian

    I have a story but I can't send it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    mango Year ago

    I’m gunna look up mother

  • Extreme MovieZ
    Extreme MovieZ Year ago

    Only God this is actually her live

  • Luminol
    Luminol Year ago

    I'm obsessed with your vids even if I just watched your vids last morning