• Published on Feb 6, 2019
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  • Alexis Gold-Perez
    Alexis Gold-Perez 4 months ago +4516

    Best childhood memory is probably one with my dad. My mom died when I was 2 and my dad died when I was 12. I remember him calling me “cute” and I asked him to spell the word cute and he said “q u i t e” so it’s just one of the happy memories with him. So now in memory of him I have the words “quite cute” tattooed on my ankle. He didn’t finish high school so his spelling wasn’t the best and I just always loved that moment. R.I.P. mom and dad 😇

    • Laila Solomon
      Laila Solomon Day ago

      So sorry

    • Vine House
      Vine House 16 days ago

      That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard😇

    • Lexy Loppy
      Lexy Loppy 19 days ago +1

      Awwwwww I'm so sorry

    • XxXŁåÿXxX
      XxXŁåÿXxX 29 days ago +1

      You’re very strong 😍☺️

    • Celeste Hernandez
      Celeste Hernandez Month ago +1

      Alexis Gold-Perez I’m so sorry for what happened to your mom and dad.

  • xx_peepsxx
    xx_peepsxx 2 hours ago

    My youngest/ one of my best memories was when I got to hug my Vovo and she said, “You’re the nicest out of you and your sister.” I always cherish those words because 2 months ago my Vovo died of cancer in her own house 😫🙏🏻 I will always remember how she smiled at me. R.I.P Vovo, I hope you’re in a better place now

  • The Wolf pack
    The Wolf pack 4 hours ago

    My first memory is my worst memory.
    I had sleep paralysis and I saw this fucked up werewolf thing next tiny bed just staring at me. I was like 6 (I have a very bad memory).
    But my best memory is when my who,e family was watching doctor who in the living room, the monster of the episode crashed threw the roof and my brother peed...he has like 15 and I just laughed.

  • Madeline Golding
    Madeline Golding 8 hours ago +1

    I haven't heard someone call this shaka since I lived in Hawaii 🤙. Also... my first memory was sneaking out when I was three, by myself, to walk 1.5 miles ,and get a Sprite at the officers club on the military base I lived on. I knew how to get there and I can still tell you how to get there... and yet... I never got that Sprite.

    • Madeline Golding
      Madeline Golding 8 hours ago

      Walk down to the beach. Turn left. Keep walking until you see the officer's club.

  • Midnite Sun
    Midnite Sun 9 hours ago

    Actually I can’t believe I don’t remember anything from my like early childhood. It’s just from when I first moved I only remember being in the car outside of our new house they told me I was about a year or two years old.🤷🏼‍♀️

  • isislovesdogs
    isislovesdogs 10 hours ago

    heat ruins film but cold is actually really great for it!

  • i died
    i died 10 hours ago

    I love looking at photos of my parents together they were so happy and looked so in love, my dad died when i was two and my childhood wasn’t the best tbh it hurts a little seeing my mom so happy and full of life in those photos then seeing her now i feel bad that I can’t forgive her for no being there even tho she was home 24/7 and for making my life living hell for no reason at all i wish she was a good person so i could feel love towards her it sucks losing your mom while she’s still alive

  • Brian English
    Brian English Day ago

    You should put the lullaby in your next song

  • Tiffany Boyer
    Tiffany Boyer Day ago

    I was 11 months old and I remember sitting on my grandmas lap watching the news of 9/11

  • Jae
    Jae Day ago

    Best childhood memory: ... I only remember the bad ones.
    First memory: running up and down the stairs at the age of two in my old duplex. I was butt naked and my siblings were trying to catch me... I was a weird ass kid

  • Genevieve Petersen
    Genevieve Petersen Day ago +1

    My name is Genevieve and I have an older sister named Gabby... neat stuff my dude :)

  • Madi Jennings
    Madi Jennings 2 days ago

    My earliest childhood memory was when I was 3 years old. It was back when my mom still worked at this photography place. We were going inside the building and I was sitting in a stroller. I was wearing a little pink flower dress.
    As for one of my favorite childhood memories, I would have to say when I was 4 years old and I went to Worlds of Fun for the very first time. It was back when my grandma, who was my best friend in the whole world, was still alive. Me, my mom, my siblings, my cousins, one of my aunts, and my grandma all went to Worlds of Fun for the day to have a good time. I'm pretty sure my dad for sure wasn't there cause of him having to work. It's whatever though. It is what it is.

  • Kitty Max
    Kitty Max 3 days ago

    Irene is precious

  • WerewolfStyleGuide
    WerewolfStyleGuide 3 days ago

    I'm from Armstrong County, lol. I thought I heard you say buggy in another video. #YinzersForever

  • shadow wolf
    shadow wolf 3 days ago

    I remember being born for like 1 or 2 seconds. I was coming out the woom AND I'm legit serious I Saul l light and then BAM!!!iii I woke up from my sleep and then when I woke up I had realized that I was like 6 or 5 or 4 or three I know a lot of numbers but like I think it wasn't a dream because it was so real and then I couldn't remember anything from then it was really crazy I just cannot forget it

  • Bethany Rose
    Bethany Rose 3 days ago

    My best child hood memory has to be when I was in the 6th grade (I’m in 11th now) and I was getting ready for the first school dance and my brother entered the house, started to scream “Bethany would you like to go to New York City with me?” And of course I said yes and we got into the Semi-Truck (Hes a truck driver) and we went on our way and that was my first time being in New York.

  • Lalli 16
    Lalli 16 4 days ago

    You should make that lullaby that your mom made, into like your own type of song for your mom, in your EP (go buy and stream 2 way mirror!!!)

  • Rebecka Justice
    Rebecka Justice 4 days ago

    walmart still has 1hr photo tho 😂

  • Amylee C
    Amylee C 4 days ago

    lalalala someone almost hit me lalalalalal

  • Kaylee Brown
    Kaylee Brown 4 days ago +1

    my first memory was when i was 3 and and i was having mt b day party at my old house in a room that i still remember and i fellout of my chair and a old woman got me when i fell but when i told my mom and dad they said they do not remember that but i remember felling a embarrassed and someone started laughing and my cousin remembers

  • Eileen Gold
    Eileen Gold 5 days ago

    my earliest memory is my grandma and mum sitting in the living room, I'm crawling into my grandpa's room til I hit dead end at the wall and I was TOO LAZY TO CRAWL BACK but I KNEW if I started crying somebody would come pick me up and bring me back to the living room ....... so I did that. and low and behold, my mum came. must have been 1 1/2 or so. once a lazy bitch, always a lazy bitch LOL

  • Eileen Gold
    Eileen Gold 5 days ago

    is Irene's father German? kaputt means damaged, over, done, bad (same btw)

  • Lucy Violet
    Lucy Violet 5 days ago

    The amount of time gabbie lets go of the wheel I’m like 😧

    DDL DDL 6 days ago

    When I was a few months old my mom was burping me and I threw up all over her I remember what she was wearing and we still have the same couch

  • Hailey Jensen
    Hailey Jensen 7 days ago

    One of my best childhood memories was when I was like 3 or 4 but I don’t remember a lot of my childhood bc of some shit that went down but anyways my mom used to read a book called corderoi (idk how to spell it) but it was my favorite book and she would read me that book every night until I fell asleep I miss that.

  • Lorin Ames
    Lorin Ames 7 days ago

    My first memory was when I was 10 to 12 months old and we were taking pictures and I was in a pink dress and I fell out of the chair did a front flip and said my first word which was hi but I don't remember that...

  • Kitty Kaela
    Kitty Kaela 7 days ago

    My first memory was when I was 2 and I was at the great escape (a amusement park) and my dad was giving me a piggy back ride

  • Mindless Wonder
    Mindless Wonder 8 days ago

    why is gabbie driving

    • Mindless Wonder
      Mindless Wonder 6 days ago

      Lexie Stuart but like she never drives have you seen her driving off a cliff vid explaining why she dont drive 😂

    • Lexie Stuart
      Lexie Stuart 6 days ago

      Mindless Wonder because she has a license and car lmao

  • Veronica Ebeling
    Veronica Ebeling 8 days ago

    We had this moon and sun blanket that my dad would burrito us in and then pick up the ends and swing it around by spinning. Probably my only memory before the age of 8

  • peytin cruz
    peytin cruz 8 days ago

    I am the Irene of my friend group

  • Ava Nix
    Ava Nix 8 days ago

    I don’t remember anything before my brother was born so I was 6 and I was running away the water

  • Emma Henry
    Emma Henry 9 days ago

    Wait I thought everyone said the heel of the bread!?! Wtf!

  • Anne Lawrence
    Anne Lawrence 9 days ago

    irene is valid. it’s the heel of the loaf.

  • Rayne Reisinger
    Rayne Reisinger 9 days ago

    First memory was getting my picture taken professionally (I was 11 months old.) And Best childhood memory was probably my (first or second maybe third) birthday It was a princess themed party but I had a SpongeBob Themed Cake.

  • Abbagail Satroplus
    Abbagail Satroplus 9 days ago

    dancing to dirty dancing with my dad at 1 year

  • McKenna Miller
    McKenna Miller 10 days ago

    my sole goal in life is to be the irene everyone needs in their life

  • Emmi Sarvijärvi
    Emmi Sarvijärvi 10 days ago

    My earliest memory was the moment when I got in to my first caraccident. I was three years old. I was alone in a car and waiting for my grandpa. I pushed the handbrake down and the car started to roll down the hill and the car hit a tree. I was okay 🤦 but the car was destroyed 🙃

  • Violet X Clementine
    Violet X Clementine 10 days ago

    I was 1 year and I walked to the movies and my dad smashed the fucking popcorn and i died

  • carolyn wheeler
    carolyn wheeler 10 days ago

    My first memory is watering the plants with my dad. I thoight i was like 3 or 4 but i recently found pictures of me doing this activiry and i was barely walking.

  • carolyn wheeler
    carolyn wheeler 10 days ago

    Vouging for calling the end of the bread the heel of the bread

  • Midnight Lunar
    Midnight Lunar 11 days ago

    My best childhood memory is when my dad came to pick me up from my grandmas house and I ran away from him straight to my aunt

  • meaganfern
    meaganfern 11 days ago

    So skills is like USclip but you pay for it lol

  • cadeosaurusRex :p
    cadeosaurusRex :p 11 days ago

    My oldest memory is a dream of barney killing my whole family with a chainsaw soooo

  • Ariana Mac eilish and Nicholson twins Fan

    Gabbie : my first memory I was 10 months old. Me: but you don’t member anything tell ur 3

  • Jada Kepkie
    Jada Kepkie 12 days ago +1

    My mom sang that to me too!!!

  • Melissa Anthony
    Melissa Anthony 12 days ago

    I was a little over 1 and my sister wouldn't let me play with her and her cabbage patch dolls. So I took my diaper off and peed on her floor.

  • lirpA neerG
    lirpA neerG 12 days ago

    I have a bunch of cameras that i need to get developed and they are also about 20 years old

  • Miryam Çccf
    Miryam Çccf 13 days ago

    One thing I remembered from when I was really young was I was like 2 or 3 years old and I was feeding my dad chocolate cake. And another one was I was at this place where you could eat food and paint statue kind of things and I finished painting mine first so I started painting myself and my older sister didn't notice until I was covered in paint 😂😂😂

  • Violeta Nava
    Violeta Nava 13 days ago

    I love that Gabbie is singing the lullaby her mom sang to her and then suddenly stops to cuss out a person 😂

  • Molly McColm
    Molly McColm 13 days ago

    My first memory is when i wan 2 or 3 and i was sitting on my grans counter and it was 2 days before my birthday 🎂 and my gran said I hope you have the best birthday 🎂 and my fav childhood memory it was my 6th birthday and my brother picked me up and we took a picture and then we both blew out the candles our b-day is 10 years and 1 day apart 😂

  • Jwas
    Jwas 14 days ago

    Who else low-key ships irene and gabbie?

  • lil_ Trin vids
    lil_ Trin vids 14 days ago

    My favorite memory was when I was 1 year old and I was running through puddles with my dad in the driveway and I got to muddy for my liking and I took off all of my clothes my dad took a picture of me and it's in my memory book

  • I w a n t T o d i e
    I w a n t T o d i e 14 days ago

    I dont really have a favorite childhood memory it was all two dogs died when i was little my uncle died..aunt died...i broke my leg bone bc i jumped out of a window....alot of dark memorys..

  • CapitalLLB
    CapitalLLB 15 days ago

    My first memory was from an earthquake a couple months before I turned 2.

  • Planet Zoom
    Planet Zoom 15 days ago

    best childhood memory is when I fell out of my tree because my mom scared me...I didn't have many good memories as a kid...……:(

  • Vine House
    Vine House 16 days ago +1

    Another one... sry. Another story is that when I was like 9, we were driving home from a long day at school (my mom was a teacher). So it was just me, my mom, and my sister. This guy in this really old beat up car with a BUNCH of stickers cuts my mom off. My mom cursed as usual but I looked at the back of his car(at the stickers). A rye-de die one caught my eye real quick, so I said it out loud. (Only 9, cant read well) I said,” you just got passed by a hippo-.”(reading the sticker). Mom,”what?!?” Me:”I ment hippy!” We come don’t stop laughing until we got home, it still makes us giggle when we think about it. It made our day and gave me a life long memory.😊

  • Vine House
    Vine House 16 days ago +1

    I remember this memory when I was about 1 half year old. I was in my kitchen cabinet where all the pots and pans were and I was just pretending i was like cooking. My mom opens the cabinets and sees me in there and asked what I was doing in confusion. Well I was 1 and a half and dumb so for the heat of the moment I said, “well, I was looking for grandma!” Wyf, who stayed that?!?

  • {}• Błüębęrrÿ Büšh •{}

    My favorite childhood memory is when my mom left my dad cause he got to drunk. I was one when she left him 😊

  • Abigail Fite
    Abigail Fite 17 days ago

    Also when I was younger my grandma lived in this house in Merced she moved but I loved that house also every Christmas she bakes cookies I love my grandmas

  • Abigail Fite
    Abigail Fite 17 days ago

    I think my best childhood memory is when I was 4 and I went to Hawaii and we stayed in an air bnb right next to the beach

  • Hailey Knoblaugh
    Hailey Knoblaugh 18 days ago

    First memory is so vivid to this day I just remember waking up but still asleep and everything was black and I opened my eyes (I was on the living room couch don’t know why) and my family was making breakfast and all talking and yeah it was pretty gnar lol idk how old I was tho prolly around 4 because I could talk lol
    My favorite childhood memory would beeeeeee that my sisters and I (I swear we weren’t abused this was just fun for us all) would hit our dad one of us at least and it would turn into fun little slap fights and soo we or later turn into tickle fights or just into really good talks or turn into all us just sitting in my parents room watching tv it was cute because you knew if there was a tickle fight or a slap fight that day it was gonna be a good day I know kinda weird but that’s my family 😁 sadly tho now my parents are divorced my mom lives with her bf my dad live with his gf my oldest sister lives with our grandma and I live with my second oldest sister so we’re not all as close as we used to be

  • Clarisa Wheeler
    Clarisa Wheeler 18 days ago

    Her lullaby is from old school sesame Street. I love that.
    It is the heel of bread.
    My childhood was traumatic, so I don't really have any good memories. The first one I remember is when I was 3 and put on my baby brothers red sleeper sack instead of my feety pajamas and had my feel curled up inside this sleeper, uncomfortable, not being able to find the leg holes in the dark, but I was too scared to say anything because I didn't want to get in trouble.

  • Niamh Houldsworth
    Niamh Houldsworth 18 days ago

    Your mums bday is after mine xxxx

  • Mia Justine
    Mia Justine 19 days ago +1

    Wait... can you not just bring these in to rite aid or Walgreens anymore? 😳

  • Ryn TheGreat
    Ryn TheGreat 19 days ago

    Karen Carpenter

  • Deniss Kalnins
    Deniss Kalnins 19 days ago

    When I was around 1 year old I remember taking a book and just saying “I’m done with it” and I didn’t understand why everyone laughed but it turned out I broke my uncles nose and he had to go to the hospital.Know ever time I think about I laugh my lungs out and I actually don’t know why

  • Lexy Loppy
    Lexy Loppy 19 days ago

    When you was speaking about your memories - with your granddad beard if reminder me about the dolls that no one new about it was weird

  • Kat's Kitchen
    Kat's Kitchen 19 days ago

    One of my first memories was the first day of kindergarten. I met by best friend, she and I wore the same jumper outfit except mine was blue and hers was pink. We instantly became bffs

  • Kellijean20
    Kellijean20 20 days ago

    Heels of the bread, obviously yes. Also, the butt of the bread.

  • Mikaela Vande Berg
    Mikaela Vande Berg 20 days ago

    My favorite memory is probably: I was waiting in my grandparents living room (also my house) and I was waiting for my mom to pick me up after me not seeing her for two years and i was like 2 at this time and finally i heard a knock on the door and i ran outside in the middle of the night and we were both running toward each other in complete tears

  • Tanya McRae
    Tanya McRae 20 days ago

    I like your yellow hair on u

  • NightMarionneFury
    NightMarionneFury 21 day ago +1

    Earliest thing i can recall is my baby brother screaming and throwing a highheel at me and it hitting me square in the face. And considering he is 3 ish years younger than me and he was speaking, id say i was maybe 4-5? I dont know. I honestly have such memory problems it's really sad xD

  • kaebutt
    kaebutt 22 days ago

    My first memory was trying twizzlers for the first time on my dad's lap. He had some friends over and we were all out on the porch and I just remember thinking it was the best tasting thing in the world. I have no idea how old I was, I was maybe like 2

  • Jenna Helbling
    Jenna Helbling 23 days ago

    You should’ve sang that song and put it on your new album as a late dedication to your mom for mother’s day

  • Unishark 129
    Unishark 129 23 days ago

    My youngest memory is when I was 9-11 mouths old I was in the stroller my dad was pissing it and we were walking my sister to school and my dad turned super fast and freaked me out

  • DanielleMarie
    DanielleMarie 23 days ago

    I’ve heard of heel of the bread!

  • Shanya Hanson
    Shanya Hanson 24 days ago

    My earliest memory is from when I was 2, my sister was just a baby, brand new, crying in her carseat, my mom was trying to drive, I unbuckled myself and crawled to my sister to give her a toy or something, I wanted her to calm down, and I remember my mom pulling over by our church to put me back, I was just genuinely wanting to help my 2 month old sister lol (we are 2 years and 2 weeks apart.)

  • Blake Murray
    Blake Murray 24 days ago

    I remember being breast fed lol

  • EmiLouWho
    EmiLouWho 24 days ago

    My dad sang that Sesame Street song in the morning when I was younger❤️

  • Angela Grace
    Angela Grace 25 days ago

    My youngest memory was when I was 4. My mom had just gotten home from court after getting divorced from my dad and I was brought downstairs by family because she found out her cat Pookie died in her cage and my family didn’t want me to see that.

  • Nat Day
    Nat Day 25 days ago

    My first memory was when I was 16 months old and we were on a road trip to Arkansas and I made everybody in the car listen to kids nursery rhymes the whole entire trip and my parents threw away the CD after the trip so that they wouldn't have to listen to it again.

  • Beg 030507
    Beg 030507 26 days ago

    My earliest memory is when I was around 4 and I went to a Little Mermaid play with my dad and “Uncle” who was actually my dads friend who I called my uncle and his name is Scott but I used to call him hi sock literally, “ hi, hi sock!”
    because my mom was trying to get me to say hi Scott 😂🤦‍♀️

  • scooby25611
    scooby25611 27 days ago

    My first real childhood memory was my 3rd birthday.. I say "real" because all of the other memories I have are based on photographs so they're likely falsified.. but anyway, my birthday party was Barbie themed because I was a HUGE Barbie girl and so I had pink streamers and a small Barbie cake and I think that was the year I got my Barbie bedding that I had for forever..
    And my favorite childhood memory is from when I was an older kid (11 or 12 probably) and my best friend at the time would come over and we'd play Barbies and always did the same game where it was basically The Little Mermaid except instead of Ursula, it was a jealous human girl who tried to ruin things, and we always played these games while listening to either the Ocean Eyes album by Owl City (our favorite band at the time) or the Shrek soundtrack that I had on CD. It's not really a single memory because we played that multiple times, but it is great and sometimes funny.

  • Christine Laskowski
    Christine Laskowski 27 days ago

    Gabbie about to look at the pics then an ad pops up, very well placed

  • Love Rai
    Love Rai 29 days ago

    Maybe that’s why you have panic attacks, ur first memory was of being afraid of something and everyone laughed instead of helping you...I imagine that’s what it feels like to have a panic attack...being afraid of something and no one helps you...sheer panic...that’s what mine feel like anyway...🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Sabrina Gorder
    Sabrina Gorder 29 days ago

    Not my earliest, not my best but it's funny now that I'm older. When I was about 12 I fell asleep on the couch in the living room. My mom came home drunk as hell and she didn't see me on the couch and so she ended up sitting on my face 😭 girl I was gasping for air and I have never been woke up so abrupt in my life. Now that I'm 22 I can laugh about it.

  • Van 16
    Van 16 29 days ago

    It’s def the heel of the bread

    βΔŇŘIØŇ 29 days ago

    My first memory is actually a dream. I dreamed that I was sleeping in my room, and then I woke up, opened up my diaper (I must've been a baby, I have no idea how old I was) And I took out this big log of poop, and set it behind the door. Then my mom came in with my aunt and she was like "Aw, Banrion, what--" But it was a dream XD

  • Holly King
    Holly King Month ago

    I literally love the title 😂😂💕💕💕💕

  • Babyboy Daydreams
    Babyboy Daydreams Month ago

    My first memory was when I was about three. I was holding my little tin from Valentines day looking out the window of my first house. My baby sibling was sleeping, was still a baby baby. My mum and dad were in the yard arguing and my Nanny was there trying to diffuse the situation. And I remember being sad because all I wanted to do was see my Nanny but they would't let me go outside to see her.
    My favorite childhood memory is before I started school, I was constantly at my Nanny and Poppops. (This was after my parents divorced). And every morning they would sit me at the table with this little camping tv and I would eat with them while watching Reading Rainbow.
    Or, there was a grove of blueberry bushes down the road from me and I would call it Blueberry Hill cause of Dora the Explorer. And my Poppop would take me down there and we would pick a TON of berries and bring them back and I would watch my Nanny make blueberry pies and cobblers and jam and everything.

  • Donut Hoel
    Donut Hoel Month ago

    Oh my favourite memory
    is my throwing up cuz i cried to hard in Uno-

  • Genevieve Ruoho
    Genevieve Ruoho Month ago

    Brooo as soo as soon as she said Genevieve I was like yes 😂😂 when people have the same name as you 😂

  • Lily Flower
    Lily Flower Month ago +1

    By best memory was when I was three and my dad and I were walking in Walmart and he just grabbed me and tossed me up on his shoulders but the earlyest memory was when I was 14 months old and I was at daycare and the guy watching us said hold on let me go get miss piggy. Mrs. piggy is just him putting on a pigs mask and I remember it scared me so bad . I don't now why but I thought he told me that miss piggy was a killer I don't think he did but if he did the brooooooooo. Love you gabbie keep doing what your doing I love you so much.

  • evelyn murrell
    evelyn murrell Month ago

    My happiest childhood memory i was about 1 1/2 and my sister and brother would always say"hit me with your best shot" and i would swing at them another one 3 years old me and my sister had slime we where throwing it up in the air and my sister hit the ceiling and it stuck up there my sister got spanked so hard ANOTHER ONE okay last one 9 years old My Mom was an alcoholic and she would get drunk and hit us one day my step dad was there and he stopped her and made us go to our dads and that sucked and now i am here that was not the best tho and one more bad one okay i didn't want to go to k i(kings island) and i was with my grandma and she was at my aunts so we hung out and we left i didn't say i loved her a few weeks later BOOM she died she had a blood clot because she had a cast and um and it went to her heart and i would give my soul to the devil to tell her i love her i Hate my self for not telling her I love her

  • Kira Walton
    Kira Walton Month ago

    I was like 3 and I went with my mom to the hospital to get an ultrasound of my baby brother, and I got to see him inside her stomach and we sat curled up into each other in a hospital bed crying (happily of course)

  • Yeon Ki Min
    Yeon Ki Min Month ago

    12:44 I still look like I did when I was a kid and I'm 18😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ac Owens
    Ac Owens Month ago

    I know I’m late, but my oldest memory is me running through my church’s lobby butt naked. I was a year old.

  • Batata Mama
    Batata Mama Month ago

    one of my oldest memories is when I was about 3, my older brother and I poured water all over our small apartment balcony and slid on our knees, back and forth.. my knees suddenly stopped mid slide and I bashed my chin into the floor! after that, I remember my mum holding a wet towel on my chin and telling me everything’s ok while my dad drove us to my doctor- I was fine, didn’t feel anything and was just like "no biggy, alls good" 😆
    I remember the blue paper thing covering my face and the feeling of the doctor sewing my chin shut !!
    lol good times...
    my brother and I were at my grandmothers house in London- every time we stayed at her house, we’d sneak down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to steal sugar cubes... my brother and I remember this so well... we were about to walk down the stairs in the pitch black when we saw this blue light! it was like a bright blue light floating right in front of us- and I shit you not- IT WAS A TINY FAIRY !!!! I SWEAR IT WAS REAL!! HE REMEMBERS IT TOO!!!!!!! !!!! !!! we both told my mum this same story when we were younger!! it was reallll!!!!!!!!

  • NumaticVacuum
    NumaticVacuum Month ago +1

    Nothing like looking at tangible prints of your past.
    Family photos will never be the same again.

  • Rhiannon Taylor-Haynes

    My favourite childhood memories were when my older sister made a day where I had to do everything for her. Like push her on the swings bring her juice etc. I only like them the best cause it’s so funny how much she took advantage of me 😂 Because whenever I would ask for a “Rhiannon Day” she would never give me one.