Link Up TV Summer Splash BBQ!!! Ft Mist, MoStack, Bank Roll Young, Cadet | Link Up TV


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  • Jay Stacks Beats
    Jay Stacks Beats 6 months ago

    This is wavey yano 🌊🌊🌊... If any rap artists require beats check over my channel ... I got it all UK Drill Instrumentals, Afro Swing Type Beats, Chief Type Beats, Drake Type Beats & Much more.

  • N Ali
    N Ali Year ago

    1.00 Frankenstein

  • yo yo
    yo yo Year ago

    y wasn't I invited famo

  • Tom Heenan
    Tom Heenan Year ago

    Daft question but thats the song at 1:55 ish?

  • 1 Up
    1 Up Year ago +1

    Mostack the tracksuit kid as always

  • Abdul Raafe Mudasser

    This should be called Young Tribez got summer splashed! LMAO if you know you know

  • messiah jewmad
    messiah jewmad Year ago +7

    Mostack always wearing tracksuit no matter what the event is 😂

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Year ago

    What's the last song?

    • Leo Mateee
      Leo Mateee Year ago

      Marco Polo enit been looking for dat

  • The Adventures Of Curt & Dan

    Raah no invite Linkup

  • Gold
    Gold Year ago

    Yo im late to the party what was the last song bruh
    It fresh

  • Nabeel Jamshad
    Nabeel Jamshad Year ago

    1:07 song???

    • mo sao
      mo sao Year ago

      popcaan goodtimes

  • JACK 07
    JACK 07 Year ago +6

    0:53 bruh she thick with a tiny waist

  • Spartan H
    Spartan H Year ago

    isnt this the party tribez got shot at?

  • b
    b Year ago

    Not a hater bro I'm subbed to ur channel, but dis looked dead I ain't gonna lie 🤔😂😎

  • Grimez Alive
    Grimez Alive Year ago +13

    Bare gyal must got passed n dashed that day lool 😂😂😂😳

  • Navin
    Navin Year ago

    What are the songs featured in this

  • Estelle Khall
    Estelle Khall Year ago +8

    mostack look like he skipped detention to come chill

    • redz123able
      redz123able Year ago +2

      he looks paro and uncomfortable lol

  • liamdor
    liamdor Year ago

    lool everytime a white guy is in shot they cut it

  • Psycho Active
    Psycho Active Year ago

    Young tribez got drenched

  • Stormzi
    Stormzi Year ago +2

    1:04 how can you be looking at dons forehead crease like that

  • P
    P Year ago +3

    Jazzy needs to blow man Ffs

  • H Gunz
    H Gunz Year ago +3

    When tribez got wetted lool

  • The-V12-Beast
    The-V12-Beast Year ago

    Stupid girl asked Tribez what his name is :D

  • badqct9
    badqct9 Year ago +5

    1:58 looks bare like Hillary from fresh prince

  • 67 BP
    67 BP Year ago

    Tribez got splashhed

  • S K
    S K Year ago +11

    huhh?? tribez got soaked at summer splash?? loooool

  • Shae
    Shae Year ago +1

    It's a shame young tribez got splashed at the summer splash.. Ironic

  • Tyrone Mario
    Tyrone Mario Year ago +3

    rahhh, u man, link up tv snaked us u know, kmt

  • Scouted
    Scouted Year ago

    What's the first and last tune ? 🔥🔥

    • Ahmed M
      Ahmed M Year ago

      What's the second song called ? One playing at 1.10

    • VVV
      VVV Year ago +1

      Sorry last song is Donaeo - Inner My Circle

    • VVV
      VVV Year ago

      Scouted Popcaan - Never Sober / Baseman - New Wavin

  • Nino.Brown
    Nino.Brown Year ago +2

    Why does ade remind me of movie free him doe.

    • Str8
      Str8 Year ago

      blazethathaze69 mover doing 30 in bins g

    • blazethathaze69
      blazethathaze69 Year ago

      he aint locked?

  • Tembz
    Tembz Year ago +8

    1:47 how can she violate tribez like that 😂

    • Tembz
      Tembz Year ago

      what I don't get how have they put his name in the title of the video and still she asks what's your name 😂

    • Poohead 0161
      Poohead 0161 Year ago

      A1 tembz 😂😂😂 how she gone ask him his name

  • Charles Harding
    Charles Harding Year ago


    GRINDxHUSTLE Year ago

    Next year 💯

  • R Sar
    R Sar Year ago +2

    Always movin like there for youth n shit they don't include dem in nothin

    • Da mann
      Da mann Year ago

      yea but big people still got to get there's looking though my subscriptions theres hasn't been a song worth listing to for few week as a big man who been listening to uk grime/rap/garage for over 20+ years, so the platform link up is giving the youts is a lot and you think they could of hire that yard if a bunch a youts was gona be running round hell noo

  • ZzmortzZ
    ZzmortzZ Year ago

    summer splash how ironic

  • Peakzer
    Peakzer Year ago +1

    SONG AT 2:35

    • Nas Hamed
      Nas Hamed Year ago


    • FRKZ1LH
      FRKZ1LH Year ago


    • Omazza T
      Omazza T Year ago

      Baseman X Shocktown - New Wavin

    • SimZimaaaa
      SimZimaaaa Year ago +3

      Shocktown Baseman - New Wavin , come on man have you been living underneath a rock or suttin

  • T. Driller
    T. Driller Year ago +3

    Some nice beanies there still 👀

  • amelia ks
    amelia ks Year ago

    jazziee was derrr ❤💯

  • GorillaMan
    GorillaMan Year ago +23

    Why was we not invited tho 😑

  • 7Siide elz
    7Siide elz Year ago +5

    1.05 - TE looks like hellboy with dat head of his

  • FullyMatic
    FullyMatic Year ago +3

    Try not to have casualties next time

  • Abdul
    Abdul Year ago +23

    heard suttin got splashed this day

    • Shae
      Shae Year ago

      +adam strapz tribes was chatting bad french got mad wrapped him and one of frenchs guys dipped tribez

    • Shae
      Shae Year ago

      adam strapz yeah I know, but it's hard to explain, basically French fucks with some people in sk not all of them

    • Shae
      Shae Year ago

      Nah big French and tribez aren't cool it's bare complicated

    • Spartan H
      Spartan H Year ago

      im sure Tribez got shot at?

    • Hama Ak
      Hama Ak Year ago

      Abdul tribez got punched up by French and 30 min later the same guy from french's crew got shot

  • Kingshukss Xx
    Kingshukss Xx Year ago

    shit den