Last To Remove Hand, Wins House Challenge

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  7 days ago +43374

    Subscribe and I’ll give you a plane

    • GewoonDaan
      GewoonDaan 7 days ago +3

      send me mrbeast merch for free

  • non non
    non non 31 second ago

    Now I can two planes 😎

  • Project Rocket
    Project Rocket Minute ago

    Hmm this is my research of the comment section down below
    75% wanting chandler to win a challenge
    10% Are ideas for the videos
    4.999999999999 are random comments
    0.000000000001 are charts about the comments down below

  • Mariana A Thot
    Mariana A Thot 6 minutes ago

    10:02 Chandler has a thicc booty.

  • Nikkyy Stanley
    Nikkyy Stanley 22 minutes ago

    I feel so bad for chandler 😂 poor guy

  • BlisteryCrane69
    BlisteryCrane69 34 minutes ago +1

    It was last to remove hand, so how come no one amputated their hand

  • julie greenwell
    julie greenwell 36 minutes ago

    I dare Mr beast to play monopoly with real 💵 💵💵💵💵💵💵💰💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰💵💰🤪💵💵

  • Privet Murphy
    Privet Murphy 37 minutes ago

    Stop being mean to chandler

    FEEZE BEAZT 39 minutes ago

    “Somebody do a challenge so chandler can quit”😂😂 I love chris

  • zackery Cool
    zackery Cool 39 minutes ago

    They removed their hands right before at 12:30

  • Hope Easley
    Hope Easley 42 minutes ago

    Aye Bailey repping that auburn toboggan War Eagle!!!🐅

  • Xander
    Xander 47 minutes ago

    5:51 the guy in the middle lets go

  • The Destroyer22
    The Destroyer22 52 minutes ago

    Fortnite playground last one standing wins $10,000

  • BEYOUD 2025
    BEYOUD 2025 58 minutes ago

    Should have called up mcjuggernuggets for the challange.

  • Bria Reese
    Bria Reese Hour ago

    I love how they do all of theses challenges and say you get this or that nut they all will really at least get to use that one thang once btw luv the vids keep up the good work

  • Kye Vinson
    Kye Vinson Hour ago

    I bought some merch

  • Mike Bik
    Mike Bik Hour ago

    funny i know people on that south colonie baseball team. lol i'm from colonie. my stepfather was the coach

  • Natsu Igneel
    Natsu Igneel Hour ago

    12:27 didn’t he take his hands off?

  • Chandler Vue
    Chandler Vue Hour ago

    Hay I have the same name

  • Phillip Olivo
    Phillip Olivo Hour ago

    Can you buy all the billboards in Atlanta and then put saints logo on all of them please.

  • Kookies Shooked Eyes

    9:53 just making the Chandler stans more wet, I see u

  • Lily MacGregor
    Lily MacGregor Hour ago +1

    did chandler have hickeys or is it just me?

  • T Tyezmo
    T Tyezmo Hour ago

    Mrbeasty typical title

  • GamingWithJay
    GamingWithJay Hour ago

    Chris keeps cheating. In the car one he cheated, and in this one he did. Jeeze

  • Damian Ellowitz
    Damian Ellowitz Hour ago

    the three without the house should move in together then they can pay the rent idk

  • Patricia Malitia
    Patricia Malitia Hour ago

    Chandlers hot!

  • Mr & Mrs Brown
    Mr & Mrs Brown Hour ago

    to monopoly with real money

  • brayan garcia
    brayan garcia Hour ago

    One of the weakest videos I’ve ever seen

  • Greg Faaren
    Greg Faaren Hour ago

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chandlerrrr

  • Lolcat Gime
    Lolcat Gime Hour ago

    Random filmer has been located in background in house

  • Eternal X
    Eternal X 2 hours ago

    Next make one of these challenges but you can’t have a tie

  • Tucker Turner
    Tucker Turner 2 hours ago

    5:20 someones hand is off

  • Nitrousy
    Nitrousy 2 hours ago

    Last to remove hand from woman, wins her as wife challenge

  • RoAcH gUrL
    RoAcH gUrL 2 hours ago

    You just got sPuDdEd

  • Red Hood Gamer 108
    Red Hood Gamer 108 2 hours ago

    What did chandler have to leave

  • Mrwolfdoesstuff
    Mrwolfdoesstuff 2 hours ago

    More Bailey!Hes awesome!

  • Neidelin Garcia
    Neidelin Garcia 2 hours ago

    Chandler is so hot 🥵

  • Z D
    Z D 2 hours ago

    Can somebody tell me what song was being sang at around 5:35? I’ve heard it before

  • RichieDogg
    RichieDogg 2 hours ago

    MrBeast is the man ive taken all of his advice and finally jumped out of my comfort zone and ive created a youtube channel to follow my progress. I have over 29 videos and I would love some support/feedback please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace

  • Brayshmay
    Brayshmay 2 hours ago +1

    Who stayed till the very end

  • Camille Boutin
    Camille Boutin 2 hours ago

    Did you know you can easily remove a window screen and install it back on?

  • Paige Landry
    Paige Landry 3 hours ago

    Where does he get this freaking money 😂😂

  • Robert Chavez
    Robert Chavez 3 hours ago

    MrBeast is honestly the most wholesome and entertaining you tubers I’ve seen

  • Nate Trofholz
    Nate Trofholz 3 hours ago

    More bailey

  • pugness
    pugness 3 hours ago

    These are starting to seem more mean than fun

  • エリーellie
    エリーellie 3 hours ago

    Should’ve done this challenge with real homeless people smh

  • Tommy_Gaming_YT
    Tommy_Gaming_YT 3 hours ago

    0:42 someone takes their hand off the wall

  • Lil Ariana
    Lil Ariana 3 hours ago

    U guys should let chandler win lol the poor man never wins 😂

  • Onny Master
    Onny Master 3 hours ago


  • Collapsed
    Collapsed 3 hours ago

    You should put them in a really hot room with a few water bottles and who ever drinks it last wins

  • TGAgaming
    TGAgaming 3 hours ago

    I feel bad for chandler

  • Amber B
    Amber B 4 hours ago

    JAKE is fine!!!

  • Elena Way
    Elena Way 4 hours ago

    Im so glad they won

  • Rose Gamer
    Rose Gamer 4 hours ago

    So dont treten pepol at the end of your videos

  • Rose Gamer
    Rose Gamer 4 hours ago

    Becus if u do ill dealte your chanll

  • Rose Gamer
    Rose Gamer 4 hours ago

    Sike u cant

  • Rose Gamer
    Rose Gamer 4 hours ago

    Mr beast will u dealte my fortnite acount

  • Duchess Death
    Duchess Death 4 hours ago

    At 5:20 didn’t he take his hand off????

  • Tristan Parrish
    Tristan Parrish 4 hours ago

    0:46 Hands don't have to be on the wall sometimes I guess since he's failing to touch the roof

  • Xavier
    Xavier 4 hours ago


  • The Sideline Review
    The Sideline Review 4 hours ago


  • Luuk Jentink
    Luuk Jentink 4 hours ago

    Mrbeast is the only youtuber i dont mind to have this many advertisments

  • aa g
    aa g 4 hours ago +1

    last to leave the grocery store gets a free egg

  • Two Faced
    Two Faced 4 hours ago


  • Bryan Brito
    Bryan Brito 4 hours ago

    Thank god I practice fasting

  • Sascha Bath
    Sascha Bath 4 hours ago

    wait last one to sit down looses?

  • Two Faced
    Two Faced 4 hours ago

    2:25 The Egg That Beat Kylie Jenner.

  • Two Faced
    Two Faced 4 hours ago

    4:08 😂😂

  • BeastMode Activated
    BeastMode Activated 4 hours ago

    1:17 guy on the right removed hand

  • Two Faced
    Two Faced 4 hours ago

    2:07 😂😂😂😂

  • bamboo fart
    bamboo fart 4 hours ago +1

    Jake looked so sad when Bailey didn't move his hand

  • Claire Hastings
    Claire Hastings 5 hours ago


  • jakefromstatefarm
    jakefromstatefarm 5 hours ago


  • LerXgamer
    LerXgamer 5 hours ago


  • bdxh hxhxj
    bdxh hxhxj 5 hours ago +1


  • Bennett Jahnke
    Bennett Jahnke 5 hours ago


  • pablo sandoval
    pablo sandoval 5 hours ago

    Let me be in the next challenge , I’ll win easy

  • Serpent Skull
    Serpent Skull 5 hours ago

    Mr beast and tfue have the same setup

  • Carleez Vlogz
    Carleez Vlogz 5 hours ago

    “Last to remove and from eyeball gets to keep their eyeball” there is ur next one

  • Hayden Gauthier
    Hayden Gauthier 5 hours ago


  • H Khan
    H Khan 5 hours ago


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 5 hours ago +2

    *Comment section:*
    85%:Chandler always lose
    2%: Other things


    Hi give me a shout out im subscribe and i liked all your videos your the BEST

  • TheBadJuju
    TheBadJuju 5 hours ago +1

    Chandler is the Coby Cotton of Mr. Beast

  • KirasMilk
    KirasMilk 5 hours ago

    chandler x garret

  • Maylogger XoX
    Maylogger XoX 5 hours ago +2

    When your too lazy to go to work.

  • beauty 101 Lawrence
    beauty 101 Lawrence 5 hours ago

    their siting in 1:20

  • Diamond Robinson
    Diamond Robinson 5 hours ago

    I need a house plz

  • Crazy Corn
    Crazy Corn 5 hours ago

    Lmao they bully chandler lol

  • alcoholicfattyliverdisease

    You should do a challenge with no deals aloud so someone will actually win

  • Apathyy abbadon
    Apathyy abbadon 5 hours ago

    If Chandler was more attractive id lick the cream off him

    NOYCE_GOD GOD 5 hours ago

    So if they let go you will do a classic pie trick or become how to basics

  • Amber Greenleaf
    Amber Greenleaf 5 hours ago

    I just want chandler to win a challenge!! Lol

  • Freddie
    Freddie 6 hours ago

    1:53 The other four ( he held up 5 fingers )

  • claire mcandrew
    claire mcandrew 6 hours ago

    1:17 the 4th guy takes his hands off

  • KingPLG
    KingPLG 6 hours ago

    can u give me free mr beast merch. plz. plz. i love you. :) no homo :)

  • TheMidnightFox65
    TheMidnightFox65 6 hours ago

    I Want Chandler to Win :D

  • Alexy Bonnet
    Alexy Bonnet 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or Chandler never wins

  • noffke
    noffke 6 hours ago

    0:40 puts his hands in his hoodie