Andre Drummond on Leadership Role with Pistons - NBA 2KTV S4. Ep.11


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  • Yung Spazzo
    Yung Spazzo 11 months ago

    I have a video clip for 2kTv please reply to this to see it

  • Redskin Fan
    Redskin Fan Year ago

    2K is trash. I should’ve got live but then I wouldn’t be able to play with my cousin and I wouldn’t be able to play such an immersive career mode.

  • Redskin Fan
    Redskin Fan Year ago

    What’s the answers?

  • Jasper Benfield
    Jasper Benfield Year ago


  • LikeMikeSIKE
    LikeMikeSIKE Year ago

    What if some your badges are already Hall of Fame then how would they go up 1 tier if that's the max anyway?

  • Alessandro Moschini

    2k you need to upgrade LeBron shorts He dosent have anymore the legwarmers.Be Fast please

  • Quaddzy
    Quaddzy Year ago +1

    Fix the custom shirt store, this game ass asf

  • Xx_FortniteGod 23

    Can y’all fix the flyers court

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago

    i will love 2k18 even more and especially 2k19 when all of the major issues are fixed now and in the future. paying too
    much money for a 60 dollars game and still having the same bugs issues from previous game 2k17

  • D's sports
    D's sports Year ago

    2k videos!

  • D's sports
    D's sports Year ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • D's sports
    D's sports Year ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • D's sports
    D's sports Year ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • D's sports
    D's sports Year ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • D's sports
    D's sports Year ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • Eltoneo Sands
    Eltoneo Sands Year ago

    @2ksports @nba2k I have an issue that I'd like to address. When I play Mc games I don't get any vc, only when I'm on park or pro-am. I still get my badges after the games but no vc after Mc games also my vc check that i get from brian is every low I don't get the right amont

  • Martin Kristiansen

    Asks what country Andre has been to where he experienced the most fan-love --> he answers: Definitely Denmark --> Rachel goes "That's random"
    What is the logic in that???

    • Martin Kristiansen
      Martin Kristiansen Year ago

      "That's surprising" would be a perfectly good answer then..

    • GoldEvil911
      GoldEvil911 Year ago +1

      Don't get your panties in a twist, she's just surprised that he answered that out of every bigger country...

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago

    are y’all fixing the game and bugs and issues that still seem to be bugging the mess outta this game even weeks after the game release

  • Maddox Nebril
    Maddox Nebril Year ago


  • Pcgamer
    Pcgamer Year ago

    fix nba 2k we need 2k back

  • Det Gullav
    Det Gullav Year ago

    Come back to Denmark!!!!!

  • Anyanwu ballers
    Anyanwu ballers Year ago

    Yo the 2k company keeps on ignoring the fact that they didn't put 2k18 on Android so if you don't do it soon I bet the people who are waiting for it are going to riot and will most likely delete all of your apps

  • Golden Surfer
    Golden Surfer Year ago


  • Golden Surfer
    Golden Surfer Year ago

    All this stuff is cool and all that but can we SKIP THE CUT SCENES ON THE NEXT PATCH? Or what?!!

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah Year ago

    Ur game is fucking garbage

  • Binkiツ
    Binkiツ Year ago

    No respect fr murda

  • djokovic azarenka

    i play with terror 007

    LAZZER POOP Year ago +2

    Fix your serv for shoot plz i miss Any shoot cuz im sharpshooter and this discust me

  • Da Gawd Greezyp
    Da Gawd Greezyp Year ago +1

    Where is Murda Season79 interview at tho?

  • Grizzgaming ex
    Grizzgaming ex Year ago +1

    Were is murdaseason79 Interview 2k #murdamob

  • Maria Santos
    Maria Santos Year ago +1

    Where's murda season at hes 99

  • Franz Beckenbauer

    How can improve my player's overall? I m fucking 61 😢

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming Year ago

      Panhead I know its unfortunate for people like me who will rather earn my rating rather than buy it

    • Franz Beckenbauer
      Franz Beckenbauer Year ago

      milly loco 😢😢

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming Year ago

      And sadly 2k cares more about making money than having a fun playable game so you might have to buy vc

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis Year ago

    Tobias is the leader of the Pistons

  • One Referee
    One Referee Year ago


  • EdwinUzumaki
    EdwinUzumaki Year ago

    Patch7 notes: fixed servers and rookie mode is back

    (All copy and paste this on this vid so ronnie2k would fix this game)

  • Shiyagi
    Shiyagi Year ago +1

    Give MurdaSeason his interview

  • B Dg
    B Dg Year ago +2

    I have a problem where I have an objective from shammy to go to the barber shop but when I get a haircut and leave it’s still there

  • Brady Robinson
    Brady Robinson Year ago +1

    give murda season his interview!!!

  • KoB x Drippy
    KoB x Drippy Year ago

    Dec 22 is my bday

  • Sergio Jara
    Sergio Jara Year ago

    Rachael is ugly

  • Minicat
    Minicat Year ago +3

    He was the first 99 overall power forward.

  • Pro Gamer Kevo
    Pro Gamer Kevo Year ago +2

    bruh murda season deserved to be on 2ktv not magurk tryhard ass

  • MozzySlays
    MozzySlays Year ago +2

    Magurk Interview @ 9:20

  • johkii
    johkii Year ago +1


    • Aidan B
      Aidan B Year ago

      OMGitsZex you play 2k on the switch?

    • Zex
      Zex Year ago


    • Aidan B
      Aidan B Year ago +1

      mowjoh Y’all already know we were all in the same squad

  • Muk spelled backwars

    *SEX SLAM*

  • Barkley scored 56
    Barkley scored 56 Year ago +8

    I wanna fuck Rachel so bad

  • Legend Killer
    Legend Killer Year ago +8

    Drummond is a good guy

  • Blessindisguise
    Blessindisguise Year ago +1

    i rarely play 2k but i like watching the interviews one things for sure there's much better top plays like wth?!

    KING ICE Year ago +1

    Basketball games for Vita 2K sports

  • David Paes
    David Paes Year ago

    2K, Empresa que não se preoculpa com os clientes que usam Android. Lançaram o NBA 2k18 para IOS a mais de 2 meses e até agora nada para Android

  • F
    F Year ago +1

    Ur game is dead

  • 神Rado
    神Rado Year ago +4


  • Soopa Mario
    Soopa Mario Year ago +2

    Great work as always :) Love this episode. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • Model Gaming
    Model Gaming Year ago +15

    Rachael got some nice legs

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming Year ago

      Model Gaming thanks I appreciate it I also subbed and enjoyed your videos

    • Model Gaming
      Model Gaming Year ago

      milly loco ok

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming Year ago

      Model Gaming hey we both are gaming channels would you like to subscribe to one another

  • Mert Kumak
    Mert Kumak Year ago

    fix your game cant play solo walk on pro am nice ....

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming Year ago

      Mert Kumak hey can you please check out my channel I am just looking for someone to give me a chance 💯💯💯🔥🔥

  • Suspect333
    Suspect333 Year ago +22

    I just wanted to take the time to sincerely thank 2K for making Michael Jordans tongue more "Mike like" I've spent many sleepless nights worried about this... Please note I am happy to play on broken servers and glitchy events as long as this level of care is taken into your product it is truly what the community wants... I also propose 2K make it even harder for us to earn vc as i dont think it is enough yet... God bless.

  • HH - 1888
    HH - 1888 Year ago +9

    Rachel is incredible 😍🔥.

  • Shaneghoul
    Shaneghoul Year ago +6

    Yo I keep getting this really annoying glitch in 2K. I swear it happens every time I play. So basically what happens is I load up the game and it's shit. Nothing I do has been able to fix it pls help!

    • Shamelesss s
      Shamelesss s Year ago +1

      Shaneghoul what you have to do is uninstall and come back when 2k19 comes out

  • K Tre
    K Tre Year ago

    So can anyone tell me how I can get another endorsement invite to the news stand, I denied it the first time and still can’t get it, all I want it boosts.

  • KasheMoneyRemix
    KasheMoneyRemix Year ago +25

    Demita such nice legs

  • Lawrence Kallo
    Lawrence Kallo Year ago

    Keep doing the good job

  • Kevon Culix
    Kevon Culix Year ago +14

    For the people that reads this have a good day and I hope you'll all have a successful future

  • Aidan
    Aidan Year ago +23

    Fix yo game

  • Osei K. Baffour Jr.
    Osei K. Baffour Jr. Year ago +1

    sup 2ktv

  • Xbuilds
    Xbuilds Year ago +38

    Rachel demita tell your boyfriend Ronnie he bitch

    • HH - 1888
      HH - 1888 Year ago

      Moaz He is a multi-millionaire music producer who does the music for the likes of Justin Bieber and others in the charts. He and Rachel actually separated last week so she is single again 😍😍.

    • Moaz
      Moaz Year ago

      HH - 1888 Who dat

    • HH - 1888
      HH - 1888 Year ago

      Devtha2kGoatTM Ronnie ain't her boyfriend. Maejor is.

  • Caleb Wong
    Caleb Wong Year ago +71

    Rachel Demita is drop dead gorgeous

    • HH - 1888
      HH - 1888 Year ago

      derrick smoove And just like that, you've admitted I was right in the first place - she DOES have one. Good day ✌️.

    • derrick smoove
      derrick smoove Year ago

      HH - 1888 Lol look at her most recent vid. her ass is in shape but it's small....

    • Colby Chan
      Colby Chan Year ago +2

      And tight 🤤

    • HH - 1888
      HH - 1888 Year ago

      MPTRCrazyxx The woman herself is '😍😍'. Love her 😆.

    • Anthony Poveda
      Anthony Poveda Year ago +1

      Her outfits are😍😍

  • Snxgz x
    Snxgz x Year ago


  • Ovier De La Cruz Aka VagueTv

    Here for bae

  • Harpur Adam
    Harpur Adam Year ago