Andre Drummond on Leadership Role with Pistons - NBA 2KTV S4. Ep.11


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  • Yung Spazzo
    Yung Spazzo 6 months ago

    I have a video clip for 2kTv please reply to this to see it

  • Redskin Fan
    Redskin Fan 7 months ago

    2K is trash. I should’ve got live but then I wouldn’t be able to play with my cousin and I wouldn’t be able to play such an immersive career mode.

  • Redskin Fan
    Redskin Fan 7 months ago

    What’s the answers?

  • Jasper Benfield
    Jasper Benfield 8 months ago


  • LikeMikeSIKE
    LikeMikeSIKE 8 months ago

    What if some your badges are already Hall of Fame then how would they go up 1 tier if that's the max anyway?

  • Alessandro Moschini
    Alessandro Moschini 8 months ago

    2k you need to upgrade LeBron shorts He dosent have anymore the legwarmers.Be Fast please

  • Quaddzy
    Quaddzy 8 months ago +1

    Fix the custom shirt store, this game ass asf

  • Xx_FortniteGod 23
    Xx_FortniteGod 23 8 months ago

    Can y’all fix the flyers court

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 8 months ago

    i will love 2k18 even more and especially 2k19 when all of the major issues are fixed now and in the future. paying too
    much money for a 60 dollars game and still having the same bugs issues from previous game 2k17

  • D's sports
    D's sports 8 months ago

    2k videos!

  • D's sports
    D's sports 8 months ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • D's sports
    D's sports 8 months ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • D's sports
    D's sports 8 months ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • D's sports
    D's sports 8 months ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • D's sports
    D's sports 8 months ago

    2k videos on my channel!

  • Eltoneo Sands
    Eltoneo Sands 8 months ago

    @2ksports @nba2k I have an issue that I'd like to address. When I play Mc games I don't get any vc, only when I'm on park or pro-am. I still get my badges after the games but no vc after Mc games also my vc check that i get from brian is every low I don't get the right amont

  • Martin Kristiansen
    Martin Kristiansen 8 months ago

    Asks what country Andre has been to where he experienced the most fan-love --> he answers: Definitely Denmark --> Rachel goes "That's random"
    What is the logic in that???

    • Martin Kristiansen
      Martin Kristiansen 8 months ago

      "That's surprising" would be a perfectly good answer then..

    • GoldEvil911
      GoldEvil911 8 months ago +1

      Don't get your panties in a twist, she's just surprised that he answered that out of every bigger country...

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 8 months ago

    are y’all fixing the game and bugs and issues that still seem to be bugging the mess outta this game even weeks after the game release

  • Maddox Nebril
    Maddox Nebril 8 months ago


  • Pcgamer
    Pcgamer 8 months ago

    fix nba 2k we need 2k back

  • Det Gullav
    Det Gullav 8 months ago

    Come back to Denmark!!!!!

  • Anyanwu ballers
    Anyanwu ballers 8 months ago

    Yo the 2k company keeps on ignoring the fact that they didn't put 2k18 on Android so if you don't do it soon I bet the people who are waiting for it are going to riot and will most likely delete all of your apps

  • Brown Surfer
    Brown Surfer 8 months ago


  • Brown Surfer
    Brown Surfer 8 months ago

    All this stuff is cool and all that but can we SKIP THE CUT SCENES ON THE NEXT PATCH? Or what?!!

  • Ayden Mella
    Ayden Mella 8 months ago

    Ur game is fucking garbage

  • Thatbøybinki
    Thatbøybinki 8 months ago

    No respect fr murda

  • djokovic azarenka
    djokovic azarenka 8 months ago

    i play with terror 007

    LAZZER POOP 8 months ago +2

    Fix your serv for shoot plz i miss Any shoot cuz im sharpshooter and this discust me

  • Moses Devadass
    Moses Devadass 8 months ago +3


  • Da Gawd Greezyp
    Da Gawd Greezyp 8 months ago +1

    Where is Murda Season79 interview at tho?

  • Grizzthegunner 7
    Grizzthegunner 7 8 months ago +1

    Were is murdaseason79 Interview 2k #murdamob

  • Maria Santos
    Maria Santos 8 months ago +1

    Where's murda season at hes 99

  • Panhead
    Panhead 8 months ago

    How can improve my player's overall? I m fucking 61 😢

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming 8 months ago

      Panhead I know its unfortunate for people like me who will rather earn my rating rather than buy it

    • Panhead
      Panhead 8 months ago

      milly loco 😢😢

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming 8 months ago

      And sadly 2k cares more about making money than having a fun playable game so you might have to buy vc

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 8 months ago

    Tobias is the leader of the Pistons

  • One Referee
    One Referee 8 months ago


  • Edwin
    Edwin 8 months ago

    Patch7 notes: fixed servers and rookie mode is back

    (All copy and paste this on this vid so ronnie2k would fix this game)

  • Shiyagi
    Shiyagi 8 months ago +1

    Give MurdaSeason his interview

  • B Dg
    B Dg 8 months ago +3

    I have a problem where I have an objective from shammy to go to the barber shop but when I get a haircut and leave it’s still there

    • Dustin PlaysTV
      Dustin PlaysTV 8 months ago

      Jarrah alShahman it's bugged

    • jbzaheat
      jbzaheat 8 months ago

      Jarrah alShahman they want you to keep spending money at the barber shop

  • Brady Robinson
    Brady Robinson 8 months ago +1

    give murda season his interview!!!

  • KoB x Drippy
    KoB x Drippy 8 months ago

    Dec 22 is my bday

  • Sergio Jara
    Sergio Jara 8 months ago

    Rachael is ugly

  • Minicat
    Minicat 8 months ago +3

    He was the first 99 overall power forward.

  • Pro Gamer Kevo
    Pro Gamer Kevo 8 months ago +2

    bruh murda season deserved to be on 2ktv not magurk tryhard ass

  • MozzySlays
    MozzySlays 8 months ago +2

    Magurk Interview @ 9:20

  • johkii
    johkii 8 months ago +1


    • Aidan B
      Aidan B 8 months ago

      OMGitsZex you play 2k on the switch?

    • Zex 1x
      Zex 1x 8 months ago


    • Aidan B
      Aidan B 8 months ago +1

      mowjoh Y’all already know we were all in the same squad

  • Muk spelled backwars
    Muk spelled backwars 8 months ago

    *SEX SLAM*

  • Barkley scored 56
    Barkley scored 56 8 months ago +8

    I wanna fuck Rachel so bad

  • Legend Killer
    Legend Killer 8 months ago +8

    Drummond is a good guy

  • Blessindisguise
    Blessindisguise 8 months ago +1

    i rarely play 2k but i like watching the interviews one things for sure there's much better top plays like wth?!

    KING ICE 8 months ago +1

    Basketball games for Vita 2K sports

  • David Paes
    David Paes 8 months ago

    2K, Empresa que não se preoculpa com os clientes que usam Android. Lançaram o NBA 2k18 para IOS a mais de 2 meses e até agora nada para Android

  • F
    F 8 months ago +1

    Ur game is dead

  • 神Rado
    神Rado 8 months ago +4


  • Soopa Mario
    Soopa Mario 8 months ago +2

    Great work as always :) Love this episode. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • Model Gaming
    Model Gaming 8 months ago +16

    Rachael got some nice legs

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming 8 months ago

      Model Gaming thanks I appreciate it I also subbed and enjoyed your videos

    • Model Gaming
      Model Gaming 8 months ago

      milly loco ok

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming 8 months ago

      Model Gaming hey we both are gaming channels would you like to subscribe to one another

  • Mert Kumak
    Mert Kumak 8 months ago

    fix your game cant play solo walk on pro am nice ....

    • milly loco Gaming
      milly loco Gaming 8 months ago

      Mert Kumak hey can you please check out my channel I am just looking for someone to give me a chance 💯💯💯🔥🔥

  • Suspect333
    Suspect333 8 months ago +22

    I just wanted to take the time to sincerely thank 2K for making Michael Jordans tongue more "Mike like" I've spent many sleepless nights worried about this... Please note I am happy to play on broken servers and glitchy events as long as this level of care is taken into your product it is truly what the community wants... I also propose 2K make it even harder for us to earn vc as i dont think it is enough yet... God bless.

  • HH - 1888
    HH - 1888 8 months ago +9

    Rachel is incredible 😍🔥.

  • Shaneghoul
    Shaneghoul 8 months ago +6

    Yo I keep getting this really annoying glitch in 2K. I swear it happens every time I play. So basically what happens is I load up the game and it's shit. Nothing I do has been able to fix it pls help!

    • YungHung DungBung
      YungHung DungBung 8 months ago +1

      Shaneghoul what you have to do is uninstall and come back when 2k19 comes out

  • Tre K
    Tre K 8 months ago

    So can anyone tell me how I can get another endorsement invite to the news stand, I denied it the first time and still can’t get it, all I want it boosts.

  • KasheMoneyRemix
    KasheMoneyRemix 8 months ago +26

    Demita such nice legs

  • Lawrence Kallo
    Lawrence Kallo 8 months ago

    Keep doing the good job

  • Kevon Culix
    Kevon Culix 8 months ago +15

    For the people that reads this have a good day and I hope you'll all have a successful future

  • Aidan
    Aidan 8 months ago +25

    Fix yo game

  • Osei Baffour Jr.
    Osei Baffour Jr. 8 months ago +1

    sup 2ktv

    KOD_DEV 8 months ago +40

    Rachel demita tell your boyfriend Ronnie he bitch

    • HH - 1888
      HH - 1888 8 months ago

      Moaz He is a multi-millionaire music producer who does the music for the likes of Justin Bieber and others in the charts. He and Rachel actually separated last week so she is single again 😍😍.

    • Moaz
      Moaz 8 months ago

      HH - 1888 Who dat

    • HH - 1888
      HH - 1888 8 months ago

      Devtha2kGoatTM Ronnie ain't her boyfriend. Maejor is.

  • Caleb Wong
    Caleb Wong 8 months ago +73

    Rachel Demita is drop dead gorgeous

    • HH - 1888
      HH - 1888 8 months ago

      derrick smoove And just like that, you've admitted I was right in the first place - she DOES have one. Good day ✌️.

    • derrick smoove
      derrick smoove 8 months ago

      HH - 1888 Lol look at her most recent vid. her ass is in shape but it's small....

      KANYE OMARI WEST 8 months ago +2

      And tight 🤤

    • HH - 1888
      HH - 1888 8 months ago

      MPTRCrazyxx The woman herself is '😍😍'. Love her 😆.

    • Anthony Poveda
      Anthony Poveda 8 months ago +1

      Her outfits are😍😍

  • v Jalen v
    v Jalen v 8 months ago


  • Ovier De La Cruz
    Ovier De La Cruz 8 months ago +26

    Here for bae

  • Harpur Adam
    Harpur Adam 8 months ago