The Crew on Westbrook & Fan Fight + Chuck punches fan story - Inside The NBA

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
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Comments • 53

  • Del Cortehh
    Del Cortehh Month ago

    😂😂man I can't wait for the season to start, Chuck is hilarious

  • Lakeysha Johnson
    Lakeysha Johnson 2 months ago


  • pauline purifoy
    pauline purifoy 3 months ago +8

    I love Charles,I could listen to him all day! Great sense of humour 😂😂😂

  • tyrogrs
    tyrogrs 3 months ago +3

    I love how chuck talks “bring sekurity over here” 😂

  • BashmentQueen78
    BashmentQueen78 4 months ago

    Kenny is so annoying and has a stick up his ass. How can you not laugh with charles and shaq?

  • Mark Cianfarani
    Mark Cianfarani 6 months ago +2

    Love chsrles.loved his game..personality.ect..butt
    ..he never has any love for boston..even sayin hes better than bird

  • Ultra Instinct Shaggy
    Ultra Instinct Shaggy 6 months ago

    Charles “Huh” Barkley LMAOOO

  • Desert Wanderer
    Desert Wanderer 6 months ago +2

    Theyre using Charles to turn people gay

  • MrGrownman455
    MrGrownman455 7 months ago +19

    Man I forgot about Chuck beating up fans back in the day... That's why I never understood why the media made a big deal about Ron Artest and the Pacers fighting fans because Charles and other players used to fight fans all the time. haha In the 90s you had to be careful which NBA player you talk shit to because some of them might try to fight

    • Mark Cianfarani
      Mark Cianfarani 6 months ago +1

      Grown man. Your right..Charles forgets throwing that msn out of the wasnt in was in Milwaukee..
      Shaq really made chuck eat his own shit..if it was nowadays chuck would have been thrown out of the league..any lesser player they would have been..

    • MrGrownman455
      MrGrownman455 6 months ago +4

      @none of your damn business Oh I forgot about the Referees. haha Yea Chuck used to be crazy back in the 90s but I watched all his games.

    • none of your damn business
      none of your damn business 6 months ago +7

      Charles Barkley was beating up fans AND players. LOL
      And sometimes, THREATEN referees.

  • Vladimir Darius
    Vladimir Darius 7 months ago

    Lmao I can’t

  • Alejandro Gomez
    Alejandro Gomez 7 months ago +6

    For real though Chuck, you preach. The Judicial system doesn't work, it's guilty until proven innocent. 👎 That hitting Fans thing is hella funny though. 😀😁😂😅😄

    • none of your damn business
      none of your damn business 6 months ago

      Whites, too! (see WALL STREET and 2008 -Great Robbery,- I mean Bailout)

    • none of your damn business
      none of your damn business 6 months ago

      He is not completely wrong, though. I say it is more economic class than anything else.

    • none of your damn business
      none of your damn business 6 months ago

      Blacks and Wealthy, as well (see OJ Simpson)! It is more about ECONOMIC CLASS, than RACE.

    • TheRebuilt1
      TheRebuilt1 7 months ago

      @Othello or not dumb enough to resist arrest and assault someone and then expect no repercussions Personal accountability in short demand in the black community.

    • blobcity
      blobcity 7 months ago

      @Othello nice way to live your life, in total ignorance.

  • kenny Rodgers
    kenny Rodgers 7 months ago +3

    Stop taking up for Westbrook's behavior! Just because Westbrook makes the NBA a lot of money doesn't ok his negative behavior

    • none of your damn business
      none of your damn business 27 days ago

      @Job Done Right
      Of course he didn't say "Racist." He said SOMETHING racist, Bitch Ass Peckerwood. LOL

    • none of your damn business
      none of your damn business 27 days ago

      @Job Done Right
      You was not saying that last night when I was tapping that Ass. Seems to me that YOU was the one that was "Butthurt."
      On a serious note, how do YOU know it was "Fake News."

    • Job Done Right
      Job Done Right 6 months ago +1

      @none of your damn business fake news snowflake. The Fan didn't say racist

    • none of your damn business
      none of your damn business 6 months ago

      @Job Done Right
      He did!

    • none of your damn business
      none of your damn business 6 months ago

      What the HELL are you talking about?

  • dhruvp119
    dhruvp119 7 months ago +38


  • dhruvp119
    dhruvp119 7 months ago +7

    this is why this show wins emmys

    • Blake Ray
      Blake Ray 7 months ago

      Two words: Charles Barkley. Must-see TV!

  • Something You Said
    Something You Said 7 months ago +3

    Males get bikini waxes? Hmm, I suppose you don't necessarily have to be wearing a bikini to get one then.

  • JL
    JL 7 months ago

    This was not Westbrook's fault or even the fan's fault, this was the fault of security in these arenas decause certain drunk ass losers can't handle their alcohol.

    • akebo92
      akebo92 7 months ago +1

      JL that kinda sounds like the fan’s fault for not being able to hold his booze

  • Othello
    Othello 7 months ago +5

    "I hate when people smile in their mugshots." Who does that? 😂

  • kingmeat13
    kingmeat13 7 months ago +67

    He said he doesn't trust the American judicial system... spoken truly!!

  • Lerebele 1
    Lerebele 1 7 months ago


  • Friends Of Red Demi
    Friends Of Red Demi 7 months ago +4

    Shaq right

  • Jailyn Wilson
    Jailyn Wilson 7 months ago +40

    Chuck said I got a bikini wax ,lmao shaq said I know I seen it wth he mean

      NBAGOATS 7 months ago

      He must not b clear on what a bikini wax mean.

    • Nicholas Jackson
      Nicholas Jackson 7 months ago +4

      Lmao right what the hell Shaq on 😂

  • GhenosFn I
    GhenosFn I 7 months ago +3

    Love your keep up the good work

  • EdenDaBest IRL
    EdenDaBest IRL 7 months ago

    Nice Video